Relegated teams will be prime for Arsenal to scoop up their stars

There is an abundance of talent in teams at the bottom and that is good news for tight-fisted Arsenal.

Let’s not beat about the bush, Arsenal does not have oil money or an owner that will just throw the cash around, so they will need to be picky with their signings next summer.

As things stand right now, Norwich City, Watford and West Ham occupy the three relegation spots in the Premier League.

Off the top of my head, I can think of at least one quality player from each of those sides that could do very well at Arsenal, there is Norwich’s Max Aarons, Watford has Ismaïla Sarr and West Ham, Declan Rice. Just above them, Villa has Jack Grealish and Bournemouth, Nathan Ake.

In the event of relegation, these players will be available for less than their current valuation and most of them will be on Premier League wages, thus making them a strain on the relegated club, even if with Premier League parachute payments.

They all have Premier League experience, some will even be in the England squad for the European Championships.

When you consider Arsenal splashed out £72 Million for Nicolas Pepe you have to think that any of those players named above will be available for a lot less.

Of course, other clubs will be interested as well but there is enough quality there to go around and surely Arsenal could pick up at least one of them for a bargain price.

You also have to believe that these players, all young, will not be overly keen on playing Championship football after tasting life in the Premier League.


  1. From getting Real Madrid left overs to trying to get championship left overs.
    This is why we are here in mid table just above relegation.
    If you buy relegation quality you get relegated.

    1. A bit harsh. Why wouldn’t we want the likes of Grealish? He may play for Villa who are in a spot of bother right now but as a supporter of the club to which he was signed as a 6 year old he is proud to play for them. Grealish does have the rest of his career to consider so it is likely that going back down to the Championship would mean that he would move on.

      He could be called up for England and you refer to him as a championship leftover.

        1. Do you know Gir, one could, couldn’t one?

          Why you felt the need to post that witticism about my name escapes me.

          1. Well, I know why he did Sue P. It was because he was irked at reading your sensible reply to his silly original post. You are correct and as he seems to think Grealish is “a championship leftover” I really don’t think you need to worry overmuch about his ability to best you in thinking. He clearly cannot! I could, if I wished, add that HIS name sounds like “DUH” but won’t stoop to his low level. Oops, I just did. How silly but how deliberate of me! Sauce for the goose, etc!

        2. I suppose Pepe doesn’t qualify then as being an overhyped foreign player? There are plenty of other foreign players one could pick

          1. SueP, I too agree with Admin Martin, about the quality of the players mentioned. All would add depth and quality to the Arsenal squad and have potential to improve further. Big transfer fees or having played for big clubs doesn’t equate necessarily to success in the EPL.

  2. We need to splash big cash on quality known players that have achieved success.
    Enough penny pinching, buy players in their prime at a prime fee and achieve success.

    1. Gir, you just keep on making so much sense.
      So insightful and enjoying your intellect.
      You know some fans are dim witted, we need more like you.

    2. That is what Manchester United did..and they are not much better than us at the moment even after spending hundreds of millions in transfer fees alone. They can afford to do that even if they remain outside Champions League for the next 5-8 years…
      Arsenal cannot afford the route taken by Manchester United…
      Arsenal need good players who suit our style of play and provide balance to the team.. price doesn’t always matter

  3. Issa Diop, Declan Rice, Max Aarons, Todd Cantwell, Emi Buendia, Ismayla Sarr, Doucoure, Mings, Grealish, Billing, Ake.

    There are several interesting players in the bottom 5 teams. In the past we’ve shun these kind of players, and we shouldn’t repeat the same mistake.

    Pool bought Wijnaldum from Newcastle, Chelsea bought Cahill from Bolton. Everton bought Idrissa Guyue. They’ve done really well ever since.

    Especially Buendia and Billing. I think they are massively underrated and gone under the radar. Buendia has 7 assists this season, despite that Norwich has only scored 24 goals. Billing is a great tackler and interceptor, and did that for Huddersfield last season as well.

  4. Doucoure should be the priority. We are crying out for a player like him in the middle of the park, a midfield powerhouse.
    If they get relegated I’d be going all out for him.

    He is what we would like Xhaka to be

    1. Doucoure is a totally different type of player than Xhaka who is a deep-lying playmaker. Doucoure is more like Guendouzi, but slightly more attacking from what I’ve seen of him.

    1. There’s some good quality amongst relegation threatened teams as Liverpool showed when they recruited Wijnaldum, Robertson and Shaqiri.

  5. Before we can buy, we have to sell,and theirin lies the problem.We have very few marketable commodities other than our talented youngsters who will hopefully develop into our stars of tomorrow.In the absence of a more benevolent Owner,we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.I like virtually all the players listed by McLovin particularly Doucoure who would bring a new dimension to our midfield in terms of power,stamina and an ability to create space by running off the ball.Cantwell of Norwich is another who could go places.

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