Release clause makes THIS keeper Arsenal´s TOP transfer target

If Arsene Wenger agrees with the theory that Arsenal are still looking for a top class keeper like we had in David Seaman or Jens Lehmann, and I suspect that he does, it will still not be an easy task for him to find one in the summer transfer window.

A bit like top quality strikers, there are not enough to go around and all the big clubs want them, which makes it seem a bit unfair that Chelsea have two in Petr Cech and Thibaut Courtois. I would love to see the Czech international come to north London but I just do not trust Mourinho to let the deal happen.

So I think that we need to look elsewhere and it could be that the German Bundesliga has the answer. Not Manuel Neuer unfortunately but his international team mate Bernd Leno of Bayer Leverkusen. The 23-year old has plenty of top level experience, having been the youngest keeper ever to play in the Champions League.

So he´s very good but young enough to improve a lot but perhaps the best thing about him is that, according to Metro, there is a release clause in his contract of about £13 million, meaning that it would simply be a question of persuading him that Arsenal and the Premier League are better options for him.

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  1. Knowing mourinho and his sadistic mind, he would not sell petr cech to his bitter rival namely us!

    1. We need to sign a goalie if and only if Sczeszny leaves.We also need to give Damian Martinez some chance.I don’t think will either of them leave.

  2. Lehmann a top class goalkeeper,` old flappers and punchers` who made a habit of giving the ball to the opposition?

  3. Since March Arsenal fans
    have been quoting stats
    to prove Ospina is the
    best in the league.
    One loss in 11 and Ospina needs to be replaced, Lol.
    Giroud too is the best striker in Europe according to these same stats.
    Coquelin better than Matic, Koz and Mertz the best
    CB pairing in England, Ozil + Sanchez way ahead of Hazard
    Ramsey more influential than Fabregas.
    But one loss and the team needs a complete overhaul 🙂
    City failed to win in four , United lost 3 in a row
    and Spurs knocked over Chelsea. It happens.
    Arsenal qualified for ECL and FA cup final a month
    before the seasons end, we are in cruise mode.
    Coming 2nd not 3rd “proves” nada.
    Good that are expectations have been raised though.

    1. Very refreshing Davidz, i was on the fence and wasnt sure if you could brake from Hafizs vulcan mind meld.

  4. Every season we are looking for gks……

    Wondering what wenger is doing all these years….

    Time for a change

    1. You ain’t Arsenal fan mate. Appreciate the improvement in the team for a change or go and support chelski managed by sadistic Maureen

  5. How do you think guys? In my opinion we should hire klopp for next season for assistant manager or as a coach and have wenger as a manager.. This will help arsenal and klopp because we have seen how moyes failed once ferguson retired moyes was immediately appointed and when u are a manager at big club its not easy to manage club and expectations are high and he did not delivered and man utd failed to get ecl spot and he was sacked.. So in my opinion if we appoint klopp as a coach under wenger then he will closely watch the league and will get the experience and in one year or two when wenger’s contract end and hopefully lift the pl title and retire then klopp will be his successor and then we will build a leagacy unlike man utd and moyes.. So what u guys thinks? Are u agree? Coyg

    1. Lol.
      Arsene likes to be boss.
      The board would not dare
      bring in a successor till
      Arsene says so 🙂


  7. Bring on anything and everything you can find in the internet to this page! Its not like there is any decent stuff to write about.

  8. The main thing is to replace Szcz, i understand support being behind him and he did have a very good season not too long back but at the highest level (not high but highest-big difference) you simply cannot be prone to gifting openings. Imagine for a moment the howler he made in sou, imagine we beat monaco and faced juve before playing madrid.. now imagine that mistake. That mistake up north should be just as damaging as if against madrid using said scenario, simply because we know it aint nor is it going to be a one off. Keepers.. just like every player who has played the game and every person whom has ever lived does and has erred, plenty. The Kamikaze type shit is different though, no need whatsoever and no excuse as far as im concerned.

    Call me harsh, daft, plain wrong, disrespectful or any cursing name you like. The truth in my eyes is – we have been lacking defensively on certain positions at different times for a lengthy number of years. One time or another from CB to either fullback, DM then GK, bench options for sure. I say GK when actually this is the one area we have been lacking the entire period between Lehman to Ospina. Ospina it is too early to tell, that is why i want another new keeper so as to insulate or to double down as they say.

    I am quite happy with our defenders right now.. finally, thanks must also go to the squad and midfielders – team ethic. Now it is time also to double down on Coq, i like Arteta and look forward to seeing how well he does when playing within 2015 AFC.

    I know allot of Gooners out there want upgrades on the likes of Welbeck Wilshere Walcott Per, the thing is when looking for young British talent which club would you say has bettered our own. Wilshere challenges Ramsey – They give good competition and will improve. Welbeck has only been with Wenger one season – How much more would you rate him if he continued in the same length and vein in which Theo did before becoming somewhat of a confident striker. Walcott himself – none of us can quite read whats going on, let him get his fitness then wait and see what is to become of him before getting on his case. Per – Would he be getting the armband if he was not a logical person and capable player. He has a weakness.. a noticeable one. when our unit is intact however there are few who can read a threat better than he.

    If we can get our no1 strike target along with couple of Wenger buys – I believe the whole Gooner nation will be optimistic. That special player for when absolutely nothing is going in or everything is going Terrys Cahills way but then *player* from nowhere fancies a Bergkamp special yeahh!! yeahh!! get in.. pick that one out ya blue sons a bitchez. Come on Wenger get us an Henry Bergkamp Wrighty type inbred halfbreed yolk – please.

  9. Since I’m sure none of you actually watch Leverkusen. He is not any better than anyone we have. He is not that great of a keeper. Really inconsistent and prone to make really really dumb errors. Just like Woj really

  10. How long does Cech have left on his contract?
    When was it last signed?

    Article 17 of Webster Ruling:
    “states that any player who signed a contract before the age of 28 can buy himself out of the contract three years after the deal was signed.”

    If I am not mistaken Cech signed his last contract in May 2012?
    May 2015 is 3 years later…
    Oh it is May 2015.

    Is Cech on aprox £5.2 mil per year? 1 year left…

    I wonder what Roman would do if we offered £10 million? FFP would mean he gets to let Jose have an extra £5mil…

    Just food for thought when reading about future Cech rumors, if he is settled and wants to stay in London then their may be a bit more to it then initally thought. Of course it is still just a rumor.

  11. Your article is a waste of time and lacks substance. This is just Ospina’s first season. The dude was praised before by even so many that are criticising him now. Just because of that one singular mistake against Swansea, them he’s no longer fit to be nr 1. Arsenal fans are quick to want a change even when a player have one bad day. Isn’t it time to start appreciating the improvement in the squad and give this guy’s your full support? At least the club deserve that from true fans.

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