Relief! Arsenal finally release Flamini

Flamini IS leaving Arsenal!

After much debate over the past few weeks since the closure of the domestic season, it was questioned whether Arsenal’s Mathieu Flamini would be leaving the club. Now after weeks of waiting for a decision, Arsenal fans can finally rest easy knowing Flamini will be leaving the club after all!

In comparison to Mikel Arteta and Tomas Rosicky, who have also been released from the club, Flamini received nothing of the same sort of send off. It led many to believe that Wenger was keeping the French midfielder on for at least another season. This of course threw up quite a debate amongst fans of the club.

The decision was finally reported on the official Premier League site rather than on, where all three players are still officially listed.

Whilst Flamini may have been a disaster on the pitch at times and seem to pick up more bookings than you can keep count of, he was certainly was a loyal servant to the club. He showed commitment, passion and ambition to achieve success and was certainly not afraid to speak out to get his side fired up, a quality we really lack in the current Arsenal side.

One major concern that fans will have, which isn’t actually quite so pressing, is the fact that Ozil has now lost his best friend at the club. So you better pull your finger out Wenger and bring in some big names in order to keep Ozil and Co happy!

Love him or hate him, you just know that it won’t be the same without MatFlam around the Emirates!


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  1. Wenger was hered talking about how good is Kante
    So same one should tell him to Sell qoqulan and sign Kante.
    He has 20m realse close .im shur we can get 12-15m for qoq . Why not

    1. No Coquelin must stay he’s valuable if we are getting rid of players we must start with the british core of Walcott,Gibbs,OX,Ramsey,Wilshere who are on high wages for contributing nothing and being injury prone!

      1. No if we are getting rid of players it should the likes of sanogo debuchy and.wellington along with two or even 3 of the 5 keepers.

        Do not weaken the squad strengthen it!!!

        And whoever is suggesting getting rid of the British core, learn the bloody homegrown rule. We need 8 if we are to have our maximum 17 non homegrown and 4 must be club trained.

        1. Of course we can get rid of them,we get Vardy and Walcott goes,get rid of Gibbs and Holding from Bolton comes in get rid of Wilshere and get Ward-Prowse from Southampton etc there are english players who are better than the ones we have,Spurs found them so we can also find them

          1. I think Vardy has decided to stay at Leicester. As for Ward-Prowse, there’s a reason Man city aren’t trying to sign him, personally, I’d rather keep Wilshire.

    2. Tatek! Pls wake up from ur nightmares

      Not sure alot of ppl agree with u on that one (including me)

      Le coq is not for saLe…..digest that!

  2. The revolution has started get rid of deadwood now Walcott,Gibbs need to follow out the exit door

      1. Vardy,Holding,Ward-Prowse I know Arsenal fans underrate him but I’ve watched him at Southampton his passing range is awesome for a 19 year old and he’s also good on a free-kick

        1. You can’t have watched him that hard, he’s almost 22 & not all that. Holding is hardly going to come in & get game time immediately either. Signs seem to suggest Vardy will stay at Leicester.

  3. Thank God for that!
    The sweat was burning my eye’s! ?

    Latest news, Rodriguez’s has grown a 19 million Release clause, as from today, whereas he didn’t even have one before

    Utd have offered 96 million ? for Bale! ?
    While wenger is still flapping on paying 25 million for Mkhitaryan! ?. …

  4. Flaming Rosicky Arteta
    All completely useless.
    Sanogo better be next
    Farcical waste of money
    Walcott Ox Wilshere same
    farcical waste of money.
    But no doubt they will all be kept
    on to run their contracts down.
    Poor Campbell will be the one sacrificed
    If Mhki or Mahrez come in 🙁

    1. Can’t keep bringing in non-homegrown players. 17 is the maximum we currently have
      16 non homegrown

      11 homegrown

      Any other players like bellerin, chambers, hayden, toral iwobi akpom are still classed as u21.

      So basically if we want to bring in more than 1 more non-homegrown we have to let some non-hegrown players leave

      As for homegrown players the maximum we can get let go is 3 unless of course we bring some homegrown players in. This is why vardy and stones would tick the box.

      Hope you all now understand the position and don’t forget half of the homegrown quota need to be club trained

      1. On the non-homegrown list: debuchy, Campbell, Wellington, and sanogo are all expendable, so 4 new players can come in.

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