Really?? Arsenal have rewarded failure with a new 2-year contract?

Arsenal rewarded failure with 2 more years. by Konstantin Mitov

Alright, we all knew this was coming and that one certain French manager was staying, but let’s assess the situation with facts here, because this has proved a few things starting with the fact that the board is weak. We all knew that, due to the way that they let Arsene in control of his own fate instead of forcing him to make a deal or leave.

Worst thing is, Arsene played his card spectacularly once again, as he dodged all the negativity while the board was hiding in the shadows, he blamed everything but himself (which is the real problem), he scrapped a late run in against beach squads, failing to beat the only team that played for something – Tottenham, and a cup by beating 2 decent teams in it and he left the club in a state where they practically had little choice to bring somebody new, because they weren’t prepared, hence strengthening my point of how weak the board actually is.

The next thing, this appointment means is that we are all in for the same thing we saw in the past 10 years, failure! And I will define what failure is, because some people are happy with beating beach sides and the FA cup, completely ignoring the fact we got destroyed in Europe and failed to make the top 4, which includes two good teams, who didn’t show major liabilities during the season – Chelsea and Spurs.

So for me, not making 80 points, in how many years now, including the 7 years failing to make it past the round of 16 in the Champions league, plus completely missing the champions league this year, plus the 10-2 humiliation at Bayern, plus the way we sleepwalked through 5 away defeats, throwing away games that were in our complete control like Everton away for example, and so and so on, is nothing short of failure.

In Wenger’s own words, he said, this is the best squad he has had in years, so why did he finish 5th? Also he said we started the season unprepared. Why? Those are his own words. This contract stand off was a power struggle, but Arsene knew that if he delays it long enough, the board won’t have a choice and here is his will once again.

Wenger is everything here, so why doesn’t he take responsibility for the bad transfer windows and the fact Ozil and Sanchez could still well leave the club? This is pathetic, but worse thing is, that 4 weeks ago, 80% of fans wanted Wenger out and now all of a sudden they are back on Wenger In and people come here and slate me for sticking with an opinion rather than swinging up and down a wave that always crashes on the same rock.

The manager is a large part of the public face of the football club and I will repeat myself one last time with this, because I said it many times in other articles, but it cannot pass unsaid again. Arsene’s comments are a joke. They are disrespectful towards fans, journalists, ex players and all people who love Arsenal. He refused to walk around the stadium and clap the fans, who apparently support him once again and why did he do that? Fans of other teams sing “We want you to stay”, just like I was hoping United stick with Moyes and Van Gaal, because I knew they were weak with those bad managers, just like we are with Arsene.

He doesn’t care for us at all, but the number of fans who care more about his future lying here rather the future of the club is incredible. Changes won’t be made. This summer window, will be another failure. Pep Guardiola said that if he had a season like this at Bayern or Barca, he’d be sacked. This is the standard at top clubs. Chelsea sacked Mourinho to win the title again. Leicester sacked Ranieri, because they were getting relegated with their form.

Strong decisions and strong characters will never be a part of Arsenal with Wenger here. How many of the invincibles finished their careers at Arsenal? Wenger got rid of all of them, except Bergkamp. Ferguson kept Giggs till he was 40, Scholes too. He kept winning mentality at United throughout his entire regime. He won 13 titles, 5 FA cups and 2 champions leagues in his tenure. This record is far superior than Wengers, but Fergie approached each season with a desire to keep United at the top.

We approach it, hoping to reach the top 4, which even if we don’t doesn’t really matter as we see. Ferguson changed assistant managers and backroom staff to keep fresh ideas coming in and this is something Arsene would never allow. Wenger will again put faith in the likes of Theo, Giroud and Aaron, who failed us so many times and they wouldn’t have gotten more chances in a club like Barcelona or Madrid.

Lastly, Madrid change managers the moment they don’t win a trophy. Fair or not, it’s the price of being there. Nothing but success is good enough. This once used to be a priority at Arsenal, now we’re just existing with no real purpose. If you believe the lies that Kroenke wants to win the league just ask fans of the Rams and why they were moved to LA, when promised not to. And if you believe that this Schalke left back we’re signing is one of the two players, that’d turn us into title challengers, you’re kidding yourself. Worse, I fear it could be our only signing this summer, as I’ve see this before.

If the past 10 seasons and especially this one didn’t convince you time for change was now, then enjoy the two years of hurt coming your way, because we are the only top 6 team that cannot offer Champions league football, we don’t know what will happen to our best players and we won’t spend the money we need to improve.

The telling goes “time will tell”, and it’s been telling us something for years and sadly it will say it again comes the start of the season when the same old problems with the same old manager will emerge once again.


