Realistic Emery knows Everton are a big challenge

Arsenal are on a very good run at the moment but the fact is that our away form still leaves a lot to be desired, and no matter how good we are at the Emirates the stats tell us that we have only had two wins in our last 11 away games, and those were at Blackpool and Huddersfield. In League games we have only won one of our last 8.

So a win at Goodison Park is far from guaranteed, and Unai Emery seems to be philosophical about our chances. He said: “I am very realistic. We are in a good moment. It depends on Sunday as well, these three points, but now each match is very important for that. If we win, we are third. If we don’t win, we can’t hold this position.

“But football is each moment to enjoy, to prepare, to work, to play. It depends if we are efficient on the pitch. If we are – for 90 minutes – competitive, then I think we can achieve these three points. But it’s a long way to go and we need to be positive, but also realistic and the reality is that Sunday is a very big challenge and a very big opportunity now. We are going to continue in our way and Sunday is the first. I think the players are very, very focused for this match and for our moment.”

I do believe the boys are focused, but we still have to desperately get over our mental block away from the Emirates. I know everyone is predicting a win for us and I hope we are really over our awayday blues, but I certainly wouldn’t put money on it.

Darren N


    1. Sue, I’m surprised, you know I enjoy your posts very much, always to the point, always respectful but why City over Brighton. Like you I want City over Liverpool (Premier League), City over Tottenham (Champions League) but over Brighton in the FA Cup. Personally I’d like to see a Bighton – Watford Final, two southern clubs but City to win everything, no thank you.

      1. My daughter Kenny – she’s a City supporter! That’s why…. obviously if we were in it then it’d be us all the way!! ?

        1. Fair enough Sue, It’s understandable but your daughter supporting City, how did that happen? LOL

      2. Same here Kenny. I cannot stand either Chelsea or City since the sheik bought in with money earned through the poor treatmenrt of others in his country. He and Abramovitch are both lowlifes in my view and I despise their clubs , though not the fans of City and not the players, nor manager of either side. I much like Guardiloa but still despise his oil rich club. I much prefer Liverpool to City and fervently hope THEY win the title. Liverpool are a REAL club with great fans and money earned through proper football reasons, even though rich people own them as with most Prem clubs , even ours. Though our Scrooge is almost, but not quite, as big a lowlife as those other two owners. I want Wolves to win the cup for family reasons and as I lived near there previously.

        1. Jon, if you had read the previous email you’d have seen that I’m preferring City to win the league over Liverpool. Let me explain, I know what your saying about Liverpool being a real football club. Liverpool started chanting at football grounds when they were promoted in 1962. The first reports of hooliganism involved Liverpool and Everton fans. However without doubt the best football conversations I have when I’m working are with Scouces, my own brother in law is a die hard Koppite although living with my Sister in the Yorkshire Dales finds it difficult to get to as many games as he would like, The strange thing about Scouces is you either get the real sort of the earth as in my brother in law, a real diamond or some real horrible b–stards, generally nothing in the middle. I mean it’s no coincidence that Hillsborough and Heysel involved Liverpool fans. I don’t know whether you ever went to Liverpool in the Seventies because believe me there was no more dangerous place to go if you were an away fan. My own personal experience at the 1971 Cup Final was to have been chased by a crazy mob of about 100 Liverpool fans and have a bottle thrown at me and hitting me in the face causing a serious injury and almost losing an eye for carrying a giant Union Jack with “Arsenal Football League champions 1971”. It was while lying in A&E that I decided that getting to the game was more important than my injury. Anyway, I was very lucky, everything healed ok. Do you remember when we played Stoke City in an FA Cup semi final replay at Goodison Park in 1972. There was a train strike at the time and all the fans had to get there by cars and coaches. After the game we went back to our car which we parked next to the Arsenal coaches in Stanley Park. We couldn’t get anywhere near the car for hours,we were hiding in a garden while Liverpool and Everton fans smashed nearly every window in every coach with not a copper in sight. These are the reasons I will never root for Liverpool under any circumstances.

