Reliable French site confirms Saliba joins Arsenal with 5 year contract

The talks between Arsenal and AS St Etienne over William Saliba has hardly been the most secretive transfer nogotiation of the summer, although why the Gunners are setting up a deal to loan him back to the French Club for a year is a bit unsettling when it is clear that we are in desperate need of defenders right now.

But although the deal has not been confirmed officially by either club, it has now been announced by the Official Yahoo Sport France that the deal is now done. Just a couple of hours ago, they reported that a deal was extremely close to completion, and now they have decided to announce that the details are finalised between the two clubs.

They tweeted……

Which basically says “William Saliba (ASSE) will commit to Arsenal. 5-year contract. Stays close to St Etienne next season.”

At last another transfer confirmed, but when will we get a starting player? Preferably a centre-back!



    1. it is nice coz we din”t pay the fully amount its only wages bill bt next season we will complite th e balance

    2. Kev finally has been vindicated… it’s about time people start to take his transfer news seriously. First it was Martinelli and now Saliba.. 2 correct calls this window already and now I’m 99.9 sure he’s also right about Tiereny.

      1. So because he got two right oyur 99.9 sure about Tierney? Is that the sort of iron clad logic we gunners employ these days lol? What about previous transfer windows the amount of stuff he got wrong? People and there selective memories lol…

      2. So because he got two right your 99.9 sure about Tierney? Is that the sort of iron clad logic we gunners employ these days lol? What about previous transfer windows the amount of stuff he got wrong? People and there selective memories lol…

  1. Kev got this right. I hope Tierney is wrapped up as soon as possible. Time is running, I think we might only be able to get Malcolm over the line in time, considering transfer fee and recent promotion to our youth players. I really hope a defender is among the list of the new faces this summer

    1. I wish the authors had gotten the rumors from some reliable ITKs, instead of getting the news from the Sun, Daily Express, Mirror and Telegraph

      Malcom loan is possible and Arsenal have to get a new CB because we lose some

      1. ITK’s just guess. They were saying the deal was done a month ago when it clearly wasn’t.

  2. When Tierney is announced, kev’s detractors will eat their own words

    Now it’s time to chase Upamecano, Konate, Zouma or De Ligt

    Juventus have offered 58.3 M for De Ligt and Barcelona have backed down after getting De Jong, hence this is Arsenal’s good chance to steal him

    1. You mean “IF” Tierney is announced… and no there will be no eating of words, not as long as he remains unhumble in his delivery and assuming everyone elses info is wrong, a broken clock is still right twice a day.

          1. @gotanidea
            Yes its fun reading his posts but if you start believing him you are gonna be in trouble!
            I just trawled through a week of comments from last June. Here is a selection…..
            Always right? Here is a few samples from last summer……
            “David Ospina to Fenebarche is already a done deal.”
            “expect us to get linked with another CB in the future apart from Soyuncu which is already a done deal.”
            “David Ospina’s move to Fenebarche is 100% a done deal.He will join after World Cup.”
            “I stress and continue to stress that Soyuncu is 100% a done deal.He has already rejected several clubs and chosen us”
            “The rest is media trying to play with minds.Now look the same media are telling us Adli is in London which is actually true but were telling us some days back the player is having second thoughts when in truth the deal was a done deal.”
            “Tell me one reason why the Adli deal isn’t done?We agreed to pay the compensation fee and he’s agreed to join us”

            Pleasse dont make out he actually knows anything more than you do!

        1. Not when he talks about the “gullibility” of arsenal fans and this sites admin believing the media etc when he is doing the exact same thing with social media and taking his sources as absolute fact, that’s the opposite of humble.

