Relax Arsenal it’s Liverpool in danger from Man United

I know that Arsenal fans will be disappointed if the Gunners finish in fourth place in the Premier League again, but maybe we should be a bit more grateful for the fact that Arsene Wenger has always kept us in that Champions League spot, even though it has been by the skin of our teeth at times.

If you need any further reason to be proud of record, look at Liverpool who have not been able to dine at Europe’s top table for five years. And then look at Man United, whose fall from grace was so big that they didn’t even make the Europa League.

So while I an hoping and feeling quietly confident, especially after yesterday’s stirring victory at high flying Aston Villa, that Arsenal can go at least one place better this season, I will be fairly happy if we finish in the top four again.

The main threat to that is the new Man United, boosted by some stellar signings and without the pressure of midweek European games to worry about. But that easire fixture schedule is the reason why Liverpool were able to stay fresh, keep the same starting XI and go on such a great run in the latter half of last season. But now their boss has admitted that they are unlikely to repeat that this time.

At the same time, the Gunners were ravaged by injury and fatigue and it so nearly cost us, but we are used to it and Brendan Rodgers and his team are not. They are already struggling and have only played one UCL game. So Arsenal fans can relax, because if Man United bounce back into the top four, and I think they will, it will be the scousers who miss out, not the Gunners.

Updated: September 21, 2014 — 11:57 am


  1. I would rather have Liverpool/ Everton hell even Spurs rather than United.

    Come on Lesctier don’t spoil my week.

    1. lol just been spoiled

        1. boy do i feel stupid lol

          1. hahaha 3-5 and a red

      1. Well, I guess ou can take it back now. Such goals… Ha ha ha

  2. The Strong compare them self with the Strong, the weak do it with the poor and weak. You sir need to shu the f*** up with our lousy loser mentality.

    I will be happy to end up in the 4th place again, geee what a loser.

    1. Realistically, 3rd place is the best we can hope for this year. If you want to dream go ahead but don’t call realists losers.

  3. I want arsenal to score 80 points or more this season.

  4. Cmon leicester yot can do it

  5. hahahahahaha oh shit

  6. Lol lol lol lol lol man u.
    Cambiaso is still fabulous.

    1. Angel Di CHUTIYA

      1. Ha ha ha.
        Rendy van persie.
        Waayne Rendy. 😉
        Ha ha ha.
        God don’t let this end. Please

      2. “Angel Di CHUTIYA”

        I just can’t stop laughing. Made my day.

        Been a long time since I’ve heard such a term.


        1. And Faltu Falcao

          300k/week and what he does!

  7. Finish them!!!!!

  8. Oh my, please Leicester! United are all mouth. Decent going forward, worse than Tottenham when it comes to defending.

  9. Spurs conceded.
    What a fvuking week.
    God make Chelsea lose, and i promise to be a good boy.

  10. Lol Spuds behind against West Bromwich Albion….:-)

  11. Fook that was close

  12. ahahahahahahahahahahahah

  13. Come Leicester, west brom and man city! 🙂

  14. No Giroud, I'm happy

    Thanks WBA and LEI, keep it up

  15. AAAAaagahahahahahahah to funnyyyy hahahah

  16. Leicester have a 4th!!! Anyine hear van galls pre match speel? I knoe leicester really well ive analysed them several times. Course you have you arrogant twat thats your job you dont have to brag about it, vile man!

  17. No Giroud, I'm happy

    hahahaha, love it LEI 5-3 UTD

  18. 5-3 Leicester. Looking like United will have dropped 10 points already, before they’ve even played a top half side, let alone a top 4 side.

  19. In Moyes they should have trust, hahahaha

    1. Reporters from Sky Sports and the Telegraph had the gall to call ManU the “new Gaalacticos”.

      First, they had RVP, then LVG, now they’re RIP.

  20. what a match-made my week

  21. Penalty for Leicester…..

  22. Blackett suspended, Evans and Jones injured, Smalling only just coming back. Oh dear.. Hahaha

  23. Someone should welcome Falcao, Blind, and Di Maria to Premier League world. This weekend is getting much better. Even the noisey neighbor are loosing.

  24. Yes Leicester! 5-3, cannot believe my eyes! You’re a c*nt Robin, you’re a c*nt.

  25. @mick the gooner. And wr talk about our lack of defesive depth!! Love seeing vg and man u lose 🙂

    1. @Ronny331
      WTF just happened to MU? DiMaria, RVP, Rooney and Flacao leadin the attack and then WHOOOOMP!!!

