Relax Arsenal – Podolski WILL improve like Ozil

The two Arsenal players that came in for the most criticism from the Capital One Cup defeat by Southampton on Tuesday were Tomas Rosicky and Lukas Podolski. Both players were below par but I think we were more disappointed by them because we expect much better from them, especially as they were the old guard and should have led the way for the youngsters.

But let’s not condemn them just yet Gooners and I am going to focus on the German striker. After all, Podolski has seen very little action yet this season, just two sub appearances totalling 27 minutes in the Premier League. Don’t forget that Podolski was a World Cup winner with Germany this summer, even though he did not play all that much.

The same things Arsene Wenger was saying about Mesut Ozil taking time to get over Brazil, both mentally and physically can also be said of Podolski. And he has not had the playing time that Ozil has had to get match fit and sharp. He did at least get a good run out in the cup and that should really help.

People forget that the 29-year old forward was impressive for the Gunners last season despite suffering a long term injury early on. His stats per 90 minutes were great and he scored some crucial goals for us, including three from four FA cup games to help Arsenal break the trophy drought. Give him a chance and he will do so again.

I expect Wenger to start with Cazorla or Chamberlain on the left tomorrow, but would not be surprised to see Podolski come on, especially if we need a goal. So come on Arsenal fans, give him the same chance we gave to Ozil.

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  1. Podolski has the Arshavin syndrome. He seems like he doesn’t give a f*ck. The only difference is, Arshavin was a lot more talented than he is.

    1. lukas saw himself being girouds understudy last year.
      this window just gone- wenger was trying to sell him and his agent was getting offers from all over.his agent even talked about it.

      how would you feel after all that- he looks like hes not bothered an unwanted because…he is!!
      always been very fond of the prince but i dont see him retaining any sort of decent form after all that happened-

      transfer window was very hit an miss for me

      1. I understand what you mean. I wouldn’t be confident either if I were in his position. That’s my opinion about him though. I’m not saying he’s useless by the way.

        1. you said he plays like he doesnt care. Which means he is useless then. Podolski always looks lost when he plays as a striker for us. Its nothing new and not surprising he played poorly that game.

  2. Podolski is a great asset, He never was a 25 goal a season guy, we have got what we paid for whats the problem! brilliant squad player.

  3. Podolski won’t get as much gametime as Ozil though. In terms of wingers, Poldi is behind Ox, Alexis, Cazorla, Theo (when he comes back). He’s only ahead of Campbell honestly. Truthfully I like Podolski, but I have no clue why he didn’t leave this summer when he had one foot out the door. Someone obviously told him he wasn’t needed, until Giroud got injured that is. But it still doesnt change the fact Arsene doesnt exactly rate him. I wont be surprised if he leaves in January. I think he is a valuable squad player, who can score out of nowhere when played on the left, but he’s simply not going to get a lot of chances to play anymore.

    1. and as for the League Cup match, he played as striker. Most of us already knew Podolski can’t play there for us.

  4. India spends 75$ million and reach Mars.
    Manchester United spends 200$ million and can’t reach top of the table.;)

  5. I like Podolski, I think he has a good personality. But he seriously disappointed on Tuesday. I was screaming for him to get subbed off, as he just wasn’t bringing anything to the game. I don’t even recall him touching the ball many times in the game.

    I’m sure Wenger would’ve told him with performances like that, he shouldn’t expect much, if not, any game time this season. I want Podolski to do well, as with all our players, but I can’t see him last too much longer at Arsenal. I’ll give it to the end of the season – if Wenger doesn’t sell him, I reckon he’ll leave.

  6. Great thing about our #9 is that he always has a smile on his face and loves to take pics and upload them on instagram and tweeting about how great life is @ the emirates. I mean who wouldn’t be happy if they got £100k p/w knowing that his boss thinks that he is a clinical finisher and can score at will while doing nothing all game… Pisses me off that our players can get away with CONTINUOUS BAD FORM and GET AWAY WITH IT! We need a more dynamic LW people, Podolski & Carzola aren’t cutting it.

  7. I bet most of the critics were the same person who stated Ozil being not valuable and should be sold.

  8. Poldoski has not been impressive, its somehow after Giroud injury, he should’ve been replacement, I can’t imagine Sanogo ahead of him. With 100k a week, he should leave.

  9. I appreciate all their hard work and loyalty BUT I think that if Podolski, Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky do not show more quality then it may be time to part ways next summer.

    We shouldnt keep them out of loyalty or being cheap. We need to be smart and keep players who maintain a certain level of quality.

    For example, I think we could sell Podolski, loan Sanogo and purchase a top quality forward like Reus, Draxler or Cavani.

    We could off-load Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky, then still have Diaby, Wilshere, Chambers, maybe promote youngsters from Academy and buy a top quality midfielder like Carvalho, Khedira, Bender etc

    1. Of the 4 you listed, (Poldi, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky). Arsenal really only need 2 players to supplement the squad for injuries, subs etc. 2 players could be let go today and not really hurt the club.

      No sense trying to count on Diaby for anything. He could be the most talented player in Europe but wasting 8 years hoping he can someday play is not a good trade-off.

      Wenger has stated that Diaby is his DM plan – probably the most shocking and irresponsible thing he has ever said. First, Diaby is never available. Second, Diaby has never shown the ability to act as DM so it would be a total gamble.

    1. Seriously, when has Poldi been given a chance. This season, almost nothing. Last season he was used during the major injury period and performed very well – best scoring record in the club. So I don’t really understand the issues around Poldi.

  10. i actually see some players out of the squad moving on, the recent cup match was a good avenue for them to get some game time, no since we are no longer a part of that competition , i envisage about 3-4 senior players moving on from now to the end of the season, i am referring to our senor players some still have the ability to contribute in the top leagues, but do not have youth going for them, so january we might see some moving on, but definitely end of season

  11. Another over-rated player just like Baloteli.Loved by the fans who keep insisting is world class but never does anything extra-ordinary.To me Podolski whatever his records should not be on the left wing of any big team vying for trophies.That is if u understand what modern wingers do best which Podolski can’t do.

    1. Best finisher in the league and best goal to appearance ration in the club last season and you think that is “over-rated.”

      2 seasons back Poldi was LEADING THE LEAGUE in assists until the genius Wenger benched him. And you think that kind of performance is “over-rated.”

      1. 2 seasons in a row leading the league in a major statistic and you think that is being “over-rated.”

      2. He does not get any credit at all so it is virtually impossible for him to be over-rated. He is only trashed from ignorant fans like you.

      3. You have a thing or two to learn about football. Go get a book – “Basic Football for the Complete Beginner.”

  12. Arsenal cannot be living on yesterday’s feeding. They would want to eat daily to remain strong. £I00K/week for getting us knocked out in Capital One Cup tournament? No! Podolski and Rosicky are not serious with their job or are no longer capable of playing at the top level. I think the boss has made a mistake for not selling Lukas this summer. Even as Giroud got sideline, what difference has Podolski made to Arsenal games? And Rosicky only contribution was to give away a penalty to Southampton to make sure we were knocked out. Call a spade a spade, let the boss do away with those two redundant players in January and relive Arsenal of their combine £190k/week wage bill. In all honesty, the Summer will be too far to get rid of them.

  13. Poldi is great but not likely at the point in his career for significant improvement. If Wenger gives him playing time, however, he will perform. If Wenger uses him once every 2 months, he is a waste.

  14. You can even compare him to Messi because u are one of his fan boys but the fact is, a great player does not need a run of games to prove what he can do.Wenger benches him for a reason and when he gets an opportunity he really proves Wenger right.

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