Reality Check – Arsenal were playing World-Beaters but still improved as the game went on

So Unai Emery lost his first Arsenal game, and everyone is predicting relegation or worse for the Gunners after losing to the CHAMPIONS Man City with a new team, new tactics and a new philosophy. Maybe a little reality check is needed? Man City have been learning Pep Guardiola’s tactics for two years and now have it perfected, it took a year of his training to get them to play his way, and that was with the most expensive team in the Premiership, valued at nearly one BILLION Pounds. They are so finely tuned they only lost two League games in the whole of last season.

Yet you expect Emery to come in, and in just two months transform a team that came 6th last season into World beaters, with five new players after only having a transfer budget of 70m GBP (Man City spent that on ONE player) and to beat the Champions just like that?

Emery was pleased with the performance and was happy that the team improved as the game went on. “Today, Manchester City’s performance showed us that we need to continue in our process to improve. I think they deserved this result, but we were improving in the 90 minutes, like I think we need to do for the next week and the next match on the pitch. In the second half, it’s the moment that maybe we had chances to get a better result.

“Today, Manchester City demanded our best performance. Today we watched and we need to continue working. I am happy with the players because they ran and they fought. We need to continue working tactically and defensively, and doing more to shorten the differences today between Manchester City and us.

“…..We’re starting and we need also to do one process one way. Today is the first step. Manchester City are working in their third year with Guardiola and they have built a team with security, good players and a great stability of playing like they want. We are only starting out now.”

Emery described how much we improved as the game went on. “It’s two different halves, the first and the second half, for me.” he said. “The first half, we conceded more space on the pitch for Manchester City to progress. They deal very well with these situations and because they know that, they have confidence in their performance. In the second half, we took more risks with our pressing, took more risks with the ball to break their lines and go forward quickly. We wanted to create a goal so that we could get back into the game. I want to continue the process to build our team. I think we finished with the spirit I want and the team, for 90 minutes, they ran, they tried and they pushed. But I think we need to improve collectively and also individually. But I think this process is normal today against a great team like Manchester City.”

So can we stop with the demands for ‘instant success’? Maybe you have preferred us to have started against Huddersfield (like Chelsea) and got an easy win, but it was a good test for our new team, new manager and new tactics, and we would have beaten most other teams on the planet yesterday. Give Emery a chance to make his mark and don’t condemn him after just one game against a team that is nigh-on unbeatable! Did Man City fans call for Guardiola to be sacked after losing many games in his first season?

Get real, be patient, and get behind the team. We can only improve!

Sam P


  1. John0711 says:

    Sam P just when i though all the BS had stopped

    your easy win against Huddersfield may come back to bite you

  2. gotanidea says:

    They simply have to forget about using a world class no 10 stuffs, because it simply doesn’t work for many years

    Rather than slowing down the flow with a silky and tactical CAM, they had better play more direct with a false nine and two explosive wingers that can score goals:

    Bellerin . Sokratis . Mustafi . Monreal
    ……Guendouzi …….. Maitland-Niles

    1. Focus says:

      I must admit
      I guess the last time we won against man city was when he was in the starting line
      i stand to be corrected

    2. Patrick_G says:

      I must agree with regards to players like Nelson and Laca. Nelson needs to get game time, he stretches defenses and has loads of pace and potential (look at Sane, he was given the chance).

      Laca needs to start every game for me with Auba.

  3. jon fox says:

    Sam P , You seem to think that all Gooners are full of woe and blaming EMERY. That is clearly not the case. We realists always know that Rome was not built in a day and did not go overboard about boasting we were going to win the title AND we did not cry “We are doomed” when the best side in the Prem by a country mile beat us. Most of us ARE realists and know the size of the job Emery has in front of him. We also know Wenger left the defence and DM in a total shambles and fostered a spirit of slackness and acceptance for many years past. With a disaster of an owner , we also know that Kroenke and his legendary disinterest in the club, except as a financial asset, is a huge handicap for whoever is manager. We allow for ALL that and still have faith that , given sensible time, Emery will vastly improve us and eradicate our penchant for being bullied. So your comments, I sincerely trust, were NOT directed at us who prize realism above fantasies. Were they!

