Real Madrid’s Odegaard plan is a blow to Arsenal’s ambitions

Arsenal has been impressed by the output of Martin Odegaard in the few games that he has played for them.

He is currently on loan at the Emirates from Real Madrid and could be heading back to Spain at the end of this season.

Arsenal has hopes that he will stay with them beyond the current campaign when his loan spell ends.

Just as they asked for a second season for Dani Ceballos on loan, they were hopeful that they can either sign Odegaard permanently or take him on loan for next season.

However, Mundodeportivo reports that it will not be possible because Los Blancos are planning to use the midfielder to lure Erling Haaland to the Bernabeu.

Both players are best of friends and national teammates and Madrid believes that they will have a better chance of signing him if Odegaard is on their books.

Haaland has all the top European teams chasing after him as he continues to score goals for fun.

In the summer, there might be a big battle for his signature and all his suitors will look for an advantage.

Madrid are determined to land his signature as his current release clause will be just £65milllion from 2022.

Arsenal will now have to keep faith with Emile Smith Rowe or target another midfielder.

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      1. @Ozziegunner
        But why are we acting like Odegaard and Haaland are some kind of lovers. Is Odegaard interested in having a great career or is he interested in following Haaland around like his side-kick. Would a top team like Real Madrid keep a player around simply because he is supposedly best-friends with another? You would need a lot more than just being best friends to get into the Madrid team.

        1. QD I don’t disagree with you, but this is exactly the premise of the article; that RM want Ordagaard back to attract Haarland. I was just reversing the concept.

        2. QD, yes I much agree on the principle that though many players are said to be influenced by “best friends ” at a club (whichever clubBTW),they are professionals and do not choose clubs because of best mates.

          What influences them is family, money, career prospects and, on occasion, being in a new country. This barmy idea that being mates with another player carries any real weight in decisions is fanciful in the extreme. Players quite naturally make mates in whichever team they play for and that is ALL it amounts to.

        3. Professionalism goes beyond mere friendship. It would be childish for players to sign for teams merely because of friendship. Weirdo!

  1. It was always going to be a tough one to get Odegaard permanently if he performed well. If Real want 22m for Ceballos then a well-performing Odegaard would have a massive price slapped on him.

      1. Real Madrid have been greatly affected by lost attendance and other revenue due to Covid19. Zidane obviously sees midfield as an area of strength, thus he has allowed both Ceballos and Odegaard to go on loan. Accordingly both may be available for sale, so that Zidane can obtain funds to strengthen other deficient areas.

  2. Why are we always trying to convert loan deals into permanent deals? We knew right from the beginning the Odegaard transfer was only a short-term fix. Let us not forget what loan deals are for, especially in January, PROVIDING COVER! Odegaard was always a Real Madrid player and am pretty sure his ambition was to perform well so that he can get into the Real Madrid team which, as you very well know, he signed for!

    1. QD, a loan player’s opinion of where his future lies can change. In my view there is more chance of Norwegian Odegaard aclimatising at Arsenal than Spanish Ceballos. A loan works both ways, the Club can assess the player and the player can assess the Club.

  3. I still don’t see why odegaard is overhyped. He only functions when Rowe is on the pitch. Keep a keen eye… I don’t want to see the day Smith won’t be available for long, but it’ll eventually come 😢

  4. Haaland is more likely to be influenced by his Father rather than an International team mate.I suspect he will move to Man City next season as the successor to Aguero .

  5. I find that Scandinavian players generally have their own minds when planning their careers – an attitude I find refreshing. And regardless of what clubs want, if a player doesnt agree to a transfer it can’t happen. Of course the club can decide the fee and wages are a part of any players decision-making process. They look at where they can best develop and where they will enjoy playing as much as the money on offer. It was at Odegaards insistance that Real came to Arsenal. Swedes and Norwegians in particular grow up adoring English football. They model their game on ours, and most have an English side as their first or second club. And of course the climate doesnt bother them. It is not therefore a given that, unlike many, they are obsessed with the Spanish Big Two. So we cant assume that Odegaard wants to stay with or without Zizou, and I certainly took the “Haaland lure” article with a pinch of salt. With Covid bargains available its not impossible we get him, assuming he wants to join our “project”.

  6. The primary target for Real Madrid is Mbappe.Which in turn makes Haaland a target for PSG.Madrid doesn’t need a future superstar,like Haaland,they need the best player in the world for their ambitions-and that one is Mbappe.Cristiano Ronaldo case reloaded.

  7. Why is it so hard for to get some of those gr8 players? I mean, if we should once again be a title contender, we should spend the money on players who are making the air way. the case with Liverpool, they spent much money before getting back on target.

  8. The answer? We aint making enough money to spend, aside iwobi who was sold for 35m, which arsenal player have grossed us more in the last 10yrs?.

    We all blame kronke, but when we look at transfer out and in this last decade, we would hush….the point is if we must have the grit of chelsea, liverpool or united, then we must have their agility when it comes to transfer out fee, cos that keeps a club healthy and less of a burden on owner.

    Lol again we are out of champions league money for years now, i wonder which elite player will jump ship to thursday nights.

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