Release clause met, Partey on the plane to London – Fabrizio Romano

Arsenal will finally end one of the longest-running sagas in transfer window history as they have just reportedly agreed to pay the release clause of Thomas Partey.

The Ghanaian has been a target of the Gunners since Mikel Arteta became the club’s manager and they will finally get their man.

The Gunners had been told that they will have to pay his release clause if they want to sign him.

His release clause has been €50m all along and the Gunners have tried everything to sign him without paying that.

The Spaniards remained adamant that Arsenal will have to throw the money at them or forget about signing him.

With only a few hours remaining before the transfer window closes, Fabrizio Romano is reporting that the Ghanaian is on his way to London to join Arsenal after the Gunners triggered his release clause.

He is now racing against time to complete the paperwork and other formalities that will make him an Arsenal player.

The transfer window for English teams transacting with teams outside the country is 11 pm.

Arsenal has just a few hours to go, but they have already done the most important thing, which is paying his release clause and they will hope to unveil him as soon as they can.

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    1. After Partey After Partey go girl.. Ahahhaha I often thought that song was stupid. Its now making a whole lot of sense to me now hhhahha😂😂😂😂😂

    2. We knew we needed him…. Why leave it till this late when we could’ve got done with him & have settle in the Team?
      Arsenal Board is Terrible!

    1. It’s the shithousery I love the most out of this deal.
      Atletico are angry, they had no idea.
      Arsenal didn’t inform them, Arsenal only called TP to tell him they were coming to activate it. Called LaLiga straight, I guess that’s why Tap In Merchant kept saying There would be no deal between Arsenal and Atletico.
      Atletico should even count themselves lucky Arsenal ain’t cancelling the LT deal for all the crap they did. Refusing to be flexible

      1. Surely AM can say “hang on… because of your shithousery we are pulling out of the LT deal and you can continue paying his wages even if you don’t register him?”

        I knew feck all about transfers but I’ve just realised the fella with the yellow tie isn’t on Sky sports anymore. Crikey Talk Sport must pay well 🤑

        1. Lol…. Arsenal hold the cards with LT.
          They could send him to Torino instead.
          Sky Sports themselves are not so far from being Tap in merchants too

          1. Probably right with the amount of poxy adverts.

            Gave up on talk sport years ago and now listening to the millions of arsenal podcasts that are out there. Quite surprised that JA hasn’t done one yet🤔

      2. Finally showing some spine in transfer negociations. who knows we might even keep torreira because seriously we have to pay release claus, no negotiation nothing but they get loan with option to buy. screw them i say

    2. Keep calm guys… Partey isn’t the Messiah. Why did we struggle against Sheffield? I think Arteta needs to tell his team to be a bit Quicker on the ball and decision. And BELLERIN can reduce the back passes, plus the aside-way passes are irritating. Why can’t we be direct and take the game to opponents, invade them till we force them to make errors and conceed early?
      And pleaser DONT START NKETIAH & OR WILLOCK in PL games, if we must take up the points 👍

  1. First part of the medical was done in Madrid, second part is currently underway in London and the deal will be finalized.

    Partey Time

    1. Me too. Still think we are short in the creative midfield department.

      But from the rave reviews about TP and hearing that DC will perform in his preferred role and could possibly reveal his potential. I’m kinda happy. Will have a look at YouTube when this is confirmed.

      So it all could be good and we can push for that illusive top 4.

  2. Arsenal have just triggered Thomas Partey release clause, confirmed by to La Liga. Here we go! Red circle

    Atlético have been informed by Liga – Thomas is in London right now to sign his contract until June 2025 and complete medicals. €50m will be paid immediatly by #AFC. Here we go! Glowing star

    Sweeeeeeeet COYG 🔴⚪

      1. Well I think Gunnersaurus and Arsenal have come to the end of the trail Sue we simply can’t afford to keep him about, but I’m sure he’ll be back when fans come back 😀🦕

    1. Many Many Thanks to Arsenal Board, Edu, Arteta and Fabrizio Romano the reporter for bringing us box to box news on Our major target and making sure that our dream target has come to pass

        1. Depending on what Arteta thinks of him, us that such a bad shout on an incentive laden contract until the end of the year?

          I’m torn

    1. So sad.
      How injuries can frustrate some talent. The likes of Diaby, Douglas Costa, and so on. What a shame. One of the reason the likes of AUBA will always shine because they rarely get injured

      1. Wilshere just tweeted saying he’s been fit for the last 8 months and training hard every day, but not getting a chance to play!
        If you’re not in the manager’s plans, what can you do?!
        Reckon he’ll be snapped up before we know it..

    1. with Partey we can play 3 in the middle, CEBALLOS could be push further up for more attacking role

    2. #Wenger91 Give Ceballos a chance. He will thrive in that department. Playmaking. The guy is that good.

      1. Just imagine if he did……. We would be in meltdown Sue!
        Haven’t been excited about a transfer like this since Sol Campbell joined us!

  3. Partey after partey ,partey after partey after partey after partey.i have just been listening to the song,it was sung by big tril

  4. So now with Partey what now with midfield. We have Xhaka, AMN and Elneny all not on the same level but same type of players so what formation are we going to see. Something to get excited about and point if discussion. I hope we don’t overload the midfiled with similar kind of players, the only forward/creative midfilede we have is Ceballos now. We should definitely be more positive and attacking at home so a triangle of Partey at the base with Ceballos and Saka on each side would be brilliant.

    1. Moshan I think the coach needs to be bold now in his formation and tactics, we will definitely see Willian in the midfield sometimes and Ceballos will play in the number 10role, I think it will be a midfield 3 of Ceballos Partey and xhaka.

    2. Who knows we might even give Ozil a chance. I think a midfield of him, Elneny as Cdm and Partey as defensive B2B is going to be a good fit. Depending on the situations ofcourse.

  5. Well, I won’t comment until its official, because I know Arsenal very well , I don’t want to have heart attack….. Lol

  6. Partey after partey after partey after partey my coutry man aside from Nketia who sucks……had to say but fact is arrivinf at the Emirates great news.

    1. Give him this season bro. A return of around 15 goals all comps wouldn’t be bad. Or we can focus on Martinelli, John jules and Balogun.

  7. Partey after partey after partey after partey my coutry man aside from Nketia who sucks……had to say but fact is arriving at the Emirates great news.

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