Rennes have one very big advantage over Arsenal

There is no easy games in Europe once you get to the latter stages, and as I have already discussed, Rennes are certainly not going to be a pushover. In this earlier article I have a form guide that shows that Rennes are unbeaten at home for three whole months so will be for Arsenal extremely confident at the Stade Rennais.

But the French side also have the advantage of playing in Ligue 1 and the French authorities do their utmost to help their teams progress in Europe and Rennes were given the weekend off to prepare for the visit of Arsenal, why we were involved in a very high pressured North London Derby!

But Emery is not unhappy about it (not like Pochettino!) and thinks his team is used to the pressure of regular games. “I respect them.” he said. “The Premier League decided the schedules for our matches and our intention is to prepare for the matches with the [time] we can have. But above all, the habit is to play a lot of matches during the weeks. It’s not an excuse.

“If you ask me if I prefer sometimes more time to prepare one match? Maybe yes. But for example in this match, we don’t have an excuse because we’ve had time to prepare well. We have these habits and we have the players to share and find combinations with the players that can play tomorrow, with a big performance, fresh players and with big energy. Then we rest, and on Sunday also we can play with some of the same players that play tomorrow, and some more with fresh energy to give the best performances and get us the best out of the next two matches.”

I think we should be fresh enough for Rennes, although the game is going to be far from easy, but I am sure that Emery will rotate enough so that we have a fresh set of players to face United on Sunday.

Now we just have to win them both!

Sam P


  1. …….. We are a top team. Whether we play or not, rest or not, Rennes shouldn’t be a problem for us. A Man – United team B dispatched PSG in their own home and we are scared of what? Eleventh placed team in that very league, common! A two – nil win is not even enough for me.

    1. Exactly. Dont want to hear about how they knocked out Real Betis, or how they have Ben Arfa. They are 11th in Ligue 1. United just beat the 1st place team in that league with their B team. If we want to be ambitious we know we are the superior side and we are confident with our ability. Doesn’t mean disrespect, it means believing in yourself and having high expectations. We should be able to handle this side. COYG!

      1. Ligue 1 is much better than Francophobes think.

        Marseille was in the EL final last year. The year before that Monaco was in the final of the CL. Lyon has been the only team this year to match ManCity. Players from French league do better in the Premier League than players from bundesliga. etc

        Most importantly: Rennes’ current form is much better than their position and they will also be fresher. But we have to rotate and get at least a draw…

        1. This is just the way some fans paint a picture so they can save the managers ass.
          A comprehensive victory is expected. Nothing more nothing less.

          1. They love to big up average sides, and are scared to big up Arsenal. Enough. Get behind the team. We can do this.

        2. @ Achala Monaco haven’t been in a Champions League final since they got smashed by Porto in 04

    2. Man United have big monsters like Pogba, Lukaku, Bailly, Martial, Smalling, Jones, Matic, McTominay and Rashford

      That was why PSG could not cope with their physicalities

      Arsenal have to be cautious of Rennes, because they don’t have monsters to dominate in set-pieces like Man United

      1. Monsters? PSG got beat because they arrogantly thought they were already through! It’s unfair to say they couldn’t cope, they beat Utd at old Trafford.

        1. exactly….PSG totally dominated Man utd…..utd only has about 30% possession and yet manage to score 2 goals….

          PSG just too complacent and proud

      2. @gotanidea
        These so-called monsters were there when they were put to swords in the 1st leg on their ground.

        Succinctly put, complacency killed PSG.

    3. Arrogance man arrogance!
      With a bunch of kids Ole has taken them to the next round, with a team of seniors we loose to Rennes!
      And should i mention Mr Anonymous ? Yet people will criticize the Nigerian lad who played with his heart and gave us the lead

  2. Francephobe, okay haha. I never trashed Ligue 1 at any point. Please point out where I did. Facts are if United just beat the FIRST place team in this league, then we have to set our standards just as high and beat the ELEVENTH place team in the league. Settling for a draw is exactly the unambitious nonsense that will keep us in the realm of mediocrity.

    We have better players than them and no matter how you cut it we are the favorites and are expected to win. Stop selling this club short.

    This attitude is why we always lost R16 ties in UCL. United, even having not been great in recent years still believed they could beat PSG even losing the first leg. Spurs, with no real European history knocked out the 1st place Bundesliga side and the much raved about Dortmund. And Liverpool, who have also had a rough time in some years, are an equal match to bayern. That is what our rivals are facing. And yet you want us to be scared of a team that is 11th place in their league. Not having the self-belief and that little bit of arrogance is exactly why we bottle it in Europe. Start believing.

