Realistic Deadline Day targets for Arsenal – Strikers

Deadline Day – Realistic Transfer Targets (Striker) by DJ Gooner

With deadline day fast approaching and an obvious need for a clinical striker option up top, this article focuses on realistic options.

The well coveted Benzema, who has had every gooner checking social media and sports news every hour since the window opened, has seemingly dismissed speculation of a move to North London after openly stating Madrid is his home. Despite this, there was still a show of hope from optimistic Arsenal fans around the world. However, after being brought back into Real’s starting XI for their second game of the season, during which he scored one himself and looked an entirely different level with him on the pitch, the move looks increasingly unlikely.

Cavani, another reported target, has shown amazing consistency hitting 25+ goals in each of the last five seasons despite largely appearing for PSG on the right side of a three-pronged attack since joining. So far this season, he has 2 in 4 games with both goals coming in the win over Monaco. With an ageing Ibrahimovic picking up more injuries, his desire to play through the middle looks as if it will be fulfilled this season. In addition, although Laurent Blanc has assembled a world-class squad, he does not have a wealth of options in this position were he allowed to leave. Also, the French champions do not seem to be looking to sell or be in need of the money so fans calling for Le Prof to spend 40, 50 or even 60million still might not get us the Uruguayan international.

With these 2 big names potentially non-movers, who IS available on the market?

Mauro Icardi

The Argentine finished top goalscorer in Serie A last year showing adept finishing skills and great determination. At 22, he is still a bit raw but like many others his age, he is not afraid of trying things. With intelligent runs, outstanding technique and composure in the box, he is definitely one to watch. With Jovetic arriving from Man City and Icardi being left (supposedly injured) for the last couple of games, a move could be on the cards. Would he be an upgrade on what we have though?

Alexandre Lacazette

Although he didn’t look the part in the more recent Emirates Cup, the 24-year old outscored Ibra and Cavani in Ligue 1 last year to pick up the Golden Boot, scoring 27 goals (32 in all comps). These are impressive stats but bearing in mind, 9 of these were penalties and 8 were tap-ins, is this the sort of striker we need?


Dortmund have made a quick start to this year’s Bundesliga recording 3 wins on the spin with the Gabon international grabbing 3 goals and an assist. Traditionally a winger, his well documented pace is second to none, however since Lewandowski and Immobile’s departures, his conversion to a front man has seen him boast a goal tally in recent times that rivals the very best in Europe (7 goals in last 8 games). Might he be swayed by the offer of Champions League football?

With Giroud and Walcott both looking out of sorts, we need a player who will step up and bang in the goals, creating chances for themselves and converting for the team creating the most chances in the league.

Who is your pick?

DJ Gooner

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    1. HIDDEN TRUTH : and Just as Teams know the tactics to use against Wenger’s men on the Pitch, The also know Tactics to use against Arsenal in the Transfer window…… Wait until deadline day when Wenger begins shopping to skyrocket the price of players…… U see! Wenger ain’t the only clever one ere…… I call it “TRANSFER WINDOW BUS PARKING” LoooooooooooL

      1. Why the thumbs down , it’s the most accurate post I’ve read in a long time. I mean what real ARSENAL fan cannot agree with this assessment, for crying out loud we all need to be clear that WENGER once again has it all wrong, no signing, so stick it to the man or better said to the fan….

          1. @BUDD mate you need to stick your head out from WENGER’S nose and smell the coffee, from a fellow ARSENAL fan to another, we should look forward to better things, WENGER has the money they brag about it, 2 months ago the players to improve the team were up to grabs and what he does NOTHING….1 goal ( a beauty by the way) in 4 games, darn you need to wake up brother and stop following blindly.

      1. @chinaka1………. Haha! U have to keep being an AKB…….u were born for this day…… If u quit being one, all ur beliefs and trust would have been for nothing …. LooooooooL

      2. Chinaka don’t have to be an AKB to rate Wenger highly, you can criticise when or where you think he gets it wrong. The AKB thing was great at the time as every club envied our manager our players and football. The thing is it doesn’t matter how best Wenger knows things these days as he is pitted against very wealthy and powerful club owners who’s ruthlessness is second nature. The whole landscape has changed and a manager who is best at utilising little or limited resources is no longer valued so highly.

