Reiss Nelson to get more advanced Arsenal role for Red Star Belgrade?

As well as Arsenal having to cope with two games in less than three days because of our failure to qualify for the Champions League meaning we play on Thursday nights in the Europa League before almost always getting handed an away game in the Premier League on a Sunday, Arsene Wenger has a growing injury list to worry about.

But we have to make do with what we have and if every cloud has a silver lining, this one´s is that it gives the boss the perfect opportunity to play fringe players and young Gunners from the academy. One of the brightest of these rising stars is the talented teenage sensation Reiss Nelson, who has already played in the two previous European ties.

Some Arsenal fans have bemoaned the fact that Wenger has not used him in his usual role as a wide forward though, playing him at right wing back instead, but tonight could be the night when young Nelson gets a more advanced role in the Arsenal side.

With Welbeck out of action the boss is probably going to keep his other first team forwards like Alexis Sanchez fresh for Everton on Sunday, so it seems like the right time to give the 17-year old a chance. He has some first team experience now should not be so nervous and he should be confident after starring and scoring plenty of goals for the under 23 side.

Time to let him show what he can do against Red Star Belgrade do you think?



  1. Yes he will have a more forward role.
    In fact he will sit in the seat behind
    the team’s bus driver 🙂

    1. come on arsenal4life they are flying out there so he will be siting on the captains lap, you know like we all use to do decades ago when we were young before the world went mad and Arsen was Arsenals manager OH yea he still is 🙂

    1. AW don’t do natural his trying to discover the Americas or the wheel again, i believe he has no TV set or internet in his life and his gone blind and cant see to read we know this is true because whenever he tries to do up his zip on his coat and his team selection

  2. it feels like it don’t mater who plays these days i have lost hope now, it was only the other day when i stuck my neck out and said we will finish 3rd in the EPL how wrong i was

    AW better give Wilshere a start up it seams his the only creative player we have which is available, and Sanchez better play

  3. My team for RSB:


    Holding Chambers Elneny

    Bellerin Xhaka Ozil Maitland- Niles

    Nelson Sanchez


    The entire team except for Nelson would then be rest for the Everton game

      1. lol hope your joking ye??? he hasten had a game for ever let him get match fit,

        we are to concerned with resting players this season and they are all losing match fitness, i can understand rotating players around end January or February but now they just got back from summer holidays and non have played week and week out, i don’t think any of them has over 10 hours game time for Arsenal this season

        1. Sanchez has in total if you add the mnt play time makes 4 games that’s all competitions including UEFA that’s almost same play time for Chile

  4. My team for Thursday night.

    Maitland-Niles Holding Mertesacker Kalasniac

    Coquelin Wilshire El Neny

    Walcott Giroud Iwobi

    This would mean that either Mertesaker or Holding would play at Everton. Kalasniac would also play.

  5. Hi Guys,have been reading some comment here,that xhaka is this xhaka is that,same with ozil! we bought xhaka for 35m,but the question is was this guy like this before he came to us? was ozil like this too? why is it that giroud performs very well for his country and otherwise for us?,debuchy was france 1st choice before he came to us.why is theo walcot under performing?look at bellerin,the guy is going backward ,he is not the type of player we new 2 seasons ago,his performance against beryan when we defeated them 2 1 at emirate the same player couldnt track down ordinary richalison.we keep blaming this players ,though some are average but ARSENE WENGER doesnt develop players ,the dressing room is lost,our players are mentally weak,everything we do is outdated ,wenger needs to go,our fans in london are not doing enough to make these people know what we fans are going through,i fear for nelson too,cos that guy is exceptional ,but soon fans will start condemning him,and its not his fault ,how do you expect him to develop when hes being played out of position?WENGER MUST GO!!

  6. You also think it is all Wenger’s fault! Great news! We sane fans need every Gooner on board to oust Wenger. Though, tragically, there are still a few loonies among Gooners who worship Wenger, perhaps 8-10%, and can’t escape the brainwashing he did over a decade ago. It is abundantly clear to all sane fans that Wenger regresses players whereas other and top managers improve them. Look at Sterling now under Guardiola and imagine how useless he would still be , were the summer rumours about him coming to us true, instead of false. To be frank – and I don’t accuse him of this – BUT judged purely on the evidence of the scandalously inept way he is “managing” us , you might well conclude he was actually a closet Spurs fan! He is every bit as much as responsible as is Pochettino for the fact Spurs have left us miles behind, in points, talent, ambition, artistry, desire, fitness , hope , expectation and enjoyment. In a tug of war contest , Wenger would be PUSHING the rope TOWARDS the opposition. You might also well conclude that Kroenke and the board are traitors too. The evidence indicates exactly that; even though I don’t actually think it true.

  7. Do ya know what I just realized. No one talks about Howe in the way they’ll talk about Arsene or Arsenal. Howe’s team is a mini us, they’re open, prefer to pass and link while only occasionally you’ll see some aggressive play. He gets heralded by the English, he admires Arsene and admits to learning all he can from Arsenal’s style, yet he is a brave Englishman with an unwavering set of ideals. The other is an old fool who will never adapt and never learn. Someone mentioned similar when comparing Pep’s and Arsene’s preferred styles compared with many others who’re having a compromising style.

    In fairness, I believe Arsene has been listening to the fans and pundits but some are so used to saying otherwise that they are not noticing the little changes which are adding up. He is signing taller stronger players, Giroud didn’t need to come on v Watf because we had Mert Kos Hold Xhaka Kola Elneny who’re all six foot or taller. We changed system which most would never have believed. We aren’t an all out attack team any longer, the trouble is we’re finding it difficult to get the right balance. Going away from home we look to be picking a team that will graft, on paper they look it, but maybe it isn’t being stressed enough what we expect from them. Backroom changes are being made but slowly, Overmars is next, good luck Marc. They are hearing us but the purse-strings are still hidden.

  8. Talk is very very cheap,its very easy to destroy than to build, @ omotosho if I may ask u? Since players regress under Wenger,pls can u tell us how many players who has left Wenger’s arsenal and become a better player

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