Relax! Arsenal boss will reject transfer bid for Cazorla

No way Arsenal will sell Cazorla to Atletico by DN

I know that Arsene Wenger still has to balance the books at Arsenal and so as long as the current ownership stays the same, the Frenchman is never going to have the sort of resources available to his main rivals like Mourinho, van Gaal and Pellegrini.

So I suppose you could say that every Arsenal player has his price, but I cannot see the Spanish club Atletico Madrid making a transfer bid of a big enough value to persuade the boss to sell his Spanish star Santi Cazorla. The midfielder may be 30-years old now and his contract may be running into the last couple of years, but he is so important to the manager’s plans that I expect him to tell Diego Simeone to take a long walk off a short pier if the Argentinean does make contact about a summer transfer.

Wenger has often spoke about his admiration for the abilities of our little magician and he has backed that up by making Cazorla’s name one of the first on the team sheet, week in and week out. He has often preferred Cazorla to Ozil in the number 10 role and has now started preferring him to Ramsey in the box to box role and those are two of the very best players we have.

The prof wants that Premier League title and he knows that having Cazorla will make that a lot more likely to happen, so unless Atletico or anyone else comes up with an obscene offer, our Spanish superstar is going nowhere.

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    1. Eh…. U mean, “Cazorla stays, period.”
      There’s “period” and there’s “period”. Duh!

    2. Off Topic: kindly permit me to go off topic. Did Danny Welbeck get FA Cup medal the last time we won the trophy? Anybody with useful info should kindly be of help


      Just this two and Arsene Wenger can shut the Transfer Door..

    1. The kid’s spent the majority of the time on the injury table. Signs are pointing towards him going to France for a season and there’s no problem with that.. Literally has no baring whatsoever on the first-team budget or wages. Cross your fingers for some luck with his injury troubles, he still may surprise.

      1. Is Arsenal a lab or a hospital???

        By the way, how well did he perform at “the Palace”???

        You say “signs are pointing”. What signs??? But the way, injury has always been his thing.

        1. If I remember right, he only scored one goal at Palace and barely played. If he can’t get into their team, I don’t see him having any future in ours.

          1. I wonder what the problem is with some fans. They just feel Arsenal is where any sh*ty player can come and be given the chance to try himself.

            If it’s crap, put it away.

            1. Haha and there’s no-one in the first-team currently that you’ve felt were ‘sh*ty’ at some point??

          2. I made the point down lower.. But Coquelin was struggling to find his place in a team far weaker than palace. Or the season prior filling in mainly as an emergency fullback. Was either of those loans indicative of his first-team production for us that followed??

        2. Oh please… How was Coquelin’s loan last season or first half of this season? He went from struggling to break into a lower league first-team to a key piece of our set-up literally overnight.
          And tell me the honest truth, were you a believer in Ramsey when his form and confidence was rock-bottom in his slow and painful recovery from injury?? Or a believer that Koscielny would one day be on Real Madrid’s shopping list when he was the most error prone CB in the league?? One of his errors cost us a trophy in the middle of our looong, painful drought… For some strange reason that’s all but forgotten.
          Yes, we’ve evolved past the academy for promising youth or taking risks on players with potential upsides. But I never suggested keeping him at the club or on our injury table. These calls for ‘sell him! sell him now!’ as though he’s the worst ever player to put on the shirt are simply unfounded. Truth is a few seasons ago he was regarded as an incredibly promising young striker, his development has been stifled due to a bad run with injuries, but there have been players in similar positions who’s luck has changed.
          Worst case scenario he goes on loan and he has another season plagued by injury and we lose a few hundred thousand off our asking price. Best case scenario is he gets some first-team action and there’s a better opportunity to evaluate him as a player. Might even jack his price up a bit, all while having no impact on our first-team or wage bill…

  1. Right now, Cazorla is one of the best midfielders in the world and we would be stupid to let him go for ANY price, UNLESS we bring in another younger midfielder with his abilities. Even though we have Ramsey, Wilshere, Zelalem etc, they are NOT Cazorla and will never be. He is a very unique and vital player at the moment. Only sell him if we can find an adequate replacement straight away, otherwise the answer is NO.

    1. That’s why I always keep saying we wasted a 42m to bench or best player the season before (Cazorla), that money should have been spent where it was needed (ST and CB) … By the way I still rate my Cazorla far higher than Ozil …
      I know that’s a past but I’m still gutted, 42m is huge, we would have sign someone like Suarez (adding few couple of millions), Lewandowski …
      I support all my Arsenal players Cazorla, Ozil and even Giroud when at the pitch, but hey this a forum not a stadium …

      1. Well no… We didn’t spend the money to bench our best player. Santi’s been producing arguably his best form at our club while playing in a deeper role and Ozil’s playing in his preferred position with a lot of creative and positional freedom between the two.
        Barca have arguably the best player in the world.. But they didn’t buy Suarez to bench him, he can influence the game just as heavily in multiple positions, just like Cazorla.