  3. Away games worry me (I can’t help it… Bate anyone?)
    I do like how Unai gets on with it, doesn’t whinge about things like Poch (who is now moaning about his touchline ban)
    We’ll have a strong team out tonight- I’d love a win & I’d love to see Kolasinac play ? COYG

    1. Tbh sue ,kola should be starting every match as our left sided winger ,he’s the only one we have who can beat a man and get them crosses in without hitting the 1st defender,and he knows how to track back and help out .

  4. I realised Emery has something about freezing players out in the clubs where he has managed. I was reading the story of Ben Afar and how Emery froze him out of the PSG club, He has problems with Neymar, Lucas Moura. And I wonder if Ozil is going through the same process. Every player is different and I think it is the work of the manger to try and bring the best out of players, help them improve, encourage them. This is the problem Jose has with many players and so he is always having to fight. Almost every manger has favourite players but freezing players out worries me a lot. It is not a nice trend to leave a football club with negative impact on players. Just my thought.

    1. When a new manager comes in some players getting frozen out is unavoidable. James has gotten frozen out by Real Madrid managers, heck, ozil got frozen out by Ancelotti before the season even started. Conte made Diego Costa leave, Kovac freezing out a lot of Bayern’s old guard etc. etc.

      I don’t see how Emery is like Jose Mourinho. Mourinho made his distaste for players very very public. Emery has done nothing of the sort and seems to be liked by almost all of the squad. If Emery were to leave right now you would not see things like what Pogba did with Mourinho.

      There’s always a part of the Ozil scenario people seem to ignore and that is the fact Ozil was not always attending practices, and pulled a lot of sick notes. You want Emery to get the best out of players. Rewarding players who dont turn up to practice and are not consistently available is not getting the best out of them. Also we just need to accept the fact Ozil is not Emery’s type of player and as the manager he should have a say in the assembly of the squad.

      1. RSH, Ozil not attending practice is something you have made up. He works for a very organised football club, he is under contract and there are measures in place to make sure workers do their job description or they don’t get paid. RIGHT?? Just the normal way organisations work not far fetched at all. . Now been frozen out to the point where the players have long term complaint is different from temporarily dealing with a player. If you read the story of Ben Arfa you might understand what am saying. It is impossible to fit everyone into a manager’s plan but outcasting them is not something that is admirable.

          1. Emery said Ozil has refused to come to training? And he implied that Ozil doesn’t want come or he said he has back problems? can you please copy and paste where Emery said so? Because it will then means Ozil is jinxing everyone at Arsenal Football Club. He refused to come to training and no one questioned him, and he gets 350, every week. WOW. What a job. Then the board have lost all of their common senses. Except it doesn’t work like that.

            1. Seems the only one creating fictitious situations here is you, Pat. As well as putting fictitious words in my mouth because I’ve provided evidence that Ozil’s sick notes and inconsistent practice availability has kept him from being picked in the lineup. Hard being humbled.

              1. RSH are you serious. ????. I put words in your mouth. ????. Am rolling in laughter. Honestly doesn’t have any colour. It is when you try to make things up that issues become complicated.

        1. Pat, you beat me to it!!

          Not only was the statement that he didn’t attend training a complete and utter load of BS, so is the fact that he is being accused of pulling sickies.

          The last time he was sick, Aba was also out with the same complaint.
          Furthermore, the same applies regarding the very professional organised club.
          Not only would he need to report to the medical team, he would also be monitered at all times.

          This is yet another example of someone making up ridiculous rumours that others seize on, in order to follow their agenda.

          Along with the claim that he is mentally frail, the two examples have no basis whatsoever and RHS should be ashamed of himself.

          We need to keep pulling up these BS statements, no matter who the player is. An opinion is one thing, a claim (whether medical or any other subject) to be made as if one has the proof and/or knowledge is a plain lie.

          1. “The key is in his hands. He is working very well this week. I ask him in our conversation for consistency, to be available for us for training, when you can train consistently you can help us with your best performance in the games. This week has been good for all the players. I am looking at him doing the training like we want. He needs to be available consistently for training, without the injuries, without the sickness.”
            Unai Emery

            Thanks for participating

          2. And I expect an apology, Ken, since you’ve falsely accused me of lying. I’ll accept silence as well.

            1. RSH, haven’t you learnt to read a quote properly?

              “He needs to be available consistently for training, WITHOUT THE INJURIES, WITHOUT THE SICKNESS”.

