Arsenal Debate – Why Arsene Wenger is still an asset!

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has come under increased pressure from fans and pundits in recent seasons, but some people just don’t know how good they have it.

The Gunners are on course for their 12th consecutive season without winning the Premier League title, which has led to increased frustration, but there a number of factors that need to be considered when analysing the manager’s job.

This season we have been delighted by the emergence of Alex Iwobi and Danny Welbeck, as well as the impressive Mohamed Elneny, who has hit the ground running in an Arsenal shirt.

The Egyptian midfielder was a player who I had little-to-no knowledge about, although I do not have a team of scouts to send off around the continent watching these stars.

On his arrival, many fans were bemused by his signing, but he is quickly becoming a fans favourite, and at the weekend set the record for highest amount of completed passes in a match this season.

Iwobi’s rise to prominence has also been extra special, having come through the youth ranks to stamp his mark on the Premier League this term, and at the weekend scored in his second successive game for the club, as well as bagging the Man Of The Match award against Watford.

How many other clubs can boast consistently bringing youth players and unknowns into the team who are simply the perfect fit?

Chelsea have changed managers 10 times since we last won the league, and that means that they have had their philosophy chopped and changed almost as many times, with no real progression of youth bled into the side. Ruben Loftus-Cheek has been in and around the first-team over the last 18 months, but has only started in four league matches in his career, despite showing very bright signs.

Manchester United have been forced to bring through some of their younger players thanks to a huge number of injuries, but the players who you would expect to making their marks on the first-team, such as Adnan Januzaj, just aren’t making the grade. Marcus Rashford has shown glimpses of what he can do, but do we really expect him to be ahead of Wayne Rooney on his return?

Arsene Wenger is building a team with a philosophy of young players, playing the Arsenal way, and as hard as it is not winning trophies when our supposed main rivals are faltering is disheartening, we remain in the top four.

Manchester City, Manchester United and West Ham United are all currently battling for fourth place, with us four points ahead of the former, and six ahead of the latter two. In a freak season, we are the only said ‘big club’ to be comfortable in their bid for Champions League football.

Why would you want to change manager in hope of landing the illustrious title? The difference between Chelsea, Man City, Man United and us, is that they have an unlimited amount of wealth to splash out when they fail to achieve a top-four finish, whereas we work within stricter budgets.

Next season, Leicester and Tottenham WILL struggle with the challenge of playing in the Champions League, as well as trying to retain their top four position, while we have come accustomed to doing so for the last 18 consecutive seasons, leaving us as the favourites on this season’s table.

Of course with Man City ONCE AGAIN changing manager, they are expected to make wholesale changes to their club, and Pep Guardiola will be expected to get his side firing from the off, but the Spaniard has no experience of the Premier League, and we all know the players he will be bringing in will have limited experience also. Why should we expect them to hit the ground running?

Manchester United are way too inconsistent to judge as strong contenders for next season’s PL title, and may also be set to change manager, if you believe what is written in the newspapers, which could also mean they may take time to get into the groove next year also.

Chelsea could well be our biggest challengers for next year’s title, with no Champions League (and possibly no Europa), their squad could well stay fresh enough to challenge, but AGAIN, they are expected to bring in a new boss, and he will want some new players integrated into the squad.

Many people have been saying this year should have been our best shot at the Premier League title, but I put it to you that next season should be our best chance. Who do you expect to win the title next year? Name another club who consistently play CL football and can integrate youth into the first-team apart from (Barcelona and Bayern Munich)?

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  1. Fact is we ngeed someone with fresh ideas.Sure we work on a strict budget but so do dortmund juventus and atletico.
    But that does not seem to hold them back.
    We are tired of the too many dissapointments we recieve.The embarassing defeats and the long waits for wins.
    We need other managers to push as foward

    1. I don’t know how long it will take our fans to realize that we need changes …

      1. The fans know it, the fans are not stupid enough to think that getting rid of Wenger will win us the EPL when we have an owner who is more concerned with boosting the value of his ASSET, Silent Stan doesn’t love Arsenal.

        We know Nasri was sold behind Wengers back, Nasri has come out and said how Wenger had promised him to stay as we wouldn’t get rid of him and Cesc in the same transfer window, Wenger had said that openly. Nasri was sold by Silent Stan. People lamed Nasri for being greedy…

        Wenger knew we needed a WC CF and the board went and bought Welbeck.
        Wenger has openly said that if he stayed at home then Welbeck wouldn’t be here.
        The board bought Wenger a player and Wenger has to make do with him.

        These are not dark room secrets FFS, anyone can read about it if they research and look.