    1. A.ball08 says:

      I will agree with most points people make on here with a tindge of disagreement
      I seldom agree with everything which makes your comments a standout for me
      Well said and take a bow
      Couldn’t have said it better my self?

      1. ken1945 says:

        I’ve just got back from the game and would like to give my views on what I saw.
        First of all, players being played out of position. This was a continuous cry of those who argued about our ex manager’s incompetence.
        What did I see on Sunday?
        Players being played out of’their positions’. Now I’m not complaining about this, as I have always mantained that a professional outfield player should not be pigeonholed into just one area Nice to see that both Emery and Wenger felt rhe same.
        Tactics? Terrible idea to start playing out from the keeper against one of the finest teams in europe who have perfected this over rhree seasons.
        Pressing game? Started off well, but after that first goal, it fizzled out.
        Player selection? Another cry of despair from last season was Wenger’s golden boys, yet here we saw the three most pilloried men, Ramsey, Xhaka and Iwobi, being selected to play. Does this mean that Emery has the same favourites as everyone was convinced Wenger had? Or could it be that both managers are blind, or could it be that they both see something in them?
        Poor selection? Lacs dropped to the bench after performing so well preseason, is this a sign that Emery is stubborn and keeps dropping him? Buying players to improve the squad, then not picking them, then actually bringing them on as substitutes? They were obviously fit to play then, so why not do just that and play them for 90 minutes?
        It was said on here that we only needed a few players to improve the squad, well we signed five new players, all of them by the new regime.
        Ramsey and Xhaka are being blasted, but what about Abu and Myk, two of the new regime signings?
        It’s no good keep looking back for the blame game, Abu and Myk, the tactics, team selection, players being signed and team formation are the responsibility of the new manager.
        It was good to see Emery on the touchline trying to direct the players and, to their credit, they NEVER gave up trying.
        Just as we were during the Invincible era, this City team is poetry in motion. They were superb and far to good for us AT THE PRESENT TIME.
        I am sure Emery will have thought about the game and the players he selected. I still have faith that he is a good appointment and to judge him on one game is ridiculous.
        Let’s see what he comes up with against Chelsea, but he needs a season of our full support before we start throwing the baby out of the pram.

        1. ken1945 says:

          I’ve just read the latest article by Konstantly Moaning.
          Is this guy for real?
          He was trumpeted as a man of wisdom and vision by those who followed his every damning statement against our ex manager and here he is doing it all over again after just ONE GAME with our new manager!
          Seriously, are there really true Arsenal supporters out there who think like that?
          If there are, then God help Unia Emery.

          1. Xxnofx says:

            Come on ken ,you start off by slating the team tactics and player picks and finish off by sticking up for the new manager and saying he needs time .
            I know from your past posts you are a defiant wenger support ,and I applaud you for that ,I was too upto 5 years ago .
            I’m totally in agreement with you about the tactics and players In the wrong position ,everything that I saw with a unbiased eye was a team and setup which was Ameuter at best .
            Fans on here are commenting like it was a successful match and we are heading in the right direction ,but I didn’t see that at all ..
            I’ve obviously been reading your posts for a while and can say that I enjoy them because you come across as a proper fan with the club close to your heart and you discuss topics like a grown up .
            We’ve disagreed in the past but we sing from the same page regarding the club and I respect that .
            I do agree with most of the stuff you’ve said and I think the problem is the board which we’ve agreed on in the past .

          2. ken 1945 says:

            Xxnofx thanks for the reply.
            I guess I didn’t get across what I was trying to say properly.
            It boils down to the situation as I saw the game on Sunday.
            There were so many examples of what Wenger hsd been crucified over being played out against City.
            I was trying to highlight these in order to show the hypocritical way some fans think and discuss issues.
            I actually thought we would have had more observations along this line, but it seems that ‘favourite players and playing them out of position’ only counted if it was Wenger!
            I also think that we have to be patient and support Emery and to judge him on one game, asKonstantine has done, is ridiculous.

