Relax Arsenal – Alexis’ early christmas break is GOOD news

Of course Arsene Wenger would have liked to be in the position where he had full control of when and for how long he would rest our star striker Alexis Sanchez, but to be fair the boss had mentioned it more than a few times and if the squad had not been so ravaged with injury problems he would probably already have given the Chile international a well earned rest.

As we know, that choice has been taken away from the Frenchman after Alexis pulled his hamstring in the game against Norwich City but the latest news on his injury, reported by the Daily Mail, is really not that bad.

Not only do Arsenal expect the forward to be back in good time for the big Premier League clash against Man City in less than three weeks, but he has been allowed to go back home to Chile, as their national manager Jorge Sampaoli explained.

He said, “We have contacted the medical team at Arsenal, who gave him a week of treatment in Chile.

“We have to see how it is [the injury] to know how quickly he can recover, but we are aware of everything and we’ll see if we can contribute to Alexis getting back on the pitch sooner.”

Although it sounds like Alexis might have some treatment while he is there, he will also have a nice rest and an early christmas with family and that could prove of huge benefit when he back in London as we prepare for the business end of the season.

So aprat from that final Champions League game, which was already a very tall order, is this Alexis injury actually pretty good timing for Arsenal?

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  1. He should have been brought on for the last 30 minutes against norwich city, and all of this would have been avoided!

  2. It takes him getting broken to fianlly get a rest, #mismanagement. So oir attacking threat now consists of a recovering not fully fit ox, campbell and giroud, (I play well when I have competition only). And this is approaching the busy christmas period. Recall gnabry and akpom?

  3. Hahaha… What a joker that Sampaoli is….
    i think that he has done more than his fair share of help already! … he will probably try and sneak Sanchez into their U21 side whilst his out there.

    I’m sorry, but there is absolutely nothing to be cheerful about in this article!

    Cazorla out for at least 3 month’s, might as well say his out for the rest of the season, he won’t be the same player if and when he returns, not with that kind of injury especially at his age.

    The Arsene knows best brigade need to take those rosie tinted glasses off and aknowledge that Arsenal’s season is already running on fumes and has started to judder!

    The end of the Wenger era is in sight now!
    We will probably get knocked out of the FA cup at the first hurdle, Knocked out of the europa league at the first hurdle,
    If wenger doesn’t sign at least 3 quality players during the transfer window, we will finish out of the top 4 in the premier league!

    My nightmares are:
    The Spuds celebrating ” St Arse bashing day” by parking a Giant inflatable chicken on a ball , right next to Henry’s statue ?? Noooooooooooooooo!! ?

  4. i have noticed the silence of all AKBs here.the only one with balls still commenting is NY gunner.where are you when wenger needs you the most.Also learnt that its impossible to carry unauthorised banners or signs into the emirates,so lets protest outside before the match.WENGER PLEASE LEAVE.
    I gurantee if he doesnt no fourth place this year.quote me.BOB.

  5. £8 million p/a and lacks the guts to rest a player he kept saying is in the red zone….and he still has the nerves to say it publicly Sanchez wants to play, who is the boss and decision maker in the team, players?
    ….disgraceful, absolutely!

  6. Alexis, Cazorla, Coquelin,…. Uh Oh!
    And I thought Walcott was suposed to be back after the international break?

  7. @blastgunners,the same could be said about your brigade,a lot of you(yes@ fatboy gooney that includes you:))choose only to comment on articles following a defeat/injuries to one of our players,the fact that you rejoice in our team,s misfortunes says it all!!@blastgunner the silence from my part is not due to a lack of arguments but to the simple fact that i,m tired of trying to explain how unfounded,weak…your comments are the same way i,m, tired of reading the same old invalid arguments being used,rehashed,borrowed from some sites like caughtoffside or some lazy pundits who love to use the same old cliches without anything to back it up!!you would have to excuse me for any typing,grammatical mistakes with english not being my mother tongue,MERCI,UP THE GUNNERS AND IN ARSENE WE TRUST:))

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