Reid WANTS Arsenal transfer but West Ham want BIG money! So….

I know that the Arsenal boss will not want to meet the transfer demands of West Ham. The East London club actually want to keep hold of their talented centre back and have apparently tried various offers to persuade him to sign a new contract.

But the latest media reports, including from The Mirror, claim that the captain of the New Zealand international team has rejected these offers and also made it cleat to his bosses at West Ham that he wants to make the transfer across London to play for Arsenal and will not be too happy if the Hammers block his dream move.

But that is what Sam Allardyce seems to be doing, despite the fact that he knows Reid will be able to leave for nothing in the summer. The report claims that they are holding out for a transfer fee of around £8 million, which is too much for a defender with just six months left on his contract.

The Gunners were said to be hoping to get him for as little as £3 million and are now looking at something more like £5 million. Reid was left on the bench for Sunday’s win over Hull, adding further fuel to the speculation that he is pushing his club for a move, but it may still take Arsenal to get close to their valuation.

The thing is, we cannot afford to be too tough in the negotiations. After all, it is Arsenal that are in dire need of a quality centre back and if you look at it another way, Reid is worth the money. So why does Wenger just accept the situation and forget about the short time left on his contract? It’s not like we cannot afford it.

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  1. Reid definitely wants an arsenal move according to reports! He is a very good CB to get, but not up to the class of shar, hummels, or howedes! But hey! If this deal pulls through, i wouldnt mind him coming to arsenal!

    1. I don’t just like food, I like good food.

      Reid is good, but certainly not much of an improvement…

      1. I think that’s just snobbish Arsenal fan logic because he plays for West Ham, he’s much better than Per.

        Per is only good for being backup, he’s relient solely on his positioning and experience. He’s poor in the air, tragically slow, weak, and not totally reliable without Kos. Reid is superior in every category except experience. For 5-7mil it’s a no brainer…..unless Asene is targeting another player.

    2. Are you crazy? He’s one of they’re best players. Everytime I watch West ham. All they time about about is Reid and how Big Sam is a fcking genious for putting Downing in the middle. He would be a great player.

    3. If we think about the whole CB situation for more than a minute then it must be obvious that there is gonna be much disappointment for many in this transfer window. A significant number of Arsenal supporters are advocating and hoping for a world-class replacement for Mertesacker. But, Wenger wants a back-up option to his preferred pairing and this combined with the difficulties of getting anyone decent in January is going to mean a £5-6M relative unknown. Wenger is not going to push his vice-captain out of the door in January and bring in a replacement – end of. Anyone who is contacted will be told presumably that first team football will not be guaranteed for the immediate future. The time for a WC CB will be in the summer.

      1. Paulista is more a Koscielny type defender and Reid a Mertesacker type defender. If we get Paulista now depending on work permits we can go after Reid in the summer for nothing.

        No Paulista then we may have to go for Reid now. 8 mil is too much, hence we quoted 12 mil for Jenks. Westham need to talk some sense.

        1. You are right. In terms of injury cover at CB, unfortunately it is likely to be a Kos stand-in we are talking about here – and as you say Paulista is a similar type CB. Mertesacker, much to many’s disappointment I’m sure, is pretty bullet proof injury wise so I expect Wenger to hedge his bets and go more for a Kos type stand-in, if indeed he goes for any one at all.

  2. They want more money for Reid because they have put an inquiry for Jenkinson. Arsenal told them 15 mil for Jenko to which they had no answer. Probably they want to use Reid as leverage although I don’t believe Reid is THAT good even compared with Mertesacker. I mean he’s young, way faster and so on but not really someone for who which should pay lots of money. But who knows, he may transform into a new Cahill.

        1. I am 100% sure. Big Sam inquired about Jenko and the starting price was set at 15 mils. If you ask me it looks like we don’t want to let Jenko go. But again, if some other teams asks crazy money why wouldn’t we do the same.

      1. 15 mils for Jenko is a lot of money. A LOT! The word is out, so if he’s really that good he will not look for offers. Honestly, don’t believe anyone would pay this amount for him. Let’s be serious. For us is special because he’s a gunner since he started talking, not so much for other teams.

      1. I don’t think he lost any faith otherwise he’d put a small asking price for him. Now with Debuchy so unlucky Wenger will think twice before releasing a RB. I am not saying AFC will never say Jenkinson, it’s just the fact that now they have to really think it through.

      2. KS, let’s net let sentiment ride us; Carl is merely average (often less than average). He had so much opportunity to nail down a spot in the first team, but he just couldn’t do well enough. See what Bellerin is doing, he’s taken the bull by the balls.

        1. True. You may indeed be right. But you never know how or why a player might find his way to top form.

          Before last season Diego Costa had scored relatively few goals in his entire career. I am certain there were many followers who had counted him out.