            Without doubt the owner and board are betraying our club and using it as a cash cow to benefit their own objectives.
            It seems no-one is interested in where the monies we were promised was available for transfers has gone.
            Sir Chips is passed over as a crank, but check his history and then ask why his statements about the transfer kitty shouldn’t be believed?
            I only hope that Emery is as strong as he seems to be and does not feel obligated to the board rather than the fans. This was one of Wenger’s mistakes in my opinion and he lost the fans.

          3. Khangunners says:

            I wanna correct you one place. There are no favourites for unai and him not starting toreira was a precaution as the way he wants the team to play needs ones fitness levels to be very high.
            I agree with most here we need to be realistic and get behind the manager and the team. He is also gauging players this season and i expect alot of outs next transfer window

        2. GunnerJack says:

          Ken I think he played the main 2 Wenger ‘golden boys’, Ramsey and Xhaka, who were levered into every lineup with a crowbar by Wenger, simply because he had to start somewhere and decided, perhaps out of respect for the ‘Old Brigade,’ to play them first and give them a chance to show what they could do. Unfortunately they played their usual games, mediocrity personified, and were subbed. This resulted in an immediate improvement to the whole team and so I’m very much hoping that those 2 start on the bench against Chelsea, with every effort being made afterwards to move them on.
          To give Ramsey either a big contract or make him captain should now be laughable concepts. I just hope Unai has the guts to make the big decisions as I wish to have faith in our new manager. If he chickens out and plays those 2 against Chelsea I fear I will begin to lose a bit of respect for him.
          Players should be picked purely on form! No more favouritism, no more ‘well he’s been at the club for a long time’, no making excuses for their inept performances. These 2 epitomised what was wrong with Wenger’s methods – and like him, need to go.
          Unai please make a massive statement by tearing up Ramsey’s new contract and looking to get rid. Maybe there’s an Italian or Spanish team who we could offload him to before the end of the month. Xhaka too! Let’s have a proper ex-Wenger clearout! Wenger out! Ramsey out! Xhaka out! Well a start has been made, now let’s get rid of the rest of the rot festering in this team.

          1. Sue says:

            I agree about Ramsey & Xhaka ?

      2. ozziegunner says:


        1. ken1945 says:

          GunerJack, if your thoughts about respecting was really out of respect, then you have answered your own question regarding Emery.
          The view is that Ramsey, Xhaka and Iwobi are Wenger disasters and yet Emery used them all on Sunday.
          Why? You can’t seriously believe that he did it out of respect surely?
          I also highlighted players being played out of position, as this was another topic that Wenger was crucified for.
          So why was Emery doing this as well?
          I am just wondering why the two examples above were used to attack one individual, but not the other?
          My view is that both managers see / saw something in all three players that, as they were seen as Wenger’s golden boys, they were cannon fodder used to attack him. But Emery, being his own man decided that they are players who fit into his plans.
          The same goes for playing out of position, he obviously thinks the same way as Wenger.
          Now that’s left a big question mark over those who argued against Wenger on these two points and I was just pointing out the hypocrisy of this situation.
          Along with of course, buying players and not picking them even though they were fit… look at the substitutions!
          It’s just my observations of what went on Sunday, I am fully behind Emery, so let’s put that one to bed before accusations come flying in!
          I do agree that the team for Chelsea will be VERY interesting, but remember that Ramsey and AMN will probably be injured.

          1. GunnerJack says:

            Ken, Unai had to pick SOMEBODY to start the match so why not those who had done it longest? Now they’ve had their chance hopefully things will move on.