  1. Nwaneri says:

    I blame the British fans who go to the stadium every week to support mediocrity

    1. Galen says:

      What would you have done? We go to the stadium to support the team, not to tear the building down. What should we do? burn the place down? Then what? Pay for reconstruction? Planes and banners have been morethan enough.

      I have said it loads of time , the contract is signed and dusted. I pay good money and support the team, Creating a toxic atmosphere would only give more initiative to the opposition. You don’t have to go to school to understand this things.

      Look at the Young Kid Henry from Nigeria, we are about to sign? people are already insulting him on twitter , even though he yet to kick a fcuking ball? What a disgrace some people are? Who amongst you Knew Rob Holding? £2 Million and he is playing as good as Mustafi who came for £35 million.

      Thats the mentality at Arsenal unfortunately? If the henry Kid went to Everton and played well, People would be screaming on here that we buy him for £100 million .

      Can you Imagine Imagine if Mbappe accepeted Wengers proposal and came to Arsenal? he would have been insulted by everyone. Guess what ? manchester city made a bid of £110 million.

      Lets get behind our team. Stonger when United.

      1. Rkw says:

        The “what if” brigade already out in force … What if with the strongest group of players in a long time ..wenger’s words at the start of the season .. We finished in 5th place but Wenger was still rewarded with a new contract … And it’s worth remembering that stronger together was Hilary Clinton’s losing refrain … Best listen to the king “a little less conversation a little more action please”

        1. john hodges says:

          so every manager who dos not finish top should be fired

          1. Rkw says:

            Not really …just that 5th most valuable football club on the planet has failed to deliver a major trophy to its fans in 13 years … Spurs only club in that list suffering same fate but they are financially much more constrained and even so now better than us .. Can discuss where blame lies but it’s clear that a change is needed on the managerial front because whatever the constraints they are simply too daunting for wenger to overcome …

      2. Godfirst says:

        God bless you @Galen! This site us full of moaners!

      3. Lexynal says:

        People are sounding like Arsene Wenger consulted with them before he bougfht Sanchez, Ozil, Holding etc. Or that he consulted with them prior to converting Sanchez to top 9 (and guess what – he scored loads of goals this last season more than he ever scored in any single season in his career). The contract is signed, get behind your team, be objective in your critism on how to move the team forward…forget about Wenger Out for this next 12 months. Or you may go try support Sups if you enjoy spending loads of money seasons upon seasons and returning with zero trophies. Good luck!

    2. ArseOverTit says:

      I am a fan born and bread at Arsenal and I protest by no longer going to watch the team , although if recent I have been to protest outside. By not giving any of my money (and that means not renewing my season ticket so I can loan it to football day trippers) I am protesting and not feeding the regime I now despise.

      The problem is:
      A. There are plenty still Content with the situation or say it’s my club and I back them no matter what.

      B. There are plenty of football tourists wanting to selfie and twitter it through an arsenal match in what is now a fashionable part of London where half and half wearing scarf wearers can spend big at the armoury club shop.

      I have in some small part been involved in the protests and getting people involved is an absolute impossible mission. You see it’s probably indicative of a well programmed and subservient generation where they feel awkward to challenge authority of any kind.

      So , like the brexit (or not) people will be stuck with their decisions based on misinformation and fear once again.

      I won’t though as as soon as I see they have actually sold this club up the river again by given Wenger a new contract I vow to cut off my interest in AFC, until the day Stan, Wenger and Co are gone.

      Sadly, not enough will.
      But mark my words the protests will continue and will get louder regardless of those who feel it will effect the team or who are too scared for change.

      1. Splendid says:

        If 50% of Arsenal fans are like you and I, We would be up there challenging with the Bayerns, Barcas and Madrids of this world for top honours. Unfortunately, most fans are obsessed with Wenger and can’t imagine an Arsenal without him.
        I can bet that by February next year when the competitions get tougher the team will crumble again. How could we easily forget the home lose to Watford? The defeats to West brom, Crystal palace, Liverpool. The humiliation by Bayern? How did Leicester win the league? Have forgotten it’s been same story every year?
        Our London fans are too nice to Wenger and the players – that explains why players like Sanago, Debuchy, Gibbs, Jenkinson, are comfortable collecting wages without kicking a ball.

    3. Chi chi says:

      I would rather go to watch Arsenal anytime rather than the boring football offered by Chelsea or Man United

  2. ny says:

    He already said not much additions are needed.This is called stability.Stability in inept planning.

    1. Galen says:

      What he said was right. he said we have loads of squad players, true i think. That what we need is Super Quality. Whats the point in getting 6 Elnenys? If we get 2 Worldclass players, Striker and CM, this team is good is goot to go.

      People are saying Spend £50 million ON Van Dyke? really? WE have 6 CB Per, Koscielny, Gabrielle, Mustafi, Holding, and Chambers.
      You see how people just want to spend for the sake of it , when we could take that money and go all out for a worldclass Striker?