  26. Arsene please sign tyler blackett, he’s the future england captain hahahahahaha* I’m just kidding o*

  27. No Giroud, I'm happy

    Come on City, do us some favor and smash the arrogant manager. Someone has to break chelsea momentum
    City fan only for 90 min

  28. Just saw a rape porn!! And the lack of moaning was fulfiled by my manu fan friends!! XD

    1. OT!!!
      Big Ups to Leicester. Thats what you f**kn call FIGHT…

  29. Goes to show how much defense is important. No matter you have ronaldo and messi in the same team but with sh#t defense you are not gonna win anything..We are all laughing but at the same time I dread the day when our defensive bubble bursts!! Hope it never comes to that.

    1. @Invincibles49
      Exactly. And all that “World Class” players BS don’t mean a damn thing. How many WC players do Leicester have. Yet they made some world class dudes look ordinary on the day…

  30. Chelsea have hard games coming up against City,Villa,Arsenal and Crystal Palace, I don’t think they will get more than 7 points in those four games.

    1. i believe they will win all 4 games

      1. Villa and Palace are bogey teams for them, they were last season. Both home and away Villa and Palace gave them good games and took points from them. But then again there is no Pulis at Palace this time round.

        1. If we beat Chelsea, your prediction comes true. But I don’t see that happening.

  31. hahaha look at van gaals wiki

    1. Big ugly slab faced tw@t

  32. Analyse that van gall 🙂 man u the arsenal of last year? Strong offensively but likely to ship many goals.

    1. Actually they are like liverpool, even liverpool managed to hold until a draw.

  33. Arsenal winning man u losing, (badly) spurs losing 🙂 just need city to beat jose and my weekends made 🙂

  34. Hahahahahaajahahhahahahahaha
    Where’s Hafiz now?

  35. Wow couldn’t imagine this weekend unfolding like this.
    Liverpool lost
    Man Utd lost
    Spurs lost
    City vs Chelsea? Someone has to give and hopefully it’s Chelsea honestly.
    Yet I’m sure come Monday critics will find a way to down Arsenal and turn a blind eye to the rest…

    1. @JAmerican
      Pundits will probably claim the Man U players had a virus or something dodgy in their water bottles…Lmfao

      1. Yeah and just suddenly after the half time.

  36. At the end of the season it will be tight for top four. Any of these clubs will compete for the 4 spots: chelsea, mc, mu, pool, everton southampton and arsenal.

  37. the look in RVP face at the final whistle made me happy… good night fellow gunners

  38. Welcome Di Maria, Falcao, Blind, Herrera, Rojo and Specially Van Gaal to the Premier League where everything is possible.

  39. City has a nice start. They should capitalise.
    Come on Costa. Pull your hamstring

  40. Great win for leicester in an early relegation battle lol. If we managed our transfers poorly, let’s not even mention united! I believe that the top three will be between us city and chelshit for sure, we’re the least of title contenders but we can make a push and win it, remember it’s the premier league, where magic happens and we have magic players!

  41. Lukaku on fire.

  42. If there was one player i could pry from City.
    It will be Kompany.
    But he loves City too much to leave.

    1. Yeah, he’s brilliant, esp. in premier league games

  43. My simple observation/deduction 30 minutes


    Buy Carvalho or Schenderlien and Fabian
    Scharr and the Gunners have a chance

  44. I am surprised at how little criticism Man U, Pool and Van Gaal get.

    If it were us, we would be crucified.

    5-3 to Lei and we were torn apart for 6-3 to City.

    Maybe we can’t beat the big teams, but you guaranteed more points by beating all the little teams.

    1. Maybe our draw there wasn’t so bad…

      1. No Giroud, I'm happy

        it was really so bad, we didn’t play well that day and also you have to agree LEI was not as good as today

        1. you’re prob right

    2. No Giroud, I'm happy

      The way Wenger repeats his mistakes and not acknowledge others advises and criticisms due to his unlimited stubbornness, makes the media hates and targets us.
      If I’m not Arsenal fan and have a sympathy towards Arsenal, that little sympathy will gone just after end of transfer windows

  45. I hope top four are:

    City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Everton in no particular order.

    Shut Spurs, United and Pool up.

    shut up Owen and Gerrard.

    United would surely not get anymore top playerd

    1. @CraigZWE
      They’ll just pay over the top for more players as well as give them outrageous salaries. Guaranteed to get just about any player out there nowadays. Just ask Shaw, Falcao and DiMaria…

    2. Everton does not have the depth to finish in the top 4. ManU will sort it out and they will buy quality defenders in January.

