RELAX! Here´s why Arsenal will NOT lose Ramsey!

There are a lot of Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds today that have been striking fear into the hearts of Arsenal fans everywhere. The suggestion that the Gunners could be set to lose our Wales international star Aaron Ramsey also brings back the horrible recent memories of losing players like Fabregas, Nasri and van Persie without being able to much to stop it.

The fact that it is the Catalan club Barcelona that The Guardian reports being keen on Ramsey as a long term replacement for their aging genius Xavi Hernandez is not good. Neither is the claim that they are ready to offer Arsene Wenger around £50 million for our midfield maestro and obviously tempt him with a hefty wage hike and with the chance of great trophy success.

But I am here to tell you not to panic Gooners because Rambo is going nowhere. For one thing, this is exactly why Wenger made sure all our top young players were tied to long term contracts and the situation with Ramsey and the Frenchman is pretty special as the prof was the one who continued to believe in him when the fans and media rated him about as highly as Emmanuel Frimpong.

Also, it now seems as though Barcelona have almost completed the signing of the Borussia Dortmund and Germany star Ilkay Gundogan. The Daily Mail reports that Gundogan has already passed a medical with the newly crowned champions of Spain so we can breathe easy again.

I do think it would be a good idea to give Rambo another extension and a pay rise to take him at least level with Theo Walcott on around £100,00 a week to make sure he is not tempted by another club. Don’t you?

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  1. Wenger on if Sterling comes with too much baggage: “I’m not sure it is the player who is the problem.”

    1. So who’s the problem?

      By the way, do we really need Sterling? If Sterling comes, one of Walcott, OX and Gnabry would have to leave. Are we prepared to make that sacrifice?

      1. We don’t need Sterling at all,we need to focus on world class players not over hyped english youngsters who get paid more than they are worth,Wenger must hit the South American market those players come with work rate not only talent and look at Sanchez as an example even if he doesn’t score in a game you appreciate his effort because he gives 100%!

        1. arsenal must keep theo we need his experience + by the time sterling is 24-25 he wil leave us for sure enough of kids need experience

          1. Leo – reckon you are optimistic with the 24-25 – he will score 6 or 7 goals for us and he will try his luck with Real or Bayern after the first season. I’m sure we would be stepping stone material for the kid.

      2. I agree with you Twig, I especially do not want to lose Theo, he is now becoming the player he was before his injury at Spurs

        My seat is at the North End, and so I can watch ‘off the ball’ players

        On Wednesday night he only was on for about 15 or 20 mins but he was threatening , he makes great runs behind the back four , at first they kept playing the ball down Sanchez side, but when they did pass it to Theo, he did well. I know he didn’t score, but I he had been on longer I think we would have scored.

        I have watched him waiting for a pass in good positions, but I think we do try to play too much ‘up the middle’

        I would hate to see him at another club

        1. I am glad to read someone else who wants to keep Theo and seen Theos movements like I have ^.^

          I think he could be the CF we want, we are not throwing in crosses anymore for Giroud with Alexis being right footed and liking to cut in so much along with Ramsey playing on the right… Not exactly the kinda guy who will run it to byline and whip in a cross.

          Theo makes smart runs along the back line, drifting offside for short moments and getting himself onside when it counts, I think he could really open up the opponants by streching them and as such create chances for others just by his movement alone.

          I was hoping that Giroud would of been rested in the last game and Theo given a chance, Giroud tends to go through dry periods after he has played a number of consecutive games… and it has happened again.

  2. Ramsey on 100k a week, Theo too, right??? Great!!! Just great!!! FFS, these guys are merely average. We could get far much better players and give them that, or even slightly lesser sum per week.

    Hello!!! It’s now gonna rain “thumbs down”!!!

    1. In other countries world class players like Modric,Schweinsteiger,Reus etc are the ones on 100k weekly wages but it seems in England every over-hyped english player must be on 100k,Walcott is over hyped,Sterling is over hyped it is no wonder the England national team has won nothing it’s full of unworthy players who are given unnecessary superstar status!

      1. That’s the truth. These guys are made to think they are indispensable. The FA cup is good, very good, but not all so good enough that it’s all we have to our name so far. We have not won the EPL in a century, the last time we came second was when Jesus walked on water. Here we are making average players earn what actual world-class guys should take home.

        1. Look at Arsenal’s so called english core of Wilshere,OX,Theo,Gibbs every season these players spend more time injured than on the pitch,if I include Welbeck and Chambers you’ll realise none of them have made it to 20 premier league games,the only thing they’re good for is increasing our home grown quota!

  3. Looks like Barcelona are treatnig their transfer embargo properly, despite losing 2 appeals…

  4. wenger also confirmed all his players want to stay,if new players will be added then sell those On loan or extend their contract,release those dead woods who are out of contract to create space in the squad.Any player who comes to arsenal must be WC except Morgan scheiderin(we know him)otherwise we have enough average players

  5. Lose Ramsey? Good one. Come on, no one actually believed that story did they? Even if Barca were that desperate to get him they still have a transfer ban…

  6. Barca won’t be able to do any business this summer, because of the embargo. It doesn’t mean that they won’t be on the look for players and no matter what is said by some here Rambo is showing the quality to attract there attention. Last season, his link up play with Ozil (who is genuinely a World class player) was superb, especially in the final third. Also Rambo has a huge motor, which can drive a team forward.

    While I love Arsenal, and have for many years, I can genuinely understand why a player would want to play for Barca, as they are a team of genuine superstars. If he goes, and proves he is in the same league as people like Neymar, Suarez etc etc (I left out Messi as he’s one of a kind) I would be pleased for the lad.

    1. i agree,but in reality this story is aload of rubbish,we all know Ramsey isn’t good enough to play for Barcelona,he’ll end up on the bench just like Song an Hleb

  7. “brings back the horrible recent memories of losing players like Fabregas, Nasri and van Persie without being able to much to stop it.”

    Geeez, there seems to be a new writer on this website, the recent stories are really exposing this fact.

    Not one Arsenal fan would be worried about teams making a move for any of out players today. We can and will pay 250k per week if necessary, meaning we can match wage offers made by rivals. We can turn down 60 million for a player because we can offer more than this for players today WITHOUT SELLING.

    All Arsenal fans know this. Why doesn’t the new writer?

    I would absolutely take Sterling in a heartbeat and let Walcott go to Liverpool. In ten Premier League seasons Walcot has been absent for 5 seasons and 6 games. I want a winger who plays the bulk of a season so we don’t have players like Ramsey, Cazorla and even Ozil wasted covering for Walcott. Sterling is not injury prone, he has the constitution to play English football unlike the weak Walcott. Also Walcott is a Liverpool fan. The harm Walcott does to our season by being absent is a massive amount more than the benefit he gives in his 10 appearances per season.

    Walcott is at the age when he should be at his prime, the finished article. But with the 5 seasons worth of Premier League games he has missed, this gives him the experience of a 22 year old player. Fu(k him, turf him out and let him be eternally recovering from injury at the KOP instead, after all they’re used to that crap with Owen and Sutton.

    Walcott is just a 100k per week Diaby. Something needs to be done about it. Sterling is as good as Walcott is now, he is better than what Walcott was at Sterling’s age. Sterling will not be injured most of every season, Sterling will be picked for England over Walcott too – I hope so. Sterling was one of out best players in the World Cup last Summer

    Sorry for the rant, my patience with Walcott is ended. He didn’t help his cause with the reluctance to sitgn ‘da ting’ AGAIN!!! … and it’s true regarding him being missing for over 5 seasons out of 10.

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