Reasons for Arsenal’s decline (other than Wenger!)

Reasons outside Arsene as to why Arsenal are where we are.‏ by KM

Well after another season of failure and after I spoke enough about Arsene, I will put out some of the other reasons as to why we are here, but keep in mind they are all connected and it’s really hard to structure them without jumping from one to another, so here it goes:

Stan Kroenke. It’d be a crime not to start here. When your owner speaks of your club as an “investment” and a “business” you are in trouble. Can we really solve this one? Well, unless Usmanov decides to put an incredible amount of money or some sheikhs decide Arsenal will be their new hobby I don’t see it.

Lack of ambition. It’s becoming ever so clear to the most diehard of Arsenal fans, that the club has no need of finishing first. We just roll the season so that in the end we earn some cash the owner can use to build ranches. Worse, the lack of ambition has spread throughout the players and the fans too. A lot of fans question if we even have to be in the top 4. While true we will never win the CL with Arsene, the truth is that if the fans do not demand success, and the owner doesn’t, it won’t come on a plate.

This factor has led to the one of the worst things that could happen – acceptance. We’ve accepted our faith and there is little indication anybody will do something to change that. The atmosphere at the Emirates is like you are at a funeral. The fans have to react, because the board won’t do it, neither will Arsene. We need a banner so big, it covers the entire stadium so that Arsene has nowhere to hide. We need to get the media’s attention, to make Arsene feel like he’s not wanted until he leaves. This is unlikely to happen, unless the earth starts spinning backwards, but for one last time I will say it, it is up to us to demand change, when it’s not coming from where it should.

Ahh the Board. And the lack of fresh blood in it. Our decline somehow matches with the fact David Dein left. The youngest member of the board is Ivan Gazidis who is 51! Barcelona elect their board every few years and at Real Madrid if you don’t win trophies, you rarely last a second season, even if you are Carlo Ancelotti, winning the la Decime plus the Copa del Rey! Need I speak more of ambition?

Another reason things have slumped so much is the complete lack of activity. The board doesn’t care, the manager is incapable, where are the rest? Where is the strong figure that would come out and take responsibility? Everybody have let things go with the flow, until eventually the boat crashes.

This gave Arsene to opportunity to gain complete power. He is Arsenal through and through. Everything happens through him, he even gets all the credit. Some people might believe he built the stadium brick by brick. He has shunted out all the characters so bad, he even criticized Ozil who spoke the truth as to why we won’t win the title. But that’s fine, because of the acceptance of the Top 4 finishes and the 2 FA cups in 12 years there was enough dust in our eyes to make us once again ignore the real problem.

Ignorance has been one of the roots of our downfall. We have been living in our own world of delusion that we cannot fight the money of City, Chelsea and United, but as this season shows a prime example – this is not the real problem. We chose to blame it on others, luck, injuries, the ball, the grass and everything else you can imagine rather than look at what we can do better ourselves.

We never learned our lesson and as an old saying goes “those who don’t learn history are bound to repeat it”. This can describe Arsenal since 2005. But truth is Arsene is not the only one who didn’t learn a lesson. The fans haven’t learned as well! I will give you three five word sentences that have been the foundation of our downfall “Give him one more season”, “Judge him when May comes”, “Wait until the window closes”.

Do I need to explain what’s wrong with those statements? One FA cup and he got another 3 years with 2 already ending up in failure. I said it after we failed to beat Liverpool and Stoke that in that fashion we’re never winning the title and I was right! May is almost here and Leicester and Spurs will decide the title and we are hoping to be in the top 4. Can I judge Wenger now? And the transfer window ending up in only one keeper being brought in when we clearly needed new faces?

I will finish with the fans, because we have our own fault in allowing this to happen. Liverpool fans put banners on ticket prices and left the stadium in order to express what they think and they were heard! Why can’t the Arsenal fans do it? Are we less than them? Iniesta said Barcelona fans would want to “kill us in our cars” if they finish 7th like United did. Are we less than the people over in Spain? United fans had banners, even flying airplain signs calling for Moyes head and he was sacked. And the same is awaiting LVG with Mourinho close to finally getting his dream to manage United to come through.

