“Remaining incredulous” Piers Morgan can’t stop the Aubameyang rants

As Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang keeps shining at Barcelona following his exit from Arsenal, Piers Morgan cannot stop talking.

The Gabon star scored twice as Barcelona defeated their big rivals Real Madrid 4-0 at the Bernabeu.

Aubameyang struggled for goals in his last one-and-half season at Arsenal, and he also had disciplinary issues at the club.

It eventually cost him his place in the team and he left for Barca late into the last transfer window.

The move means Arsenal is short of options in attack, but he had already been banished from the first team before he left the club.

The Gunners are making progress without him in the team, and he is doing okay at Barca.

It seems the separation is a win-win for everyone, but English TV host Piers Morgan cannot stop insisting it was a bad decision to let the striker go.

As Auba scored against Madrid, Gary Lineker tweeted at Morgan to say it must be difficult to watch the striker shine in Spain, he tweeted a reply:

“I’m enjoying watching @Auba work his magic for Barca, whilst remaining incredulous & furious that Arsenal gave away such a wonderful world class striker. Trust the process, my a*se.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Morgan forgot that Auba also had a good start at Arsenal and he was sold to the Gunners by Borussia Dortmund, partly because of his many disciplinary problems.

The striker is an accomplished goal-scorer, but he needs more than that ability to be in the team and play with others.

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  1. Can we please move on from the mistake we did buy paying auba to go to Barca. We couldn’t handle the player even though people keep talking bout his attitude if dortmund managed to get 50M + from us. We should at least have gotten some money from him I’m with piers it was an awful deal. Arteta have given away some assets since he came guendozi mavro and guendozi is all players we at least should have got some money from.

    1. Those players you mentioned won’t be given away, The Arsenal will get a transfer fee for them.

      1. We get the same money we Paige for them while they improved a lot. Why do we keep signing loan deals that end up sellin players for peanuts. When u buy a player for 8M improve them then sell them for 9-10M it’s basically to give them away. These players value today is a lot more than we getting for them.

        1. They didn’t improve with us though. Guendouzi had disciplinary problems with us and also at Hertha Berlin last season. Also a player, like anything that’s for sale, is only worth what someone is willing to pay.

  2. he could be right, maybe if Arteta was fired instead of dishing out players for fun we could perhaps still be in title contention, who knows

  3. aubumeyang one of the best strikers in Europe/
    Arteta was absolutly mistaken by let him move/
    We do not have/kane or ronaldo We had a briliant striker-awful/

  4. Piers Morgan should stick to talking rubbish for a living
    PEA brain didn’t want to be there anymore and Ewan taped up by Barca , he did the same with St Etienne and Dortmond team spirt is stronger now and it’s all about that look at Manure.

  5. This piers Morgan to me is stupid in my opinion……….
    I could remember how everyone are calling arteta to stop using auba and be starting martinelli instead…..
    Do u know how many matches auba played how many goals he scored, how many chances (sitters) he missed and everybody was calling for arteta head then. Auba got chances after Chances to redeem his best but Nope. then what do you want coach to do……
    To me is a win win situation and I will never regret that even if auba score hundred in a match…..Laliga is not Epl, Barca is not arsenal so for that stupid Morgan to be negative abt the progress we are making I hate him already……
    We know they might just be envying arteta for getting that job and I pray most of them die of envy him……..
    They are Bunch of idiots they always find fault in something good he did like they can do half of it. even opposition fans and legend are commending artetas work……
    We are moving in the right direction and am glad abt that and I wish auba very best as well….COYG

  6. Was hoping Pires wasnt seing Auba in all his splendor.

    Wrote in a comment last night that Auba and the transfer story is not going anywhere especially if he continues in that rich Vien of form.

    This is such a beautiful story, if only some of us could see things a little differently

    But no most of us are selfish and had wanted Auba to perform for us alone

    1. Certainly wanted him to perform this season
      He’s gone
      Why keep bringing him up? He’s happy Arsenal is happy and I’m happy that he’s happy
      Beyond that, I don’t give a fig

          1. With time me think Auba will fade.the writing is pn the wall.i think this are his last days. No hard feelings. I also think arsenal is on an upward trend.relax guys

        1. This is not a typical Sue reply. Usually kind to everyone, including those I classify as idiots. You’re my moderation inspiration! Hope you’re feeling ok Sue.

