Real Madrid star begs Ozil not to join Barcelona from Arsenal

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos is claimed to have pleaded with Mesut Ozil not to join Spanish giants Barcelona from Arsenal.

The Catalan giants are claimed to be keen on signing the German international, having been put off by first-choice target Philippe Coutinho’s Liverpool price-tag.

Ozil is out of contract come the end of the campaign and will be allowed to discuss terms over a potential free transfer from January, and Barcelona seem to be one of few options he remains keen on.

Manchester United are also strongly linked with his potential capture next summer, which would see him team up with manager Jose Mourinho once again, having worked under the Portuguese in the Bernabeu previously.

Former team-mate Sergio Ramos has urged his former colleague to snub the advances of Barca, with the Spaniard claimed to have called his counterpart in order to put him off betraying his former club Real Madrid.

Interestingly Ramos is believed to have stuck up for the midfielder in the dressing room when coming under scrutiny by Jose Mourinho, and the latter is who he could well be pushing for him to join.

Ozil has refused to rule out the possibility of extending his stay with our club, but many are refusing to be drawn into such a possibility as his departure remains the most likely outcome.

Alexis Sanchez and Jack Wilshere are also in similar spots with their contracts also running out this summer, but the Chilean appears more certain to leave, while the England international has insisted that he wishes to sign a new deal with the club.

Would Ozil be put off a move to Barcelona due to his previous allegiance to Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid?

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  1. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    I bet those who wanted ozil to be out by saying that he has no impact on the team whatsoever may have had to swallow their words after seeing our performance against burnley. Against these teams we need someone who can see a pass or a possibility that no one else can and ozil is the only one in our team who does that. I really want him to stay at arsenal plz stay mesut plz.And alexis as well. But if they decide they want to leave it would be like rubbing salt on the already painful wounds if they come at the emirates to play against us in the epl…

    1. marvin tom cat says:

      Agree if you let him walk you cannot do it to an EPL rival AND you have to have someone better to replace him.

      If there were someone better than OZIL at that position Barca would have bought them already.

    2. Kachieng says:

      but he played the two games before this and we still won in the last minute.. why didn’t he break them then. That game was very physical ozil wouldn’t have thrived like you want to think

  2. Mitch Connor says:

    We need to appreciate Ozils creativity. Ozil may not play his best every match. But he is the reason we finished 2nd place in 2016. Wenger is the reason we didn’t finish 1st (because he didn’t buy a top striker and relied on Walcott up front and Giroud who went on his infamous 15 game nonscoring streak.). If Wenger had bought a top striker and ideally a top CM we would have won the Premier League. Even If he had played Alexis up front instead of Walcott, we would have come a lot closer. Wenger hasn’t changed. This summer Wenger got a better striker but no CM defensive nor box box. Relying on Coquelin, Eleny, Xhaka, Ramsey. Every summer Wenger stops short. It’s frustrating as hell. Why does he do this…
    GOD DAMN IT. I WAS TALKING ABOUT OZIL AND MY ANGER AT WENGER GOT ME SIDE TRACKED. Wenger always does this to me. Oh well, back to Ozil.

    Yeah.. Ozil’s 19 assists and 6 goals. He nearly broke Henry’s assist record. That helped us finish 2nd and he also helped us win 3 FA Cups. So we have NO creativity in central midfield without Ozil. We did when Cazorla was healthy. Cazorla is a creative genius. So was Rosicky.

  3. Incarnate says:

    If you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb trees, it most definitely is a failure. If you judge Ozil by his ability to defend, he most definitely is a failure.

  4. aresn says:

    Do u know how difficult it is to play Burnley away? Because arsenal struggle to create chance in one game does not mean lack of ozil caused it… Okay wat of Spurs dat struggled against arsenal with Erikson unable to create space? It happens once in a while… Ozil can do well in 4 2 3 1 formation as no 10.. But not in this 3 4 3 formation where he has to come from the side.. Bunley side are difficult to crack away dis season.. If arsenal can get draxler or goreska…we are cool

  5. Break-on-through says:

    I wonder if we will get to keep one of them. And pay him more than he’ll get from anywhere else due to the loss of the other lad. It would be cheaper than paying 90m for a 30m player. Also the central midfielder that we never paid for last season or the striker we never paid for for over six years could go to a large salary bump. Do this and bring in three first team players with one of them being a replacement for ?, that along with some juggling of backroom infrastructure would raise my eyebrow Roger Moore style.

  6. jermaine bryan says:

    Dries martens a direct replacement for alexis 24m release clause

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