  3. Jamaican gooner says:

    I just love it when konstantin come here and have a fits????.. Next thing, yourself and the other wenger haters are in minority so stop being deluded.. The decision has already being made, so throwing tantrum ain’t gonna change a thing especially from someone the club hierarchy doesn’t even knows exist?.. Get in line and support the team like a real fan and stop trying to create anarchy with your negativity.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Get in line. Like a corn fed turkey.

      Don’t question or challenge anything eh. That’s a good boy!

      1. Mobella says:

        I have no doubt what you and your like want is just 10 minutes fame. How is it hard for you to accept defeat. I like majority here want change and when it become apparent that is not the case I have to accept what is in front of me. This konstant moaning and negativity helps no one except to who propagating it. in fact it is reason our season ends the way it is. We made the environment toxic and hostile for the players. We made the club an easy target for the media and the likes. How many of us can work in such environment. If this continues, no good players will want to come to arsenal. Before someone say, give them an irrefutable offer. They have family and they will put their safety and happiness before money. if you are among those that can’t take this lack of ambition, if you are some of those there happiness hinge on your club win EPL and ECL, there is a whole lot of clubs out there for you. walk away from everything arsenal, don’t go to games, unfollow arsenal on Facebook, Twitter, IG, don’t check arsenal result, don’t be tempted to come on le grove, just arsenal, untold arsenal etc to read and contribute because if you do, you don’t what you are doing and you are what you call Wenger… obsessive, delusional, stubborn, greedy, failure, etc.

  4. megan1026 says:

    Dude seriously why you are wasting so much of energy and time in writing such a long article ? We all saw that coming. Mediocrity runs throughout​ the board. I still remember Wilshere stating that board has an objective of top 4 finish , a season or 2 ago. Nothing has changed and nothing will change. The only person I feel sorry is us “the fans”. Every season Wenger and the board creates a buss of winning the league this year. But what happens we give up every year around winter breaks or February. It’s just a never ending loop.

    1. Janssen says:

      Megan, I agree with you 100% and to me, only a person with no competitive pride would support that.

      1. Galen says:

        What should we do now? Abandon the team? I lived in Leeds for 6 years, their team use to challenge for the title and for Europe, today they are in the Championship and even went to league 1, But the city stayed with the team as if nothing ever happened.

        What has happened is bad, yes failure has been rewarded but we must stay with our team.

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          Yes I will abandon the team ion even the Wenger signing is official. The club abandoned me so why wouldn’t I.

          Players will come and go , mostly for their own personal needs (financial or football success wise) so why should
          I , accept the actions of an unambiguous and non caring business franchise that cares little for real fans as long as someone is buying sweatshop sh£t in the armoury.

          Your words are truly indicative of a well programmed subservient to authority. You and your kind speak of loyalty but where is the clubs loyalty to its fans.

          Stan is dragging this club down with Wenger at the helm and you will all just sit but and watch it onboard.

          Enjoy the trip!

          1. Neil says:

            Bye bye then… see you in 2 years when you supposedly come back to support the club.
            Most fans as Galen said support their team through thick and thin.
            And by the way see what Sir Alex says about Wenger… as the most successful manager ever and likely to stay that way I think he deserves some respect for what he says.

        2. Splendid says:

          Yes, abandon the team till positive change is made. You keep supporting them the cycle continues. Part of supporting the team is by rejecting bad decisions like giving Wenger another contract.

  5. AndersS says:

    Failure is the correct word. We have been outclassed in the league and even more so in Europe.
    The fact, that we in the end managed to win a run of games against clubs, who re already on holiday, and win a cup, which no top teams prioritize has clouded the issue for some.
    The fact is we moved backwards this season and we can expect more of the same.

    1. Chi chi says:

      Still totally outclassed Chelsea in the final

  6. jin says:

    wenger is the best there is for arsenal currently
    he cant be the problem why suarez’s ridiculously low 40mil bid was turned down, or why hazard, erikssen, ibrahimovic, ronaldo etc did not sign for us. the board is stingy and this is the real problem.

    1. SAMF says:

      “wenger is the best” never been and will never be …
      A finished and outdated luxury product get more 2 yrs …
      Only in Arsenal …

  7. Kedar Damle says:

    I think the names mentioned above likes of Barca, Real or Chelsea does not match with Arsenal only because traditionally Barca or Real are very wealthy clubs,Chelsea has Sugar Daddy owner hence we cannot compare ourselves with these teams…
    Frankly Speaking its all down to money factor…. Biggest fault is at ownership…. Owner Kronke doesn’t care about club and fans… He just wants to pull out money and add to his own wealth and Wenger’s management giving him adequate return on investment which he has decided on investment in Arsenal…. Whenever that IRR means Internal Rate Return or Return on Investment would go below the Expected rate of return then either he would offer more funds for Transfer or sack manager or leave the club by selling his investment…. At the end of the day we certainly don’t know how much amount of money Kronke is offering to Wenger for Transfer window…. Usmanov has already stated that if Wenger would have more successful if he would have had more funds in his hands compared to over the years…

    1. Splendid says:

      How do we make Kroenke leave then? By supporting mediocre team managed by Wenger? No! Things will remain same or get worse. See, Wenger is the board and the board is Wenger. They’re like husband and wife. Attack the wife (Wenger, who is doing badly anyway) and you’ll definitely get to the husband (Board).