        People get so caught up in players only competing or performing in one position they neglect that fielding our strongest team possible is the priority. I think Theo will be a key example of this next season. He’s shown promise as a striker, but if Giroud and Walcott are both firing Theo will most likely start on the right so we can field two of our most dangerous players together if they’re both in form. As with Ozil and Cazorla, they can both play CAM, but Cazorla’s more suited to the deeper role, they were both in great form so it obviously made sense. If one of them drops off though, Ramsey and Wilshere are more suited to the deeper position etc…

    1. Frankly, Artea must never start games ahead of St. Santi. All Arteta does is play like a crab: Side side, backwards, side side.

    2. FYI Every team wants to sell their older players. That makes their transfer value virtually zero.

  2. offtopic, I got a lot of dislikes for recommending we sign Mario goetze a couple of posts ago and I’m curious to know why many of you feel we don’t need him. Wenger said he will only buy players who Will add quality to the team. is he not a quality player who can become world class? Bayern have bought Douglas Costa so its the perfect time for us to get him.

    1. In your mind, I’m sure Mario Gotze is either a DM or a “world-class” striker”.

  3. Wizardry…

    Gotta love your thinking…. Gotze, “who can become world class”. Haha, maybe you haven’t seen him play, maybe your knowledge of the game isn’t all that up to scratch, but Gotze IS world class.
    He will not be sold by Bayern Munich. If he does, rest assured it will be to maybe PSG, Barcelona or Real Madrid who will pay his massive demand in wages.
    Sometimes though, (answering the actual post) it isn’t the wish of the manager, it is the respect and wishes of the player, as we saw with Cech.
    Santi has already stated he wishes to see his playing days out in Spain, so if it isn’t this season, it may be next. And i think, with Wenger respecting Cazorla probably just as much as Abromovich respected Cech, it may be a similar scenario of letting the player leave for a respectable fee as he comes to the end of his career in England, and respecting his wishes. As sad as it is to see him go, we have players that’ll step up in Wilshere, and even Coq who with another season under his belt will only get better.

    1. Or keep Cazorla and just buy Reus anyways. We could afford him with or without player sales. It’s the convincing him to join part that would be the difficult bit of the deal.

  4. I’m not disappointed with any of our transfer business so far (though I think we should’ve got at least £4m for Podolski), I’m just impatient for us to act faster. Yes the transfer window has just opened, but the season starts with the community shield game in less than a month. I’d rather we buy sooner so that everyone has a chance to settle in…

    1. I think wenger is waiting for a big player that requires pieces moving before him. Wenger is waiting for the domino effect like ozil

  5. I believe Wenger will only accept a massive bid for Cazorla. It does no good to sell a needed player only to turn around and try to find another to replace him. So the bid would need to be VERY big – if so, they would sell.

  6. Reports suggest we are in for Pedro? So is Walcott moving up to CF or he is moving out of the club? if we get Pedro, keep our current crop of players and add a worldclass DM we have a good chance of winning the epl.

    1. The completely unreliable transfer rumor machine has offered another completely unsubstantiated transfer rumor (about Pedro) and you are confident enough in it to contemplate what to do when he arrives?

      According to the transfer media machine Arsenal have already signed about 60 players this summer and have put in bids for 80 others. Which ones should we plan for???

    2. I could see us moving for Pedro. Great work-rate, never shies away from his defensive duties and obviously a dangerous player. It’s those sort of players who don’t seem to take long to adjust to the PL which should be a priority as we need players who can contribute right away. We’re a forward short IMO, he could definitely play a role for us. Not as glamorous as other names mentioned, but read the way Barca fans speak of him, a lot of respect!
      In reference to Theo, no. He has proven to be a very dangerous player at RW and has obviously shown promise at striker. He’ll be competing for both positions.

  7. They say there is no smoke without fire. I am just wondering if this Diego Simeone’s purported likely bid for Santi Cazorla is not being conjured up by the media to make it looked as if there is a smoke smoking. What fire is burning at Ateletico Madrid that will make Simeone to be looking for Cazorla at a cost of £25-30m to help him quench it? Maybe there is one burning that I wouldn’t be privileged to know. Will Arsenal sell Cazorla for the right price to Ateletico? Would Arsenal not mind if Cazorla left? Is Cazorla an indispensable Gunner at Arsenal? Are Arsenal having a plan to bring-in a better than Cazorla? All these 4 questions need answers. But we can’t answer them. So we wait to see what is going to happen. But whatever happens, let it happened in the overall interest of Arsenal.

    Santi is not for sale; he has a lot do in our club. I want him to win PL and CHL. Without santi things will be more complicated

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