          1. Thank you goonerp!!! Yes I remember the whole saga with Soyuncu he said so many times the deal was done, guess it broke down last minute lol

          2. I can’t wait to see bielik n nelson play,if only emery will give them chance to play….bielik s a beast n could monster our midfield..he got good composure,strength n pass

      1. By humble I guess you mean until he comes to shine your shoes every morning you will agree he is humble. A news carrier doesn’t need humility just truthful. The last time I checked Kev has never been arrogant about his reports. Even with the many insults he receives…

    2. @gotanidea – You must understand why people don’t believe Kev and won’t “eat their own words”.
      Kev said a week ago….”To provide more details on the Tierney transfer, the bid accepted was £18.3m and will rise to around £25m if certain incentives are met during the players time at the club.
      Tierney flew to London from Austria on June 27th and went under medical examinations.”

      Since then the Celtic manager has said twice in public that Arsenal have NOT given a second bid and today Neill Lennon said that Arsenal need to be realistic.

      Why do you believe Kev over the Celtic manager?

      1. Because he is proven to be right so far, unless some deals break before this transfer window is closed

        Let’s see how those deals unfold

        1. Ok I’d like to weigh in a bit here and try to nip this pointless animosity in the bud.

          Firstly, Kev obviously has some great sources and I for one appreciate his own rumours. It should go without saying, however, that commenting as if he is the insider ie without stating the source (unless challenged) clearly speaks to wanting to forge a reputation as the insider.

          That is what it is. The problem is when people start channelling resentment over that particular idiosyncracy of his into animosity. I have to say that admin Martin, you really shouldn’t be getting involved. I think many would prefer that admins go back to being neutral parties and certainly not let egos force your hand, as the only effect is the rest of us have to read your spat.

          So I suggest (not that I expect anyone to even see this let alone take notice) that if you appreciate Kev’s input, do so in silence, and if you don’t, equally do so in silence. This is a website for Arsenal fans not to for peeing contests. Be the bigger man/woman and give the keyboard a rest. This is aimed at nobody in particular.

          Peace, love and Saliba.

          1. So what we should just remain silent as he dominates the channel with his infallible “inside knowledge” even though he doesn’t give the same courtesy and contradicts other peoples information as misguided media lies, nah man that ain’t right and I’m ambivalent on the matter because I actually do appreciate the work he does in giving information, but not when his delivery of said information is smug unwavering.

          2. I enjoy keV transfer post here, everyone is free to post transfer rumour and keV has been doing this, I sometimes come here to read his transfer hints. Keep it up guy

        2. Proven right how? Because a French channel tweeted the saliba deal was done? That still isn’t properly confirmed… apart from that nothing has been proven right and he has been wrong in previous transfer windows, and you just said “unless a deal breaks down” so even if he is proven wrong you will now just say it’s because the deal broke down not because the information was wrong lol unbelievable commitment to the information of someone called kev on the internet you have never even met lol

          1. Got to agree Rory.. if we sign him
            Or Tierney it’s because Kev told us ??all Kev told us is that they were done deals ,99%on here knew we were in for them both ,so I’m not sure what Gotnoidea is on about eating humble pie .he told us done deal a week ago .now if I’m not mistaken a done deal would mean he’s signed or am I being stupid ?
            I think a few on here need to grow up believing something and Taken it as gospel .
            Maybe some of you haven’t seen his previous on here else you would be so guilable

          2. @Dan kit exactly mate! While I have only just started to post on here I’ve been a reader of this sites articles and comments for years, and have seen him pull these shenanigans for too many windows lol, and yes nothing is a done deal until they are wearing the arsenal shirt! And yes get excited at the prospect of what he says but just dont take it as fact its absurd

        3. oh because he got some deals right you are forgetting all the time he got it wrong. If so you are gullible and i’ve got magical beans to sell for free with an hidden annual payment.

          several sites like transfemarkt and whispers were putting saliba and tierney deals as highly likely so if i spam justarsenal with “deal done” with all the highly likely rumour will i become a insider source ? read gonnerp comment how many times kev talked BS and his followers were dumped

        4. There is a whole list of stuff that he was wrong about. If I throw a hundred darts with my eyes closed a couple will probably hit 20.
          Wake up and go to twitter, which is where he gets his rumors from and from time to time sice we are attached to every player out there a few of them will end up being right, but not because the source knows anything, he just throws a lot of darts.