        Still, Wenger was a big influence in us gaining world wide appeal which is aiding us in becoming a super power club, he does deserve respect. With his job however ..he deserves criticism too.

    2. Manchester United just signed signed Anthony Martial from Monaco, Bayer leverkusen Javier hernadez, song and victor moses to Westam, januzar on loan to dortmund while there isnt any news abt ARSENAL YET. #WHOWILLWENGERSIGN

    3. We have two main strikers

      1. Giroud gives a lot defensively, does some hold up plays and gives some nice tricky passes. But Benteke does these things better and he doesn’t fall easily. We need an upgrade —– A new striker must come in

      2. Theo Walcott has speed and control but most times his finishing is poor. He gets easily bullied from the ball. We need n upgrade —— A new striker must come in

      Mr Wenger, please bring in somebody to wow we the fans. We NEED the epl this year.

    1. 2 goals against monaco last night……… Cavani must cost 80mil now……….. LooooooooooooooL …….. ENJOY THE PANIC!

      1. If there was even a sniff of a chance he wouldn’t of played last night. If there is no top name striker avail right now well then we should start proceedings about getting one early in next window, then sign a holding midfielder and mention how we couldn’t get the striker in time but aim to bring him in soon.

    2. Nobody is interested in Alexandre Pato anymore?
      Based on Wikipedia, here is his goal scoring performance:
      – 2013: 57 apps, 17 goals (30%)
      – 2014: 44 apps, 12 goals (27%)
      – 2015: 42 apps, 21 goals (50%)
      He’s 25 years and, think is not that expensive.

        1. here is a quote from evening standard today:

          Alexandre Pato has fuelled speculation that he could sign for Arsenal before the transfer window closes on Tuesday after he followed the Gunners’ official Twitter account.

          The Brazilian forward is currently plying his trade on loan at Sao Paulo but has admitted that he doesn’t know whether he will stay at the club.

    1. Hey Soopa, why are you still vexed lol. It was a problem with my spam filter that day. You weren’t the only one….
      Seems okay today….

      OFF TOPIC – 21 more “vexed” comments and you will reach 2000…..

    2. wanna break that record Admin……… L()L ……. I had barely said a thing, how’d u figure it out ?

  1. nice article.

    man united & liverpool have made dozen signings yet they were hammered this weekend…
    right signings matter…man city made the best signings…sterling in particular.
    so lets just give the old scouser time to get a good striker over the line.

    off topic:
    anyone watch the man united game?
    gomis is really something
    ..hold up play,can dribble,can finish,good in the air,big

    as of right now gomis is way better than giroud…they are very similar.many ppl here wont dare agree.

    that said I think gary monk is a very good coach..interesting tactic change that made them win.

    lets see this season if he can maintain a good level…then he is a good contender to be our manager…hes just 36!

    pep,gary monk,klopp,luis garcia(roma manager),carlo ancelotti,de boer

    1. @Nayr……… I want ur crystal ball buddy…….To be able to Look in the future like u do…… LooooooooooL

    2. Gomis isn’t a dribbler at least if we judge by the last game. Other than that, yeah he is similar to Giroud. Same hold up play, slows the game quite a bit but have a really good header and scores when you expect less.
      As for Garry Monk, why not look at Brenda ? He was great at managing low expectation club Swansea but backfired at Liverlool. The moment they were about to win the EPL Brenda was nowhere to guide the players to stay on course, wasn’t really that difficult, just keep the clean sheet against Chelsea and try to win when you are 2 up at Palance at half time.

        1. Brenda went cocky when he was about to win the title. Not before. Anyway, I like 10x better Monk than Brenda.

          1. I don’t know what it is about Brenda, but I just can’t stand him, every time he’s on the TV a just want to kick the screen, even Moaniho doesn’t have that effect on me.
            And I certainly wouldn’t trust him with my kids the smarmy git.