              So you interpret that as being absent without leave, choosing when to turn up?
              I interpret it as UE stating, he needs to be fit and well when he arrives for training, so that he can judge his consistency.
              Nowhere does he say that he’s failed to turn up for training, no matter how much you try to twist UE’s words to suit your agenda.

              You believe that AFC would let a player, on a reported £350,000 a week, choose when to turn up and when to choose being sick?

              Well RSH, you are either completely irrational or, as I said before telling porkies.
              I don’t expect an apology either, especially from someone who thinks that our club would ACCEPT any player dictating when he will turn up for training while drawing his £350,000 a week.

        2. this is just more complaining about Ozil. Not really in the mood for it. If Emery liked Ozil a bunch of our fans would have no problem with him. Instead, we have to deal with people trying to vilify Emery and trying to make him look bad. It’s boring

        3. And you want to talk about making stuff up, you’ve made up this situation where ozil is outcasted. Not being part of the managers go-to starting XI is the not the same as being outcasted. Again, you’re just mad Emery does not play your favorite players.

          1. RSH, mad for what? I am a mother and a wife, I don’t share Ozil’s salary, Ozil does not own the club, 10,9,8 years ago Ozil wasn’t at the club and I was actually a fan with membership number, so why should I be angry that Ozil doesn’t play, I don’t know his address, I will still be an Arsenal fan when he is gone from the club, I will still watch football games from everywhere so please tell me in what way am I mad. ???. Your assumption makes me laugh. I watch football (games generally) with my eyes. Nothing at stake at all. I don’t bet and after Ozil and Emery I will still watch football. All am saying and this is to everyone fare is fare. It’s not worth it knocking anybody down.

            1. Pat, Ive seen enough of your posts to know you have a favoritism towards Ozil, I’m not knocking you for this, everyone has their favorite players. But to use that as fuel to make Emery look bad is nonsense. He has us in a good place in the league and although his lineups are controversial they have yielded positive results. You want to be fair, yet you are not being fair towards Emery. The fact you posted a comment attacking Emery’s treatment of players out of the blue shows your resentment clearly.

              1. RSH I hope you realised my original post was not to highlight Ozil, but Ben Arfa, and his problem with Emery. I will defend all our players against anyone. Iwobi included. These players have brought great joy and celebration to our football club, Emery hasn’t. So on the scale of balance I have more love for our players than Emery. That is just the case. I hope Emery does well too.

  5. Great no var when aubameyang incorrectly flagged offside when through on goal but Manu get soft pen to qualify. Same old bullshit

      1. Fake red card for sokratis, the lille player puts his arm around sokratis and falls down. Disgusting officiating with ref clearly biased against sokratis.

  6. Never in a million years as that a yellow card
    .now 1-1 with 10 men ,fcking disgusting imo

  7. Am worried about Man U, we still have a home game against Rennes. And am a little bit confident we will make it through Rennes.

    1. Totally agree…. It’s bad to play United at Emirates because United having terrific away form… They have won all there away games since Ole has joined including PSG…
      They must be very on confident after that PGS win…

      1. Sue Rennes’s determination is our problem. I wonder what will happen if Man U decide to play us with great determination.

  8. That ref is a joke! Making decisions to appease the French fans! Torreira has been kicked at about 5 times and he does nothing!

  9. Since Iwobi scored they did shit! Take a look at Ozil’s jersey, not a single drop of sweat! They are fooling around in third quarter and this idiot does a second yellow. Wtf!?

  10. Forget the red card, the one problem in this team today is Aubameyang. Seriously like I’ve said, he brings nothing to this team if he’s not on the score sheet, doesn’t trouble defenders enough, puts up average performances and scores tap-ins, he performs like this constantly but fans will never see it or admit to it, it’s to constantly pick out Ozil and say all sorts of stuffs.
    Auba is like playing with a man down…
    I don’t care, FFS give Nketiah a chance to play with these experience players

    1. Yeah lets forget the red card and the defence that has once again let Arsenal down.
      Let’s forget that and point the finger of blame at the top scorer whose goals have prevented us from being a bottom half team or even a team fighting relegation.
      You have the right to your opinion of course but really….
      Arsenal’s defence is a calamitous shambles – a long running joke that costs us every time.
      Concentrate your frustrations at something tangible and responsible.
      Sokratis is a joke…