          It looks like Jenks may have needed a full time opportunity to get him going while Bellerin is thus far thriving from being thrust straight into the oven. We shall see from here.

    1. @Budd £5 mill is flipping pocket change in fotball. Can’t believe Arsenal are whining about that amount. If he is good enough than the price should not matter…

      >:( >:( >:(

      1. It might be but they come with a contract for some good years (usually 3) and If I’m not mistaking he’s on a 60k / week right now (maybe someone confirms) so I doubt he will come for less than that amount.
        The question is exactly that : is he THAT good?

        1. Is Flamini worth 50k?
          Is Bendtner worth 52k?
          Is Per worth 70/80k?
          Is Diaby worth 50k?
          Is Campbell worth 30k?

          His wages aren’t the issue. Is he what we want? Is he good enough? Yes and Yes to both of those. If we truly want Reid we are penny pinching over this fee as there’s only two scenarios:

          7mil now with a 3 year deal of 60k = 10,120,000
          3mil signing on fee with a 3 year deal of 70k = 6,640,000

          If we want him but wait until summer it’s at the expense of 3/4mil, which is nothing to Arsenal.

    2. I think Jenkinson should just walk the plank.

      Bellerin has really been awesome: he’s a better dribbler, fast, better control of the ball, much more composed and can put in better crosses.

      1. I am a little concerned about the quick trigger on Bellerin. He has done very well. I think fans excitement is warranted – pace never goes out of form. But I think it prudent just to see a few more games from him before we bet the family farm.

        I remember a couple years back when fans were ready to crown Wilshere king of Arsenal for the next 10 years – a beast that could never be stopped. I don’t hear that talk anymore.

  3. I won’t be extremely happy with a signing like this. If we want a backup CB, there are better players who could fill the void.
    £3million would be a bargain for him though, I have to admit. It’s just that, if we buy him, we won’t be signing anyone else in that position until Arsene retires. I wouldn’t be too happy with that.

  4. According to stats Podolski was our best player, but today he is off. I simple cant imagine how fans tend to lie to them selfs into thinking that Giroud is as good as Rvp now, or that we are doing better without him.

    Lets make this clear, 2 years from now, if Arsene had the guts and the brain, he would have awarded Persie with the money he was asking for. You simple cant offer a player 130k when manure offers him 200k and City 300k. Football is all about money, and money needs to be spend wisely where it belongs, and not awarding players like Chamakh,denilson,djorou,denilson all 50k salarys, and then act all penny pinching for a superstar who wants to see the cash.

    Stupid socialist wage structure, i cant forgive Wenger for being such a tool.

    Yes, Coquelin is doing good, yes Giroud is doing good, yes Mertesacker is doing good, yes Bellerin is doing good, but Moro is doing better then Wenger, he gets Matic who is better then Coquelin, and he gets Costa (why is Costa not playing for us ) who is better then Giroud.

    long story short, we are doing good, but others are doing much better, so i hope that Wengers deos something smart which would be: Getting Song back ( cheap and he is one of our own), gets Cavani, ( gues he would transform us into beast). and a rez Cb, just to be sure of, not to get screwed when we lose The boss or something. Coyg.

    1. Heh, should he have go to Citeh he’d had more money and the same title. And an option to probably win the UCL, who knows.

      1. Manure was the place to be in, he is a sportman afterall who likes also to play for glory. He was the main reason Manure won the epl that year. At City it would be a diff matter. Sagna no happy. Manure fans love him. Just like Chelsea fans love Fabregas.

    2. Costa isn’t playing for us because we bought Sanchez. We weren’t going to buy both. And I know who’d I’d rather have, a man who gives his all in every single match (regardless of the opposition), runs himself into the ground every match, has a better all round game, and has set a new bar for everyone in the team to emulate. Or Costa? A diving, dirty (gets even dirtier when Chelsea are being given a hard time), cheat. I also doubt wether Costa would be as prolific in our squad. Him and Fabregas have a sweet and sour partnership. But the Fabregas thing is a whole other can of worms.

      1. Arsenal have the ability to buy em both, dont make shet up. Dirty and such but a champion in the end 😉

    3. You are on dodgy ground from the outset if you launch in with “according to stats Podolski was our best player”. Bit sweeping don’t you think? Why is he on loan at a mid-table Inter instead of say Bayern, Dortmund, Barca, Man City if he is as good as you say? Mate we all remember the glory days with RvP, Fabregas, Nasri, Song, Adebayor, Sagna and Clichy!! But at the risk of self-harming you need to move on. There is a story behind all those that have left – tales of greed, betrayal and narcissism that we haven’t got time for here. RvP can’t stay fit and 12 PL goals last season and 8 this are not the stuff of £300k/pw. And if you research the whole Costa thing you will know that was done and dusted and soon as Mourinho turned up back at the Bridge (the incestuous affair with Atletico, Mourinhos Port/Spain connections and the Jorge Mendez poisonous effect) – no-one but Chelsea were ever getting Costa, end of.

