Reason given for Nicolas Pepe missing from squad – it’s a very good one

The Arsenal team has been announced for the game against Wolves and the biggest omission appeared to be Nicolas Pepe, however, there is no need to worry, he is not injured, in fact, he has a brilliant reason for not being in the matchday squad.

The official Arsenal Twitter account posted up the reason for Pepe’s absence within minutes of the team being announced.

Obviously we all wish the Ivorian the very best and hope that his wife gives birth a to a healthy child and hopefully the lads will go out and beat Wolves and give their missing teammate a great gift.

Matteo Guendouzi and Mesut Ozil are also missing from the squad and there has been no update why, as of yet, however, the suspicion is that Guendouzi is still being punished and that Ozil maybe has not recovered from his “back injury”

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  1. Is Gouendouzi being punished for the mistake he did in Dubai? If so, it wont be fair because I hope that by now the issue would be long resolved. But for Ozil, I’m happy if he didn’t even make it to the bench

    1. its a culmination of a few things
      grabbing Mauypi by the throat and taunting their players about how much they earn during the game.
      The kid is a talented IDIOT, he just doesnt learn, he thinks he’s bigger than what he is, I for one am glad he’s not making matchday squads, he falls over like a deer on ice, complains about everything and has the maturity of a 5 year old
      and HES WON F * ALL

      I for one hope he’s sold in the summer so Mikel can get in who he wants so he can build on what he’s already doing right now

  2. i think Arteta is becoming one of arsenal’s problems,he keeps on changing the squad where it is not needed,at this moment we need to win and move to better positions,but not to build the”already crambling” team,plse! This is not the wright time to build the team.

    1. he is NOT changing the team unnecessarily. He stuck with a stabilized 343 for previous games, and it was unai emery who kept changing the formation from a back 3 to back 4 every other week. For arteta, the change in formation was a necessary means to an end as a new manager needs to see all the available tactical options before picking one formation without exploring alternatives. The key difference here is that emery was changing formations significantly well into his hiring. Even his twitter picture is that of him standing behind a board of newtonian equations; he saw himself as a “mad scientist of football”. Arteta does not have the luxury to arrogantly default to a 343 without first seeing exactly how he can play to the team’s strengths

  3. Well,

    A great result, and something to slap down all of those “Super” pundits who almost to a man predicted a Wolves win!!


    Saka gets a new contract. Yeah

    However, he is moved from Left Back to the Right Wing. Hmm….

    ,As I watched him during the first half he bore an eerie resemblance to Theo Walcott at his worst. He looked totally lost, a veritable deer in the headlights, thru the first half.

    Thank God he scored, or I would be lobbying for his immediate sale to Everton.

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