Relax! The new Arsenal players just need time to gel..

Chill! by TB

I don’t understand you JustArsenal members. Someone help me out here, because I seem to remember this time last year we were laughing at Spurs when they signed all those players in the same window – and their players struggled to gel. What did you guys expect would happen to us?

I don’t understand this divine right Arsenal fans seem to have over their team. Every team has this problem when they sign so many players in one window. The last time Chelsea did it, they came 6th if I recall properly. We signed 6 players this window, and if you include Campbell, that’s seven players that need to be incorporated into the team. Not just the team, but the first team. In fact, many of them have a case of being in the starting lineup. Why the need to be so negative when the truth is, things could have been much much worse? I mean have none of you ever played a team sport before? Why must we blame someone, we can’t we just use logic and rationalize?

Last season was our best season in years. Almost a decade in fact! It’s no coincidence that we only signed two players in last summers window. The team chemistry due to continuity in the team was plain for all to see and we were playing brilliantly even before we signed Ozil. He just helped amplify what we already had. That being said, the potential that has been shown in this team should be really encouraging to us fans! I was as pissed as anyone we didn’t beat spurs, but suddenly, we all think we’re crap? Alexis has been brilliant for us. Absolutely brilliant….individually! He’s going to be massive for us. That ace we need in tight games, like against Besiktas or against City.

However, it’s no coincidence that our best flowing game came when he wasn’t on the pitch. As brilliant as he has been individually, he is still struggling to adapt to our style, and we are still struggling to adapt to his. If you think back to his goals, all but one has been one borne out of instinctive play by him. He isn’t getting on the end of many team moves because his style is very different to ours. In the end, when he settles, he will be a gem for us, of this there is no doubt, but we need to be patient. The present first 11 has only been together 4 weeks and we will still need to incorporate Walcott.

Yes the window wasn’t perfect, and by that I mean I was super pissed when we didn’t buy a centreback, but seriously, we were happy in the summer for a reason. It’s because the quality of players we have this season has risen significantly over the past two years. Now we can afford to keep Cazorla, or wilshere or even Alexis or Giroud or Walcott on the bench and still field a very very strong team.

Last season at this point, we were top and top for ages and that bred at lot of false confidence and we eventually burnt out. There’s no point peaking early and then fading away later. This team is yet to fully gel and definitely isn’t close to peaking, and yet we’ve faced the Champions Man City, gone to Goodison Park, we’re fourth and we remain unbeaten. We have every reason to believe that we will be able to challenge later in the season when this team fully hits stride.

For now, we just need to keep ourselves in contention while we wait for that to happen.

So chill!

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  1. Finally some perspective! Whoever disagrees with this is a hypocrite. We all laughed at Spurs for signing 7 and we signed 6. I know 4 were replacements but you could argue 7 because of Joel Campbell. They still have to gel together and some panic too much. Wanting a manager sacled after 6 games is a joke. Especially after being 6 points behins Chelsea.

    1. and injuries dont help either. Slotting new players to play instead of Ramsey/Kos will only delay the team building/functioning process. I know its easy to underestimate “team” working, but its very important than just putting individuals together.

    2. 1. Who are you to decide? What if I say whoever disagrees with me is a hypocrite?

      2. To be a hypocrite you must preach one thing and practice another. How do you know who has preached what?

      Despite your post which suggests otherwise, you DO NOT have Truth with a capital T.

    3. If you know your football and the history of this club under Wenger you would dismiss this “gelling thing” as absolute nonsense. Under Wenger we only manage to play better when we are out of most important competitions period. Gelling? my foot!

    4. Before labeling others hypocrites, you should look at the reality of the situation. Arsenal brought in the least amount of players from all PL teams. Besides, how do you explain the lack of defenders, a new DM and a new striker of world class ? There certainly was one available, that went to united. And Carvalho was available ?

      So you are telling us to chill after we threw away the points against Citi, Liecester and Spurs. How we managed to make a dortmund side missing their first squad look like Barcelona in the good days. I’m not buying this.