  8. Harry Barracuda says:

    All these moaners ever do is drag the team down.

    We’ve always had them, and we always will.

    1. bran99 says:

      and all of you a**l*ckers have made Wenger feel like some God at Arsenal, whatever he does (always not good at all), you people praise him. it’s all delusion but he won’t live forever, one day some of us will be really happy, again

      1. Galen says:

        hahahahahahahahahah, Dude, Are you talking about his death? or My understanding is so bad. lol Come on man. lol

        1. bran99 says:

          so what’s so funny there, said he won’t live forever, or is he? or you are one of those who gives him the Godly status, you are wrong, he is mortal, he has an end date, and so are you, me and everyone else whether you like it or not

  9. Janssen says:

    Konstantin, I think it is time to give it a rest and accept this club will continue to sink into the obscure realms of the best of the rest. Not unlike the path of Valencia in Spain. At one point Valencia looked like carving out a name for itself but now I would have to look up the La Liga table to know where they finished.

    As has been pointed out by yourself and others, including some AKB fans, this club fails across the levels of management, owner, board, Gazidas, and systems. That is not going to change anytime soon.

    All fans have something different they get from following their club perhaps Arsenal fans are more motivated by the past or by balance sheets.

    For me, I respect effort whether it is at the level of Palace or Stoke or Arsenal. It is clear Arsenal are not in it to win it and instead of resisting that fact and spouting my frustration on this board here, I will wait and hope I live long enough to see a new owner and manager come to restore this club to where I think it can be at, a club feared by all including Bayern.

    For now, I will tune out and save myself the utter useless debates about what it will take for Arsenal to win the PL or CL because it will take a new owner, board, manager, and management structure not 1 or 2 top players. For me, you must have missed the last 5-10 years if you ask what players we should buy or sell to win the PL. We are not going to buy or sell the players needed to win anything. In fact, Wenger believes this sorry lot we have now can win the PL next year under his guidance. I am sorry but if that statement is not either disrespectful to the fans or plain deluded I don’t know what is. All teams above us will strengthen more than us and have better managers and easier schedules yet we can win the PL with the team we had this season?????

    I don’t want to be taken for a moron anymore and IMO only a moron expects Arsenal to win the PL or the CL. Even Man U who finished behind us and have a manager who might have lost it as well have a better chance of winning the PL IMO. I am done being embarrassed by association for the lack of respect this owner and club give their fans.

    I wish the AKB and all other fans the best, but formyslef I hope Usmanov will save the day because like Wenger, Kroenke is not going to change his ways.

    To all the AKB fans feel free to remind in me on here if I return on this sight in the future out of habit and addiction to this club and complain or critise Wenger. I am going to do my best to let this issue go until we have a new owner and manager.

    1. Kedar Damle says:

      So it means you are not going to contribute ever because Wenger may leave in 2 years but Kronke won’t….

    2. bran99 says:

      I’m with you mate, there is no point to try to change anything in this club if Wenger and his evil master are still in it, and of course the AKBs are happy with what’s going on, instead of forcing for success, they are happy with the failure that has been a norm for so long now..

      Wenger is happy with his fat paycheck, Kroenke is very happy with the money Wenger makes for him, as fans, I thought we’d be happy with success (success for me is winning EPL title and UCL, – FA cup is a tool Wenger uses to deceive everyone that it’s better than the EPL title), as fans I thought titles will make us very happy and feel superior in front of other fans, but we are a laughing stock and some fans don’t wanna realize that as long as their “God” is still the manager

      I love Arsenal FC and not Arsene FC, until my lovely club revives to Arsenal FC, I won’t be excited with anything going on

      1. Janssen says:

        For me the relationship between club and fans should be a two way street. If I was a Man U fan I would still shout from the top of my lungs despite, for their standards, having fallen hard over the last few years. But everyone knows they are trying to get back.

        Trying is all I ask, I don’t even need a PL trophy. Thing is this club is not trying at all compared to top football clubs. We didn’t buy a single outfield player two summers ago. Again now Wenger says this squad can win the PL. It is a real joke and there is no effort from the club.

        To me, this makes our relationship a one way street and that doesn’t work for me.

