Red-hot youngster’s father to deter him from Arsenal move?

Middlesbrough Under 18 striker Calum Kavanagh has caught the eyes of a number of scouts in 2020, and has five goals in his last five games for his side.

The 16 year-old has forced his way into being promoted to the Under-18s this term, and is not looking back at present, with both Chelsea and Arsenal supposedly keeping tabs now.

Young Calum’s father was once a former pro himself, playing for Middlesbrough, Stoke City, Cardiff City and Sunderland among others from 1991 onwards, and he almost sounds like he would deter his son from jumping at the chance to move to a big club, yet at least.

Dad Graham said: “I’ve been in the game long enough to know that speculation is genuinely just speculation.

“There might be truth in that, I don’t know, but I certainly wouldn’t let him get carried away with it. Those clubs are obviously huge clubs. Financially they are in a different league to most of the clubs so they can buy who they want.

“That is magnificent in one respect but then it’s a little tougher to make the grade at those clubs. So, if they were to come in and make an offer then obviously we would have to discuss it and see.

“Calum is always of the opinion that he wants to have a career and wherever that career is he’ll decide. It’s about having a long-term view.

“But he’s obviously doing something right if he’s getting attention off Chelsea and Arsenal. So we will see what the next stage is.”

Asked whether there had been any contact from Arsenal or Chelsea, Kavanagh replied: “Not as far as I’m aware.”

You could whole-heartedly agree that moving to Chelsea to be one of their millions of young future stars, who more often end up failing to meet their potential due to a lack of opportunity and mass of rival talent, but our club has a long-standing reputation for blooding youngsters into the first team.

Graham seems to be weary of the implications of such a move, but from his comments it would appear that he is only an adviser to his son, and not that he will be making the final decision on such a move.

From the outside I cannot understand why Chelsea would pose as a more attractive place to be for an up-and-coming talent, even with Frank Lampard currently being there.

Would young players still choose Chelsea over Arsenal? Would the star’s father really try and talk his son out of moving to a bigger club at this stage in his career?


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  1. He best stay where he is toplay first team regular football next season, grow.

    Let’s hope it is a next season. Way virus evolves; most of not all of us be in confinement til September at least.

    Means current season is beyond over with, next will start late already…

    It is simply impossible to start season from scratch, keeping last season top4 and relegated…

    Therefore; if we done by September; we must play 10 games left in every league, cups finals, CL and EL games

    Let’s say we start in October after training and preparation. Play twice a week as we often do in an EPL’s season.

    EPL be done in 5 weeks, November 5th. With some games delayed mainly for EL & CL teams, all can be done with by end of 20th November. Play CL and EL finals early December.

    Star. Plyay L & EL qualifiers mid December.

    Start next season in January. Doesn’t make a big difference beside to play final in winter.

    This allows to finish season in priority, hoping virus is not back next January as some sources predict as a real possibility, like flue in winter.

    Then, season won’t start…

    You all stay safe at home.

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