  4. Phil says:

    The Headline Article is right insofar as we played a very very good side that Pep has groomed for 3 Seasons.He has bought great players as proven by the quality on their bench.But although there has been a huge amount of negative criticism on our own performance Emery is right when he said we improved as the game went on.
    Lacazette made a huge difference and it was only when he arrived on the pitch that Aubamayang suddenly was able to play off someone.Torreira looked composed and was straight into the game when he was introduced and it goes without saying he will be starting against the Chavs on Saturday.I honestly felt we defended quite well at times and that is not something we have been able to say too much these past few seasons.It was their natural width and pace that we couldn’t get to grips with as shown by both their goals.
    It’s a new Coach with new ideas and some new players.We must see an improvement on Saturday especially in midfield and going forward.But the effort was there and Chelski are more than beatable.

    1. Xxnofx says:

      But a side not at their strongest
      Some of their main players were benched ,Jesus ,sane ,de Brunei
      This is a side that last season Liverpool had their number.
      Why couldn’t this being the 1st game of the season take advantage of that ?
      Like I keep come back to like a broken record why wasn’t our transfer dealings better organised?
      Some of the tactics yesterday were criminal to be honest , playing the ball out from goalkeeper to defenders against a manager who’s probably the best in the world to get his teams to press .
      Playing Ramsey as a ?center forward
      Playing a promiseing center midfielder as a left back when we had a perfectly good player to cover that position on the bench
      Playing ozil as a ?god knows where he was playing to be honest
      I more than most wanted wenger to retire more than 5yeras a go but for crying out loud that team absolutely stunk of a wenger team ,from team setup and tactics
      People on here saying we played better than last season must realise that without Cech in goal it would have been a worse result that’s last season
      I saw absolutely no progression yestaerday from last season and it seems like it’s going to be the same old arsenal this season ,play a good few games and get taken apart by the top teams

      1. Phil says:

        Xxnofx-you are not wrong.The difference in class between the two teams was enormous.I also think in hindsight Citeh was the worst side to play out our new “Pressing Game” against purely because they have had three years under Pep to work on it but it was Emery’s first real test.But you know what?He has a game plan that he is determined to implement and I give him credit for sticking to his principles.
        He must be given time by the fanbase and he is very unlikely to get everything right in a new League played at a pace and tempo he has never before experienced.
        There were signs of encouragement to take from Sunday’s game and we must improve on Saturday but let’s at least give the Manager a bit of time to tweak his line up and tactics

        1. Xxnofx says:

          @phil ,I understand the need to give him as much time as he needs , because the team was left in an awful state .
          But what I’m struggling to understand is what as actually changed ?
          I watched the matched for the full 90 mins (which I’ve not done for a while ) and after 10 mins it hit me that I was watching the same drose I’ve watched for the last 5-10 years
          Why the fck was he playing Ramsey in the first place and in the position he was in , surely he should have been shipped out this summer , he’s obviously playing for a massive contract , when in the real world he’s completely replaceable .
          The tactics looked absolutely out of date in this league .
          I’m just p1ssed because I was looking forward to a new start without wenger and from what I’ve seen it’s the same bull crap. The players looked uninterested to me ,I know your a big ozil fan (I am to ) but he doesn’t obviously suit the way we are setting up to play these days ,maybe 15 years ago .
          There was a lot of mistakes yesterday from tactics to player picks ,and that’s not just me saying it as an armchair fan.

          1. theGoon says:

            The challenge iam having with your questions is… was His first game in the EPL…if he did this consecutively then it would be a worry and valid..but iam really really concerned by Fans saying we need to give him time on one end and at the same time go off to complain why he didnt do this or whats the real meaning of give the coach time if he does everything we think he ought to have done? cos whats really getting to me is every one seems to have an opinion of how he should have won the match but really, really? man city? Lets not pretend there were not flaws but to say its the same arsenal i feel is not true because there are a significant number of differences that need to be built upon. why not focus on those and get behind the man. even for atleast 6 games….right now its like the man is inheriting our frustration with wenger and somehow not justified

    2. Mickew says:

      Phil, agreed, I have to say however in all my years of watching football for the very first I have to admit to agreeing with the gum chewing bafoon Sam alardyce, who couldn’t believe we tried playing from the back for the first time against city who are renowned for high pressing. Yes in time we need to change and playing from the keeper is where it’s at these days, but to put players into an uncomfortable position against that team was recipe for disaster. There are many teams that we will play where it can be developed and over time will hopefully work, however Sunday was not one of those occasions, almost slightly nieve, but I am full of hope for the future and we will get back to where we hound be.

