Reflection of the Man United v Arsenal Game & Our Favourite Players

As this is being typed, it is with some frustration as I recently turned the tv off after watching a gut-wrenching ending to the Man United versus Arsenal game. It was a game that the gunners looked like they controlled until something quickly went wrong in the second half. After Cristiano Ronaldo scores his first goal of the night, Odegaard quickly retorts with his own goal. But after that, not much else happened.

And to add insult to injury, Mikael Arteta decides to make a strange substitution in the 79th minute, taking off team captain and prolific goal scorer Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. This was considered quite strange as he is the man you want on the pitch when the deck is stacked against you, but Arteta had apparently made up his mind. Gunners legend Thierry Henry seemed equally left baffled by the decision and thought that something else might be happening behind the scenes. This is one of those occasions where some insight at websites such as btts tips on might just come in handy to make ‘head and tail’ of such a strange and awkward managerial decision. 

Well, to digest this tough loss, let’s talk about something more fun instead. In the rest of this article, we will talk about some of our personal favourite Gunners players. This is our personal opinion, so feel free to debate it.  

Thierry Henry 

We all know him, and it is not without reason. This French goal scoring machine is currently a bit everywhere. He is an assistant coach to the Belgium national team and frequently makes tv-appearances as an expert analyst. During Henry’s historic career under the gunners’ emblem, he managed to find the back of the net a whopping 228 times and assist goals 90 times. His flair, pace and brilliance will never be forgotten at Emirates stadium. 

Dennis Bergkamp 

Another obvious one that will make any Gunners list. We don’t have to say anything when it comes to Bergkamp; the man’s resume is already so heavily padded. Winning PFA players player of the year, FWA footballer of the year, in the same year arsenal won a cup double, and their second league is quite enough.  

Patrick Vieira 

If Thierry and Dennis Bergkamp are on the highest top of the historical gunners’ mountain, Patrick Vieria isn’t far off. No one could obviously touch either Bergkamp or Henry. Patrick Vieria is a more relatable legend. We never know; perhaps one day, the beloved midfielder will return one to Emirates stadium to continue hunting for more trophies.  

Kieran Maguire

Alexis Sanchez 

Perhaps this is where things turn a bit more controversial, but I’m personally a big fan of most of Sanchez’s tenure in the club. He gave the club some flair that I think the club lacked at the time. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but he did contribute in some important moments with 80 goals and 46 assists in 166 appearances. Could he have done more? Probably, but with him on the team, we at least managed to bring in some hardware. Sad that he had to go to another club in the league. That hurts a bit more. But I guess that’s just football.  

Final Remarks

After writing a bit about my favourite gunners’ players, the loss feels a bit easier. You remember that this club is resilient, beautiful and filled with talent. We will surely bounce back quickly.

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  1. Was never a big fan of sanchez, as good as he was – felt his playing style was too selfish and sometimes slowed us down.
    Outside of the invincibles, fabregas was easily my favourite player. Had everything except size.

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