      1. “Concentrate your frustrations at something tangible and responsible”
        Mate if you don’t know me or how I express myself then don’t say shít to me..Everyone on here knows I’ve always pointed out how bad our defense is, how our defenders can’t play this game.
        I am tired of talking about our defenders so let me point out others weak areas.
        You’re entitled to your opinion, I don’t know what match you’re Watching that you can’t see Aubameyang is bringing nothing to this game, I could point out and count the number of chances he has wasted from the first half

        1. How can you say that and not laugh?
          Look at our results and take Aubameyang’s goals away and see where we are.
          Aubameyang others a thousand times more to this club than anyone else – without his finishing we would be a relegation team because we have f*ck all creativity and a defence that is incompetent.
          I mean – look at tonight a red card leading to a goal and a defender scoring an own goal.
          Against fu**ing Rennes – a team 11th in the comical French league.
          I am grateful for Aubameyang because I KNOW without him we would be in the deepest of shit…
          And he misses chances
          SO WHAT
          Arsenal are an average team with one world class striker.
          Be grateful for that

        2. How can you say that and not laugh?
          Look at our results and take Aubameyang’s goals away and see where we are.
          Aubameyang others a thousand times more to this club than anyone else – without his finishing we would be a relegation team because we have no creativity and a defence that is incompetent.
          I mean – look at tonight a red card leading to a goal and a defender scoring an own goal.
          Against Rennes – a team 11th in the comical French league.
          I am grateful for Aubameyang because I KNOW without him we would be in the deepest of trouble
          And he misses chances
          SO WHAT
          Arsenal are an average team with one world class striker.
          Be grateful for that

  11. Both defo yellow cards, good defender but always a booking waiting to happen. Stupid thing to do and then they go and score. Double whammy.

    1. Sokratis a good defender?
      Did you ever seen Keown or Adams play?
      This is the worst Arsenal defence I have seen in the 35 years of following Arsenal
      Sokratis, Koscielny and Mustafi are a defensive joke.
      George Graham would never have even bothered to send a scout to watch Sokratis play – What did Mislintat even see in him i don’t know – it just shows how limited he was as a chief scout – so limited he could only take players from his former club. Auba is a good player, hardly a big find though. Sokratis is bloody awful…
      But then again I was following Arsenal when they had a manager who appreciated the need for good defenders…
      Sokratis getting sent off could be disastrous for us…

      1. No mate I said he was good, Adams and Keown were greats true greats and yes I saw every game they played. Never knew Jesus played though!
        Actually it’s one of the worst defences in the 60 plus years I’ve been watching them.

  12. …currently we lack the personnel to be able to deliver convincingly – as i pointed out already we sent the worst message out when Bate whats-it-face beat us. Now these france-minnows fancy their chances too (against afc). We seem to make things hard for ourselves, right?/its up-hill now

    1. Sokratis makes it hard for us.
      I can see Rennes getting a few in the second half.
      And Arsenal going out…
      I just cannot believe that idiot got sent off.
      What a useless f**king idiot…

      1. …its painful viewing. I can recall a time when going 1-man down simply got the arsenal mad and our personnel could still salvage the game. So… let’s see what cahunas they got tonight..

      2. Watching him pester the ref so much was cringey to watch. I can’t really blame the ref for the calls either. They were yellows and even if the Rennes winger played into the second one a bit, Sokratis should have known better.

        1. …by all his gesturing after conceding his first yellow i figured sokratis would’v learned his lesson ..but no. Now we’re 2-1 down against a team with the name as a packet of headache tablets…

  13. 2-1. walk away with this scoreline and have a blinder the Emirates. C’mon Arsenal. still a chance.

    1. I trust us to twice atleast 2 at fortress home but we must hang on. Cech is our savior right now

      1. Yes Sue thanks for correcting me I am so pissed off and spuds beat Dortmund and it was MU who beat PSG. Double pisser.

  14. What’s the difference between a fat chick and an Arsenal striker? A: Even a fat chick scores every once in a while!

  15. we struggle to win our away games in domestic competition – so what do we expect playing away against europe’s in-form and elite sides? Not one player here deserves more than 6 when tonight ratings come in.

  16. What Monreal doing??? Why he didn’t track back after loosing ball…. Pathetic defending by Monreal..

    1. That made me almost punch him through the TV. He lost the ball and waited till they were almost in our box to start jogging back. I rarely see that from a defender!