  5. I would willing to wager what little I have in this world that the announcement of Winston Reid to Arsenal wouldn’t bring sobs of joy to the majority of arm chair football managers that frequent this site. I also firmly believe that AW, even with a blank checkbook this window would vehemently refuse to sign a Laporte, Ramos, Varane, Hummels, etc. if they were available.

    With that said and applying a credible amount of realism to the situation, what CB would you sign?

    My 2cents, Reid and Van Djik

    1. I would like to see a left sided center back to compliment Chambers and of a similar age to add continuity. Chambers only position as far as I have seen, is centre back and a good centre back he is.
      Don’t get on about buying the perfect world class players as we know not to pre empt any of Wengers reasoning behind signings.

  6. Really like the look of Paulista, who we have also been heavily linked with. Probably the same amount of money, European experience, couple of years Younger than Reid, and seems more like the Arsenal kind of signing. Reads the game very well, and is very powerfull, faster than Reid, and Mertesacker for that. Only thing is he has no EPL experience. But as he will probably be second fiddle to Mert and Kos, he can be eased in.

  7. If wen eat Reid then fair enough, I won’t be complaining however I do believe we should be aiming perhaps a bit higher like Hummels, Schar for example. If West Ham demand we let them have Jenkinson in exchange for Reid then they can f*ck off. Jenkinson has been absolutely class for a West Ham this season on his loan spell, I’ve always rated Jenkinson, not because he’s a gooner through and through but because I’ve always seen potential in him. Apparently Wenger sent Jenkinson on loan because he wanted him to get lots of minutes under his belt and he sees him as part of his future plans, Jenko is still only 22, I believe he will be Arsenal’s future RB, I see Chambers as a CB, Bellerin looks to be a future star but should be sent on loan next season to a decent premier league side where he will be given a lot of playing time.

  8. I’d rather keep Jenkinson than have Winston Reid. Jenkinson as shown this season has the potential to be top class, and he’s still only 22. Debuchy is almost 30 and was always a temporary solution. Bellerin and Jenkinson are the future. Jenko is also a boyhood Arsenal fan who would truly play for the badge as well.

    In other news…. What is happening with Bielik??? I’ve been waiting for several days now!

    1. Doesn’t make much sense. Keeping a RB over buying a CB still doesn’t cure the fact you need a CB…

      We have Debuchy and Bellerin at RB.
      We only have Kos, Per and 19 year old Chambers at CB.

  9. Arsenal need a CB. But if there are problems with the deal because of the Jenks deal then it may be best to look elsewhere – perhaps to a club that is actually willing to deal rather than the silly posturing back and forth.

  10. It seems ridiculous looking back on it now but……..

    I remember when Kos and Squishy arrived together and Wenger was giving them both starts periodically to determine which one would emerge as the favorite – and fans were wondering the same thing.

    Can you imagine? Of course Kos turned out to be fantastic and Squishy is on the short list for worst defender in EPL history.

  11. I didn’t read properly before commenting.
    Reid at £5 mil is okay, but not £8 mil. That’s too much. You could get Schar or Van Dijk for that much.

    That’s the problem with not doing business properly in the Summer. In January 3 problems
    can arise:
    1. Prices are higher because it’s midseason
    2. Clubs may be completely unwilling because it’s midseason
    3. Players may be unwilling because it’s midseason and they don’t wish to be rushed. It’s not just a simple case of getting on a plane. You may need to bring wife and kids, get accommodation. Players and clubs prefer to let go of their players in Summer

    And most managers are smart enough to finish business in summer and use January for emergencies or get an add on if the club is rich (ie City and Bony). Wenger made huge mistakes in the summer especially with our defense. We should have been in a position where we could just concentrate on football in January. If Wenger had kept Jenkison, got a Top DM (and/or got a Top striker instead of Welbeck, another £15-£25 million on top of the £16 million would have done it) we would be laughing at the top of the table or closer to it.

    Thanks Wenger

  12. Me personally I think howedes would be our best option 6ft 2 exp can play lb cb rb and is 26yrs old

  13. Winston Reid not good enough for Arsenal, he is an average player Arsenal need quality defenders.

  14. Slightly off-topic but how do we feel about parting ways with Jenko permanently? Ideal scenario for me would be we get him back for next season and send Bellerin on a season long loan in the EPL where he could be a first team regular and the season after we can decide who our two RBs would be out of Debuchy, Bellerin and Jenko. Bellerin is starting to impress but is still quite far from a finished product and Jenko has been very solid for WHU.

    I have a feeling we might get Reid now but that could mean we lose Jenko permanently in the summer.

  15. @sayn18:i was thinking the same!!take jenkinson back ,send bellerin on loan by then debuchy will be about 32yrs old depending on his form it miht be time to sell him or keep him as a squad player,

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