    1. they must be as Lost as u are to be able to Lose someone like that player……….. BTW, How’d klopp get to scout Aubameyang?…….the guy is……

  2. I seriously don’t know where is Arsenal heading with these transfers………..we have been linked to each and every good striker……but haven’t signed anyone……!!!

  3. Aubameyang has signed a 4 years contract extension last month… This is not going to happen since they loaned Ciri Immobile, he is their main man.

    Mauro Icardi told La Gazetta that he will never play for Arsenal (must had chats with Podolski).

    Aulas (Lyon President), talk about Wenger as an amateur on the transfer market… All of that due to Wenger so called own player valuation… Anyway, they are not going to sell Lacazette.

    Wenger already said we had “a potential” scorer in Dany Welbeck (that is Wenger comment… May be after sniffing a few and puffing a lot)… Welbeck could not score for shite even to save his own skin…!!

    Man City bought Debruyne.

    Before selling to Man City, Schalke bought Draxler, Dante and DiSanto… This is how you do your market.

    So far we got Chelsea number GK and some fans (including the most deluded guy around, Wenger) are talking about being a top European club (must be another Europe)…

    Win the league?
    May be if we get 15-20 points free of charge.
    Win the CL?
    Yeah right…!! May be in 20 years with the major European forces blessing.

    Our major trophy is our net spending?

    1. Well, all these would be true if you have proof Arsenal did lodged any inquiry about the said players. If you don’t, just shut your pie hole and enjoy the rain.

      1. Only players Arsene has bought the last years has been players playing in club with worse prospects of winning the league in their respectable countries or players being put out for sale because they’re being replaced by someone else. Or because they’re not good enough for their current club

        Cech – replaced by Courtois
        Gabriel – Villareal are never going to win the league while Gabriel is still playing football
        Welbeck – Not good enough for ManUtd
        Debuchy – Newcastle, selfexplainable
        Chambers – Saints, also pretty selfexplainable
        Ospina – Nice, finished 11th last season
        Sanchez – sold off because of Suarez coming in
        Özil – sold off because of Bale coming in
        Monreal+Cazorla – Malaga, finished 4th in 2011/12, varied from 6th to 17th other seasons.
        Podolski – FC Köln were relegated
        Giroud – Only transfer that is not following this rule. Maybe Montpellier needed the money, maybe Giroud wanted to play for a team with higher chances of going places in CL. Maybe both player and club knew that they were not going to win the league again.

        Does it really matter if it’s true or not, what LoCkAy is writing? We were never near buying Benzema, neither are we near buying any of these players mentioned in the article.

  4. I’ve kinda given up on the this transfer window!!!

    So disappointed because we started getting accustomed to getting atleast one marque signing for the past two seasons (no disrespect to Cech). What hurts most is top people at the club claiming we have money collecting dust at the bank and yet we are almost at the end of the window and not even the unreliable media and agents linking us to any meaningful player.

    Should this season go down and us not achieving anything meaningful the blame will be solely on Wenger and he should pack his bag next season (he acts as though money comes from his pockets).

    I sear if I found myself alone with that man God knows what I would do to him! He would probably bid for both Messi and Ronaldo the next day.

    1. @007………. Admin says no swear words……. But Like the way u took out the “W” and Left the “SEAR” ….. Dodged a bullet……. LooooooooL

      1. @SoOpa AeoN lol, I guess a typo saved me there. Admin should allow us atleast a day to curse at Wenger should he not bring in someone before the window closes. Cursing helps sometimes.

  5. When we define “realistic”, let’s be honest here. You don’t put together a deal for any even mildly big name striker in 24 hours unless you’ve already started behind the scenes already.

    Lacazette or Aubameyang are no more realistic than Cavani if we haven’t made contact already.

    Let’s just all hope we get some players in the remainder of this window who can come in and improve the team.

