Report – Arsenal agree to deal with Italian side for Uruguayan midfielder

Arsenal has reportedly agreed on a deal with Fiorentina for the transfer of Lucas Torreira.

The Uruguayan is set to leave the Emirates after two seasons with the Gunners and Arteta will not stand in his way.

After joining the club from Sampdoria in 2018, he enjoyed a very successful first season that saw the Gunners reach the final of the Europa League.

However, his second season was a more frustrating one for him and the club, and he has never really managed to convince Mikel Arteta of his talents and suitability to the Spaniard’s system.

Labaro Viola claims that Arsenal and the Italians have already reached an agreement over his transfer.

He will join them on loan for 8 million euros and the transfer will be made permanent at the end of the season for 16 million euros.

The agreement to sign him permanently is obligatory rather than optional.

It then adds that the transfer is being held up by the impending arrival of Dani Ceballos from Real Madrid because Arteta will not allow Torreira to leave when he is short of options in midfield.

Selling Torreira will free up space on the Arsenal wage bill and it will also help the club raise some funds as they seek to add more players to their team.

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  1. 16m for a player who has a good repo in Italy plus has age on his side. There is something that this Arsenal board is smoking…we buy players for more then they are worth, give them absurd contracts then either terminate their contracts or sell them for half the money….what is wrong with us? Then we say we are struggling for funds.

    1. If u add the 8mil loan fee, it amounts to 24mil.
      And the article says, its an obligation to buy..,not just an option.
      Anyways.. Hope this somehow adds to fund partey move

    2. Mohsan, as you state the negotiation deficiencies appear to be continuing at the Arsenal; buy high, sell low.
      Let your promising young players leave on loan with options to buy, or sell them without buy back options and sell on clauses in the transfer contracts.

  2. Lucas is worth far more than 16 million,but it seems,these days Arsenal has issues in letting their players go at good price.

  3. Not sure how selling Torreria helps our wage bill, when it’s reported that we are going to have to pay Ceballos’s full salary during this seasons loan.

    Can I also point out that all these transfers are players signed by the new regime… along with the loss of money?
    Torreria, Sokratis, Lichsteiner, Mykhitaryan and Guendozi were five of the eight players announced with Unai Emery… wasn’t it all supposed to change with gazidis and the three wise men?

    1. Yeah they f***es up big time. At least we seem to be trying to clean the deadwood out and have a fresh start. Limited funds and covid seem to be making a hard job harder. I have faith in the new regime, hope my faith is rewarded.

      1. If, by the new regime, you mean Arteta and Edu, then I agree 100% – the problem is that Huss Fahhy is, I believe, still in control of contracts and salaries… in and out.
        Auba’s contract signing looks as far away as ever.

          1. I read 80k for Ceballos Sue. It’s good enough for a club like Arsenal already paying so much more to too many lightweight players.

    2. Ken, at least it’s something people can’t blame Emery for, given he was expected to coach players he had no say in buying.

  4. I believe the total sale price is 24M – 8 now and another 16 next year. I think this is a win-win for all parties involved. LT and his family were not happy in London and he struggled lately to make at an impact on the field. This transaction not be viewed as a loss, at this time, but rather an opportunity to improve the squad, especially the midfield. Thiago Alcantara – here we come!!!!

    1. I agree and in the midst of a Covid changed football world, totally changed in finance too ( which some Gooners , like Buchi, so easily forget!) a total of £ 24 million is actually a fair and realistic fee for this tiny player who is too tiny to cut the mustard in the Prem. Rememner that fees are lower now both in and out, so it works both ways.

      I of course realise that under the last two previous regimes, Sanllehi and ESPECIALLY Gazidis, many calamitous deals were done. BUT we start from where we are now with MA and Edu, two pros in charge, finally, and have enormous financial ground to make up but that WILL come, with patience. Not many fans possess patience of course, as this site shows us only too well.

      1. jon, I agree; more people on here need to take up fishing to develop their patience.
        Then again, maybe patience comes from many years of following the Arsenal through the lean periods.

        1. Ozzie HALLELUJAH to that “lean” period” remark. I took up regular attending(having already been a fan since age five, in 1958 aged eight, and we were already five years into a lean period without honours that would last another twelve years until that Inter Cities Fairs Cup win in 1970. God alone knows how some of todays impatient younger fans would have survived THAT seventeen year stretch without silverware!

          The snowflake generation do not do patience, generallly speaking.

          “I want what I want and I want it now, no matter the cost” sums up many of them. I do NOT say all but certainly a large percentage.

          A final admission though; even my own, ahem, “legendary” patience does not extend as far as fishing!

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