      2. Admin did you just strat5 watching football?

        Coaches lie all the time..ferguson did it, Wenger did it all coaches do,if coaches want to punish a player for behind the scenes incidents, etc they tell the media hes injured, has cold etc..and its rule in the football fraternity no to contradict your coach…you will br black listed…

        Most of the time emery was saying ozil had cold you swallowed all that hook line and sinker? Smh..even ozil was cheekly tweeting he was fit..emery ran out of exuses and had to play him…

        Its astounding how kev gets the sticks here..

        Kev we love you,keep doing you…dont mind the gloom and doom people…nothing wrong with being optimistic and positive..

        Contracts are business negotiations..and anything can happen before a deal is even if kevs predictions dont come true..he means no harm

        1. Doom and gloom people? Optimistic and positive? What the hell are you smoking mate… nothing doom and gloom about what we say or nothing positive a out what he says, it’s all just speculation, and I for one hope hes right in what hes saying because I like the players he says are done deals, that’s not my problem with it at all, my problem is his superiority complex and inability to be wrong and just disregard everyone elses opinion as media nonsense like hes above it all. I dont see how you dont see it lol

    3. I certainly won’t eat my own words-Kev has acted like a spoilt child over this transfer window.He SAYS he gets his info from reliable sources but in reality it’s the same links that are out there for everyone and anyone who can be arsed to spend time looking.Some night call him enthusiastic.Some might suggest excited.I don’t.Not when he trouts our absolute garbage such as the Tierney deal was done two weeks ago but as the player and his agent didn’t want to upset the Celtic fans they decided to keep it under wraps.What was that all about?SoKevk Les this.Tbe twickubs k ow this.But the media don’t know?And now it appears the Saliba deal is likely to go through it seems most are prepared to overlook the fact it was MYSTIC KEV who was telling anyone prepared to listen (which is not too many believe me) thatvthe player actually had his medical TWO WEEKS AGO.And he seriously expects to be taken seriously?

  3. Loaning back for next season SUCKS!

    But as long as we don’t pay the full price it’s acceptable

    We still need to get a CB for this season though

    Mustafi isn’t a good enough CB.

    And without improvement in defense, we won’t finish in the top 5

    We may need to get a playr on loan for a season

  4. Edu Gaspar new technical director official. Beginning of a new era. Now signings should follow suit

    1. I guess some of our budget will go into paying this clowns salery yay another highley payed suit just what we need..

      1. Don’t be so neg dude. Backroom staff make absolute peanuts compared to players. Even if this guy is paid £250k a year (incredibly rich by British standards), he’s still earning less than our average U23 wage. Bit of perspective eh.

      2. He was actually a very good player Kitumijasi not really a clown lets just give the man a chance.

      3. This is our problem as Arsenal fans. We are so full of negative thoughts. This guy is yet to even start to work and we are already pouring out hard word.

  5. I think If this comes through it could mean excellent business for arsenal.

    All of the ingredients are there. In france, a world cup winning team, there is alot of talent around. Look at west ham. Diop for 25m for a 22yr old who is today quoted at 55m for man u who were apparently interested.

    Saliba on video looks like he has pace, stamina, composure, ability to make strong tackles whilst on his feet. His height and athleticism could mean he has the sort of impact at our club that Vieira had. Offer us long term stability which we haven’t had since Sol Campbell

    Leno, Bellerin, Saliba, Holding, Tierney gives us an average age of 23 yrs. A complete turn around from our recent fortunes.

    We need a second season from leno. Bellerin and Holding an injury free season once they are back and Bielk and Mavro need to show if they deserve to remain at arsenal.

    We need a competitive squad, but maybe getting saliba next season might be better.

    1. Agree. Since we are paying next to nothing for him currently, and keep our budget, this is fine. When he’s finally playing for us we’ll forget he was ever on loan. Plus, at 18 he needs constant gametime (though I’d take a Sunday League player over Mustafi atm…). If Tierney goes through I’ll be very happy. We need the youth desperately, which i never thought I’d say about Arsenal.

