Record-Breaking Arsenal – 10 Big Ones other than the Invincibles

Do you consider yourself a dyed-in-the-wool Gooner, or are you more of a casual fan who watches the Arsenal when they show up on Monday Night Football? We all know about the incredible record of the Invincibles when they went undefeated over the course of the 2003-04 season, but how many of these other records do you know?

1. Well for one thing, Arsenal shares the record of consecutive league wins with three between 1932 and 1935. Liverpool, Manchester United and Huddersfield Town make up that exclusive club of 3-in-a-rowers.

2. You may imagine that Tony Adams is the record-holder for most Arsenal appearances, but in fact Irish centre-back Dave O’Leary holds the title with 722, which is 53 more than Big Tone managed.

3. Speaking of club legends, how about Ted Drake, who wrote his entry into the English league record-books with his 7 goals against Aston Villa in 1935. (And it was an away game!) Drake is currently tied for fifth in the Arsenal all-time scoring records with 139.

4. Perhaps the defence of the 1930 version of Arsenal wasn’t quite up to George Graham standards, at least not if the highest scoring draw ever (6-6 vs Leicester) is anything to go by. Despite scoring 4 times, Scottish striker Dave Halliday was never picked for the first team again.

5. Thanks to their long history in the top division, Arsenal holds the record for the most Away wins in the first division/premier league at 667. The biggest of those away wins in the league was the 7-1 tonking of Aston Villa – yes, the same game where Ted Drake got every goal.

6. The turn of the millennium was a good time to be an Arsenal supporter. The team set the record for scoring in consecutive matches between May 2001 and November 2002, during which time they scored in an incredible 55 games. The previous record was Manchester City’s 44, and their rivals United put an end to the Arsenal run with a 2-0 victory over the Gunners.

7. Arsenal also hold the record for the most Away goals scored in a season, as you might have guessed from the fact that they also hold the overall title. This was the 60 scored in the 1930-31 season, which Arsenal went on to win by a comfortable 7 points over Villa.

8. The Gunners have a particularly proud record in the F.A. Cup, holding the record for most wins of 13. Arsenal have also played more F.A. Cup games than anyone else (440) and made more appearances in the final (20).

9. The League Cup has been less of a happy hunting ground than the F.A. version. This time Arsenal has the record for most defeats in the League Cup Final with five sorry trips to Wembley (and one to Cardiff) to their name. Arsenal also came out behind in the joint record for most goals in a League Cup Final when Luton pipped them by 3-2 in ’88.

10. One of Arsenal’s proudest records has got to be the 90 years they have spent at the top of the English football pyramid. However, it has to be acknowledged that their promotion in 1919 was a little controversial to say the least. Despite finishing 5th in the last league before WW1 they were promoted to the expanded first division on reasons of ‘history over merit’. This meant that Tottenham – who finished 20th in the first division – were relegated at Arsenal’s expense!

No better way to finish our list of Arsenal’s record-breaking stories than with the one which annoys Spurs fans the most! If there are any you think should be added, then please make sure to let us know in the comments.

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  1. Arsenal got the most FA win record thanks to the notorious Arsene Wenger

    Ozil is the fastest player to reach fifty assists in Premier League, after creating his 50th assist to Mustafi is from a set-piece

    We don’t need those records and statistics, if we have to wait for another thirteen years to win another major trophy

    1. Gotanidea, you have a brain the size of a blinkered peanut.
      The “notorious Arsene Wenger” is the most immature piece of s##t since pires decided to have a go at Tony Adams.
      You state that Arsenal have the most cup wins then try to mock the man that is actually the most successful manager in the history of the FA cup, let alone of Arsenal Football Club.
      I’m not going to waste my time going through this man’s record with the likes of you.

      Your ignorance of what makes our club is astounding in its naivety.
      It’s the HISTORY of the club along with the traditions from the very beginning that makes our club so special.
      But like a spoilt little kid, you dismiss it all if we don’t win another “major trophy” in the next thirteen years.

      I’ve got a suggestion for you, change your name to “gotnoidea”, climb back in your pram, reinsert your dummy and pray that our club finds another manager as”notorious” as Arsene Wenger.

  2. ‘The ever reliable media have done it again.From “Arsenal favourites to sign Yaya Toure” to “Yaya Toure to sign for Olympiakos”.
    Btw he’s not coming to Arsenal Yaya Toure to Olympiakos is a done deal.As if a medical in London means hes signing for a London team.Lazy journalism at its best.Good news to me as his salary wouldn’t have been worth paying for what he would be been giving us.No need to add to those of kind of players in our squad and the soon to be ones too.

    1. Told you Olympiakos hours ago and the original posts about London are not lazy journalism just click bait posts. His salary is peanuts by the way. 🐾🐾

      1. It wasn’t clickbait.The player actually has his medical in London.What I don’t get is saying that a free agent having his medical in London is equal to him signing for a London club.If I’m not wrong his salary is above £100,000 a week isn’t It?

  3. Interesting peace.

    Loving number 10.

    1. Yeah, why always Tottenham?

  4. Ted a Drake had 10 shots in the game he scored 7 goals in. The 8th shot hit the crossbar!

  5. 8 shots not 10

  6. Arsenal hold the record for clean sheets in UCL, 10 games. That is 995 mins without letting in a goal which took us to the final that resulted in Mad Jens being sent off, which consequently is another record… Mad Jens was the 1st player sent off in a final and there have 2 others since.

    Arsenal are believed to be the 1st club to field 11 players all of different nationality in the UCL.

    Arsenals record crowd was at Highbury, a massive 13 THOUSAND more than what we have had in our new stadium and only beaten by a few hundred when we played in Wembley.

    in 1928 Arsenal (along with Chavski) made history by being the 1st clubs to wear numbered shirts.

    Arsenal played in the 1st live television match (1937) and since played in the 1st 3D match, both against UTD… so Kinda us and UTD was the 1st but shhh… who cares about UTD 😉

  7. “Moneyball”, that`s the name of the game, football died twenty or more years ago. Slowly but surely the number of teams capable of winning honours in England or Europe has diminished simply because they are financially `poor`. You can pick the likely winners even before the season starts but only the punters with money can afford to make a bet, the odds are too short.
    So based on this…..If Kroenke decides to make his profits from TV and equipment sales and not match day football then Arsenal will lead the line into oblivion.

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