Reality check: One more season of Aubameyang or £50M?

Latest reports are claiming that Arsenal have named our price to Barcelona for the signature of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, with £50 Million supposedly the figure being demanded.

The Gabonese international is claimed to have said he will not be signing a new contract with the club, and with only 12 months remaining on his current deal come this summer, his sale looks almost forced on our part.

We could decide to force the player to stay at the club at risk of losing him for free in 12 months time, or to try and sell him for a lower fee come January. Either way the financial implications could be huge, and although he would be tough to replace, it could help us out in the long run.

The 30 year-old has scored 17 of our 40 Premier League goals this term, although his portion of the goals was higher before Arteta took over as coach, and he clearly is bringing more out of the players around him.

The £50 Million fee would likely not be enough to bring in a proven world class goalscorer any more, with the likes of Alvaro Morata, Romelu Lukaku and Kylian Mbappe going for over 50% higher than that fee, but there is always a chance of landing an Erling Haaland, who just moved to Dortmund for £20 Million and is absolutely on fire.

His acquisition was a slight risk, as the Austrian is hardly up in lights, but his Champions League exploits was enough for the BVB to pull the trigger, and what a bargain he is proving to be.

Assuming the current Premier League season is allowed to continue, Aubameyang will be key in our bid to climb into the European slots, with hope of a top five finish all that is needed this term to gain Champions League football.

Losing Aubameyang may hamper our bid to return to the elite European competition temporarily, but using that money to close the gap could be a part of the bigger picture.

If Aubameyang is definitely not signing another deal, would you take £50 Million or keep him for 12 more months?



  1. Firstly, forget Haaland, what world are you living in?

    If Auba doesn’t sign then of course we have to sell. Honestly, whilst I’d prefer to keep him, I think selling him for 50 m wouldn’t be bad business at all, and it will give us a chance to rebalance our attacking line, which is awakward with both him and lacazette up there . But yeah, I can assure you it won’t be Haaland coming in to place him

  2. First of all I cannot see any Club on the Planet paying 50m for a thirty one year old despite his athleticism and his proven track record.This was the case before,Corona, and will be even more so at a time when Clubs, big and small are likely to suffer financial hardship as a direct result of the Pandemic. In the unlikely event of a 50m bid being tabled,Arsenal would be mad not to take the offer, particularly with the emergence of Saka and Martinelli who are the future of our Club.

    1. Grandad, You make the important and extremely relevant point that the virus changes almost everything, esp financially speaking. Personally , I hold serious doubts that there will be any more Prem games this whole calendar year. I do NOT say there will not be, merely that it must be in some doubt. Anyone who claims to know what exactly will happen and when is lying , but it is forseeable as to what will NOT happen in the near future. I see no way that THIS SEASONS Prem will be completed before next season is due to start, which, IMO, rules out it happening at all.

      We shall ,hopefully, find out tomorrow what the PL propose doing about this season. But government have the power to overrule them and well might. This last hour alone schools are now ordered to close this Friday(with a very few pupil exceptions for kids of key workers- a can of worms for sure, but I digress.)

    2. Gooners should feel really happy now we have a American foodchain owner instead of someone who’s dependend on oilprices..

  3. Only if we get a player of Aubameyang’s standard. Lacazette and Martinelli aren’t good enough imo

    If they want to sell Aubameyang I would sell both Aubameyang AND Lacazette. And sign a top striker and a top winger

    Martinelli is great backup

  4. The last few years have seen us mess up with Alexis and Ramsey . Can’t afford to do it again.

    1. If he doesn’t sign a new contract, then it’s wise to sell him. Arteta must be having plan B to replace him, not necessarily as good as Auba but he can buy a young striker and make him a world class forward.