  6. All eyes will be on him all season long in France now by all gooners, £26m or so is alot of money for a 19year old unproven CB though only paying £5m deposit now, then the rest in instalments when he arrives isn’t a bad move but still we need a CB when Mustafi leaves even Koss also.

    It’s really nice to see the youth being promoted to the squad in Nelson, Willok & Rowe. Hopefully Beilik is in there when he comes back from his late holidays also. Niles, Bellerin, Holding, Iwobi, Guendouzi, Mavraponas & hopefully Nketiah shows that Arsenal are doing the right thing with our Academy & Youth. Even Saliba is 19yrs Old.

    We also signed a young Brazilian kid Marteinlla there for £6m, wonder if he slots into the squad or u21s, again youth. Tierney is 22yrs old also, if we can wrap that up that would be a great signing. What happens to Monreal or Kolasnic?

    Ozil will be staying this season anyway, Mhiki could possibly go but his 200k wages a week nobody is going to pay close to that for him never mind a fee also. I’d try and swap Mhiki with a club we want one their players, would Palace want him??

    1. Miki needs to accept a massive cut in wages, which no reasonable person would do if your current job is overpaying you for bad performances. Ozil and Miki will be very hard to move unless they start caring about their careers again.

      1. So true, if they really care about their careers they will leave, no matter the wages.

        Its a shame really.

  7. Because we won’t get Saliba until next season 2020-2021, we may have to get one of the old guys (over 30) in the free market for 1 season 2019-2020

    CB Free agents over 30 yo:
    Gary Cahill 33
    Schwab 30
    Thomas Vermaelen 33
    Martin Skrtel 34
    Ashley Williams 34
    Pejcinovic 31
    Arribas 30

    CB Free Agents under 30 yo:
    Ramalho 26
    José Leguizamón 27
    Cala 29

    1. Or just give Bielek a chance, and don’t forget Holding will be back, hopefully not too long after the season starts.

  8. I don’t care if he is loaned back,i have heard an awful lot about this guy and it’s all good, i think it is a good bit of business and a shrewd move on our part, this is a good signing.

    1. My son has just got his two season tickets having waited 5 years Sue. Right up top in the North Bank but that’s how it works, you get the “worst” positions as the best are offered to those already with tickets who want a “better” position. He will get the chance to improve his seats next year and so on.

      1. Wow they’re certainly in demand, Declan! I reckon I’ll be waiting longer than your son did…
        Bet he’s happy though, after all that time ?

    2. Bloody Hell, Sue !……………..I`m 65379 on the list !…………I`m willing to do a transfer deal with you, £50K will do the trick as I could go through my agent and it will cost more, so this is a once in a life time offer and you`ll be that one step closer !……………cash only in a brown paper bag though !…………Ka-Ching ! ???

  9. Here is bbc report today

    William Saliba: Arsenal close to deal for Saint-Etienne defender
    By David Ornstein

    Arsenal are set to sign Saint-Etienne defender William Saliba in a 30m euro (£27m) deal that will see him loaned back to the Ligue 1 club next season.

    The Gunners will pay for the 18-year-old in instalments, which will not have a major impact on their restricted budget of around £45m for this summer.

    Saliba is one of the game’s most highly rated young centre-backs.

    Arsenal remain in the market for a player to come straight into the first-team squad in the same position.

    Saliba joined Saint-Etienne in 2016 and no announcement on Arsenal’s acquisition of the France Under-20 defender is expected for several days while the transfer is finalised.

    Arsenal are also pursuing Celtic left-back Kieran Tierney, 22, and additionally hope to recruit a central midfielder and winger.

    Meanwhile, former Arsenal midfielder Edu will be confirmed as the club’s first technical director imminently.

    Edu, 41, played for Arsenal between 2001 and 2005, winning the Premier League twice and FA Cup twice.