      Besides stating something like “It’s not good to start well because we will fail at the end” is absurd. I’d always take a start to the season as good as last years.It doesn’t matter in which part of the season you take your points, they always matter. Having the early points helped us finish in the top 4 even though we were losing games left and right at the end.

      No chilling, hard work on the training ground and improvements!

    5. Cool story, but suggesting because we bought 6 new players (fewest in the entire league) is some excuse why we’re stuttering is blatantly ignoring what is seen on the pitch.

      None of the new players have been the issue. Literally none. Alexis has had a great impact, Chambers has been top drawer, Debuchy solid as a rock, Welbz hasn’t lit things up but is better than what Sanogo brought and we can see his upside.

      THE issues are DM (which hasn’t been addressed for 2 years), the defensive depth/argument that Per should be replaced, the 4-1-4-1 system that stinks, the decisions of having having ozil wide and alexis dropped for key games, and the absolute inability to be tactically dynamic or make bold decisions MID-GAME to change the outcome.

      Arsenal have 180mil in cash reserves (next highest in the league 70mil-United), and a comparable wage bill to Chelsea….so why should we be happy that Chelsea are favorites for the title but we are not in the convo unless you’re optimistic (*deluded) in the most extreme? Who does the blame go to when you have 2 rich London clubs that pay top wages, yet one is a favorite for the league and a good bet for the CL final and the other is at best considered 3rd place and knockout stages?

      Meet Arsene Wenger. Man Responsible. He’s got rid of all strong personalities in the team and replaced them with nice guys with limited talent. Don’t agree?

      Invincibles – Toure Imbeciles – Mertesacker
      Invicibles – Parlour Imbeciles – Flamini
      Invincibles – Edu Imbeciles – Arteta
      Invincibles – Henry Imbeciles – Giroud

      Nothing against any of Per, Flam, Arteta, or Giroud….but look at the comparison in terms of ability, but also note personality and desire to win. Just light years ahead 10 years ago where those guys were hungry, determined, aggressive but now replaced with nice guys happy to have a contract at a club like Arsenal. And before people suggest Henry vs Giroud is unfair, I simply applied the best person that fit the criteria of what the player today represents from back then….Giroud is our best Striker, if you don’t like the comparison, the problem lies in that sad fact.

      There’s the issue with the team today, the spine of the team is bang average and not athletic at all. One man to blame for that and that’s Wenger. So chuck your ‘new signings need time’ campaign, it’s not the issue by a long stretch. The above is why people are calling for Wenger AGAIN. Only it’s got to the point now where this one-time Wenger fan has had enough of the same mediocrity. He has done wonders for Arsenal football club and deserves a statue, make no mistake. But his time is up, he’s gone soft and got too cozy, and there’s nobody at that club to challenge him on a professional level.

      1. you restored my faith in the arsenal community. Thank god not everyone believes this “gelling” crap. The team just sucks right now in truth. Wenger the main culprit. Cannot be denied.

    6. Nonsense.
      We signed the least number of players for the top flight teams.
      Last year Spurs signed a lot of non-premier league players who have not flourished in the PL.
      Of the players we signed Chambers, Debuchy and Welbeck have experience in the PL and Sanchez is so good he could play in any league.

      I am not calling for Wenger to go because of 6 games but because of the previous 10 years of mediocrity and bad coaching.
      I have wanted him out for 3yrs +.
      We have played poorly because of Wenger’s mis-management of the transfer windows and his ridiculous one dimensional football and rubbish tactics coupled with playing players out of position.

      Wenger Out!

      1. Why did that get 4 thumb downs?
        Everything I said is 100% true.
        This is exactly why we won’t see the back of Wenger and some success at the club, fans who support him more than they support Arsenal are an issue.

        NO ONE is bigger than this football club.

    7. I am very glad somebody is reasoning well here on justarsenal..I stopped commenting here because of some fans that has become perpetual complainants. It is very irritating to say the least.

  2. Exactly everyone needs to chill out. We are 2 games back and still undefeated after playing spuds, city and Everton. AND we haven’t even clicked yet so imagine when our first xL gels and Walcott comes back.

