Release clause to scupper Arsenal’s top summer target?

For weeks and months we have been seeing a lot of Arsenal transfer rumours suggesting that the first deal of the summer for Arsene Wenger could be the capture of the Switzerland international midfield star Granit Xhaka. But the latest stories in the football media have thrown a big question mark over his move to north London.

The reports had continued and become more detailed until just a week or two ago we were hearing that the deal was done with his current club ,and that personal terms had been agreed with the 23-year old. Arsenal fans will be hoping for a lot more than this one transfer during the window but with veteran Gunners Tomas Rosicky, Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini all set to leave the club at the end of the season it is clear that a quality central midfielder is the manager’s biggest concern.

So the news reported by The Sun today that a release clause in Xhaka’s current deal with Borussia Monchengladbach is a big worry. The clause apparently kicks in next summer and would mean that he can leave for just £24 million which is about £10 million less than Arsenal were said to be about to pay.

The report claims that news of it has reached the German champions Bayern Munich and they want to activate it when their own midfield star Xabi Alonso is out of contract in a year. Xhaka is said to be keen and that is not good news for Wenger and Arsenal.

If this does fall through who could the Gunners sign instead?

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  1. Don’t expect anything to happen with out stubborn manager, he will try and replace Cazorla with the injury prone Wilshere and rely on Flamini for another season with Elneny as 1st choice. Rosicky will be sold and another academy player will replace him and we’ll have to wait another season for them to be “cohesive” and “show their true potential” like how we’ve waited for Walcott, Giroud and Ramsey.

  2. If Arsenal want to challenge properly next season, as in win the BPL title and go further in the CL, we need at least two more world class strikers and another top CB. There are a handful of players, specifically Giroud and Walcott that we just cannot rely on. Keep them as backup or sell them, whatever, I just don’t want to see Giroud as our main centre forward next season. Wenger has failed to realize this, and keeps persisting with the same mediocre players who produce average/poor performances.

  3. OT:
    Big Big congratulation to Leicester, you deserved it, you will always have my respect … Thought I wished my team to be a champion this year …
    Leicester just completely destroyed all our (wenger) excuses for not winning the title for long 12yrs, all that stadium overburden, less money to spend all that lab lab of wenger and his crew is just finished …
    I want no more excuses, Leicester has done it with so so limited resources, why not Arsenal … the difference is the manager this time, you cannot say it’s the board, it is the manager, you cannot deny it …

    1. Well said … Sadly the excuses will keep coming along with a stubborn refusal by many fans to acknowledge that wenger is unable to adapt to a changed football environment … The man said he would stay at the club as long as he was moving it forward so if he has any integrity and honesty he would leave of his own accord …sadly all we will get is more existential drivel to justify his failure … Sad state of the club

  4. We are not good enough………on and off the pitch

    Xhaka to bayern looks more realistic

    while we ridicule ourselves, Leicester city is preparing a bus parade

    such a shame!

  5. So the guy who was never coming to join us might not be coming after all…

    Well I never! What a news flash.

    Still, we have a great brand anyway…the Ralph Lauren , the PL

  6. Thank you ArseOverTit..
    We were never signing Xhaka…
    I reckon we will call Toral from loan and we have Coq and Elneny as DMs..

    Then Cazorla,Wilshere,Ramsey and Elneny again as CMs, and bielik will soon be bought in..

    We need a top CB and a stiker that’s all..
    There are reports that Man city have wrapped up Laporte for€50m..

  7. Southampton are interested in the Ox, so either sell him (or loan him out to them) in exchange for us buying Wanyama (DM) and Mane who will easily out score all our midfielders.

    1. Possession football is a thing of the past and Leicester have proven that by having the 3rd worse possession ratio in the premier league, this season.

      It’s time to beef up our defence, midfield and restore the good old days of the long ball, counter- attacking tactics!

  8. “JUDEGE WENGER BY MAY” was the Trend in the mid and Late 2015

    (Fast forward >>> May, 2016)

    Courtroom is Empty!

    Ain’t we big Jokers?

    1. There’s still two games to play mate,
      You turned up too early for court ?
      And depending on the results of them final two games,
      Theres a good chance that wenger’s case could be adjourned, until the end of the summer transfer window!

    2. Hahaha…….@Fatboy……. Guess i showed up early

      There’s still a slight chance we might Lift the League….oh wait

      and concerning the courtroom appearance, won’t be surprised if the presiding judge were an AKB


  9. I want to add that,I don’t think the major problem is the personnel but our tactics and style of play….

    Maybe our style don’t suit many of our player or some of them aren’t intelligent enough….

    Two seasons ago, Giroud said..”Sometimes we pass the ball too much”..
    I don’t know about tactics but then…
    Squillaci also talked about our approach and our the way we set up to always attack,thereby conceding soft goals,he even said he discussed it with Wenger and he said that’s how he wants us to play…

    And now some of our curent players know this too,I read the Cazorla article here where he said we have to be smart in some games…
    Our victory against ManCity last season was planned by the players…
    Our team in my opinion should either play pressing football(as we did against UTD at home) or be pragmatic…possession footbal now is not really working for us

  10. One time, Xhaka asked Coquelin for jersey number 34, if he join Arsenal. Whether it was true or it was a bad joke thrown by media, if Muenchen get in the same ring, not a chance.

  11. Don’t know why arsenal fans keep falling for the same trap every season….according to wenger,we are not yet in the summer transfer window until the last week of the window,that’s when Wenger’s window opens. So why give ur hearts a problem?

  12. Believe all these crap transfer rumours at your own peril. And believe me Wenger will stay on till the end of next season as long as he finishes fourth on the log. And it will be business as usual during the transfer window and all through next season with the same old excuses and rethorics from Wenger and the board. All am looking forward to is Wenger’s exist at the end of next season and hopefully Diego Semione taking over.

  13. Hmmmm indeed our tactics of playing is an old one @ now adays possession is useless when you loose the game @ as well our top players like that of Ozil and Sanchez really participate beyond the expectation compared with what Verdy and Mahrez did in helping their team to be the PL champion

    shame on Arsenal Players and miser Manager

    indeed wenger is too old to manage big team as Arsenal

    *Thanks for the Victory but Wenger out plssssss

  14. If that is true that 1st we are negotiating for him & 2nd that he’s about to slip between our fingers doesn’t surprise me at all…
    Sure because we can’t agree on how much money we’re willing to pay!! Instead of meeting is valuation in a simple transaction to negate any late foray from another club we keep dragging things!
    How many times Wenger has said he was looking at this player. Or that X player almost came to the club…
    I mean between Bayern & Arsenal on that front is that Bayern when they identify a target, yes they discuss & negotiate. But when it comes to paying, if that player is deemed necessary they will fork out what the other club is asking or pretty damn close to it!

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