      1. Mickew says:

        Should be

        1. Phil says:

          Mickew-I’m with you on that Fat Northern Twat and that hurts after the way his teams used to kick the living shit out of us when we played them.Bit I’m convinced we are with a Manager who will work tirelessly to get it right given time

          1. rkw says:

            hopefully emery has now found out that most of the defensive players bequethed by wenger are not sufficiently skilled to play out from the back … i could have told him that back in may but hey some of us are just armchair pundits who dont know jack … and they are so overpaid that its going to be difficult to ship them out … at least a season to turn this massively bloated ship around and then the crooked yank will make it difficult

    3. summerbreez says:

      Arsenal started the match well and then guaderiola stood up sterling and city committed few dirty fouls and we lost players early but if Arsenal registered the efforts we could have been a little more happy but the game went headless from an Arsenal prospective we lost the swagger until laca came on but to be honest I would have liked elneny and or torirra with guandozi in the midfield with abuba laca nelson up front …from reading on about emery I believe he will analyze the team and make some changes for Saturday …but with the new 5 players and manager thing will need time to gel and fix the wholes wished we won but the fact of drawing with Chelsea in the pre games and then City beating Chelsea in the community shield by 2 goals I knew we will not loose more than 2

  5. Sydney says:

    Played well despite losing, energy, desire, pressing etc something I have not us do in almost a decade. We have a new manager, some new players, learning new tactics, different way of playing which can’t all be achieved over night. I’m pretty sure we will start picking points, we might not win the league but it will be an exciting season. I love the energy from Unai always on touch line giving instructions as well as making substitutions when necessary even substituting players who never would be under the old regime. I can’t wait to see the season unfold.

    1. Xxnofx says:

      But the players he substituted shouldn’t have been on the field in the first place or in the positions they started in .you said desire ,pressing ,I didn’t see any off that tbh , I saw a team set up with absolutely no ideas how to break the opposition down and our usual playing sideways and back passing .only different tactic I saw was playing a goal kick from the back and that didn’t turn out to well in my opinion

  6. goonervishrut says:

    Should the foul on mustafi been a penalty to use?

    1. Gily says:

      Besides the refree was so whistle happy to a boring degree especially against Arsenal throughout the match

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Goonervishrat, definite penalty missed by Oliver; Mustafi dragged down by Mendes.

  7. lagos larry says:

    i dont think it is right to call manchester city world beaters just yet. they have only won the premiership, they will need a lot more titles and european cups under their belts before anybody can seriously consider them world beaters. we do need another couple of nigerian players in this team of ours.the passion that the nigerian will give to you is famous, and they dont cost too much either. they will settle for lower income also.praise the lord that we have iwobi in our great team. let me hope that he can persuade some of his fellow country men to come here and take up the arms against the rest of the premiership.we will have world dominance on the football field some day soon, i am telling you this right now .

    1. Phil says:

      Honestly mate I would normally take great pleasure in ripping you to peices over you comments but this time even I am lost for words.But just one bit of advice -Why don’t you change your name to LOOPY LARRY from LAGOS.Trust me-Nobody would disagree with that name

    2. Leeroysgooners says:

      Think you go a bit to far at times Jon with your comments and do you not think nwankwo kanu was a great player that is part of our history

    3. waal2waal says:

      i read your discourse and i firmly believe its NOT a sentiment shared by any genuine/or regular to this website …your comment had mischief written all over it… Anyone with as much as a pepper-grain of “reason” would welcome “the passion of any good player” that’s regardless of nationality: Now i found yours a shameless attempt at mischief making. Get yourself right fella arsenal isn’t the space for that caper.

    4. stubill says:

      If you’re so keen to watch Nigerian players, may I suggest you support, and watch a Nigerian team.

