Relentless Wenger will meet national team managers this week to gather support for his new World Cup proposal

Arsene Wenger is convinced that his new World Cup every two years proposal will succeed and he is now looking to meet with the managers of different national teams this week.

Legendary ex-Arsenal boss is now FIFA’s chief of global football development and he is looking to change the game at the international level.

The Daily Mail says Wenger is now looking to pitch the idea individually to the national team managers to get them on his side.

He would start meeting them from this week and the report says he has already held some talks with Gareth Southgate over the idea before now.

Wenger’s idea is supposed to start in 2028 when the previous World Cup format would have been held in 2026.

Footballing bodies around the world have not accepted his proposal and some players don’t also think it is in their best interest.

It would make more money for FIFA and perhaps the FA of different countries, but it would add more games to the football calendar and could force competitions like the African Cup of Nations, Euros and Copa America to be suspended.

It remains unclear if Southgate accepts the proposal, but Wenger hopes he can get enough support from the national team managers.

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  1. Whether international team managers think it’s a good idea won’t mean diddly squat to the European, African and south American football associations if it means their competitions are cancelled. Whilst FIFA are wanting to line their pockets even more, the total loss of income to the others surely won’t be accepted. I’m surprised Wenger is involved with this idea.

  2. The WC is stale and needs a revamp ,if mr Wenger believes this is for the better then I’m not sure why fans are against this ,the man lives for football and is definitely not corrupt like most of fifa as some fans keep bringing up .
    I don’t even like international football so I don’t even know why I even commented on it TBH .

    1. Just because you are not corrupt doesn;t mean you can’t simply be wrong !
      I won’t be watching the Qatar WC just as I did not the one in Russia either, as both are corrupt countries and I REFUSE TO CONDONE BY WATCHING.

  3. Has anyone seen the proposals being put forward for discussion by Arsene?
    Thought not, but let’s condemn it before we know what is being proposed – that’s what being a “realist” is all about… not knowing the inner workings, but condemning the proposed outcome.
    I’ll wait for more information before making a decision – I do believe that is what the European Managers are doing, when they sit down with AW to discuss the merits, or otherwise, of this PROPOSAL.

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