Reiss Nelson on the fast track to Arsenal and England stardom

It was a big surprise when Arsenal sent Reiss Nelson out on loan to to the Bundesliga club Hoffenheim at the end of the transfer rwindow, but we were reassured by the fact that he signed a new three-year contract before moving to Germany. Unai Emery obviously knew that it would be hard for him to break into the Arsenal first team this season but with a good season in the German top tier he could return to us with a much better chance of playing and with much wider experience.

This has proved to be a very good move so far and he has scored two goals in his three games for Hoffenheim so far, and last night he scored again in his debut for the England U21s, and he has been encouraged by Gareth Southgate that he could son join the full senior side. The 18-year-old said after the 7-0 win over Andorra. “Gareth has made it clear that the pathway is there so if you’re young and you’re good he’ll give you a chance,”

“It’s good for me that I came through the ranks, I came from U16s all the way up to U21s.

“I’m trying to get in there and do my magic. A little bit showed today and I’m very happy to be there.”

And he also reaasured the fans that his biggest aim is to make the grade at Arsenal, and his spell in Germany is only a stepping stone to career at the Emirates. “Arsenal is my boyhood club, they’re a big part of my life. At the end of the day I’m at an age where I want to play football and Hoffenheim is where that [chance] was. I had to get up and be strong, be independent and take my chance in Germany.

“I’m just here to play my football in Germany. Hopefully I’ll come back in a couple of months – if it’s a year so be it – ready to play in Arsenal’s first team.”

If he carries on the way he’s going there is no reason why he can’t go right to the top of his profession…



  1. gotanidea says:

    He was very good in pre-season when playing as a right winger

    When Wenger was the manager, he didn’t play well as a left winger. But maybe Emery could guide him to be better on the left side, as what Emery did to Iwobi

    More versatile and energetic players in the squad will make Arsenal more unpredictable and more dynamic

  2. jon fox says:

    Very hopeful that this talented young man can have a great and long Arsenal career. I predict he will start again here, next season. At least Emery will not play him out of position, as WENGER SOMETIMES DID.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Was it bad for TH14 to play on the left even though he ended up as a legendary CF for us?
      Is the experience not worth it for some players?

      It was frustrating to see Wenger not settle a player into a pos, Ramsey is a nice example of how a player has developed under him without a positional identity, I am not saying it is right to always play them out of pos but the question has to be asked if a short period of time in a supporting role can help a player become a more complete footballer?

  3. Mr Patrick says:

    What a load of cohorts Ramsey saying he wants to stay till the end of the season, well if he does then arsenal won’t get anything and he will get a fat signing on bonus from whichever plod sign him and arsenal f2f gets Nada. The club should sell him in January or bench him for the rest of the season. That should send a warning to any player who might be thinking of pulling a fast one again

    1. Xxnofx says:

      Can’t see him going mid season , he holds all the cards I’m afraid, as much as I would like him out the club.what I don’t understand is if emery pulled the plug on the contract or told the club to why does he keep playing him?surely we should be playing the players that are going to be with us for awhile.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Emery isn’t the final say on as much as some people claim.
        Emery has said multiple ties that the contract issue is between Ramsey and the club, not between him and Ramsey, I can’t believe that Emery is the one who pulled the deal yet wants him to stay and plays him…

        I find it easier to believe that Emery is trying to make a point to the board by playing him, he is a big player for us and we need to keep him kinda show. Emery has said he thinks Rambo is an important player, that wasn’t my preference being inserted, Rambo has left too many of us supporters feeling deflated too many times is my opinion.

        I do not think either one holds ALL the cards, AFC have the card of hiding him from showcasing himself to potential suitors… What will his offers be like if he hasn’t played in over 6 months?

  4. Grandad says:

    A real talent like AMN and Smith Rowe.I think all three will make it.

  5. Midkemma says:

    Arsenal have some fantastic youths being developed, I hope we can give them the best progression we can, if we can help these talented young footballers reach their potential then we could have a dominating squad for years to follow.

    Just think about some of the talent…

    Nelson, Nketiah, AMN, Willock, ESR, Bielik.

    That was just some of the kids… but before we focus fully on u23/kids, we can’t forget the promising talent like Holding and Torreira, we may have bought them both but they are young and already making good contributions to the team. We have 1st team players that can play for close to a decade without the age being a thought… 32 isn’t too old for EPL is it?

    Emery high intensity and homework can fuel their hunger for progression, it can help keep them grounded and they’ll learn that they have to put the effort in to progress. If they want to be the best then they have to work at it, not just wait for it to naturally happen.

    Emery is also showing that he is willing to play younger players if they are ready for it on the pitch, Guendouzi is a fine example of this, this I can imagine would be a good motivator to the kids… along with training/eating with the 1st team. Seeing on a daily basis people like Guendouzi be a true first team player yet so young… only a bit older than some of them…

    It is an exciting time to be an Arsenal fan, I think we could be on our way up now that we lost that play it safe CEO and we got a manager who is driven.

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