  6. Wednesday headlines brought to you early. They Say – ARSENAL HAVE AGREED TO BRING IN ‘some striker’ TO THE EMIRATES IN JANUARY.
    And you thought just because the window was closed the transfer speculations would stop.

  7. The moment you are very desperate for some good news and you see a player in Ramsey ( underperformer) tllk about, judge us after 10 games. Like WTF.

    I bet Wenger gave him la olly after his statment, bec, ehmmmm, he said, ehmmmm, the things, ehmmmm, Wenger ehmmmm, wants to hear him, ehmmm. say.

    1. I think a lot more is screwed in addition to our transfer strategy (if at all there is one).

      I simply don’t understand where the team is headed to. Arsenal was never a team where you had 1-2 goal was a team where the wingers scored and so did the AMs.

      The goals were always shared. This team has somehow lost that. The 2 goal scoring mid fielders – Ramsey and Cazorla have lost touch. Ozil as an attacking midfielder does not score anything. I think we need to go back to our strengths. Now that we know that no striker is coming; here is my suggestion. Play Theo on the right and Welbeck/Giroud as front men. Theo needs to play off a big man. R/W should be a straight fight between Theo/Ox. No one else unless these guys are injured.

      Either Play Ramsey in midfield else bench him. No playing in the wings for him. Sanchez plays left wing . Ozil/Wilshere plays cam. If wilshere does not score. Switch between wilshere and Cazorla.

      Bottom line is that the CAM has to take more responsibility of scoring. If the goals don’t come from the midfield and the wings then we are play europa next season for sure.

  8. Ramsey and Ox need to STFU and actually play up to there potential rather than talking to reporters about “Being a little of the pace for some reason and Arsenal fans need to relax and judge us after 10 games?”

    Last I checked, other than a meaningless preseason Arsenal has sucked something quite rotten over there last 6 EPL fixtures, and both Ox and Ramsey have been complicit in that repugnant stretch.

    Do all of us Gunners a favor and for once let your play on the pitch do the talking FFS!!

  9. dont worry, the old devil will sign something new, we’ve been moving alpabetically from
    aubameyang-benzema-cavani-??? i pray we reach I for Icardy before the window ends but a second mind was telling me that before we say welcome to someone , it will be like
    well…Welbeck is back..lolz

  10. Good post. I think Cavani is a pipe dream. I would love to be wrong but PSG don’t seem to be the team that needs to sell. I would take any of your three suggestions with a slight preference for Lacazette.

    The truth is IMO that we will sign non of them. Wenger always made us believe he went for a top class striker of target who was then deemed too expensive. Who in there right mind, with money in the bank, allows the window to run down to the last day?

    Many top clubs have done a lot of business this window. We signed Cech. Good singing but IMO based on Ospina’s stats not as pressing as DM or Striker.

    We should have gone all out for a realistic target early in the window. IMO Benteke would have added something to our squad despite the fact he is not World class.

    Why sign Theo to a ridiculously expensive salary only to bench him most of the time and give him no chance of picking up game rhythm? We should at least start him on the right wing when we don’t play him as striker just to get back into the game flow.

    Any squad needs fresh blood even Barca who (won everything) renew all the time. Our lads got a big boosts from the arrival of Ozil and then Sanchez. There is a mental lift a team gets with the arrival of new players that goes beyond the impact of the player himself but extends to the rest of the squad. We look jaded and the season has only just begun. I bet had we singed a Cavani or Benzema the whole team would have gotten a lift as would have the fans.

    Can you imagine the atmosphere at Emirates if we sing no new players and fall behind against Stoke?

    Wenger needed to sign a top player to lift the mood of all the club (players and fans).

  11. I don’t think the mentioned players are as realistic as everybody thinks.
    1. The three players has already extended their contracts with their current until 2019, which is going to make them even more expensive.
    2. And they are their club’s first choice strikers, so it would be difficult for the clubs to sell first choice strikers so late in the transfer window, as it is hard to replace them.
    3. I don’t think the club are open to sell.

  12. Arsene Wenger doesn’t regret annoying Arsenal fans… I hate him. I’m disgusted by his stubbornness at dis age. This man is a specialist in failure.
    Wenger Out!!!!!

