Really? PL legend names Henry as third best PL goalscorer ever

Alan Shearer has claimed that Thierry Henry only sits third in the all-time best Premier League goalscorers.

The former England international puts himself top of the pile, and he does have the advantage of boasting the most Premier League goals of all-time to back up his statement, but he moves on to pick Sergio Aguero for his next spot.

Thierry Henry was key in overthrowing Manchester United in a time where they strongly dominated the division financially and on the pitch, and clearly doesn’t get enough credit for what he did during his time at Arsenal.

‘I’ve got Aguero above Henry,’ Shearer told Gary Lineker and Ian Wright for the BBC.

‘Aguero is now coming up to his 32nd birthday and he’s still banging in the goals left, right and centre,’ the Newcastle great argued.

‘I know he’s playing in a magnificent team but 180-odd goals, 260 appearances and look what he’s won also.

‘I love both of them, Thierry was different. The role now as a forward has slightly changed.

‘There’s not so many centre-forwards now, it’s a forward but the one constant is you have to score goals and both of them are not only great goalscorers but scorers of great goals.’

Aguero might have more goals, but their goalcoring ratio is nigh on the same, and looking at the state of defending this season, paired with the way in which that City team has been formed around him, surely points toward Henry. If only Thierry stuck around a bit longer to add to his tally.

Are we biased in thinking Thierry>Aguero? Does Shearer deserve his spot at the top too?


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