  1. OT: Leicester City and Burnley just won away. They are strong outside their turfs, let alone at home

    I hope Emery Out Brigade wouldn’t return if Arsenal lose tomorrow. There is no more easy away game and I predict two losses, which are against Everton and Leicester City

    1. Don’t write us off just yet! We beat Huddersfield (& Bournemouth) home & away. We all know Vardy likes to dive for a penalty!
      There is NO easy game in the PL… just have to take it game by game, the team know how crucial this period is – I believe they’ll be up for It! COYG
      Please no green kit tomorrow ?????

    2. If we can’t beat Everton and Leicester city then we don’t deserve to finish top 4.

      Won’t be easy, but both on paper and on pitch we have the better talent and teamwork. I think we’re on a high and I’m thinking 2-1 we win tomorrow.

      If our form dips then we could drop points, but we’re in a groove now and we’ll win and will continue to do so.

      Not sure what you are basing a loss on; Everton’s superior form? I don’t see it. We are in form now, and that’s what I’m taking into account. Laca goal, Kola assist, Ozil on the rise. Everton will put up a fight, but our persistence and class will rule the day.

      Trust in our form for the moment, 2-1 to see us back into 3rd.

    3. Burnle winning was a gret result for us. We need Brighton too to start picking up Prem points before we play them both. If they are both safe before we play them it helps us a lot.

  2. Seeing the way our players are hungry and determined to finish the season on a high, I don’t see them bottling it against Everton. Also their record against the top 6 is bad so I think it’ll be a straight forward victory for Arsenal.

    I’m worried about Walcott coming back to haunt us with his pace. He can be a problem for Kola that’s why I think the coach ought to start with Iwobi on the left wing. COYG!

    1. Oh no ! Not the mighty Walcott ! Fortunately we have plenty of “weed” killers in our team. You would need to be an aged arthritic moth to be scared of Weed Walcott! I am desperate for him to play(though the word”play” may be stretching the point rather).

    2. I’m extremely concerned with the hairstyle of Leno whereas Iwobi has a mop that makes him look like the poof he is-so start with Iwobi in goal.Our defdncevis sooooooooo bad that it needs a fresh new look.The Answer?Alex (break your f***ing legs) Iwobi.lets go with a flat back Four with Iwobi in ALL FOUR POSITIONS.Could we be any worse?Of course not.FFS Emery sort this out now and okay the lad in his true position which is eeeeerrrrrr???????.Oh F*** it.Just play him.
      Midfield we just have to play to our strengths which is …………………?????????????eh eh eh dah dah dah dah(nope that’s Harry Kane)Doh Doh Doh (no afainnthats Homer Simpson).ALEX WINS MY VOTE.Play a 3 in There with the Lagos Pele in all three positions.
      3 up top-You’ve guessed it.Ronaldoiwobiaguerowrighthenrybergkampiwobivanpersiemullercryuffiwobivannistleroyrushdalglishkeeganiwobishearerplatinihurstpodolskilawcharltoniwobimessironaldinhopuskasfistefanoiwobi-I think I spelt that correctly.
      On the bench-Dosentt matter as we won’t need them.

      1. …Phil, that’s not funny in the least….Th14 made his point and stated his fear and he is right in my opinion. A determined Walcott is very dangerous and it will be silly for anyone to brush him aside. His suggestion that Iwobi starts on the left to help in tracking is a good one which has worked well this season. I honestly don’t understand your dislike for the young lad but know this; your obvious bias towards him changes nothing and he is well respected by Emery who only just praised him, saying he has greatly improved this season.

        …..I have always respected your opinions over the years on this site but this constant battering of a player in the team you support is irritating to say the least. Perhaps expected from a child but not someone like you. Very disappointing I must admit.