  8. Nayr says:

    I was happy with the perfomance.
    we missed a few good chances.

    is it only me or was ozil really crap.
    dude needs to stop playing in big games where he does not get space or time.
    suited for the small teams.

    against chelsea why not play this


    bench stupid ozil.

    1. Sue says:

      I thought Ramsey was crap….would rather he didn’t play against Chelsea….

    2. gotanidea says:

      I don’t think Ramsey or Ozil would ever be able to withstand the pressure from the tough opponents in that no 10 position

      Arsenal had better forget any CAM strategy, including 4-2-3-1 and its variants, because those fancy CAMs would only slow down the counterattacks with their playmaking stuffs

      Better play more direct, use the physical attributes of a false nine and the pace of two explosive wingers. Arsenal don’t need any mental delay strategy anymore, because they simply don’t have enough skills to play like Barcelona

    3. Midkemma says:

      I recall Ozil getting back and defending on multiple occasions, he didn’t go missing and tbh I thought he put more effort in that City game than he has for quite a while.

      I think his willingness to help defend shouldn’t be overlooked, this is a new tactic for him and yet he defended more than Rambo or Xhaka, heck he defended more than them both combined!

      Oh and also I noticed how Ozil appeared more willing to shoot, to give it a go himself instead of finding the assist, okay he was offside the one time and stopped Auba from getting it but this is a different Ozil… Defending and shooting.

      Was he a 10/10?
      No, I don’t think any die hard Ozil fan would say he was either, he doesn’t deserve such slander from his own team fans though when he put in a better def shift than Rambo and Xhaka who both want to be CMs.

      1. Patrick_G says:

        Well said, because its a fact that Ozil did more defensively and offensively than both Xhaka and Ramsey.

    4. kev says:

      Why should a team like Arsenal rely on Guendouzi at this point in time.He’s good but not exceptional enough for us to rely on him.We should play Ramsey at box to box and Ozil at No. 10.
      I want to see our best 11 before judging who should play and who shouldn’t.To me we have no choice than to start Nelson or Iwobi at LW vs Chelsea.We need a player who can take someone on

      1. GunnerJack says:

        How on earth can you say ‘I want to see our best 11 before judging who should play…’ and also say ‘We should play Ramsey at box to box…’?
        How can those 2 statements possibly be in the same comment?
        I’m hoping Unai plays Guendouzi EVERY TIME and Ramsey at NO TIME!

  9. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    Colleen (Ramsey ‘s wife) just shared a picture of their son Sonny at the emirate turf running around with his dad at the emirate turf during warm up . she caption it “it’s Sonny’s first game”

    even when his son and pregnant wife was watching him, he still played shit . he’s such a disgrace.

    1. Sue says:

      Ramsey is doing my head in ?

  10. Martin says:

    Arsenal not getting a classic winger was silly. We also needed a CM that can control games

    1. enagic says:

      We needed carzola type mid and Leon bailey winger otherwise is same all same new wenger’s era under Emery.

  11. AndersS says:

    Good article – well said!

  12. Kenya001 says:

    We will get better am sure of that infact we will b top of the table mid season

  13. Kenya001 says:

    One person who i nid out of my team come weekend is zcech ooh boy he has lost it every back pass to him almost gives me a heart attach!!!

  14. RealArsenalFan says:

    Well said Sam P, Man C spent quiet lot of money to win the league last year alone with the fact that Pep had them for a year before winning the league, Liverpool have spent over $226 million dollars this year and is trying to buy the Premier League, we (Arsenal) will win the league by our football tactics, discipline and hard work with the players we have and those who we can bring in that will certainly help the squad without have to spend that amount of money. Emery continue to do the work you have started and dont listen to blob like Big Sam, If he (Big Sam) can show me a club that he manages and win a trophy then he can give his two cent bit

  15. DANDY GUNNER says:

    The Reality Check is Arsenal are not a top 4 Club anymore Arsenal are a Top 10 club so once we accept this we can get over ourselves and just enjoy the football win or lose.