        You keep spouting your opinion without thinking.. good fan you are >.<

    2. Fact is the manager has targets given to him, like any employee he has to hit his targets.

      What other manager will keep us in the CL constantly while spending so little?

      Silent Stan will not get rid of that.

      Wenger can win the title if he was given more backing and told to do so, he done it while going unbeaten so we have to question why he has held back on spending when he never use to before Silent Stan arrived!

      Think for yourself you media repeating parrot.

  2. Wenger hasn’t done a bad job. I don’t think many would dispute that. The question is, has he done a good enough job?

    1. That is all depend on whom you ask …
      For Wenger boys 4th place every year is a good enough job …

      1. There is only 1 person who it matters and that is Wengers Boss, Silent Stan.

        The guy who said championships are not his target, that is Wengers boss, profit is the obvious target.

        Your stupidity has bugged me, time to find more of your BS and correct it.

    2. Wenger may be an Asset………. But he isn’t a REVOLUTIONALIZED one!

      He’s Like a walkie-Talkie of the Ipad age

      1. So what if he’s old. He is consistent and has done amazing when competing against the super rich clubs. Go support a team that can match your expectations and win every single game. Oh! There isn’t one!

  3. u are just trying to convince urself dat wenger us d right nan to win
    us titles but he is doing dat now u dnt need to be writing this crap to nake him look good. hw are u sure pep will not hit yhe ground running? already done dat in germany. continue to delude urself when arsenal fans want to win the title this year.

    1. Every manager and fan wants to win the title every year in case you hadn’t noticed, and I don’t need convincing that Wenger is the right man as he has already won an incredible amount of trophies for us.

      you want get dat crap head out of you rassclot and look at de fax man!

      1. What about the fact that we are more than 10yrs without EPL title! … and here we are, Leicester, the team from the bottom, winning the league …

        1. 10 years? Meh, we have been longer without title.
          Only 1 team can win it each year and while I hope Arsenal will win it, I am not deluded to think we have a right to win it.

          Can’t blame Leicester for doing what they have done, they have had a fantastic season, credit to Raneiri.

          There are some managers out there who just click with teams and go on to do great things, you ever heard of Clough?

          We are still within range to win it if the Foxes slip up and for all your moaning about Wenger, what other manager has maintained their team to achieve the same, if not better, than last season?

          Only Wenger.

  4. It looks like Wenger staying for another year (at least) … very frustrating …
    Another year of lies, excuses, with no achievement, another Wenger year …

    1. I swear you will keep moaning even if we win the title. Will you stop at least until the bloody season is over and we KNOW where we wll finish.
      Go support Villa, Swansea or Palace,at least they have something to moan about.It is just a knee jerk reaction with you and your mates without any reference to reality or facts.

    2. @G-Rude………Looks Like u dn’t already know the season’s over already…….and its certainly not guaranteed if Arsenal will win all the remaining 6 games …..Still buying ur Lord more time in office L()L

      Tick-Tock ….6wks 2 go buddy

      1. WRONG!!! ONE YEAR and 6 weeks togo at least.
        You need to learn to deal with facts or you are going to have the rest of your life as miserable as you are now
        Deal with reality or go away until Wenger leaves,then you can come back and moan at the next manager.

    3. 6wks to go until the end of the season dude………. Quit being a ridiculous gaffer


      what one year are u bLabbering about? L()L

      1. That is the length of “MY LORD”s current contract, which is how long you will be moaning (until he signs the next one)

    4. You do spout BS like a fountain sprays out water.

      It’ll be another SILENT STAN year.
      I will point to how Wenger and Dein won stuff, when Dein left then the board lost a member and easier to tell Wenger to make CL football while make profit.

      Shares increased in price.

      Board make pact to not sell to a single majority share holder, make a big thing out of this to the Arsenal fans, make out that they are doing the right thing.

      Share prices go up.

      Board sell to Silent Stan.

      The loss of Dein has cost Arsenal because since him we have had no1 on the board who wants to win stuff as a club, only old men and women who want money.

  5. I don’t get this article at all! Should we be happy that we’ve got a few youngsters coming through that are playing well, instead challenging/winning major trophies? The writer mentions about the constant changes at Chelsea, as if this is a bad thing, because a manager hasn’t been given a chance to implement a philosophy at the club. It’s interesting the writer doesn’t mention the consistent success at Chelsea, even with the managerial merry-go-round! They have won everything, whilst in the same period, we’ve won barely anything, and Arsenal can’t even challenge for major trophies any more.

    Another thing is that Wenger’s philosophy has completely failed on every level! He changed our style of football to tiki-taka, which hasn’t worked in the slightest. He decided to go for a English/British core of players, which has spectacularly back fired. All of them are either over paid, injury prone or rubbish, all three in some cases. Wenger is also a big fan of continuity, keeping his squad together, and not making too many changes in each transfer window, which again…hasn’t worked. Not wanting to sell players means less money for him to spend, and also makes it harder to sign anyone because we already have one of the biggest wage bills in the world.