        If they come out and say publicly that they don’t aim to win the PL and that the PL is not their goal because they are not willing to make the necesaery investment both player wise and management wise I would consider supporting them. But taking me for a mug and saying they are planning to win the PL whilst nothing in their actions points there is unacceptable to me. And makes me a loser if I buy that nonsense.

  10. Herbdawg says:

    , Mr Wenger. He remains a wonderful manager. In recent weeks his team has beaten Guardiola, Me-rinho and Conte. So much for him being a man left behind in terms of tactics.

    1. bran99 says:

      talking about less than a month ago, where was he for the last 13 years in a row missing on that EPL title? we did beat Barca before, even Bayern, was there a trophy for just beating them? I think winning major trophies (FA Cup is not a major cup) makes sense than bragging about beating the big boys

      1. Neil says:

        You AOB’s keep saying a trophy is better than 4th place yet when Arsenal win a trophy you moan that it doesnt count mainly because Wenger is manager but say its only FA CUP. FA Cup match used to be watched by the whole world and is a major trophy. Every one of the big teams want to win it and put out their strongest teams.

        1. bran99 says:

          then why do the whole world say Arsenal is trophyless for 13 years?? the competition that includes Sutton Utd.. it is a cup but not a major one, guess you skipped that part in my comment. I know as an AKB you can also say FA cup is the same as ECL, that if Madrid or Juve wins it then we are the same with them, we both won a major cup this season

  11. Herbdawg says:

    The board have shown loyalty to Arsenal’s most successful manager in it’s history. Konstantin, I know that loyalty is an alien concept to you, so look it up in the dictionary.

  12. Herbdawg says:

    In the past few weeks Wenger has gotten the better of Guardiola, Mourinho and Conte, not bad for a manager who has been supposedly left behind in terms of tactics, eh Konstantin.

  13. Herbdawg says:

    You guys belong at Le Groan


    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Yeh, enjoy the transfer window, 6th place, embarrassement in europe and constant excuses pothead..sorry herbdawg.

      No wonder it’s all ok with you! I guess everything is;)

      1. Neil says:

        You still on here? You have said 10 times you are leaving…

  14. Sam says:

    Arsenal’s biggest problem is neither Kroenke nor Wenger but some of the British fan base. Their love for Wenger has blindfolded them so much that they can’t see the truth that wenger has is a failure and therefore cannot take us further than where we are presently. They put faith in wenger, who has failed us so many times just the way wenger put faith in average players like Giroud, Ramsey, Theo, Gibbs etc for so long. Very painful situation

  15. Yossarian says:

    I know a lot of Chelsea and Man Utd fans… Quite a few Spuds too… They are all delighted with the way Arsenal are heading, and very happy that Wenger is staying. I think that speaks volumes.

    Konstantin makes sense. Just because Wenger is staying, doesn’t mean Gooners should bend-over and ask for more of the same as the last 10 years. The pressure applied by fans this season finally resulted in some proper acknowledgement of discontent, and it’s important this is maintained so long as things keep heading this way.

    According to Forbes the most valuable football clubs are (In order from 1st-15th) Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man Utd, Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Juventus, Tottenham, Borussia Dortmund, AC Milan, PSG, Schalke 04, Athletico Madrid.

    There is no absolutely no reason for Gooners to feel guilty about expecting more from Wenger and the club in general. The Owner, Manager, and Board Members all get top top-rewards from Arsenal, so there is nothing wrong with the fans expecting top results.

  16. OZ11 says:

    Ever tried getting behind the team for one full season in the past 4-5 seasons? even during times when we are on a bad roll, Wenger isnt changing and we aren’t either, the only one suffering is the club and its amosphere, Wnger is already 67 , after 2 years he’ll be 69 a maximum one more year after that if board thinks they need time to prepare for tme after wmger, evryone has faced this for the past 13 years without a premier league, its a max for 3 more years, just support the team and the manager iwth everything you’ve got, not make the emirates a battleground betwee the fans and the club, for once go a fuull season without makin #wegerout trending again, atleast in my opinion it will be more effective than crying half the season

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      The emirates whilst Wenger and Stan are there will never be a background. Wenger doesn’t like shouting in the dressing room or amongst players, and he is not the lord mountbatten of tactical prowess.

      The stadium is becoming ever more sterile and you think we can make a battleground. No for war you need men with broad shoulders and there are very few of those at AFC and the emirates.

  17. Sam says:

    Now that the stubborn man has signed two years contract with the club, my biggest fear is not that Arsenal under Kroenke and mr i know it all (wenger ) will continue to sink for the next two years but that Arsenal fans will give it a rest, fold their arms and see this great club going down right before their eyes without taking necessary actions like refusing to buy anything from the club, renewing season ticket etc

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Ain’t that the truth.