    Have a little faith and support the team

    1. The Reality:

      Arsenal have 2 wins out of 6 EPL games and 1 CL game.

      1 of the 2 wins only came from a last gasp desperation goal at home vs. Palace.

      Arsenal needed a big come back to pull off a draw vs. Everton – a team now in 15th place.

      Arsenal were spanked by Dortmund, a club with massive injury problems and currently sits in the lower half of the Bundesliga table.

      Arsenal have injuries where they can least afford it, no reliable DM, no defensive backup at all, and Wenger refuses to put any of anyone who can play LW on the pitch.

      Other than that, it all sounds quite promising.

      1. BTW: You can thumbs down all you want. Everything in that comment is pure fact, so you are just giving a thumbs down to reality – the head in the sand syndrome.

        1. nice to see constructive for and against argument
          rather then ‘ wengers a old tw*t etc’
          where have u been? 🙂

  3. To be honest and fair wenger has never had a full squad. Injuries has been our most downfall. If it is a curse I dnt know. But am not a pessimistic rather an optimistic. Looking at d positive after the international break walcot,monreal.gnabry,arteta,and maybe ramsey will be back and only MD and OG will be out. Even if we lose to chelsea it wnt be the end of the world. Sooner or later chelsea will loose form,injuries and etc. So be optimistic. I hv fate in our team let’s say against spurs and crystal palace and mancity if it was last season we would have lst those matches. I blv in d team let us make the 12 man on the pitch today and stop all the negatives. Coyg

    1. dont think rambo will be back that quick bud
      if wenger is thinking 4 weeks its prob 12
      our players dont seem to heal well

    2. He never had a full squad. To have a full squad he needed to acquire a DM, at least 2 more defenders, and a winger he is actually willing to put on the LW. He did not have a full squad because he did not create a full squad.

  4. I have been one of the doubters! I am sorry guy’s? Very good article, I have changed my ways!! Go Gunners!!!.

  5. Southampton lost 5 key
    players but lie second
    so no gelling problems there.
    Arsenals form has been generally
    promising but is not delivering top results yet.
    Two ugly wins, one good win (Villa)
    5 draws and two losses.
    Mind you everyone except Chelsea and Sotn are struggling too.
    Injuries are very concerning and bedding in
    new players is taking time.
    Is this team a genuine ECL title contender
    or a battling 4th place candidate?
    Know one knows. Only time will tell.

  6. I keep reading about the great misfortune of Arsenal’s early-season injuries.

    Injuries are NOT Arsenal’s problem right now. All clubs have injuries, that is why they have backups. But Wenger decided not have defensive backup this season

    Wenger and his stupid decision making are a bigger problem. The Arsenal injuries may actually force Wenger to make some better player assignment decisions. But if you see Ozil or Cazorla on the LW again, we will know Wenger has learned nothing from his mistakes.

  7. Let us take Chelsea and number of their important signings :
    Last season signings : Matic,Schurrle,Willian,Salah,Eto’o plus a returning manager who had an almost new Chelsea squad to handle except a few(Cech,Cole,lamp,terry). Still they almost managed to win the PL title and were big game champions.
    This season signings : Cesc Fàbregas,Costa,Filipe Luis,Drogba,Remy. That is 5 signings this year and yet are spanking the PL already.

    So do not give me this sh#t logic. We are not Spuds for God’s sake , so stop comparing us with them that is they could not gel we should expect us not do to that either. Spuds are still to gel and will do that for next decade , so are we supposed to keep gelling next season too ? We have PL manager who is here for last 17 years, knows each and every in and out of this league and still when he is given 6 new players this season, he starts struggling to get it right.

    If we had signed Costa and World class CDM, we would have gelled from the 1st game only. I hope you are getting my drift.

    Sick of new BS excuses every season.

  8. Chelsea doing well and Southampton. But what about City with all their £££££££s. 1-1 against Roma at home. Will they make it to the knockout stages? For all that money in the EPL we do not seem to produce good ECL teams lately.

  9. Why are people so bothered with the thumbs up and down thing. Make your point and get on with your life

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