      1. We’re capable of scoring at home. That’s not really something I’m concerned about. Shame we won’t have Lacazette. Auba has been poor in recent weeks and I’d rather him be our striker.

        1. How many bleak will a team allow to have in a season. Our coach and team is not just good enough. It is as simple as that. The little a watch of the match I could rennes coach around 23 to 30 minutes urging his team to keep attacking and pressing us for goals. But when we scored a goal we never looked like we will score another because we dilly-dally and pass the around like we were leading 10-0. This sh**t show is getting old

      1. So I don’t know what to say or do. I don’t understand this squad, I don’t understand the method, I don’t understand. I think we just play as we go. Are we weak mentally? But the red card though.

  17. If you bought a power drill for 350000 a week & bought another for 80 sheets & they did the same would feel ripped off.! Am I wrong

  18. Probably the most embarrassing team performance in arsenal’s history against nothing more than a pub team but we have made them look like Barcelona. What on earth has gone wrong with a once great club

    1. Took the words out of my mouth Perry we actually did make them look like Barcelona! Speaking of them Chelsea were more comfortable at the camp nou with 10 men during they’re champions League winning campaign

      1. Not just Chelsea even Man City against Schalke 2 weeks ago was very comfortable with 10 men they scored and had the possession but this Arsenal is shit

  19. We are pure shit. Anyone who thinks any different is delusional. That squad is pathetic. I am so annoyed with this selection of fn players. Get rid of this shit now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Why Emery doesn’t give players like Mavro a chance is beyond me. Our defense cannot get any worse than it is now. You may as well start using youth. Our back 4 has little to offer.

      1. RSH who’s fault do you think is that? Am being honest now. Because I don’t think all our players are bad? Except we want to change the whole squad. Teams like Rennes used to be a walk over.

        1. They were all bad last season as well, so idk exactly what you’re trying to imply, but they ARE that bad, haha. This is the same side that bottled it against Atleti too and let them score at Emirates. Arsenal cannot defend. At all. And we haven’t been able to for over a decade, so this isn’t a new problem.

          1. RSH Atletico ?. A team that competes with Real Madrid and Barcelona. Top teams in a top league. It is not a shame to lose to Atletico. It was painful but not disgraceful. Infant I remember it was predictable. We shall look forward to Sunday. Stay cool.

            1. Failing to win against a team who had 10 men for 80mins whilst you’re at home. Is an absolute disgrace for a club of arsenals pedigree

  20. I don’t think anyone at Arsenal have any brains. Few minutes to go, away from home, down 10 men, down 2 1, and that’s the type of defending we get? I’m sick of this team and it’s amateur football

    1. Exactly. Common sense says hold onto the result. For a team that likes to play short corners in scenarios that don’t suit the situation, this actually would’ve been the perfect time to do so.

  21. @Eddy
    I think pple are usually scared of saying the truth and that’s amongst the reason we’re a mediocre team
    AUBAMEYANG adds nothing to the team
    LACAZETTE is a type of striker we haven’t had in years

    There’s absolutely nothing special about Aubemeyang, yet pple go about saying that annoying “his goals is preventing us from being below on the table”

    Are we differently placed on the table than how we used to be without him?

    I only remember one goal that he scored that Nketiah cannot scored, asides that, any TOM-DICK-AND-HARRY can score all his Tap-Ins

    I don’t rate him better than Giroud
    Defenders can go to sleep whenever he’s on
    But with Lacazette, defenders have their hands full all day
    Which is the same about Giroud, as a defender you’ve got a battle all day long defending against Giroud, though even if he wins the battle he’s not talented enough to even convert.

    But this Auba, he weakens our attack

    Let him return to coming from the bench, he scored most of his goals from there

    The Spurs game also pissed me, as Laca was giving the defenders things to think on – though the defenders were having the upper hand

    But when Auba came, it’s party-time for the Defenders, nothing to do anymore

    1. He has 16 goals. You cannot ignore that fact. But I agree I think Lacazette offers much more. Auba was horrible in the first half. He can’t play others in, can’t fight off defenders even to give himself a little bit of space either. It’s frustrating to watch him sometimes.

