Reason for another Arsenal transfer failure revealed

Just last week there was a story doing the rounds of the football media in which the rumours about Arsenal trying to sign the Argentina international star Gonzalo Higuain from Napoli in the summer were confirmed by the president of the Serie A club.

Aurelio De Laurentiis also said that the reason that Higuain did not come to the Premier League with arsenal but signed for the Italian champions Juventus instead was all down to the money involved. With the Turin club having paid around 90 million euros for the striker, the idea that Arsene Wenger and the Gunners were outbid is not exactly a surprise.

But the latest revelation about our summer transfer dealings may not be met with such understanding from the Arsenal fans. The Daily Mail reports that Wenger’s attempts to get the PFA Player of the Year Riyad Mahrez from Leicester City also failed because of the price.

Mahrez himself said, ‘There was contact with Arsenal. But Leicester wanted to keep me and I was pretty expensive. I did not want to create a conflict when the offer came in.

‘Personally, I think it is a good thing I stayed put.

‘It’s now up to me to prove myself again.’

So while it is clear that the Algerian was not going to try to force his way out of his club, it also seems clear that Arsenal did not really test the resolve of the Foxes even though Mahrez was a player we wanted. More evidence that our timid approach to transfers is damaging our chances of trophy success?


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  1. Mahrez, Schmarez. He is currentrly just a one-season wonder so I am glad we didnt get him especially if he is expensive.

    1. But, Isn’t Perez currently a one season wonder also. And he is 28. He has only had one good season so far in his career

      I hope he becomes a 2 season or more wonder though

      1. It doesnt look like Lucas will get enough game time unless Sanchez and others get injured. Or just League Cup by the looks of it

  2. the players cost has risen dramatically, ok. but if the club and mr. stubborn wants arsenal success, why not for a player of the calibre of higuain be bought? misers – always a gooner

  3. too much whining here…


    _MAN U FANS_
    _We have brought Mourinho _
    _We have bought Baily wat a world class defender_
    _We have brought Ibrahimoviç_
    _oooh we bought Pogba for 100 million what midfielder yaa now we are strong we wil win de league_

    ~We have brought Conte Italian tactician~
    ~We bought Ngolo Kante~
    ~We have bought bek Luiz~

    *WengerOut WengerOut WengerOut *
    Week 1:
    Chelsea 3 points
    Man utd 3 points
    Arsenal 0 point
    Week 2:
    Chelsea 6 points
    Man Utd 6 points
    Arsenal 1 point

    Week 3:
    Chelsea 9 points
    Man Utd 9 points
    Arsenal 4 points

    Week 4:
    Chelsea 10 points
    Man Utd 9 points
    Arsenal 7 points

    Week 5:
    Chelsea 10 points
    Man Utd 9 points
    Arsenal 10 points

    Week 7
    Chelsea 13 points
    Man u 13 points
    Arsenal 16 points



    1. Some fans were saying why didn’t we get Bailey, instead of being honest and admitting they never heard of him. Mustafi they did hear of, yet switched thoughts onto Bailey, Mustafi shines and all they do now is show us how fickle the are.

  4. I really wanted to us sign Mahrez, basically cos Walcot wasn’t pulling his weight in d team. New season has come and 7 games down the line, I think Walcot has done well thus far. If Theo can stay injury free, we won’t need a Mahrez. Spending heavily on a player is no guarantee that he’ll bring success to your team.

  5. Vardy annoys me when he keeps reminding everyone he was an Arsenal target. Seems like he misses all that attention he was getting by just being linked with a club of our size. He didn’t move because he knows he’d have to face real competition at Arsenal, and sooner or later there will be a world class striker to contend with, you don’t buy players like Ozil and Alexis without intending to get a striker of similar ilk the moment a good chance comes along. Now Marhez is reminding people he was an Arsenal target, I think Marhez wanted to come and he’d be up for a fight to start, I feel a little bit sorry for him. He is not the type to make waves, which is good, this can’t be said for all of our old favorite players. The time has passed them both by, Vardy was only ever getting one shot, he turned it down so now he has to live with it. I doubt we will go back for Marhez, he will be priced the same next season so I reckon we’ll change target.

  6. we could still use a top class player on the left wing, not that Iwobi isn’t trying but against the UCL juggernauts like Barcelona,Madrid,Bayern.
    we need a team so that those teams are scared to face us, not the other way round.
    … but hey who knows Iwobi could become class in one-season too 🙂

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