          1. You’re gunnerjack, I was flummoxed to see how she replied as you said she’s always kind. Hope she’s fine

  7. To be fair it’s a pretty reasonable thing to get frustrated about, if Auba had stayed and scored for fun like he is doing now it could be the difference between Champions League or Europa next season

    This time Morgan appears to have been baited by Lineker and didn’t actually blame Arteta for the situation in the quote above

    It doesn’t actually matter now but the questions remain:
    Could Auba have scored like this if he had stayed?, unlikely given what he had done for us so far this season and there are a number of reasonable examples why it is probably more difficult to score goals in the English Premier League than a Continental European League.
    Did Auba engineer the move himself?, if so he has done very well on a personal football level.
    Did Arteta feel that Auba wasn’t able to score goals in that way again?, unlikely as he was responsible for him signing his new contract not too long ago, persevered with him throughout a difficult campaign for the player last season, didn’t go out and buy a replacement last summer, loyally stuck by him for most of this season when his selection wasn’t really justified and at no point has he publicly criticised Auba as a player.
    What actually led to the breach of discipline that was a non negotiable for our Manager and something our Captain couldn’t swallow for the good of the Club he was Captain of and had been supported beyond reason by his gaffer?

    Irrespective of all this it is bloody frustrating for any Arsenal fan I would suggest that he is now doing the business for another Club, not wrong or right, just frustrating

    But we move on and buy a replacement in the summer

  8. Aubameyang has gone, we need to move on. Personally, I don’t get frustrated by players who have left. We can’t do anything about it unless we are planning to buy the player back.
    We should be more interested in seeing how those we now have will develop. We have a real chance to return to CL football; this is something that would have seemed like a pipe dream just a few months ago.

    1. I wasn’t saying that I get frustrated with players who have left David

      I am frustrated by this specific situation, Auba was our main goalscorer but he wasn’t playing well and not scoring the goals that the team’s performances deserved

      We are a better team without his presence, the team are playing very well but need more goals and that potentially will prevent us from getting the 4th place position that our performances deserve, but I am more interested in watching this team play and develop, even if they don’t get top 4, I thoroughly enjoy it, I don’t miss Auba one bit but I want this team to score more because it can make a difference

      Auba leaves and scores the goals we now need for Barcelona, that to me is frustrating, he was an Arsenal player but couldn’t score, he is now a Barca player and he can, in the same season, if he had stayed he probably wouldn’t have scored those goals and that makes it even more frustrating for me

      It’s not about moving on and I don’t want him back but the only thing this current team is lacking is scoring enough goals, it could cost us points and makes matches closer than they should be results wise, we will do something about that in the summer but at the moment it’s difficult for me to ignore

      1. Yes very astute fingers and just exactly how it is, without the histrionics of some who are just blinkered. We all want the best for Arsenal. If that happens without Auba great but if it doesn’t and we sell a world class goalscorer firing blanks for us, then there lies a problem. Well put fingers.

        1. Reggie,
          In all fairness, I think we all would have preferred Auba to have had a better time of it. As you quite rightly put it, we all want the best for Arsenal and if (IF) he had been firing then it would have been a win, win situation. The ‘if’ bit didn’t materialise. Now, if Arsenal had gone down the pan since he left, then the decision to let him go could well be called into question. But so far, it hasn’t and with the passing of time, I don’t think it will make any difference.

        2. Cheers Reggie but I don’t think Auba has ever been a World class goalscorer and certainly isn’t now just because he’s had a decent start at Barca

          Ronaldo is a World class goalscorer, Cavani was in his prime, Kane and Son are a World class strike force and there’s my concern, they all play for our two closest rivals in the race for top 4, we probably have a better team/squad than both but lack of goals might cost us

          I’d give Eddie a go, Laca has been good but off it in the last couple of games, we need more of a goal threat to start now in my opinion

    2. It is really exciting to think that we are capable of returning to CL football. New blood and new life being injected.

  9. Personally, I think the captaincy and his position as mentor for the young squad was too much. I don’t think he’s a natural captain and struggled to meet the expectations he (and fans) set. I’m sure there was something worthy of complaint in his actions behind the scene although we’ll never know.