Ignorance is a path that eventually leads to misery. This year it’s Spurs finishing above us and possibly winning it. It could even be finishing out of the top 4, but even if we save that, next season Pep is coming, Mourinho might be leading United and Klopp is already leaving a serious mark at Liverpool. If we do not take action, this lack of any sort of a decent plan for the future would lead us to years of mediocrity much worse than the one now.

We have to take action. We have a few home games left to make a statement of intent. If 12 years of failure haven’t thought us a lesson, we’ll hardly learn one in another 12. Make your own decisions, but I’ve made mine and I will do as much as I possibly can to stop this deliberate destruction of Arsenal football club.


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  1. I think our club needs a massive uprooting. I have already put up this comment on a previous article. Kindly read!

    OT: I really want Tottenham to win the league and before you go bonkers on my comment I’ll tell you why.

    There is not going to be any change this summer. Wenger will resume his yearly buffoonery with that plastic board by his side. Again, he won’t spend money on the top players we need and instead will buy a CM, our strongest position. I fear that Ozil is not going to stick around as he knows already that the club doesn’t have any ambition. The board will come out and feed the fans the usual fodder of a warchest and unsalable ambitions. Wenger will plague us with his usual excuses of why he couldn’t win the league and how he is certain to take top spot the coming season. Rinse. Repeat.

    The only way this blasphemy can be countered is if something causes an absolute uproar from the fans. As it is the Arsenal fans have been in the line of mockery for years on end. So, it won’t be too different for just another season. Tottenham finishing above us and taking the league will spring a wave of meltdown around the entire Arsenal management. People will stop buying jerseys and merchandise, start protesting outside Emirates, stop attending any games and demand an immediate change. Even the AKBs and AOBs will want the same.

    I think that a good percentage of fans are still optimistic and hopeful for the next season. I don’t see fans raising their voices enough, walking out during matches or just boycotting. Yeah! A couple of banners here and there but that won’t do jack. We need a mass movement. And this is the only way. Just think about it.

  2. pls don’t come around telling me the fault isn’t before our eyes

    if wenger and the board so much as care bout Arsenal than they do emselves….. They’d been fighting tooth and nails to ensure arsenal obtain nothing short of success

    but No…..the care somuch bout the pot of gold (£££) at the end of the rainbow whilst brainwadshing many with deceit in the name of brand!

    They are the reason for our down slope…when u buy 2nd handed/ cheap/fake commodity from the market……what do u expect?…. Extra-value?……when u dn’t make proper investment, do u expect to reap tons of returns?

    *If u aim for the sky, the sky will admire u*

  3. It really is a crying shame…there have been three to four games this season, perhaps more where Arsenal should have got three points off each. Just look at the game against West Ham, or even Spurs. Dare I say these team were lucky to get a point off us? I still reckon if we had 11 men against Spurs we would have beaten them. The same applies to Chelsea. That’s an extra 6 – 8 points right there, enough to put us as title contenders.

    HOW DID IT ALL GO WRONG? We cannot really put our finger on it can we? Arsenal have looked fairly good in most of our games, we lead at half time, then things go inevitably pear shaped. We either get a red card, or the opposition scores a goal against the run of things. Then it’s all pressure from there and we just cannot hold our composure. F***ing frustrating.

    Unfortunately, every season since I can remember, ends up the same for Arsenal. We just are not consistent enough, lack the stones to grind the victories. Part of the problem I think is the way we play…no doubt we play beautiful football, but we cannot walk the ball into the net anymore, those days are gone. Leicester are top of the league because they capitalize on their chances and fight fight fight. Spurs are the same, they work hard as a unit and as much as it pains me to say this, Kane is a top CF, much better than anything we have.

    Ultimately, I personally am just sick and tired of putting so much faith in Wenger, hoping and praying that he will make those decisions that will have a positive impact on our season, but he never does! We have needed a top CF since RvP left. Other certain players just are not good enough and have had plenty time to prove themselves. Why are we still harboring these mediocre players? Sell them while we still can and bring in some proven talent, players that can actually take us to the next level.

    Beginning of the season, I made a statement saying for me this is Wenger’s last season to prove he still has what it takes. Well, his chance is up. He has 3-4 years to build a top squad, and yes to an extent he has brought in some decent players, but it’s still not what we need.