      1. Yeh, welcome back Edu.

        Now let’s bag some players who can make a team with Samba skills combined with Gaspar Grit!

    1. Ornstein saying so is as good as Emery saying so !………we will get there in the end !

      1. Le Coq… I noticed earlier that UE has had his teeth done, reckon he’s only been to bleeding Bobby Firmino’s dentist ??

        1. Probably getting a government tariff feed for the electricity generated from the solar panel teeth then !………..every little bit helps for the transfer funds….?

  10. Will the five years start counting from next season when je starts playing for us??

  11. Apparently Smith-Rowe has also been promoted to first team. Great to hear. Will we give Bielik a chance tho? Hope to see him during pre-season. I think it would be ridiculous not to try him out in our most needed spot. If the answer came from our academy then that would be amazing. Emery really needs to use these guys next season. Our senior players are hardly so amazing that our 18-21 yr olds cannot steal their spots.

  12. Where is Kev? What does he have to say about all these accusations being levelled against him?? Anyway, I’ll still congratulate him for the Saliba done-deal rumour..he got it right.

        1. So has the entire
          1) Social Media
          2) Internet
          3) French Press
          4) English Press
          5) Every single Arsenal Blog site………….

  13. I just wonder what Kev`s punishment will be if he is found guilty by this trial !………………please keep it clean !

    😆 😆 😆

  14. OT: Guys what is going on with Konstantinos Mavropanos, I mean the guy is a beast gat all it takes to be the next van dick , a commanding Height: 1,94 m , powerful hard tackle , strong feet , pretty decent pace , still very young just 21 . I think konstantinos need some good playing time becuz i see the next vil dik in him

    1. Fame, Virgil himself has not been Virgil for more than two years and you want Mav? Let Mav be the best version of Mav he can be.Puyol was one of the best in his times,Canavaro MVP in a world cup and they both had no/little technical parallels with Virgil.SMH.

  15. Kev’s information can be obtained by anyone who follows the “gooner news. com” website. Currently one item states that LB Leipzig have a €15 bid for Christopher Nkunku approved, but the player is waiting for an approach from Arsenal.
    With regard to Saliba, the deal I have heard is €5 million up front, loaned back the first season and €5 million per season over 5 seasons to a total of €25 million, with no add ons.
    For a prospect like Saliba, this appears a pretty good deal and shouldn’t preclude Arsenal from addressing other weaknesses, such as buying a winger, experienced CB. LB and CM Ramsey replacement

  16. It’s called thinking long term he is a highly regarded young player, already a decent player with huge potential and room to improve and since he,s going to be loaned back it won’t affect our budget since we’ll pay for him next summer!

  17. 20m+ for a player that won’t be playing straight away. That has to be a first for us. Must admit, I don’t like it. He is young, he should be learning and developing in our league and ideally with the players that he will be rubbing shoulders with long term.

    We spend a chunk of money on a player for 5 years and only get a 4 year return on that investment. He costs more than 4 times Guendouzi who played 30+ games last season, and we going to spend more on him and get 0 games out of him this season, and then next season it will be a gamble as he isn’t premier league proven, and what about injuries?

    I’m sorry, this deal wreaks in my opinion. Sincerely, hope that I am wrong. I really feel that we should explore the loan with option to buy angle where we cannot afford the quality that we looking for.

    Recent deals like, James, Kovacic, Higuain, Rondon etc. makes a lot of sense to me, and should be right up our alley.

  18. Long time ago we had a thumbs up or down feature for each comment ….I thought it was coming back are we going to see it again?? ?

  19. I think we all love a good rumour, otherwise we wouldn’t be part of forums such as this (Just Arsenal). Most of us complain about Kev or other sources but we read them and in some cases, we go directly to those “unreliable source” because they post a lot. I enjoy Kev’s post, true or not. Its nicer if he is spot on all the time, but he would become an official source, which would defeat the whole purpose of RUMOURS. Relax guys. Arsenal fans would be suicidal without some of this fun

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