      Get what, you wish for in this case sit buy and ideally do nothing about.

  18. Wenger in Wenger out, shake it all about. says:

    Konstantly moaning starts the article by talking about ‘facts’ and then says Wenger has been given another 2 years and whilst we all believe this is the case, it is not ‘fact’ until Arsenal announce it which they haven’t yet.
    Then he mentions that a short while ago 80% of the fans wanted him gone. Where did he get that ‘fact’? I stopped reading at that point.

    1. bran99 says:

      may be through sampling

  19. ManMulo says:

    Since Arsene had verbally agree to a new 2 year contract i see no other choice but to support him and the team but what i hope will come out is that the objectives for the next season, Succession plan if any and whether Arsene is gonna approach the transfer market any different this time coz what im hearing is that the board want Arsene to be more decisive in the transfer market

    1. bran99 says:

      good point brother, hope he changes his approach

  20. John says:

    Arsenal just needs change……just so that we are like most teams……and infusion of new ideas and hungrier younger coaches who want to win everything…….20years is enough……..even his latest results have been average…….Wenger will be fired before the end of next season………please Wenger resign…….now…….

  21. Dee23 says:

    “he scrapped a late run in against beach squads, failing to beat the only team that played for something – Tottenham, and a cup by beating 2 decent teams in it and he left the club in”.

    See this is what I hate! When Arsenal lose to good teams critics say Arsenal can’t win against the big teams. When Arsenal do win against the Uniteds,City and Chelseas they still aren’t given the credit but instead its infererred that the versions of those teams we beat weren’t up for it, we’re in beach mode because they just won the league weeks before or had nothing to play for. This is BS. Everton wanted to win when we played them. We just played better on the day. As for referring to City and Chelsea as only decent clubs now that we have beaten them is laughable. At any other time in the season they would have been referred to as the big teams we can’t handle. If chelsea and City can only be considered decent I’d be curious as to know what teams you regard as good. Are there any good teams in the prem in your opinion?
    Out of all of the silverware Arsenal have won since the big trophy drought this was the toughest FA cup in terms of opposition. It wasn’t a Hull final it was a final with the league champions that went into the game with confidence and the ability to brush away teams even on their bad days. We were under dogs against City and Chelsea for obvious reasons both teams were stronger than us at least on paper and were managed by managers who had been having much more success.

    The fact is, on our day we can beat any team in the Prem and cup football is an elimination round that doesn’t require the same level of consistency needed as winning the league does.

    Sometimes Arsenal show up and show what they can do like being one of the few teams to be able to stop Leicster when they won the league when everyone else struggled to best them.(we’ll beat them twice)

    As for this rewarding failure comment. There are 2 things here. We were not successful in the league but we were very successful in our cup run since we beat the best teams in the competition instead of luckily drawing easy fixtures. We proved we deserved to win by beating not just what was in front of us but the league champions. We played chelsea 3 times this season and lost once. Let that marinate. We played City 3 times this season and lost once out of the 3 again.

    When you consider that Wenger was going to stay on anyway since he said he would only leave when the team was in a good position it’s ludacris to suggest that Wenger in some way forced the board to settle for him since they weren’t looking for his replacement in the first place. You make wenger out to be some manipulative villain that had contract stand offs. Again, BS. The only reason Wenger did not confirm he was staying before the season ended was to deter the fans from rioting and adding more toxins to what was already a toxic atmosphere at the Emirates due to the majority wanting him to leave which would have had a knock on effect on the squad and their performances.

    I’m sorry but this article reads like your saying Wenger coasted the whole season then pulled his finger out at the end just in time to trick the board and save his job and the article also implies that we did not beat Chelse and City at their best as if they were jaded or disinterested. We played chelsea 3 times. We destroyed them in the first game. Conte changed his formation by the time we played them the 2nd time and we changed our formation by the time we played them in the Cup final. We changed our formation for the City game aswell and benefited. The point is that in both the city and chelsea games both teams wanted it and thought hard. Moses was even willing to dive to force a penalty, that’s how much he wanted to win. Now he has a 2 match ban next season.

    1. Dee23 says:

      *fought hard

    2. LtDan says:

      Don’t even pay any attention to Konstantin or his band of cohorts. They read and see what they want to see and regardless of any real factual information except the loosely put together information that he chooses and serves his end.

      If some of these so called Arsenal Fans like Konstantin were board members themselves they’d have piss poor football clubs as they’d be sacking managers every season, just because they couldn’t have instant success. All they’d really get is a very diluted club

  22. Agagwu Solomon Simon says:

    konstantin or whatever you call your self, I hate negative minded people, how successful are you in your private life? I don’t know you and don’t want to ever know a negative person like you. Arsenal is not as successful as it should be, but it doesn’t mean I should moan all the time. man u have spent a lot of money since Ferguson left and even changed manager 3 times, but have failed to finish above Arsenal for those years. Man u was celebrating playing in the champions league like they have won it already, even Liverpool, but in grates like you constantly make comments about how top 4 is rubbish, Spurs finished above us for the first time in 21 years and they see it as great success without a trophy, you won one and you are moaning like an id..t. Learn to be grateful.