    2. Yeah!
      You are right!
      Absolutely correct.
      What a genus you are, forward thinking, out of the box.
      What a fantastic theory you have.
      Our best striker – the only one who scores goals is holding Arsenal back !
      Let’s sell him on.
      Get rid of him.
      We don’t need players who can score goals – what we need is someone who can give a defender a tough time.
      Like i said.
      Take his goals away – see where we will be in the table.
      If you are happy with that then fine.
      Nketiah is not good enough – yet.
      Lacazette will never be a top striker hence why an average striker in Giroud kept him out of the french national team.
      Aubameyang is the only top player we have.
      Don’t fool yourself into thinking we have top players because we don’t
      Hence why we just got hammered by the 11th placed french league Rennes.
      Arsenal fans are just as brainless as our defenders…

      1. Lacazette comment is harsh but Alex can never score tap ins and that is why he isn’t an elite striker. Better player than Auba maybe but 100% not a better striker. Everyone forgets the countless sitters laca can never tuck away. Only the best strikers know where to be at the right time and how to get the job done

    3. Yes Babasola any Tom, Dick or Harry can score tap ins but can Tom, Dick or Harry get in the positions to tap them in? No they can’t.
      Anyway, given the look on Auba’s face after being taken off, it looks like you’ll get your wish and he’ll be off to where he’s appreciated.

  22. You wonder why I wrote an article on giving Young Eddie Nketiah the chance? well this is it, I pointed out how the lack of competition has made Aubameyang and Lacazette so poor lately, So sad to lose Welbeck.
    FFS Nketiah needs a chance!! PEA like I’ve always said BRINGS NOTHING TO THIS TEAM IF HE’S NOT ON THE SCORE SHEET!! Our defenders are poor, we all know that, but isn’t it as pointless when your attackers are close to useless.
    PEA has been in bad form for months even though he scored some goals, you will only delude yourselves if you see nothing wrong in his performance.

    Tell me why Elneny is in this team if he can’t start games like this? He rotates he rotates, blah blah blah, Elneny has nothing to offer??
    Must Xhaka play every fvcking game? Elneny is nothing special but is he a bad player? The team today is a disgrace. I don’t know how to sugarcoat words but it’s embarrassing.
    Everyone was jogging on the pitch, all looked tired.. Why was Suarez brought in if he can’t help in games like these? Wenger wasn’t a total failure if you look at how he makes use of his squad and younger players in the Europa league

    1. Our defenders are poor?
      What about our midfielders?
      Arsenal are average Eddie.
      All the way through.
      Including the manager.
      Not good enough to win the league and good enough to avoid relegation.
      I cannot think of one player a club like Man City would want to buy from Arsenal.
      Funny isn’t it that you never read of Real Madrid are after so and so or Barcelona are looking to sign so and so from Arsenal
      Nobody wants average players do they?
      Long gone are the days when we had top class players.
      I argued the case of Aubameyang being an important player – the main player for Arsenal but that does not mean I think he is top class because I don’t.
      If we did not have him Arsenal would be near the bottom…
      I would agree – we need to give our young players a chance. We have great young players who could become top players.
      I just find myself not being bothered – why bother when the club don’t really care…

  23. Game Over.
    The tie is over in my opinion.
    Thanks to our calamitous, incompetent, useless, inept, mentally retarded defence our best chance is pretty much over.
    You can guarantee that every time when the pressure is on, when we need to play well one of those “defenders” – if you can call them that will conspire to destroy everything.
    I can honestly say this is the worst Arsenal team I have ever seen in forty years of following this club and Emery ranks as the worst manager.
    I actually want Rennes to progress.
    I cannot bring myself to offer any support to this team
    I miss Wenger and his ways.
    Losing 3-1 to Rennes – ranked 11th in the french league.
    What an embarrassment.
    How can we even THINK we are on the same level as Spurs, United, Liverpool and Man City?
    They are years ahead of Arsenal…

  24. The only chance we have now is if they get chucked out of the competition due to the amount of missiles their scummy fans threw at our players.

  25. Spurs beat Dortmound home and away , Manchester City Beat Schalke in Germany with 10 men and had possession , ManU yesterday also beat PSG While Arsenal Mr embarressment can not even cope with a pub team . Sorry Wenger the problem has never been you .

  26. Emery is at fault here. He should have subbed off Ozil instead of Iwobiat that point. Auba was an absolute shit. Cech did his best, couldnt have asked for more.
    Really gutted here…

    1. Keown said the same, he also said that Auba should’ve stayed on, I think he was thinking about the manu game though and he intended to make those subs before the game kicked off.