    1. GLad u could now see a glimpse of Light at the end of the TunneL….. And this is coming from someone(Me) who’s already at the TunneL’s end

      A change in dimension, in direction, in Leadership, in management, in Tactics ,in everything ….can go so far in saving this beloved team of ours

      sadly, it has come to this!!!

  4. The only way to protest is to hit the pockets of the mercenary owners. We, the fans have been lining their coffers for years while the standard of football has deteriated. Not buying in new blood for the last season was so arrogant it was unbelievable, we have went backward while our neighbours have (it breaks my heart to say it) excelled. The proof is in the standings. I now think the wenger lovers realise his time is up and change are needed sooner rather than later. I think this time wenger cannot redeem his career with an odd result or two, “times they are a changing “.

  5. you nailed it when you first singled out Kronke. No one demands results at Arsenal (except the fans)!

  6. No one disagrees that the mönster we are faced with is a python but i think if you are going to handle it easily then you have to start by chopping off the head with the venomous claws and the rest is history!!!….hope you understand the head is the guy responsible for the PRs at this club who believes actually no one in this planet is better than wat we have and no one out there could improve us…that we have a mixture of messis’ and CR7s in our squad!

  7. A board of clowns that are only interested in MONEY!
    Stan Kroenke, a man/**** that stated he did NOT but Arsenal to win trophies. ?
    A yes man manager. (Just make top 4) that’s good enough ? ?
    Same tactics all the time.
    Have an outstanding record of losing games from winning positions.
    Injuries every year.
    Players that shouldn’t be near the starting 11/ Players on the bench with zero impact… Walcott.
    Having no real leaders on the pitch since Adams & Viera left Arsenal.

  8. The point where I lost patience with Wenger was when he didn’t sign fabregas the 2nd time. I can’t blame him as I don’t know if Cisco refused or Wenger didn’t want him but my gut feeling was Wenger didn’t want him. We could always have used a great talent like him especially for his scoring abilities and could play cam, B2B, wing. But worst was him not getting a top CF instead

    But the point where I became anti-wenger was last summer. That was the FINAL STRAW. Not getting a single outfielder was unthinkable and crazy. Not only did he not get a top DM and CF that we desperately needed but he had the gall to not get a single outfielder. To make things worse he paid Walcott a ridiculous salary, which he didn’t pay off in goals.

    Many fans have had enough of this nonsense. We don’t owe him loyalty forever. I am grateful for the trophies. Happy for a statue of him. But we will never win a PL or CL trophy under Wenger. This season has proven that

    1. Very true, when he said no to a guy who is still good and being busy bringing back flamini, who left like fabregas or even more irritating, what did he imply? I remember when fans were pointing Wenger to buy a certain striker, and some guy I think Gazidis came out and defended the lunatic by saying whatever excites you might not necessarily excite Wenger, so the senile prof went on to buy average players of his own caliber

      1. You do know that it was Gazidis who bought Welbeck and Wenger actually spoke out and said if he stayed at home then he wouldnt be with us now?

        What excites Wenger may not be what excites Gazidis and Silent Stan.

        1. midkemma,
          many times you’ve asserted that you know gazidis
          or the board did something, not wenger. but there
          is no way to know the difference from outside the club.
          next time you say such a thing, please give us all a
          webpage that backs your comment, otherwise
          i cant believe what you say.





            Daily Mail link has a vid of WENGER SAYING IT HIMSELF.

            …… go have a look yourself, find evidence to either counter what someone says or to confirm.

            People moan about Wenger and I do not call them liars and leave it as that, I give them a reason, if the other person hasn’t been so ignorant then I will respond politely but if they show ignorance like your lack of checking google before calling what I said BS… That is just damn rude and I will return it in kind.

    2. Wenger doesn’t do the transfers, it is Gazidis.
      Gazidis took over from Dein, Dein was the guy who done the transfers when Wenger first arrived and Dein was a share holder, more power in transfers.

      “Not getting a single outfielder was unthinkable and crazy.”

      So blame the people at fault, the guys who will not spend until they have to and usually too late to salvage our season.

      Gazidis is the reason.

      What evidence do you need so I can show you it!
      Would you even read anything that goes against your little hate bubble?

  9. Afraid Kronke’s time effort and money is now all concentrated towards his new $2 billion plus stadium complex in LA. He is busy raising money to finance the project as such doubt he will sanction a spending spree nor change of manager at Arsenal for foreseeable future.