  13. Apparently Wenger’s scouts
    have been scouring the planet
    24/7 for the last 100 days.
    They found Malaysian airlines flight MH370
    Jack the Ripper and D B Cooper
    but so far no sign of that special player.
    But when they do Arsene will try and sign him 🙂



  15. seriously Arsen Wenger does not care about what we the fans think or go thru… imagine a coach Who wants to win EPL saying that he has welbeck Who is not back yet.. GIROUD can’t score, walcott can’t but in Wengers mentality welbeck can do it… am really fed up. ↑↑↓↓

    1. Excellent, 19yrs old ready to bury his career at Manure or Chelsea. At least he knows what’s in it for him.

      1. They are saying that the guy is very good,but he is only 19,he can’t help them at the moment may be for the future.

        1. Still, 36 million? C’mon. I am pretty sure this is either last hours transfer rumours or LvG has lost his mind.

    2. BTW, I am not sure who is desperate, Wenger or Butt Head. Throwing 36 mil at a 19 yrs old, seriously? After 60 mils Di Maria, Falcao. I guess it is clear for anyone EPL is a bridge too far for LvG. No more 3 real games per season. You have to beat Bournemouth and Leicester, let alone Chelsea or Swansea.

  16. Any of the names listed in the article will be welcome, they would definitely be better than Giroud. Well, lets hope Wenger will pleasantly shock me buy getting one of them before the window shuts. Well, like we have said the up tenth time, Wenger is certainly not the man to lead us into the future. He has lost all it takes to make those critical decisions in the transfer market that can make all the difference or the ability to motivate his team to win a major trophy eg. EPL/UCL.

  17. How about someone that can strike a ball from just outside the box? We have that shot about 10 times a game. I’m talking Santi Ozil and Coq.

  18. A few weeks ago Giroud was crying that we don’t need any new striker’s…
    With one day left of the window, he is now saying that Benzema would have been a good signing lol

    Campbell could be off to Turkey … for £5.1M

  19. A lot of my mates are spurs supporters and like the so called soccer experts and well informed pundits that are made up of ex players, seem to have this opinion that Wenger doesn’t like to spend money…………well they’re only half right !

    Wenger has always professed that if a player becomes available that will vastly improve the fortunes of of Arsenal, then he will spend the money and unlike the sports writers, pundits etc he also adheres the well and truly tested aphorism that ‘not everything that giltters, is gold’.

    Yeah, we’ve been chasing so called top draw strikers for a while now and have turned our attentions to the likes if Higuain, Cavani, Benzema to name a few but all of them, along with their agents and current employers have decided to turn us down. As far as they are concerned, the grass is greenest on their side of the fence for now however, when they are no longer required by their employers and they’ll gladly come to us or any other team in the EPL for a nice end of career payday / pension.

    In regards to the Benzema, would he honestly have improved Arsenal fortunes on such a scale that it would be worth making the sort of financial investment that perhaps Benzema and Madrid wanted ?

    As far as he is concerned as a player, he’s achieved all he has ever wanted to in terms of club and world football whilst being at clubs other than Arsenal. The quality of players and football that he’s more akin to is not in the EP. The type of football that they play in La Liga et al is of a type where at the moment he can still ply his trade and get results. Would he really be able to do the same on a cold dreary Wednesday night against the likes of robust and singularly minded and determined defenders in the premier league ? He may well do, but it’s a big ask to spend big money just to find out he can’t ! If he ever did come to us it would only be because he’s fulfilled his ambitions of club football where he’s enjoyed a great deal of success. We would be nothing more than a good pay day for him once his current club decides to trade him in for a younger model !

    There’s only a handful of top quality strikers around the European circuit and world football that can singularly and definitely turn the fortunes of a game. Unfortunately, those players are in clubs where they’re tied into long term contracts and they are tied into those long term contracts because they believe that’s where they will have the best opportunity of success so unless you offer an obscene amount of money, you aren’t going to prise them away.