    Yes it’s nice to see youngsters come through and be given a chance, but one needs to have the right balance. Wenger plays inexperienced youngsters, with a lot of average/poor players, which makes it harder for us to be successful. We need a lot more quality in the squad, and then slowly introduce the youngsters. Another benefit of this, is that the youth players will learn more of top quality like Ozil, Cech, etc, than of Giroud, Walcott, Ramsey etc.

    I don’t like Wenger’s philosophy of being super loyal to his consistently underachieving players. I’d prefer a manager who has a strong desire to win, and is ruthless with his squad.

  6. Arsene Wenger should be given credit for his successes and be picked up on his failures!

    What seems to be a man who splits opinion more than any other man in football, he on one hand has the vision to take Arsenal into the league of European’s elite, while never truly taking the club to European glory.

    His failures are, of cause the failures of the Club, not one man. The main concern I think people have with Wenger is his inability to sign players everyone seems to thing Arsenal need, other than him. I always like to look at players sold in the season where Arsenal could of gone in for them.
    Could Arsenal of got Kondogdia, could Arsenal of got Martial? thats £80m on two players, while Elneny cost less than £10m and while Martial is good, there is always another Martial available whether in Iwobi or aborad (focus turns to Dembele at Renes)…

    And so, planning is what we seem to be frustrated at; when do we need players vs when are our players ready.

    For me, we have an excellent squad…granted some players are being carried but a fully fit squad is one that would see Wilshire in the heart of it as the winner we miss, while a tiredless Welbeck running the channels…
    So, my frustrations at the club are with the failures of resolving the injuries we are getting in high amounts.
    Equally my frustration with the Fans is with how people access 10years of ‘failure’ when 7 of them we had financial restrictions.

    to put that statement into contents;
    1996 AFC Turnover £20.975
    1996 Man U turnover £87.939
    *That is a 4 fold advantage. Meaning if we bid £10m for a Player, Man U have the position to outbid us 4 times over.
    2015 AFC Turnover £344.5
    2015 Man U Turnover £433.2
    *This is a 1.25 fold advantage. Meaning if we bid £35m for a Player, Man U have the position to outbid us by 1.25 times over.

    So we can see the odds are far better now, meaning the good work done by Wenger and Co should be acknowledged. While we know Utd have a better cash reserve, our turnover has increased by 16 fold in the timeline shown, while Utd has only increased by 4.9 fold.

    The sleeping Giant that is Arsenal woke when they won the FA CUP twice, being the most successful Club Team to win the competition.There was once a time when we bemaoned the purchases of so called deadwood, consolidation purchases, now we cant say that about our most recent purchases…Ozil, Sanchez, Cech, Eleny. I can only see us buying poorly so therefore my calculate estimates only success coming.

    Just depends which type of fans are on board?!!???….

    1. * I can only see us not buying poorly so therefore my calculate estimates only success coming.

    2. Wenger doesn’t deal with transfers.

      When Wenger 1st joined us it was Dein who made the transfers happen, the guy is missed every day by Arsenal fans who can grasp that a manager has a board to please to keep his job.

      Dein knew we would need investment if we was to keep winning while moving stadium, that is when he got Usmanov involved, the rest of the board didn’t like this and there became a split between the guys who inherited there shares and Dein who bough his.

      Dein left Arsenal and it was only a year or so before Gazidis came and took over, during that time Arsenal had the stadium debt and Wenger broke Arsenals own transfer record to get Arshavin and paid over the odds to get Nasri.

      Gazidis joins and we get bargain basement versions of the type of players we used to get with Dein at Arsenal.

      Wenger didn;t want to sell Nasri and Cesc at the same time, Nasri has confirmed that it was Silent Stan who sold him for PROFIT.

      Wenger wanted Hazard, we got Gervinho.

      Wanger wanted a WC striker, the board bought him Welbeck… Wenger has openly said that Welbeck wouldn’t be here if he stayed at home.

      Must be Wengers fault that we don’t buy?

  7. I’ll have two of whatever the writer of this article is drinking, another pile of excuses for another failed season, yes there is something that separate us from Man city, Manure and Chelski, they have all won the EPL in recent years (some the CL too, don’t want to name them though), while we….well we settle to play for 4th and the FA Cup…..Change is needed what good is to find bright new players if our star players are aging, we need a manager that can build with what he have, and stop playing the splash money card, Leicester proved that wrong this season….Wenger needs to leave as simple as that.

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