    1. I heard he has also bought a huge ranch. Worth nearly a £1 billion

      I don’t care if he wants to spend billions on things but £50-75 million for a good DM and CF would be nice

      1. Let’s not forget, he has taken a tidy sum directly from the Arsenal Coffers and has failed to explain in detail what this was for.

        Something was.muttered about ‘strategic consultancy services’ and amounted to the same value as the proposed (and then scrapped) hike in ticket prices…

        1. There is an old age saying

          “Rich mans money makes poor mans jaw aces”

          lets face it AW dose not feel that supporters have a voice, or a saying, in how arsenal is run,

          his just waiting for the new stadium to be built for St. Louis Rams which is relocating to Los Angeles and then and only then he will leave Arsenal unless mass protest,

          i’m losing all respect for the guy if he says that his passionate about Arsenal then he should of done the right thing and bought the necessary players when needed with funds available, and i fear he has no second plan in how we can change our game,

          don’t get me wrong i think we have great players and a huge potential but now we need a strong leader to take us to the next level plus one or two players.

          1. Wenger doesn’t own the stadium in USA, he has nothing to do with it and has no reason to put that as his deadline.

      2. $~750 million which is approx £500 million at the time if I recall correctly ^.^

        I think he also bought the ranch by using a loan to buy it and that loan was secured against AFC.

        To be honest it would have been nice to have seen Silent Stan loan us the stadium costs interest free and over a long (100 years?) period so we wouldn’t have had to make such repayments and invested more into the team over all those years so we wouldn’t have been so depleted year after year.

        Usmanov offered us that but it was blocked by Silent Stan :'(

  10. Facts
    Fans need to make a stand against the Owners, Kroenkes statement is an insult to every fan that spend their hard earned money so this joke of an owner can make profit and be ok giving nothing in return.
    Another fact is that it does not matter how much money the board spends in players, WENGER has proven he lost the edge, he’s been outsmart by almost every Manager, from horrendous defeats against the bigger teams in years past to the loss against Watford in the FA Cup, WENGER just doesn’t have it no more, he must leave PERIOD.
    Overhaul, it came to the point that we just don’t need a couple of good players, to be competitive again half of this team must go, gigantic task that neither this board nor their negligent manager are ready nor willing to accomplish, buying 1 or 2 players will not do it, even less with WENGER as a manager.
    It has been clear even before this season, that major players snubbed ARSENAL, they just simple entertain other options, as they have seen what has happened to our brand players, they slowly but surely fade in the midst of mediocrity this board and WENGER turned ARSENAL into, moreover, we must pray and hope the likes of Ozil and Sanchez will stick after yet another disappointing season.
    We all hoped for Usmanov to be our messiah, but seems he shares the same views that the rest of the board including Satan Kroenke.
    Another disapointing season to add insult to injury, we have seen the Spuds becoming a great FREACKING TEAM that by the looks could not just finish above us but with great chance of winning the EPL…..for us just the perspective that if something big doesn’t come from the Fans, this debacle will continue till the culprits disappear in time.

  11. Nicely put Konstantin.

    I have been saying this for aeons like others. The fans (who chose to accept mediocrity or were fooled by the board/wenger) are in part to blame for not having woken up sooner.

    But they did so in hope and I guess some degree of fear for change.

    Interesting point about ancelloti at real (and the same could be said at most big clubs with ambitions). Even in bagging the decima and the equivalent of the fa cup his head did roll. Why? Because they sense that progress is stalling or is in danger of causing stagnation so they are proactive in mixing things up, to rejuvenate the club and its players. It could be viewed as being un loyal or ‎cold but they are in it to win it as they know that success on the field is paramount, with everything else falling into place. We are run like a bank not a football club and this has to change..NOW!

    Kroenke out
    Wenger out‎

    1. Silent Stan out 1st. – Out
      Ivan the terrible out 2nd. – Out
      Wenger 3rd. – Director of Football?

      Wenger still has a lot to offer, well at least I think so, we know he isn’t getting younger and it would be a nice progression for the club. Promote from within where possible.

  12. I doubt there is a short term solution for this problem, I honestly doubt that any form of protest will change Kroenke’s mind about the club’s direction.