  23. reddb10 says:

    The owner and manager see fans fighting in the stadium and still dont give a s##t. These are not people who deserve respect. They are blood sucking arrogante leaches who need to be as far away from Arsenal football club as soon as possible.

  24. mark says:

    Some fans need a reality check. Mid table mediocrity is failure, relegation is failure, drawing your way to safety is failure, scoring the lowest goals in the league is failure.

    Winning 3 FA cups in 4 years is success, qualifying for a European competition (that we could win) is success, winning more games than you draw is success, watching top players is success.

    Only the most diehard fan with a head stuck firmly in the sand would say Wenger is a failure. For what it’s worth I understand the frustration, but I can see what life could be like without Wenger, and it’s not all trophy winning Nirvana.

    Employing the right manager to win you trophies is so difficult. Look at all the top teams that struggle to win the league. Look at Spurs this year. +60 goal difference and they are second…getting everything to work to win the league is so so difficult. I don’t think any of us appreciate just how difficult it is. Look at Man U. Yes they won the Europa league, but they bore drawed their way to 6th place with a top manager.

    City have arguably one of the best teams in the league, yet they came 3rd with only 3 more points than us!

    I truly believe some fans think its as simple as pay a big name to manage, watch him buy big names to play and that guarantees success.

    I’ve said it before, it’s not FIFA 17, it’s real life, and success is bloody difficult to achieve in football, so we should show some respect and celebrate our cup success without moaning.

    I won’t hold my breath..

    1. LtDan says:

      Good shout. Even if Arsenal did get rid of Wenger, in reality there isn’t a huge pool of worthwhile managers that are available with most of the cream of the cream already at clubs at where they know they can thrive and tied into lengthy contracts themselves. That leaves all the other managers that have perhaps had a modicum of success at the clubs they are at now and are safe, but know they still don’t have what it takes to move to a bigger project.

      One of Konstanins’ followers, somewhere above quoted Pep Guardiola as saying if he had a season like this at Barca or Bayern he would be sacked. Now whilst this might be the sort of justification that a lot of Arsenal fans including Konstantin might yearn for, all it does is show the sort of ignorance of power. “Because we can’t get what we want by any other means, we’ll do what’s easiest and yield our power in the worst possible way”.

      Like you say Mark, success is difficult to achieve and as I have mirrored, we don’t have the ultimate right as a club or fans to expect that we should win the EPL or any other tournament year in, year out. Especially when there are 19 other clubs in the league trying to do the exact same thing at any cost ! Spurs finished above us but they still haven’t won much for many decades…nor has Stoke or Sunderland or West Have. Chelsea, Man U, City and Liverpool have had their moments…………..but not dominated continuously !

      All we can do is wait our turn and enjoy what we’ve got in the meantime !

  25. LtDan says:

    Konstantin makes no sense, other than himself………..and to the people who share the same opinion as him. He talks about facts when all he does is take the excerpt and make them in to a story that he can understand and reconcile, which appeals to other literates.

    Somehow this notion of getting rid of our manager is going to solve all arsenals problems. Arsenal could still be in the same position even if we did change the manager. What would Konstantin complain about then, what fiction could he write.

    And before any other mindless dolts start letting your pre prescribed, labels and insults role of your tongues. It’s not about me supporting “mediocrity”, it’s about me supporting the club that I love, win, lose or draw.

    I love football and still enjoy watching Arsenal. But the trend of sacking managers which seems to be a common one at either ends of the footballing leagues with lower placed teams sacking managers even when they’ve saved the team from relegations or higher placed teams doing the same thing just because they haven’t won the premiership or champions league. What can be seen from this is sacking managers on a whim doesn’t yield you instant success but does dilute any sort of consistency that you do have. The next manager through the door might use the respective club as his own footballing experiment, cock it all up, leave or get sacked, whichever comes first and then blame his predecessor. So could the next, and the next and so one until you end up like Southampton et al. A good team but still nowhere closer to winning the league.

    Again, this is not me enjoying mediocrity but realising that we have no ultimate right to win the EPL or CL and swinging the axe isn’t gonna help us to do that. Again, I enjoy supporting Arsenal and I’m always hopeful that we will come good (not saying that we’re the piss poor outfit that those outside of Arsenal makes us out to be………….even some of our own fans), we are still a good team and on our day can take on anyone and even whilst those particular days are sporadic, it’s still great to be an “Arsenal fan.

