Redknapp says Arteta has been spot-on with his latest captaincy choice

Arsenal’s captaincy has been a major issue for the club in recent seasons, with Mikel Arteta struggling to find a suitable leader much like Unai Emery before him.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was the club’s leader at the start of this season, but he joined Barcelona in January after falling out with his manager.

Alexandre Lacazette then handled the captaincy from late last year, but the Frenchman is now being benched for Eddie Nketiah.

In his absence, Martin Odegaard has worn the armband and former Liverpool midfielder, Jamie Redknapp, believes this choice is spot-on from Arteta.

He said on Sky Sports, as quoted by The Daily Mail: ‘By bringing him into the team, they might have stumbled across a problem that’s caused Arsenal for a few years, the captaincy.

‘Xhaka was captain for a while, didn’t really work, [then] Aubameyang, then they give it to Lacazette. It was almost that no one wanted to be.

‘But giving it to Odegaard, it feels right for me. He may not be the most vocal but when you watch him play, he organises people, he plays the right pass. He’s a lovely player to watch.

‘You can see from Mikel Arteta’s point of view, he’s almost his manager on the pitch. It might be one where, he’s there for the future, he’s a fantastic player, good type of guy as well. It’s a masterstroke from Arteta.’

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Despite his age, Odegaard already captains the Norwegian national team, and he is one of the best leaders in the current Arsenal dressing room.

The midfielder has done his job to perfection in the last few weeks and it is hard to argue that he shouldn’t be our permanent leader now.

Arteta will probably choose his new leaders before the start of next season and it would be a surprise if another player is picked ahead of him.

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  1. True , it’s a no brainer.

    This stupid talk of player’s not playing for the manager, where did it all came from

  2. Only an idiot can call this natural leader a ‘bang average’ neglecting the potential he has.right call from the gaffer though.

  3. Simply not good enough as a player and as a captain .
    How many teams around the world was looking at him before we signed him ?
    He’s come here because we are his lvl at this moment in time .
    Yes he looks good against the lower lvl teams but he will never be a player that can control the game if we manage to get CL next season against the bigger teams .

    1. Dan, other clubs have made poor decisions regarding players ability and attributes (both present and potential). How many clubs chased Ian Wright for example?
      I personally believe your assessment of Martin Odegaard is harsh and you dont appear likely to change your opinion, which you have had from day 1, regardless of how well Odegaard plays.
      Given how well he is consistently performing and his experience as captain of Norway, I agree with Jamie Redknapp, that this is a sound decision by Mikel Arteta.

    2. How many other teams were looking at him? Well actually none of us know the answer to that question similar to Bergkamp, Wright, RVP, Pires, Ljungberg, Vieira joining us with no apparent interest from others. Ødegaard has steadily made his mark in our team and will be captain as he is for his country and I predict we have a star starting to shine in the galaxy called Arsenal.

      1. Well I’ll doff my cap off to your superior knowledge if this comes to pass Declan .

            1. Yes mate, disagreements don’t need to mean that’s the end of decent conversations. I doff my hat to you sir 😊

    3. Dan Kit, are you for real?
      Teams didn’t come for him bcos they weren’t sure of his potential as he was only a loaned player.
      Put him in the market today and there’ll be a rampage.
      His value has increased two folds from when he was with us on loan last season.
      He shone against Chelsea, United, West Ham and you still say he can’t play against the top teams?

  4. Not for me, a nice player, great attitude but i dont see him as a leader. The best captains have a presence and Odergaard doesn’t for me. Saying that i think Arteta will make him captain because i think he sees a lot of himself in him. Im not excited by it but resigned to it. Arsenal have struggled with captains for years because they pick the wrong type.

    1. And Rednapp making a recommendation holds no water at all, especially when Arsenal are concerned.

      1. Yea exactly how I see Reggie
        Wenger made him his mouth piece to the press looks like he’s doing the same with Odegaard and Xhaka ,2 players that resembled
        His own playing style .
        Average players that won’t take us to the next lvl .

        1. Do you know what Sue, i am struggling. Tierney my first choice but injured a lot, Partey is in the mould of a captain (a silent assassin) but again injuries and possibly language (not sure) put the block on him and White, i just dont get the hype. Is Odergaard best of a cranky bunch? If he is that isnt a great resume. We haven’t got a Declan Rice, or Feradhino, or Henderson, who lead by example, along with others.

          1. Reggie
            Tierney and Partey would have been good choices but for their injury records. It’s hard to see a different option than Odegaard who I think is a sound player and as national captain has that necessary experience. Rice and Henderson are fine examples but apart from Ramsdale who gets rather hysterical but is definitely motivated, we have limited options.

          1. Lets look at our best last recent Captains, Adams, Vierra, Campbell and Thiery. Says it all really. NO player in the current set up even comes close to them and thats to be expected but none, i see aspiring to them either.

  5. Man utd just destroyed brentford 3-nil.fierce competition looming next campaign but i’m confident we will have the upper hand if we can make quality additions.

  6. WHAT IS Reggie and Dan on about… Areal captain does not have to have a presence… a REAL CAPTAIN LEADS BY EXAMPLE and the rest follows….. ØDEGÅRD LEADS BY EXAMPLE.. THE REAPECT THE TEAM HAVE FOR HIM SHOWS HIS PRESENCE… SIMPLE

  7. Odegaard fits squarely into our Arenal team as a driver both in the dressing room and field of play as captain.

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