  5. Aubameyang is worth more than £50million pounds,at 30 years he’s playing like a 25 year old, Ronaldo is 35 years and Juventus is haggling for him to sign another 4 years contract to play till he’s 39,Aubameyang was among the 3 men that won the highest goals scorers last season and the way he’s going,he will win it again this season,he can still score goals until he’s over 35, don’t ever compare Aubameyang with Lukaku! Arsenal should try harder to convince him to sign a new contract but if they fail, then the biggest clubs would be rushing for his signature if Arsenal put him up for sale, he’s worth £100million

    1. Eloka, I admire your enthusiasm about Aubas future abilities to play on at top level for some years to come. But I disagree and being a realist know that IF, which is extremely doubtful , in this virus time, any club offers us £50 mill, which I do NOT foresee being offered, Arsenal will grab it with both hands and be correct to do so.

  6. This is a great time to negotiate deals with players because if corona virus I doubt these players will be getting big salary hick at any club. The amount of damage done already to world economy will take 2-3 years atleast to recover so someone needs to brush this cloud 9 bulb if players n bring them back to earth. For once football market will be sensible interms of players values as funds disappear from their wealthy owners bank accounts. So I don’t think there will be a lot of movement this summer in transfer window over all in terms of big money signings. Plus all this puts clubs in stronger negotiating position bec the choice of employers for players are disappearing fast.

  7. I would debate calling Lukaku,Morata world class trust me when I say clubs which can afford it would spend 50M in a world class striker,who every season guarantees you between 25 to 30 goals, Barca were so desperate in January that they spent 18M on braithwaite,how many goals has he scored and how many minutes has he played?a player like Auba could be the difference between winning the ligue, Champions League…worth taking a risk, they wasted so much on players in the past it is ridiculous especially on former Arsenal players😁😁!l,also we could definitely find a 20/25 goals striker for 50M, playing for Arsenal players like Ings, Wilson and many more could do a very good jobs for us and that just looking at British,Dembele at Lyon would cost in that region (played for Celtic scoring in Europe) Ousmane from Celtic still young formerly from PSG too(psg are looking at him again) and other clubs,I know people don’t value la ligue one but trust me for 50M and for even less we could find a very good striker, Chelsea agreed 60M with Lyon for Dembele but Lyon wanted to keep him for the remainder of the season,we could have done the same and let them Keep him until the summer , selling Auba then and with covid 19 most clubs need to sell their most valuable assets!a big win for us a 31 years old striker for a 23 years old one,no photo!!

  8. I find it highly unlikely, there are any clubs willing to pay transfer sums of any significance at the moment. On the contrary, my guess is they will all be looking to reduce their wage bills in order to survive. So will Arsenal.
    If we really could get 50 mio now, I say “take it and run”.
    If we can’t, then wait a month or two and look at the situation.

  9. Firstly, does he want to continue playing for us. No club will pay him more than 200k -220k with transfer fee. If we over him 250k and he refuses then the question is simple.

    1. Before any debate,you are asking the most important question!does he still want to play for us??after listening to his interviews,he said that he and his family were happy in London,he also said that he loves playing for Arsenal and that winning trophies won’t define him as a player, sounds very good but there is his agent and the club stance,do they want to keep him for an extra year or sell him and reinvest the money in the squad? basically none of us really know the real situation,until then it’s all speculation!!

      1. Siamois, Wise to keep in mind that players, coaches, managers, agents and all human beings everywhere often say one thing and mean another. Being in my late sixties and worldly wise, I never or rarely at least, take statements from ANY football folk in the game as gospel. It would suit Auba to keep in with Arsenal fans and show “loyalty” as some more naive fans might well think.
        This does NOT say he definitely wants to move; it is merely a warning not to take all statements at face value as a certain fan on here, a few years senior to me, so often does.

        In practice, almost every players prime loyalty is to his career, his family, silverware and his bank account and fans are very rarely a key factor at all. That is how life IS, in the REAL world!

  10. There is no better striker than Auba for £50mil in the current market. It means Arsenal have to top the £50mil to get someone of Auba stature.

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