Really? Arsenal shafted again by TV schedule

Okay Arsenal fans, I may be jumping the gun here, because the draw for the Champions League group stage games has not been made yet. So there is still a chance that the Gunners get some luck and are handed a decent tie for matchday one, preferably on our home turf of the Emirates stadium.

We could certainly do with it, because the release of the TV schedule for domestic games has not been kind to us. You can see the full list of Arsenal games on TV and the times and dates of them on the Arsenal website.

You will not be surprised to see that all of our early games are on live and so the times have been changed a bit. And at least we do not have the problem of the early Champions League play off double header to worry about. But, we do have arguably the toughest Premier League fixture of the season, away to Chelsea, on the weekend after our first UCL group game. And to add a little bit of spice, our first League cup game is on the Tuesday or Wednesday after we go to Stamford Bridge.

So what have those lovely people at BT sport done for us? You guessed it, the early Saturday kick off of course. Now we must hope that Arsenal play on the Tuesday and at home, or either one. I have a feeling, however, that it will be the Wednesday, and away, and against our main rivals for the group.

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  1. We would not have to worry about petty stuff like this if we had a big squad full of 1st team quality even on the bench like Chelsea, Man City.
    For example, if we signed the world class striker we desperately need, we could use him for the important matches in the CL and EPL and give Giroud a full game in the Capital one cup.

  2. Bob we are arsenal I bet you we will cope.. all we need to is to pray for injury fee season so that we can rotate very well.

    Off topic, Bob, how is Pat down..? Lastlly where is AdamKempt….no word from him again and I hope he still I live lol …just curious anyway….I’m out . Big thumb up for everybody here.

  3. We don’t have any excuse.

    Since the fixtures have been released, is high time we sat down in our asrrsss and formulate a winning strategy.

    tougher times demand tougher measures in planning not complaining

    Say no to whining and moaning!!!!!!”!””””!!!!!!!

    #Arsene go to work now!!!

  4. We shouldn’t struggle because we already have a great squad, which will hopefully be even stronger come the end of the transfer window. If you have any complaints, and are aware of how Wenger manages Arsenal (you should be aware if you are an Arsenal fan) then direct them at Wenger, because of his no rotation policy. Just to refresh your memory, that policy cost us a lot of points early on last season when a lot of players were consistently shocking, whilst others like Rosicky couldn’t even get a kick.

  5. Off topic: Some idiotic and failure fans believe that buying a new WC striker would damage the moral of Giroud. You guys let me reminds u that, Arsenal is a football club not a charity organization.

  6. It doesn’t bother me who is in our group. We will progress with ease. Be nice to beat Barcelenda in two group games or Bayern Munchy. . It’s a good live’ner for the team, it beds them in for the serious work later when it counts. If Gabriel has learnt to speak English and can partner Koscielny in front of Cech, I’m putting a ton on Arsenal to lift the European Cup. We’re definitely lifting a bigger trophy than the Arsenal Cup, I mean FA Cup.

    My preference is the European Cup just to shut up the Spud mugs who have bored me into a catatonic state with their prattle about 2 UEFA Cups. Overmars missing that Goal in the UEFA final before he left will always look deliberate. He looked at Wenger as if to say “I can score this if I wanted but you won’t let me move to Barcelona so …” then kicked a simple tap in Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide. Some peachy goals during his spell with us and all undone with that crap.

    1. Look we.won’t win UCL, just not going to happen but I will take BPL in exchange for not progressing past group stages.

      Really we should give bench players a go at UCL so we can be fresh for BPL.

      1. We can’t afford to go out in the group stages. No English team can. Another bad CL performance by English clubs this year would mean Italy would overtake us and we’d only get 3 CL spots for our league. Fancy having to finish above United, City and Chelsea every single season to stay in the CL? That’s what’s at stake. Otherwise we’ll be heading for Spursday nights ourselves… English teams have to perform this year. In the CL and Europa.

  7. I am imploring all Gooners to cool their apprehensions on Arsenal’s likely game schedules pressure. The Gunners are going to be more than capable to handle schedules pressure when the time comes.

  8. Or you could look at the flip side of the coin. Chelsea could be playing away to Real Madrid on Wednesday for their group stage game, whilst we could be at home against some unheard of team on the Tuesday. Chelsea could draw Man City away in the league cup first round, we could draw an awful team like QPR at home.

  9. Just sign two players CDM and ST and we dont have to worry about fixtures. Get rid of unwanted players like Ospina, Campbell, Flamini, Podolski and Sanogo and save some money. Our wage bill would be much less if we didnt have average players like this. Also injury please go away.

  10. Complain about the schedule all you want, but if Arsene wont rotate the squad well again, he has no right to complain about it. We have the team, especially with a few more signings in specific positions that can compete in all competitions. Sure, Champions League is a stretch with a few teams obviously better than everyone, but the fact that we haven’t even reached the quarterfinal or semifinal in 6 years is ridiculous. Just get there and with a good run of games, anything can happen.

    Also, don’t worry about qualifying. Just win the league and we will always qualify.

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