        1. Yeah but it wouldn’t be fun if I didn’t respond to TH14-have he EVER been known to post ANYTHING that didn’t have Iwobi in it somewhere.We have had Iwobi should be played as a No10 because he is better than Ozil,Iwobi should be our penalty taker after Auba missed at Wembley and the ABSOLUTE CLASSIC OF ALL TIME-Iwobi would in his opinion be a BETTER PLAYER THAN DENNIS BERGKAMP with a bit of coaching.
          So to be honest Pal I’m not too bothered if I upset or annoy anyone when I reply to posts from someone so obviously obsessed with Iwobi that he is blind (and I’m not even going there on what caused that).
          In my opinion,and I accept we are all allowed our own opinions,Iwobi is garbage.He is so typical of the Wenger twylight years.
          Ask most people on this site what positions we need to improve on next season.CB is obvious and a WIDE ATTACKING WINGER is up there too.With the likely purchase of this type of player and Reiss Nelson,Sako coming through,does anyone seriously believe this CLOWN OF A PLAYER will get a look in over them?I don’t.
          And if he is that good why are we all crying out to replace him?

        2. Excuse me ? “A determined Walcott ” ? Are you from Planet Earth! All those years he played for us, (or more accurately he wore our shirt) he was only ever determined for a handful of games prior to his many and disastrous contract extensions. His so called career has disappeared with scarcely a trace. He is about as determined as a jelly not to be eaten at a kids birthday party. Not at all. THAT comment of yours on him made me snort with derision , frankly.

    1. Kenny, I hope you have seen my reply to your post on the Danny Rose/ racist thread a few topics ago. As for Tiger Roll, Id rather have a chicken roll any time. I never bet on the National,its fools gold.

      1. Thank you Jon, yes I did see your reply, I also replied to you, go back to older posts.

  3. If Ramsey doesn’t play, we won’t win, no-one else knows what it means to actually block the Central Defense (Seeing that Toreirra is unavailable & Elneny hardly starts)

    It’s an away Match, Ozil usually needs to be on the bench, but he’s been putting a good shift – so Auba & Laca should start with Iwobi on the bench (though I have a strong feeling Mhki will start)

    – We know to beat Leicester
    – Watford will be a war (our likely lose)
    – We usually find a way around Burnley
    – Wolves are tricky, though they almost beat us at the Emirates, their game don’t look like something we can’t handle on our good day

    Tomorrow, if Ramsey plays, Auba & Laca starts, it’s Arsenal Win or Draw (We just mustn’t start any of Iwobi & Mhki with Ozil – that will be too weak)

    Ramsey – Guen (Xhaka)
    Ozil – Laca

  4. Phil , so it seems you adore the precious Iwobi even more than his many Nigerian fans. Hope they don’t get jealous! I also thought the “poof” comment unnecessary and unwise, to put it mildly!

    1. Jon -Really?
      When I use the word poof I’m thinking Girlie and I feminists.To me that describes Iwobi perfectly.
      Is this any different from you continually calling Theo Walcott Weedy?I don’t believe it is.

  5. OT, Kyle Walker just got a yellow card which VAR EVENTUALLY upheld for a head clash with Brighton player. I thought thata yellow or red marginal decision either way but WHY so long for VAR to decide? We had all already twice seen it again in slow motion on well TV before the EVENTUAL decision. Solution to the Brexit length constant VAR farce is ” BUY THE VAR PEOPLE A TELLY”! Almost as bad as the virtually half hour it takes for ANY free kick remotely near the goal to be taken! What a farce!!!!! Why don’t professional people administer top football instead and the current clowns be re-captured and returned to the circus where they belong!

  6. Pal-I certainly don’t care what a complete illiterate like you thinks that’s for sure.
    I will suggest you actually WATCH THE GAME and plearn something.Iwobi offers NOTHING in terms of an attacking threat.So he works hard for his team.So what?The truth is there for all to see.
    And so you feel all big and important by believing that insertin Phyllis’s to Phil is going to achieve what exactly.I haven’t seen too many posters actually queuing up to laugh along with you which in my mind and probably most others makes YOU A MUG.
    Do yourself a favour Pal-go and ask a grown up to teach you how to spell and write like an adult.Somebodyvmight actually agree with you and not laugh at you next time

  7. Inserting Phyllis shows what a mug you are and what does Plean mean if your talking about spelling mistakes you ignorant idiot wanting your own player too break leg calligpeople poofs MORON

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