    I actually believe that bad results can force him out the club. And I’m talking becoming mega mediocre and staying like that for at least five years. Many people will lose interest in Arsenal in that shape, many people will refuse to pay the dearest ticket in the EPL to see a club battle for Europa League place or worse. Maybe the players are actually doing all in their power to force Kroenke out the club by giving us worse and worse performances xD.
    But if that’s what it takes for this club to become great again, then so be it. I wouldn’t mind missing out on everything for five years(I’m fine with more, whatever it takes) if that means the American greedy filth scum bucket will kindly sod off and let us enjoy football again.
    Call me a non-fan, but with Kroenke on top we are at risk of becoming hateful towards the club as a whole and I don’t need that.

    1. @nebsy
      You sure do use some screwy”shoot off your nose to spite your face” logic there dude…

  13. @KM
    Once again you shoot yourself in the foot dude. Because for you it will always come back to AW…
    But you got the “whiney moany brigade” on the edge of their seats, so why quit while you’re ahead…
    I think you’ll miss AW more than me when he does go…LOL!!!!

    1. It will be what-ever manager we get next that he moans about.

      More articles like;

      reasons for arsenals decline other than ‘insert new manager here’.

  14. There is NO circumstances on this earth that could ever EVER make me say I hope Tottenham win the league this season or any other season..
    not only that I am fed up with wenger using the word BELIEF it is becoming really boring now … At the end of the day some of the players just ain’t good enough and the tactics are so predictable.

  15. “Reasons for Arsenal’s decline (other than Wenger!)”

    Silent Stan but we can’t do anything about him so we should suck his ‘eclair’ and savor his cream.
    Wenger wenger wenger wenger, Arsene, Wenger wenger.

    Pathetic article, ignorant K does it again. Only thing he knows how to do is follow others and shout about it like a big mindless oaf. Seriously dude, if your gonna write articles then research what you say before you submit.

    Fans can do something about Silent Stan? they can do what you suggested they do against Wenger.
    Silent Stan wants money, he wants YOUR money.
    You can’t see how we can deal with it?

    Stop spending on Arsenal FC, save the money in a ISA and when Silent Stan notices that AFC is no longer making profits because no1 is buying the overpriced tickets and store merchandise.

    He will either sell up or invest in the squad in order to encourage us to part with our money.

    This requires the fans to unite and you K, you do nothing to help us unite when you have such poisonous words for the manager without being bothered to address Silent Stan, the cause of the problems.

    Unite against the cause, once the cause has gone the either the symptoms will go on their own or we can use the new found unity to unite against the manager, lazy players, poor physios… the symptoms that we have had to put up with for years.

    1. @ MIK Hey buddy with all due respect but your love for WENGER goes beyond reason, nothing wrong about being completely blinded bye his spell, but come on see the light….reasonable critics to Le Fraud are way past, he’s been given the benefit of doubt for so many years, but this season was the straw that broke the camels back….what enrages even more is his arrogance the man cant just admit he has been wrong all along….finally do not try to convince yourself about WENGER being a victim from SATAN KROENKE and his sidekick GAZIDIS they are all responsible, but at the end of the line your idol is solely responsible for the mediocrity surrounding this team…..join us brother WENGER OUT

      1. With all due respect can’t you respect that other Arsenal fans may have a different opinion to yours?

      2. Heya MIA.

        I am not blind to Wengers faults, I have talked about frustration I get about subs and when he uses them etc, sometimes I think if what I had thought happened then maybe we could have had better results… but in all honesty if I made such bold claims then I would be showing my ignorance.

        Wenger is not a transfer wizard, he never has been, I have been repeating Deins name so much that I feel like I may as well get it tattoo’d on me 😛 That isn’t singing Wengers praise is it?

        I have a lol about ‘Wenger Love’ that Ramsey&Theo has been shown. The flip side though is if the player comes good and then we would be singing Wengers praise. Two sides to this and I do not mind the odd player getting some Wenger love, like Iwobi currently… who knows in a few months time who else could be worth it? Ramsey has blown it in my opinion BUT I do not know the future, I could be wrong…

        I do think that Wengers way of developing players leaves them vulnerable to arrogance and NB52 is my prime example, I do think SAF would have been better for some of our players.

        I think there is plenty wrong with Wenger but not what a lot of fans blindly believe.

