Recent history shows Arsenal fans not to get too hyped up about Partey

Just like every Arsenal fan, I am very excited that we finally signed Thomas Partey before the transfer window closed.

After chasing his signature for almost the entire summer transfer window, we have finally landed him.

Partey is one of the best midfielders in the world when you watch him play, but he could also become one of the most overhyped.

I say this because there is a lot of hype surrounding him now and he simply has to perform otherwise it will be a mess. This is the same hype that surrounded the coming of William Saliba and Nicolas Pepe.

Saliba was talked about so much and so many pundits made an analysis of how he will walk straight into our first XI and become our Virgil van Dijk.

Today, he has not played for the team since his arrival and we are left wondering what we were being fed.

I know it sounds silly to compare Partey to Saliba, after all Partey is already an established player.

But no player is immune to struggling at a new team, who would have thought that Eden Hazard would be struggling at Real Madrid after he dazzled in the Premier League?

All I am saying is that we need to tone down the expectations that we have for Partey and hope that he delivers the performance that we expect him to deliver.

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  1. Ridiculous to question the hype surrounding Saliba when he hasn’t even kicked a ball for us! Although Pepe needs to improve his consistency, he hasn’t been as bad as everyone is making out. Let’s not forget that Emery didn’t even want him, and he isn’t an Arteta signing, so it may not work out at all.

    As an Arsenal fan, one can understand the hype surrounding Partey though. We have been begging for a signing like this since Vieira left. 15 years is a long wait!

    1. Just saw Eduardo camavinga play few times for France. Boy is a good talent. Why don’t we go for him in January before his prices really shots through the roof. He has composure, well built and is I think left footed but good with both feets. What I like about him is his on the ball retaining skills, he has twinkle toes and can play him self out easily from tight spaces. We should definatley target him as a long term replacement for Cebollos.

      1. With his 90million price tag he’s out of our reach, plus Madrid had already told him he’s going to be theirs in few years.

    2. Reminds me of Torreira as well. We hyped him up like he was the saviour. Look at him now.
      Ozil- Hyped up to the max. Look at him now.
      Pepe. Hyped upon hype. Look at him now.
      Even Lacazette.

      All to this day are still struggling.

      Partey looks a bits different as he seems much more mature and stronger. But you never know.

      1. What do you mean by look ‘Ozil now’ don’t forget ozil 19 assist few seasons ago🤣🤣🤣

      2. Goonster, yes let’s all feed negativity when the facts say different. ThirdManJW is right about Thomas Partey.
        It is good to keep our feet on the ground, but with a positive bias.

    3. Partey is 28 years and one of the best in his position coming from a good league with loads of experience so get your facts right

  2. Partey is new the league, team and country….

    he needs time to adapt and settle in

    However fans want him to perform instantly like Fifa 21

    1. He came from la liga as finished product, and he is ghanaian who lived in europe in 1 decade or more.
      And he not teenager like saliba who cleary need to adapt to new league.
      We bought partey for instant hit performance, no excuse for adapt or whatever.
      The jury is still in pepe, since he still young and come from farmer league, but for partey is must hit or miss in his first season with us.

      1. No u need to let him adapt to the prem or u will just end up killing other player’s morale and then performance would drop

      2. This is an absolutely crazy viewpoint. Even the best players in the world need time to acclimatise to a new league. Henry needed it. I remember everyone thinking bergkamp was a flop to start with. So don’t think he will just be able to perform from the off.

        I still have high expectations. But realistic ones

        1. Henry is young (also unsuccesful at juve) and bergkam is failed hard in inter, so is normal they need adapt to premier.
          But partey is different
          Hes beast, consistant performance, playing in la liga with 1 of the best team in europe, dueling with high worldclass player like messi, ronaldo, benzema, suares etc.
          The hype for him is heaveny ceiling
          We want him show what sanchez, cazorla, auba do in their first season.
          We had waiting 15 year to have next viera, dont let us wait for another who know, to see partey show his quality.

      3. And he speaks English, has been schooled by Atletico Madrid and he has performed well in the Champions League against the best of Europe.

  3. This is what I said before myself.
    Best this and that in the world talk makes me nervous.

    Might end up a strugllgle like Pepe, Ozil etc..

    Don’t get all your hope too high just because of one new player in a completely different league.

    Take it easy.

    1. Don’t you think it’s a bit ridiculous to include Özil in that list. If I remember correctly he was an instant hit when he joined and he made quite an impact in our game against Napoli.

  4. I hope for his sake he doesn’t have a below par performance or the ‘slaters’ will be out in force!

    2 players are mentioned that’s all… you’d think iat this rate it would’ve been every single player!!
    I ain’t buying the ‘don’t get too hyped’

    1. Yes, Sue, I see him raising the Arsenal up, not deteriorating to the level of some of the Club’s wimps.

  5. Thomas Partey is already a world class talent, he’s a full international and has played many times in the champions League and also played against very good real Madrid and Barcelona teams.. and has played against premier League opposition before in Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea and was absolutely brilliant at Anfield against the then European champions.. I am fully convinced he will be a complete success in the premier League and will adapt very quickly as he’s also a very intelligent footballer! I watch Spanish football regularly and this guy has it all.

    1. I certainly believe my countryman will hit the ground running. Ghana is blessed with quality midfielders and Partey is no exception.

      We all saw how Essien started at Chelsea. Expect the same thing from Partey.

  6. My concern aint if he will blend in as he sure will, that guy is a shark in a pond there in laliga, epl offers him an ocean.

    My main concern is his aggressiveness, he hates being dribbled and a bit dirty like xhaka, i hope he wont be red card prune, play two and misses 3 on suspension

  7. Partey will be a good signing for us, he is coming at the very right time when we are on the rise with a good manager that knows how to bring out in players that are willing to.
    He is a central midfielder so he is different from Pepe. Even Pepe will have a good season. Let’s see.

  8. I suppose there’s no harm getting hyped up, as long as we keep it in perspective and don’t go ballistic when it doesn’t go as hoped

  9. I regard it as my democratic right as a UK citizen to get “hyped up” over anything I choose, so I’m going big over this fella and am looking to him to single handedly propel Arsenal to a domestic treble, Champion’s League victors and World Club Cup winners all in the space of two seasons (at least).
    Go Partey!!!

  10. No no no.

    Only a fool would turn around and say Saliba is ready to take on the premier league now and all the comparisons with VVD put to much pressure on the boy.

    He is not ready yet, he is for the future, not now.
    Next season will be different if he stays fit this season!

  11. We are right to feel hyped because he is a player that could elevate us back to a solid defensive unit.
    TBF to Admin Martin I get what he’s saying. We can feel hyped and feel like he’s our saviour but we shouldn’t be so quick to put that on Partey’s shoulders for him to bear. I’m sure as we all think he is a quality signing and he himself thinks he can do the job but I haven’t heard him say that he is the person to elevate us to the next level.
    There are lots of players around the world who were hyped when they arrived at clubs but failed to live up to the fans expectations or who just simply couldn’t adapt to their new surroundings. Pepe who tore up Ligue 1 hasn’t produced that form here. Lacazette who was Ligue 1’s top scorer the season before we got him. Hazard at Barca, Griezmen at Barca, Pogba at United, De Maria at United, Sanchez at United, Falcao at United, Arrizabalaga at Chelsea, Torres at Chelsea (remember he went from Liverpool to Chelsea), Shevchenko at Chelsea. I could go on.
    Just sit back, relax and let Partey do his thing without putting the world on his shoulders.

    1. @NWL Dan
      There’s a lot of Man United in your comment. Are you saying they are a flop domain? Just had to ask!

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