  46. Dzeko is the weak link in City.
    Toure is having a fabulous game.

  47. OMG, David Silva.. What a player…

  48. Fabulous Fabregas.

    Terminator Toure

    moaning Mourinho

  49. thumbs up Silva
    thumbs down Ozil

  50. Man…..I hate the sight of that snake Mourinho.
    Pellegrini seems like a good guy.
    Mike Dein is an ass.

  51. You just know Mike Dein is gonna waste this game with a red card…assh0le just loves himself

  52. Hahaha Man U fans blaming poor officiating on their loss. Bout time they feel how we feel year in year out

    1. @CraigZWE
      LMFAO. They even got 6mins of “Fergie Time” and still couldn’t take care of business….

      1. fergie time haha, never heard that one

  53. After the Lei v Man Utd game, makes you laugh at some prats on this forum who were moaning about Arsenal killing the game against Villa after they went 3-0 up….professional.

  54. city should of had 2 penalties already this game.

    hope this does not decide game

    1. ivanovic is lucky

  55. Looks like a 0-0 boys.

    1. good game tho’

    2. Long time to go, and city is controlling the game!

    3. Maureen’s going for the same result as last season.
      There’s still hope. Mansour City is pressing hard.

  56. city dominating.
    It going to be tough going there, but we should just park the bus Chelsea style

    1. Mourinho played two CDMs to park the bus. We don’t even have one.

  57. InWengerImlosingTrust

    Arsenal win big away
    Spuds lose
    United lose to Leicester 5-3
    Liverpool lose
    Chelski v Citeh?

    Anything but a Chelski win would make this a PERFECT weekend

  58. We are a matic/fernando and cahil/kompany away from being contenders. I think chelsea will win the pl this year, prolific going forward when they want to, but able to professionally park the bus when needed. They have the experience and players to do this for 90 mins we dont 🙁

  59. Costa being bossed.
    Fancy a Yaya long shot to win it

  60. Knew it….Dein just can’t resist it…what a tit

  61. dean you screw up, he took the fing ball

  62. now chelsea for the win. costa goals or by playing dirty is winning games for chelsea

  63. This ref, he screws up so often how can he still have a job.

    1. Misses two penalties then soft sending off…twat

  64. Nice gesture from Zabalate joining palms in forgiveness from the fans.

    Loved it.

    Sagna on.

  65. Break a leg Bac, hahs

  66. Hahaha… 3 Defensive mids on the pitch for Chelsea!? Hahaha… The bus is back!

  67. Joe Hart Sucks….

  68. Fcuk it. Now i am off to sleep.

  69. Fack it and fack schurle!

  70. Fck u Dean, if this not fixed then I don’t know what is.

    Dean in Mou’s pocket

  71. like i said chelsea have the title in the bag

    1. Why not in the garbage? Remember the beginning is not the End. The game just began…

  72. Not even a dirty game…that baldy twat who never got picked for a team at school walking about smirking….wasted a perfectly good game.

  73. Wish we could swap chelseas defensive coach with ours, fack it I hate chelsea and mou tactical masters though.

  74. Hope Costa doesn’t score against any big teams this season.

  75. Fatttttttttt Frankkkkkkkkkkkkkk!



    1. hAHAHAHA their “legend”
      HAHAHAHAHA i can’t breath hahahahahahaha

  78. Lampard scores against his Motherland!!!!!

  79. OMG Lampard scored….

  80. Mourinho suckin a lemon haha


  82. Hahahaha Lampard just scored. Weekends like this is why I love football.

  83. Frankiiiii, noooooooooooooooooo, ahaahahah

  84. And my weekend is complete, lampard you facking beauty!! Let’s remember this weekend gooners. Looking forward to motd tonight.

  85. Perfect weekend.

    We just need to beat Spurs and Chelsea and we in it till January and hopefully Wenger strengthens

  86. Pretty good weekend.

  87. Martinez is hardly covering himself in glory.

    1. @RVP
      Yeah. WTF happened there?

      1. His last bit of ‘magic’ was way back in April when he beat us.

  88. I think sitting here knowing that we can’t win the EPL after all the years gone says a lot about the board and about AW. I don’t think he has any class left. Yes AW runs the club top to bottom and even makes tea yep it’s true he gets up and makes tea lol but it’s time he did deans old job and get a young coach to run the team. I don’t no who maybe a Dutch striker that once played for this once great team

  89. All results this weekend have been perfect for us. Spuds losing, Everton losing, Liverpool losing, MU losing, MC and Chelski drawing and us winning. I couldn’t have written it better. WOW!! We were the only ones out of the clubs in Europe (excluding MU of course) to have won!

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