    As we can’t prise the real cream away from their clubs, why should we at Arsenal be held to ransom to end of career cast off’s ?

    Okay Giroud is very much miss than hit nowadays especially as he doesn’t vary his game beyond what he does already making him and Arsenal very predictable but Benzema might be just the same. What we have to do at Arsenal is to adjust our own game play to get the best out of our strikers including Giroud. Maybe he should be told to forget trying to play like Ozil and Carzola in his respective position i.e a little less flair and grace and become a bit more Marouanne Felaini, more brutish and bullish, play ugly !

    The premiership doesn’t have the type of strikers that they used to have like Ian Wright, Andy Cole, Alan Shearer, Mike Newell, Solskjaer, Henry who knew exactly what it needed to unlock a defence and done it with a single minded determined approach and when defenders were even more savage !

    Let’s stop thinking that just throwing money around is the one and only approach to winning a game successfully and maybe think about a more tactical approach and breeding more players like the Shearer’s, Wrights and Cole’s.

    1. Spurs need the CL money which we already get. Furthermore our total value as a club is soaring so the shareholders are happy, and we make a profit. We certainly do not need expensive failures or ‘panic buys‘. If we were firing on all cylinders as at the end of last season then our new goalie can make all the difference. Taking that into account what would a Bale really do for us? Spurs need him to get CL but they always lag behind us however much they spend. The secret is keeping your best players and we are now. Wenger does not need to worry about the angry fans or non fans here as the board really appreciate the man. City will be hard to beat but their recent purchases may unsettle their squad, same with Chelsea. It is impossible to say which foreign players will do well in the PL, especially when they get kicked off the pitch. The real bogey last year which dynamited us were the injuries. I doubt we will get another year as bad and am glad the internationals will not claim all our players as they often do.

  20. None of these are realistic.

    The best strikers available all moved early in the window. I have no doubt we pursued Benzema but it didn’t work out. Sadly because we wanted to go for the best quality, we missed out on the slightly lower quality. The A+ grade strikers were NOT available this year, A grade strikers were on offer but they moved while we chased the A grade. If we had signed a A grade and then an A+ grade became available though, there would have been JUST as much venom as there is right now because we signed no striker.

    Honestly – we should be trying to get a LW. Alexis can play RW or CF as well as LW but if Alexis is injured we have no LW and have to play someone out of position. Our only natural left footers are Giroud and Ozil, neither of which are wingers and will hug that touchline. We need to sign a LW to offer our attack some genuine different options!

    There is no striker available who is genuinely a step above what we have. In order to accomodate what we have we need to get our forward play into order – i.e. our wide players need to be able to both stretch the defence AND cut inside. When you can’t get the player for the tactic you want, you change the tactic.

    YES we need a WC striker. But they ain’t moving so be realistic and look for other alternatives.

  21. You guys should stop call Wenger Mr. He ain’t deserved to be call mister because a mister will always stick to his word and never allowed to be disrespected by his followers but not Wenger so his far from being a master not from the past 10 to 11 years when we the fans always being a laughing stock from other club fans
    We tired of being mistreated all the time from Wenger we need changes we need a coach or a manager that can make arsenal fc a better team a team that every fans will love to support, a team that will be best among the rest.

  22. Why has it to be deadline day to maybe find something? End of season is the key but again he just won’t pay for the best players. He lives in hope that he finds a player for £5 and turns him in to another sick note. I look at our team and then look at I don’t no man city cheese Stoke and so on and there players look like men but our lads look like kids. Apart from FQ who shows some fight we don’t have a true leader. Look at BFG not playing? Shit he gets paid silly money but can’t take meds for the best of the team. I would like to say that our CBs were solid and that should be enough to keep him out of the first team but AW won’t do that will he as he likes players to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Rambo drop him not playing well enough simple play the OX week in week out and play TW because out team is about speed and he will start to score. Thing is with OG he just don’t have it and 9 times out of ten he will only put one away when we are up by 2. CB needed DM CF and a coach that can change a game with out feeling he has upset his player

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