Reine-Adelaide set to make a big impact at Arsenal this season

Jeff Reine-Adelaide was today named in Arsenal’s first pre-season match agains Lens and made some impressive moves and decisions both on and off the ball for the duration of the game. It raises the question of whether Wenger will look to use Reine-Adelaide on a more consistent basis this season, or if whether the young Frenchman will remain in Arsenal’s youth ranks?

It became apparent on the first day of training for Arsenal that Reine-Adelaide had been promoted to first team duties for the upcoming season, suggesting that we would get to see more of the 18 year old, but how much will Wenger utilise the star to be?

Adelaide made quite an impression this time last year in the Emirates Cup, pulling off a stunning display in pre-season. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t feature too much for the Gunners in the first team, instead impressing in the reserves however this season could be his chance. Although Adelaide is still only 18, we have seen the likes of Fabregas, Wilshere, Bellerin and Iwobi all make their breakthroughs at Arsenal at a similar age, younger in some cases and all have gone on to be regulars at Arsenal during their respective careers. Adelaide could be the next to join the list but as a central attacking midfielder, I think he will likely play as third choice back up behind Mesut Ozil and Santiago Cazorla, mainly featuring in domestic cup competitions.

As well as those two Arsenal stars, Adelaide will also be fighting with the likes of Wilshere and Ramsey, who have both also featured in that role, whilst competition as a whole is extremely tight across the midfield this year. Hopefully such competitiveness for places, even during these pre-season games, will spur Adelaide on to show his worth and why he deserves to remain with the Arsenal first team rather than be sent out on loan or back to the Arsenal under 21’s.

In my opinion there are no doubts that Reine-Adelaide will become a star for Arsenal, he has all the attributes that are maximised in Arsenal’s style of play. But the question is, will we see more regular showings of the Frenchman this season, or will The Gunners have to wait a little longer?



  1. Teams are signing pogba, Higuain, Mhkytaryan, Ibra etc

    cash are being splashed around for players like stones, schurrle, pjaca, denis suarez, umtiti, wijnaldum etc

    Not just that….. Players like Auba, Mahrez, griezmann are all prisable

    and we are talking of how Adelaide (who’s been struggling to break into the 1st team) will make big impact!

    Oh to be a gooner!

    1. More like… Oh to be a Moaner! ? ?
      cheer up man, Mahrez was spotted on a flight back to London from Scotland. ( this was confirmed by three different passengers on twitter, who were aboard the same plane)
      Even though Mahrez had a team mate with him on board the plane and the real reasons for the trip to London were not confirmed, this hasn’t stopped the Arsenal fan’s sending Twitter into meltdown.

      I can still see Wenger’s smirk, when asked about signing Mahrez!.. You know the one that suggests its a done deal ?

  2. Lets hope Reine-Adelaide breaks in to the first team this coming season and does really well. If no striker joins then I expect Ozil will not sign a new contract and will be sold in a years time. Cazorla is getting older and it looks like injuries are catching up with him. So next season Reine-Adelaide could be first choice.

    We are so near but yet so far from being real PL contenders. There is a balance between over borrowing and over saving when it comes to football and finances. It seems to me that arsenal by building up cash reserves are in danger of not giving their fans value for money. Therin lies a downward spiral.

  3. I think Adelaide has promise too.
    While it’s true 99% of the youngsters
    Wenger signs ultimately fail
    Adelaide might be the 1 in a 100
    who does succeed.

  4. I think Canabry did very well he was everywhere gibbs did well too but to be honest I think we were weak I know half of the players didn’t play together and it was a training match was glad to see the goal next Friday would be a different ball game all together and i will tune to it with interest if i find the link

      1. Just out of curiousity, I checked out and if all the others are similar to this, then you are playing Russian roulette with your devices.

        Your better off downloading the Kodi app from the app store or play store and then go to YouTube and type in “set up for Kodi” …. follow the simple instructions and bang you now have access to every tv channel in the world for free including sky, BT live and all the latest movies.
        Theres no risks to your device’s and its all free.?

  5. JRA may emerge this season like Iwobi did last season – it often depends on circumstances (injuries etc).

    It is EXTREMELY unlikely that JRA will play a major role in the upcoming season. IF it happens, fine. But I would not bet the farm on it.

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