  16. Chuks Nigeria says:

    It definitely hurts fellas that we lost the game however its fair to state that we were optimistically hoping we would beat City one way or another as well as realistically appreciative of how hard a task it is to beat those guys with the irrepressible Pep at the helm.
    There were really positives to be drawn from the Arsenal from an objective point of view. Nevertheless, the deeply ingrained fanaticism in most of us would not allow us see anything good in this Arsenal Team.
    I recall the funny trappings i had when I newly became a Teacher…. I had to go pee out hot urine about three to four times before entering a class due to tension. This happened for several weeks before I caught the Teaching bug and can now honestly say am a master in what I do.
    Life is the same game no matter where its played. A Team which has a Teenage midfielder from Lorient, a division 2 side that plays in front of 8000 fans but now had to adjust in front of 60k against the champions; a host of debutants including a new manager plus backroom staff won’t just gel overnight without some failings here and there.
    We have different schools of thought in Philosophy and I like to believe that most Arsenal fans with all due respect are Idealists who are always in a world of getting it right without recourse to the process. I feel its better to be realistic in this circumstance and know that Arsenal is gonna recieve some more beatings before we start reaping the fruits of the Unai Emery era…..
    Some of you were really really angry that Man city beat us however I wish to announce to you that Chelsea may yet beat Arsenal next week and the league would still go on unperturbed…. The media would have given other teams a Lee way if they were beaten by the Mancs but its the good old Arsenal – they all have to jump on the bandwagon and put in some negativity…
    Be good and I advise you to enjoy the Arsenal game without bias or considering what could have been or what Wenger did or didn’t do – and just maybe, you may begin to appreciate that we are truly a work in progress…..

  17. Innit says:

    It’s hard to watch Lacazette on the bench. Lacazette was looking good when he eventually came on. Feels like such a waste not having him start. At the same time it feels like a waste to play Aubameyang wide as he is deadly up front.
    There must be a way to start them both

    We are very fortunate striker wise. Both Aubameyang and Lacazette are not exactly young. They won’t stay at this level for long. Wish we could have taken advantage of that by getting a top winger and a top box to box central midfielder.

    1. Patrick_G says:

      There is a way to play them both since we don’t have wingers.

      Attack shape: With the ball

      Auba Laca
      Ramsey Matteo
      Monreal Sok Musti Licht

      Defend shape: Without the ball

      Ozil Laca
      Ramsey Torreira Matteo
      Monreal Sok Musti Licht

  18. theGoon says:

    Hi folks. I think most of us are in agreement that Emery needs time..whats bugging me big time….
    1.Fans who left the stadium early
    2.The pundits
    3.Our so called legends
    1. I for one was advocating for us to leave the stadium during wenger’s tenure BUT to do that with our first game of the season…i was very dissappointed with how fickle we truly are as arsenal fans…one could argue we lost, had to catch the train blah blah but common, its bordering on disrespect for our new manager and not motivating our players
    2. Is it just me or or is every pundit paid to trash Arsenal. iam so irritated right now by how every jim and jack , no won squat , managers all having an opinion on how arsenal should have set up against City. everyone now seems to know how we ought to have played against city. ive lost whatever ounce of resepect i had for some people,,,Sam alladyce and those other old goons talking about our lack of energy etc. such crap
    3. Our so called arsenal legends….starting with Wrighty, the Adams, then Seaman Only martin keown decided to highlight the positives. The rest are all doom and gloom etc. here is a list of the dumbest statements ive heard from the above groups
    1. What was Emery doing , He had six weeks to prepare…..really?six weeks?
    2.Arsenal dont seem to have an identity? WTH? an identity? in 6 weeks we are supposed to all of the sudden have a brand of football with Emery based on preseason?
    3.Same old Arsenal….. Yes he messed up but can you honestly see petr cech aking those 3 crucial saves under Wenger?
    lets be honest would arsene wenger have managed to only conceed 2 goals?
    Was I the only watching that most of the crosses into our box were cleared instantly and none of that zonal panic nonsense?
    When was the last time you saw an arsenal team press and force a good team to lose the ball ? better yet to make them pass the ball all the way to their keeper constantly?
    When was the last time you saw us create ,with conviction, the chances we had to score..for crying out loud even bellerin had the guts to skin the defender and have a shot on goal….not under such a high profile game, he would have been looking to make a pass…a poor one for that matter.
    The fact that subs were made on time, and defense in Emery’s priority is signs we are heading in the right direction. I cant stand any manager or so called legend slating the man on His 1st game….1st game people! wTH! anyone that hasent done their research on Unai’s philosophyis not worth listening to. He Believes in improving and all i can say is, had we scored 2 or 1 goal the analysis would have been different