    Although I’m a huge fan of MA, it’s problematic that the way he chooses to manage players that cross his red lines devalues the player so much. I hope it was a case of speeding up the rebuild but it’s something that needs to be avoided more seriously moving forward.

    I’m so happy Auba is doing well and so are Arsenal; two things that could both not be the case if things didn’t pan out the way they did.

  10. It’s not about the goals he’s scoring over there it’s how we always seem to give away players especially when it’s obvious we need the money. We sold iwobi bought tierny sold willock bought ödegard. How can giving auba away be good business?

  11. So you really medan us paying him 7M was the best deal we could agree on? We need a new contract manager

    1. B, it was better than keeping him and paying him the other £18m that he would’ve be entitled to.

      1. But Herr, what would his goals have done for us if he had got 8 in his last 8 for us? Is that worth the difference? We all hope not.

        1. Reggie, the likelihood of him scoring 8 goals in 8 games for us was highly unlikely, considering that in his last 43 PL appearances he managed a paltry 14.

  12. Facts are Auba was scoring before and he is again now. We paid to give him away and have not replaced him with anyone. Both of them are massive questions that need answering. If we get top four, it wont matter because that is an answer. If we dont?

    1. 4th or 5th, or worse we move on, there is no alternative

      Top 4 won’t be an answer to those questions Reggie it would be a well earnt reward for the players, Manager and Club

      We will replace Auba in the summer, the situation that arose late last year wasn’t forseen or planned so we weren’t in a position to replace in January and I think it was correct not to knee jerk and go out and buy just anybody who was available then

      I don’t think the question of why he wasn’t scoring can be answered by anybody, including Auba himself, but of course there is and will be lots of personal theories

      It was a very unusual situation, which is why I am frustrated by it and reminded of it every time Auba scores for Barca

      1. We were 4th and clear when we shipped him out. He is a top player, regardless of what people try to portray, if we get top 4, then it was a worthwhile exercise but if we dont, ejecting him without a direct replacement, big big questions need answering. That is tantamount to self destruction.

        1. Auba is a top player Reggie, on that we can agree

          Other than that I think you may be looking for something that simply isn’t there unfortunately

          1. No im not looking for anything, there isn’t anything to look for if the goal for this season is achieved. It only becomes an issue if we dont, from a position of strength. Auba wasn’t scoring for us that is clear but he was and is again. We now haven’t a striker as prolific as him, which only becomes an issue if we drop out of top 4 after outing him without a replacement.

        2. Reggie, we were 6th when he left, due to the 0-0 draw against Burnley. The climb up to 4th place had very little to do with PEA, as he hadn’t been in the squad since the defeat away at Everton on the 6th of December.

          1. Ok Herr without being pedantic and splitting hairs, i was going by our position on January 1st but you are obviously not getting the point of the conversation.

            1. I reckon I am getting the point, but you’re failing to see that we got into the top 4 without PEA being in the match day squad. Yes we never replaced him in the January window, and that might come back to bite us on the posterior, but top players rarely leave their clubs in that window, considering they’re half way through the season.

  13. We seem to forget the level of bad toxins his attitude was injecting into the team , PEA has been known to just generally switch off when he so desires a move, that, alongside his pronounced lack of discipline , the same trend in all his previous clubs , the same reason he was sent home from Gabon Without playing for his National Team in the African Nations Cup (the covid was all to help him save face), now by the side he’s a wonderful goal scorer, but I’d say I’m glad we cut off the rotting toe to save the leg , nobouns intended, MA even gave glowing recommendations of PEA to Xavi…….given MA history at Man City , it was quite obvious he was generally loved by all , if he’s taking a strong stance on players discipline , then maybe that just buttresses how the team has been riddled with insubordination and sub-par team spirit …….we all see the difference now ………the other players that left seem to be doing fine too (alongside their usual disciplinary issues}…..besides …it wasn’t like we didn’t try getting a striker , we did try getting a world class striker and even was willing to go the 3xtra mile just to land him , but hey, we got played , and going forward …..WE WONT JUST BUY PLAYERZ FOR THE SAKE OF BUYING ……damn I love this new arsenal to the bone.

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