    2. Everyone complains about Iwobi . HE is an average player at best but take him out of this average team for this season and you will truly know the depths of arsenals fall from grace.
      Auba has been poor for over 2 months now .after missing a penalty in the last game you settle for such a performance . We were conned by Dortmund simple .
      Mustafi ,Kos need to be gone at the end of this season.
      i wont even talk about Ozil .I am glad he is given more chances .World class players are judged on consistency .Ozil is just another regular Joe in this team in my eyes .
      And for the love of God why wasn’t Gels Martins taken on loan by arsenal
      Emery is not a bad coach but he has a lot of bad habits ie. he is stubborn,his team rotation is questionable , he also has favorites and he doesn’t have trust in the youth system .
      Arsenal players let Wenger down most of the time and this season’s most woeful performances are down to the players not the coach.
      Arsenal need nothing less than 150 million to rebuild because we have lot of passengers in this team .
      The youth teams have been doing really well so i ask why can’t Nketiah, Balogun,Saka ,Medley,Willock ,Xavier get a few games in this team . we lack a right back, an attacking midfielder , a Box to box midfielder ,2 wingers , a left back , a center back . this is almost a new team .

  27. After seeing the title on the main page you’d be forgiven for thinking this was posted after the match…

    THEY HAVE ONE BIG ADVANTAGE NOW!!! AND EVEN MORE SO WHEN THE TEAM THAT WON LAST NIGHT DO US A BIG ONE ON SUNDAY. Please let this end already… We’re broken beyond repair and are better sold as parts than one flying machine…

  28. Awful 2nd half display, amateur defending and complete naivity! The red card completely changed the game! I’m still confident we can progress.. they won’t have anywhere near the chances or possession they had tonight and we’re usually very strong at home! We’re more than capable of thumping Rennes at home so let’s keep the faith..

      1. I know Sue I have to be optimistic ? it’s doable utd went to Paris against all odds why can’t we do it at home and we have an away goal

          1. Your usually optimistic and I’m pessimistic Sue ? we’ll do it, trust me ? Aubameyang will have a good night next week.. ref was helping them and was only giving free kicks because the fans were on his back.

            1. What can I say – you’ve worn me down with your pessimism ? for a minute there I was expecting that ref to rip his face mask off & for Anthony Taylor to be stood there ? I must admit I did have hope… then I saw that green kit & my heart sank…. as soon as that red card came out… I thought we’re screwed! I’m sick of these games where we have a mountain to climb in the next leg…. what I’d give for a nice convincing win!!

              1. Haha that ref was a hybrid of Dean and Taylor lol. Don’t you like the green kit anymore ? ? the red was a killer because we were in complete control and we will again next Thursday, Rennes aren’t Barcelona we just made them think they were tonight.. bigger pitch, home support, and 11 men next week let’s do this ?

                1. You know I don’t like that bloody green kit ? ok I’ll take a screenshot of this conversation & remind you of it next week ? I just don’t know John… what a week we have ahead of us… make or break… the pressure is on……..

                  1. Well your only gonna make me look like an expert football analyst ? yes I’m starting to believe you about the kit ? trust the process Sue we’ll be laughing about this next week and we’ll be one step closer to the champions League ? oh and Xhaka out bloody liability ?

                    1. Haha they’d better get you on BT sport for next week then ?
                      Haha that last sentence – that’s the pessimistic John I know ??

                    2. No ? I’d only smack Michael Owen and get myself arrested ? well of course I’m not a saint ? at least we won’t have to wear the mint kit for at least the next 3 games ?

                    3. She’s fine, haha ? no point in getting arsey tonight John, after the sending off I expected that result (just not the OG) now Sunday might be a different story ?

    1. Agree John, there is a lot of negativity around here tonight and yes I get it we lost and the performance was questionable at times. Should have been 2 up prior to the red card, but weren’t and heading back to the Emirates 3 v 1 down isn’t good. The next 2 games are make or break for our season. So please fellow gooners, try and keep the faith and get behind the team. Win on Sunday and progress next Thursday and all is good again.

      1. Well said Paul ? I forgot to mention that, yes we should have been 2 or 3 up before the red card.. let’s be honest, Rennes are a decent team nothing more, we should have the quality to overturn this. Roma almost pulled back a 5-1 against Liverpool last season.. 2 goals isn’t impossible, this isn’t Bayern or Barcelona

        1. Agreed John. Yes tonight wasn’t the best, but that’s the beauty of 2 legs we are only at half time. Knock ole off the wheel on Sunday and progress Thursday and all is well again. That’s not going to be easy on either front, bit the fans need to get behind the boys and they need to step up and deliver.