    1. ozziegunner says:

      the Goon, appreciated your analysis; too many people are dropping their bundle too soon. I dont see West Ham fans wanting Pelligrini sacked afterloosing to Liverpool 4-0 given the money they have spent.

  19. Senile says:

    I will start judging Emery from next match but he made some mistakes in that one.

    Trying outplay City in their ‘game’ that our players are not used to is suicide. Plus cech is not good with the ball at his feet. The coach should have gotten a plan b at least.

    Benching our best player because of world cup again the best team in the league is bullshit. He also erred benching Lacazette, our major goal threat after Auba.

    I hope Emery is ruthless and bench the useless players. Having a midfield full of team is killing us.
    To the next game!

  20. JW says:

    maybe some of you who can get to the training grounds can answer this question. Does Arsenal train on Monday after a weekend game?

  21. Wiggy says:

    I dont know why Wiggy did not get Zaha. I watched his last game his dribbling skills are superb. Can easily go past 2 or 3 defenders with ease. Not one current crop of AFC player can do that. Cazorla could do it. And also Zaha scored a superb goal this weekend! He was available during this transfer window and he is an ardent Arsenal supporter. Player to watch this season!

  22. ger burke. says:

    i am missing chiza already !. can somebody please bring him back.

  23. Phil says:

    He wasn’t when we beat them in the FA Cup at Wembley April 2017

  24. SAGooner says:

    As a ManU supporter told me last year, Arsenal’s biggest problem is Mezut Özil. You cannot have a guy in the team who does nothing all game and is a virtual passenger just in the forlorn hope that he delivers one moment of magic. It just does not work that way. Hopefully Unai will see the light. Even Iwobi or any of the other youngsters would contribute more to the game than Özil. And where is the star of the pre-season, Emile Smith-Rowe? Isn’t it true that if you’re good enough, you’re old enough?

    1. kklin says:

      Hear hear

      1. ozziegunner says:

        You are wrong; if you watched the game, even though not played centrally Ozil was not our worst midfielder.

  25. the goon says:

    Pep had an entire season of baptism,media even mocked at how the epl made him look ordinary, same as klopp ..if not 2 and today the media is purring over them with praises……Emery? 1st Game and his credentials already being questioned ? Worse by So Called Arsenal legends and sadly many fans. The atmosphere was great though except in end when many left before the final whistle.The EPL is not the toughest league for no reason.Part of being intelligent is how quick one can learn from their mistakes…Pep himself said it, he has no advice to give Unai nor is he in a position to play that role cos he expects Emery to adapt maybe sooner than anticipated and I believe he is speaking from his experience of playing against the man in la liga. The fact that he made key substitutions on time tells me he can see what most of us can see unlike Arsene. The fact that he has prioritized defence tells me he will be looking at how geundouzi went to sleep for the first goal and how no one tracked bernandinho for the second. He will be working on cutting out such schoolboy errors. If you look closely, actually the way we played against city is pattern to how we played preseason….so on paper he is likely going to see flaws in his theory about how to play in this league. He is a tactician and those video reviews over a couple of games will come in handy. Even if we get beat by chelsea, we are guaranteed to see a better performance from each game and that is why we must hold our horses and get behind him and the team. Its interesting how not many are seeing the positives on which we will keep building on…

    1. the goon says:

      sorry meant second goal from bernado

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