Really? Man United boss promises to attack Arsenal with 11 players…

Jose Mourinho has claimed that his whole team will be tasked with attacking, as well as defending as his Manchester United side take on Arsenal on Saturday.

The Red Devils travel to the Emirates for tomorrow’s crunch Premier League encounter, in which Arsenal could close to within a point of second spot with a win.

There has been plenty of talk in the build-up to the big match, as you would expect, and there is plenty of curiosity around whether United will be arriving to park the bus and frustrate the home side, as he is claimed to have done in previous big matches.

The Portuguese has failed to win any of his previous 10 league matches versus the top six away from Old Trafford, and his tactics have been scrutinised because of it, and it will be interesting to see whether he adopts to defend similarly to previous outings.

Jose claims that he will be attacking with all 11 players on the pitch, before seemingly backtracking and claiming that all 11 will also be relied upon to defend also…

He said: ‘When we have the ball we are going to attack with 11 players – because even the goalkeeper needs to know what to do when we have the ball.

‘And when Arsenal has the ball we are going to defend with 11 players.’

‘It depends what you think about risk. ‘In the beginning of football, the guy that decided to say “defenders” or “attackers”, this guy was bad.


‘Because in football everyone has to defend, everybody has to attack, especially in modern football.

‘So for me you can say what you want, you can analyse however you want.

‘My goalkeeper needs to know how to attack. My striker needs to know how to defend. My striker needs to know what to do when we don’t have the ball. For me it’s simple.’

Is the former Chelsea coach simply talking nonsense as he claims to try and dismiss talk of ‘parking the bus’?

Pat J

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  1. Jaydawg says:

    I think this match is the test to see if we have turned over a new leaf. Not the Burnley game we won.
    Lose and the damage will be done. Win and the confidence will be there and top 4 is ours this season COYG


  2. Yossarian says:

    Whatever Moureen says shouldn’t make any difference to the preparation for this game. Everybody knows his style and knows the players that will be playing, so we just need a pragmatic approach with good team selection, sensible tactics, and 100% effort from the players.

  3. Mitch Connor says:

    “F” Maureen. Beating him and United would be SWEET. As sweet as beating Spuds.

    Lacazette needs to score because Maureen said he wasn’t good enough to play for United. A hattrick against United will shut him up.

    We should think about utilizing Welbeck in the match. He looked very sharp in training yesterday. He would be good luck and can score goals against his old club like he did a few years ago in FA Cup.

    1. Vlad says:

      Lacazette is injured

  4. dragunov 762mm says:

    Mou has reputation of neutralizing his offensive opponents since his Porto days. His approach against big rivals never ever change since then even when he managed Madrid. His best attacking team on PL was Chelsea sacked era-1. So, he definitely was talking BS about Rinus Michaels total football, who clearly tended to attack not tended to defend. Mou is the king of pragmatism football, so how can we play pragmatic football on him? We really need to play “mature football” in defend because we lost so many times against him, caught as “naive”. Lets hope Mustafi, Koz, and Monreal shut the door for this act. Kolasinac needs to do his antic.
    In other part we need to play “smart attacking” rather than “old stylish” to brake the buses. We’ll need another inspirations from those two rebels, Ozil and Sanchez. I feel Lacs absent will affect us. Not sure if any backup could match his simple sharp attacking style. Welbeck with stronger foot, maybe.

  5. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    I think his name is JOSE MOURINHO.

    Nevertheless,we need to concentrate on our own game and hopefully we’ll win..

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    It will be a close game….one mistake made and a goal will be scored….

    If Utd is gonna score first, we are doomed….they are going to park the bus…

  7. Simon says:

    If we win against ManU I will be so happy

    We’ve really started to play well. If Lacazette is injured must play Giroud we were such a better team when he came on in last match


  8. miker says:

    Attack with 11 and defend with 11. Seems like he is going to park a big red bus with 11 men inside.

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