    1. bran99 says:

      a very long comment and it’s all nonsense

      1. LtDan says:

        only nonsense because you and your ilk think you know best !

        Which you OBVIOUSLY don’t

    2. Janssen says:

      Clubs like Chelsea, Barca, Real and Bayern have been quite successful whilst changing managers more after that I would like.

      Not changing manager because it might not solve all problems doesn’t seem to be a particular good reason. Some times changing manager works and sometimes it doesn’t. Improving is about trying until you succeed. You can say the same about buying new players. They don’t always succeed in the PL but is that a reason not to buy new players?

      There is a world of difference between changing managers at a whim and not changing one for 30 years.

      At the moment we are as far away from winning the PL as Everton and Southampton. In fact both those clubs are closer to us in points than we are to winning the PL.

  26. Handyandy1 says:

    Will we ever be rid of Arsene Wenger? He’ll be still manager when he’s finally taken by the guy upstairs. The team’ll be out with the ouija board at half time to see what he wants for the second half.
    Kroenke doesn’t dare ask him to resign as he knows any new, decent manager would demand more money and that ain’t going to happen. Wenger, being a penny licker is ideal, it’s a match made in heaven. He’s therefore un- removable.

  27. Ronny says:

    I must admit he has been rewarded for going backwards not progressing.
    I personally our board have no idea how to run a club or talk about football this means they are completely dependent on arsenes input.
    I am not happy and felt change was vital for the club but I’m forcing myself to get over it!
    I want to support them and try and forget the training ground incident that clearly destroyed the campaign just gone and remember the fa cup performance I’ve just witnessed.
    If people are going to start shouting Wenger out first game of the season then it will be another long and unsuccessful campaign.
    Let’s get behind the players and judge accordingly to their performances and efforts.

  28. Mobella says:

    I have no doubt what you and your like want is just 10 minutes fame. How is it hard for you to accept defeat. I like majority here want change and when it become apparent that is not the case I have to accept what is in front of me. This konstant moaning and negativity helps no one except to who propagating it. in fact it is reason our season ends the way it is. We made the environment toxic and hostile for the players. We made the club an easy target for the media and the likes. How many of us can work in such environment. If this continues, no good players will want to come to arsenal. Before someone say, give them an irrefutable offer. They have family and they will put their safety and happiness before money. if you are among those that can’t take this lack of ambition, if you are some of those there happiness hinge on your club win EPL and ECL, there is a whole lot of clubs out there for you. walk away from everything arsenal, don’t go to games, unfollow arsenal on Facebook, Twitter, IG, don’t check arsenal result, don’t be tempted to come on le grove, just arsenal, untold arsenal etc to read and contribute because if you do, you don’t what you are doing and you are what you call Wenger… obsessive, delusional, stubborn, greedy, failure, etc.

  29. cazz says:

    Wenger don’t care about we fans,Arsenal is now a laughing stock in football today because of him, how can the board give this man a new 2 years contact, what has he done in the past 12years? 3 F.A cups, come on arsenals fans , this is robbery. there are players in arsenal that are not arsenal quality wellback,sanogo,ramsey(forget that F.A cup match),Giroud, to name a few, oh i forgot walcot, these set of players can’t give arsenal the league even if they can but not with wenger, we need change

  30. Vlad says:

    This is priceless… seeing the so-called fans go into a total meltdown mode. It’s what separates true supporters from dross like Konstantin. “In sickness and in health”… perhaps some of you are familiar with this saying. It means that no matter how good or bad the club is doing, you have to stand behind it regardless of your opinion on the manager, or the board. I have my personal grips with our owner, some of the players, etc. but never in a million years will I stop watching the games and rooting for the club. I’m in it for the love of the game, and it’s been a helluva ride so far. No way I’m jumping the ship now when my team needs my support the most.

    1. RAA1395 says:

      The problem with Konstantine is that he is still living in the past ! Wake up Konstantine …. Arsenal is not PL winner team and god forbid CL winner ! For years we have been loosing by the fives and eights and lately the “ten edition”. The current arsenal team is not the one from 15 years ago ! How dare you ask for going to top again !!! Shut down your memory of those bad days and endorse the era of above average as long as it lasts….no one knows when we will not even have that ! In arsene we trust ! In arsene we trust !

  31. dog says:

    Totally agree with Konstantin. I don’t think he is proposing a solution as the decision has been to go with AW for another couple of years – but he can tell us , in his opinion, that it is rewarding failure.

    Can Arsene mobilise and galvanise his players. Well, sometimes, and sometimes not. And this has been a constant problem for years , and nothing has changed about it. And look at the transfer window coming up; he will probably dither like he has in the past. We are simply going to have a repetition of what we have had in the past. Nothing is going to change. Sorry… but that is the situation , unless he is having a brain transfer nothing will change!!

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