        I do not believe that Wenger has had as much say in many of the transfers as what people give him credit for, Wengers been blamed for not buying a top class CF yet he had Welbeck bought for him. Wenger would need to justify spending on a CF who could step in and do the job for us NOW and not in maybe 24 months time when he’s developed the final piece to his game.

        With the purchase of Welbeck, Gazidis would have the argument of Arsenal having THREE INTERNATIONALS! I think we can all agree that those 3 are not good enough right now.

        I am not saying that Wenger should keep his job permanently, I just believe that we need to focus 1st on Stan, 2nd on Gazidis and then turn our attention to Wenger.

        One thing at a time instead of complaining about them all and splitting us up into groups of fans with different goals, we may actually get the old Wenger back who had a large hand in shaping a team that went unbeaten… Who knows for sure?

        When it comes to transfers then I will defend him and point at how Dein done them 1st, Wenger done it on his own for a very short period and then Gazidis was brought in to take that role.

  16. “Reasons for decline (other than Wenger)”, yet you keep referring to Wenger as the main cause for what’s happened in the last decade. Typical Konstantin… Your judgement is so clouded with hate that you can’t even think logically. You nailed in the first paragraph, and that’s what you should have been concentrated on. It’s Kroenke. He’s the main culprit, and for him the club is nothing more than a business that makes him money. Arsene may be guilty of some things, like favoritism for example, but he’s not the reason why we are where we are at the moment. The goals, the directions all come from upstairs. Arsene is just doing what he’s told, and to blame him for that is absolutely stupid. I agree, the fans should raise their voices in protest, but it’s Kroenke and the board that they should be targeting, not Arsene. If we get through to them, we might get a chance, but I feel that just by changing a manager everything will still be the same, if not change for the worse.

  17. For the sake of ALL Arsenal fans around the world who do not have the privilege of living in, and watching games live in England, let BEG you guys who do, PLEASE DO SOMETHING! Speak up for us! Be our voice there, and tell them we cannot take any more of this rubbish! First Chelsea, then Man City, and now Leicester and Tottenham have bypassed us, making progress through effective changes, while we’re stuck in this rut of consistent inconsistency, content with sucking on the dry feeding bottle of meaningless past achievements that count for absolutely nothing now!! Come on, You GUNNERS! We don’t have to sit and wait until we’re Aston Villa or Newcastle, do we? It’s madness to do the same thing over and over, and expect different results – that’s true for the board and management, and also for US! If Wenger and his men upstairs are unwilling to change, then it’s up to US, the ones who ACTUALLY CARE about this club being a WINNING, SUCCESSFUL CLUB again, to make our voice s heard, and Kickstart the change process! Surely it’s not going to be sunny days all at once, but it’s NOT going to get ANY better while we keep letting Wenger and the Board do the same stupid old things! Let’s not give them any room to pretend all is still well with the club anymore! Let’s make it clear that We expect more, BETTER things from and for our club! Let’s start to actually DEMAND change, people! That seems to be the only way anything good is gonna start coming to and from Arsenal FC now! Come on, you GUNNERS!

  18. P. S., I wrote nearly every word of that piece ON MY KNEES – LITERALLY. We NEED you guys over there to make the change happen for us! PLEASE! From a Nigerian Arsenal fan since 2005/6.

    1. The loudest thing us Arsenal fans can say is nothing… Us UK fans have to rely on you fellow gooners to make anything happen, and vice versa.

      No promise to get new season tickets, no sound of the coins hitting cash registers when you buy new kits, no sound from us at all. It would be no different to having ZERO fans… Not much value in that.

      Sooner or later AFC brand name will drop in value, this will have a knock on affect with marketing and if the stadium is never filled then the prices will either have to drop or get use to playing in an empty stadium. No money means the owner will run away, Silent Stan only wants our cash for himself. Rich people are just greedy >.<

      Fans home and away, we all can unite and make our voice heard, if we don't then we will undermine any protest any fan try to make.

  19. Good Gosh…please I beg Every Gooner..Let us Stop piling pressure on Our team….please I think Wenger has already had Enough insults….I read some where that our manager is going through a lot psychologically…. please let us Fans not abuse him further…. Remember he is an old Man…and looking at Wenger recently I think his health is seriously on the low….

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