Reiss Nelson beats Nketiah to EPL2 Player Of The Season

The Arsenal U23 side won the EPL2 title this season and there were over 40 players used in the competition. The Gunners sealed the title with a 3-1 away win at West Ham last month with Nelson opening the scoring and Nketiah netting twice, once in each half, to make sure of the points.

This meant that Nelson had scored nine times in 11 PL2 appearances, while Nketiah scored 12 goals in just 13 starts, but according to the Premier League Football Development Panel, it was Nelson that was most impressive over the season.

Ryan Garry, Arsenal’s head foundation phase coach, said about Nelson: “It’s so good to see him win the award. It’s really deserved, and there are a lot of people from Hale End that have played a part in getting him to where he is at the moment.

“I’m very proud. Reiss, alongside a few other boys this year, has not only made his debut, but he’s played a significant amount of Premier League game time, Europa League game time, FA Cup game time, the Carabao Cup as well.

“Reiss will be the first to say he will want to progress on even further, and I’m sure he will be focused on that in the summer and looking forward to a new season.”

Both Nelson and Nketiah have been used by Arsenal in first team matches this season and both look like they have a very bright future and are expected to join Ainsley Maitland-Niles in the first team squad for the next campaign.

Surprisingly though, Nelson was left out of the England U19 side for the upcoming Euros, but Nketiah gets a big boost by being called up for the England U21 side for the first time for the Toulon Tournament, where he will be joined by Maitland-Niles. Considering that Nketiah hasn’t yet turned 19 it is a big honour, but after scoring 8 goals in 8 outings for the England U19s he will be hoping to carry on his prolific form at the higher level this summer.

Good luck to both of them and I hope to see them doing good things for the Gunners’ first team next season too…



  1. Arteta and Wilshire expected to sign contracts this week.I have no problem with Arteta since he has not failed he needs chance so that we can know what he is made of,you start from somewhere.Just like Claude on aftv said every player extend their contract ,extend their contract without even evaluating their performance, jack was left out of the world cup squad he is a below average championship player.It seems that Wenger had no say in these contract negotiations if jack is getting a new contract when Wenger is out, we used to say jack is Wenger’s lover boy. My sixth sense tells me that there cartels at the Emirates influencing contract negotiations. This guy Raul so far a crazy contract for Ozil,Elneny is mediocre, jack is mediocre,holding,next will be welbeck no ambition .Arteta if they want to use you as a puppet manager better stay away because fans will embarrass you we have a crazy fanbase already

      1. how many career goals and assist, take him to the world cup.and when will we get a world class midfielder if we stick with mediocrity. Yes Jack is championship material and no apology

        1. How many career goals and assists does the likes of Xavi and Iniesta has ? you don’t judge players according to stats .

          Ramsey is better than Iniesta if you are to judge by goals or assists .

          1. Maybe not championship, but definetly mid/low team material. He is not that great. If he was any good he would left us already and not waited for pay cut.

            1. Jack is good enough for a 6th place team at best. And we are a 6th placed team. If we want to move forward Jack is not good enough, but under the right manager/coach he can be. So I am happy he is staying, But I do hope Ramsey signs at the moment he is our best midfielder.

      2. lower mid table quality sound better? Either way he’s not Arsenal quality. His stats are not very good at all and he’s not been good this season. Have no idea why Arsenal board are doing this. It’s probably to please the fanbase who is obsessed with him.

    1. I dont think anyone but City will win the EPL next season they are getting stronger and stronger so anyone coming in as a manager will not be able change that, the best the rest can do is a fight for second, third and fourth spot so with that in mind my expectations are lower then usual so let Arteta have his honeymoon season find his feet, best result for Arsenal next season is in the top four with any manager or spending

      lets all relax and lower our expectations and get behind Arteta

        1. Liverpool is a great team and will improve now that they have the momentum to go forward but still no where near City for the EPL champions

    2. Why not write sensibly and without ridiculous exaggeration? It is 100% clear that Wilshere is not “a below average championship player” and no serious football person in England thinks that . Tha makes YOU sound like a non serious football person and makes most on here hold you in some derision. Had you, INSTEAD, written that he is of questionable further use to Arsenal being injury prone with below average goals / assists stats for an INTERNATIONAL player your comment would have been widely agreed with . But childish and inaccurate use of English, for reasons which seem to indicate a personal prejudice againt him, just make you a laughing stock. I read your posts regularly and though I often disgree, I know you are far more intelligent than this rather silly post implies, certainly to new readers!

  2. Those two, and Maitland-Niles should be a regular bench players next season. We dnt need deadwood on the bench, we need future of Arsenal and I dnt think we can be lower then we are now. I think we have to be realistic and be patient. Results will come but we wont compete on transfer market with ManCityUtd, so we must make players and for that they have to play in 1st team more often.

    1. I agree. However Nelson and Nketiah are going to be fighting for places where we are fairly strong. AMN is in a far better position as he only has to compete with such deadwood as Elneny and Xhaka so I’m expecting him to have a great season. I’m also hoping Mavropanos makes it to the first team squad.

      1. Yes, if new manager manage to have a new goalkeeper and CB with Mavropanos, Nacho and in-form Bellerin at the back and then new CDM with regular starter Maitland-Niles in the middle… that would be awesome!

        That would mean three very good signings in this summer window… huh!

  3. 3 great players, with great temperament

    I have high hopes. But had those before. But I cheer them all the way

  4. I hope the Arteta story is all bull.
    If he is appointed manager it
    would represent a massive u-turn in
    how Arsenal conduct business.
    It would go completely against Arsenal values and tradition.
    Arsenal never publicly discuss any appointments and never
    publicly discuss player recruitment before the deal is done.
    No one knew Kroenke Wenger or Gazidiz would
    be appointed to their positions at Arsenal.
    No one knew about Sven and Raul coming.
    Wenger and Gazidiz normally plead total ignorance
    with regards potential recruitment or sensitive club matters so how
    can they justify being so public about the most crucial appointment
    at Arsenal for the last 20 years?
    To exhibit such blatant bias and to compromise the integrity of the
    recruitment process is utterly bizarre. This leads me to believe that
    unless their desire to hold on to power has reached disgusting immoral levels
    then Arteta is pure and simple a smoke screen.
    I certainly hope it is a smoke screen and not an uncontrollable lust for power.
    Time will tell.

  5. Great now Pep is going to make a ludicrous offer for Nelson that Gazidis won’t be able to turn down!!!!!!!

    1. In a few years time if he’s proven himself. Pep doesn’t make academy players into top stars anymore.

  6. ramsey is better than iniesta !!!, now i know a lot of people on here must be smoking the erb !!. that has to be the comment of the month , take a bow.

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