          1. 100% Paul look at Chelsea tonight 3 nil up against Dynamo Kiev who topped the group that Rennes were in! How many times have we won by 2 or more goals at the Emirates.. we have 90 mins to put it right and I’m convinced we will but of course as you said let’s knock ole off the wheel first and worry about Rennes after and now it’s up to the fans to make both games atmospheric ?

            1. Hopefully our faith in the team won’t be misplaced otherwise imagine the vilification we will get on here. And if it was negative tonight, it will be out of this world this time next week if the boys dont deliver! Come on you gunners ?

    1. ??? Everyone was sh*t. Special mention goes to Aubameyang and Torreira..particularly Torreira. Offers nothing going forward, can’t stay on his feet for more than 5 seconds and even when he does he immediately gets knocked off the ball. He is a shadow of the player we signed and if I didn’t know any better I’d say he is showing signs of being wengerized which is strange because Wenger left ages ago!

  29. Ah sure as long as the £s keep rolling in from the mug supporters why should the board do anything different. Wel’l keep robbing these stupid Arsenal fans and take the money to America!

  30. I don’t understand Arsenal style of foot ball…..we are running like headless chicken in the pitch with no direction and we hardly control games even against small teams or big team,we can’t defend and we hardly attack….earlier the better Emery goes better for Arsenal to improve we are now average team……

  31. What’s wrong with arsenal?? There’s has to be a serious problem, this isn’t fun anymore. Can they only play on the silky smooth Emirates pitch only?? Is there something going on behind the scenes that our power hungry band of Spanish management isn’t telling us about?? This squad has more than enough to tear teams like Rennes apart, how do you go from an assertive performance against spurs to this trash in the space of a few days? It actually looked like we were the ones in 11th place in ligue 1, we’re an embarrassment to the premier league! We’re an embarrassment to the cannon badge and for crying out loud throw that hideous insult of a kit away! Can’t wait for adidas

      1. I was watching the game with a Dutch friend, who is ecstatic after ajax knocked out real in their backyard. And whilst I was actually talking to her (prior to the red card !) She said what actually is the colour of your kit?! I said I don’t actually know, buy when we wear it we are normally shit!

          1. Evening sue, trust your well? Definitely all the kits fault tonight. Stick with the red, like north London is on sun and Thurs and all will be good! I share your nerves about Sunday, but expect a reaction and the lads need to deliver a performance

            1. Hi Paul… I’ve been better ? how about you? It sure is – I never want to see that kit again!!
              They really do need to deliver… but whether we’ll see it or not, I don’t know! I don’t even know if I can bring myself to watch – really don’t like United, so losing to them is devastating ? Going to miss Torreira for sure

              1. Yeah again been better, our results effect my mood ?! Keep the faith sue the team are going to give us a memorable performance Sunday. If not I will be back on to apologise to you for my blind faith ?

                1. I know that feeling well… happy one minute, gutted the next… that’s how it usually goes!
                  Well I’ll hold you to that! ?

                  1. Hopefully our faith in the team won’t be misplaced otherwise imagine the vilification we will get on here. And if it was negative tonight, it will be out of this world this time next week if the boys dont deliver! Come on you gunners ?

  32. Our biggest issue to be resolved is the lack of pace. Today we didn’t have enough pace and when we were down to 10 it was easy for Renne to expose us.

    For all the talent we have, We only have Auba, Iwobi, Welbeck, Bellerin that can offer pace. The game now demands at least 5 players that can offer 90mins of speed. Saying that, our squad needs more.

    I can’t see the 2nd leg being anything other then Renne coming out as winners of the tie. If we were to win, our current performance is too inconsistent for us to seriously expect to win Europa league or finish top 4.

    Time to start considering the positions of certain players in our squad…

  33. We win 2 nil at the Emirates and we go through, but we don’t do the nil bit. They will score for sure.

  34. Everyone needs to relax. We’re 100% hammering these guys at the Emirates. The real problem is we need to come to the realisation that we can’t win this competition our away form is that of huddersfield. ANYONE can embarrass us away from home. So if we draw a napoli/inter/Chelsea next round. We’re conceding minimum 3 goals. Which we won’t be able to reverse so easily. Emery needs to do somethi g about this away form

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