Report – Arsenal among the clubs looking to raid Man Utd

Arsenal is reported to be leading the race to sign Man Utd defender.

Arsenal is among a bunch of Premier League clubs looking to sign United outcast Chris Smalling.

The 30-year-old is currently on loan at Italian outfit Roma, and is very unlikely to be returning to Manchester at the end of his loan spell.

According to the Mirror, Arsenal sent scouts to monitor the central defender Friday evening when he featured against Inter Milan, a game that ended 0-0.

Arsenal were not the only ones scouting Smalling, England manager Gareth Southgate was also at the game with a recall to the England side a strong possibility, such has been his form this season.

Everton, Leicester City, Juventus and Inter are also reported to be interested in signing the United outcast.

A fee of £18 Million has been touted by the Mirror, which is well within Arsenal’s reach.

It has to be said that on the face of it signing Smalling is a bit underwhelming. However, by all accounts, he is having an excellent season in Serie A and when clubs like Juventus and Inter are interested then he must have been impressive.

He certainly cannot be any worse than the current crop of central defenders that Arsenal is lumbered with. His price is reasonable and he is obviously experienced in the Premier League.

It seems if he returns to England to see out his career that he will return a very different player to the one that left Old Trafford.


  1. And this is one of the reasons why we are 10th place and why United, Chelsea and Spurs who were behind us are now ahead of us

    1. We r 10th in the league because we hired an atrocious coach, smalling is a very good defender in fact he’s the best performing defender at serie a right now

  2. Yes! Let’s get yet another reject from one of our rivals, because it’s worked out so well so far. Luiz, Cech, Welbeck, Mkhitarian, Silvestre, Gallas, haven’t flopped at all have they?

    1. If they are not good enough for our rivals they are not good enough for Arsenal when will we ever learn

  3. I have a feeling that the Afc club is underperforming due to a mess that was long left by our former coach.Our Academy setup doesn’t seem to be producing any special talent.I know it hurts but we should all be patient to build a new team that’s connecting

  4. 2 years ago we were interested in Soyuncu, he even came out and said i want to play for arsenal and thought it was happening.
    Then because he was to inexperienced we went and got Sokratis instead for the same amount.
    Another in the long list of terrible decisions.

  5. How are we going to sign players when it’s being reported online that the club has made a £23M loss for the year ended May 2019? I have tried to find those financials to confirm for myself though I haven’t managed. Nonetheless, if this is true, we will have to sell a couple of players first before talking about buying anyone.

  6. We don’t need big name players now we need good players with big hearts and a good coach who knows how to get the best out of players

  7. Every window since he was 12 we have supposed to be interested. It has never happened and it never will, i don’t think. Its just the gutter media linking us to every average player, to wind us up.

  8. We should be cherry picking the best defenders in the league (and others of necessary) in the Van Dyk, Maguire mould. Not keeping paying for declining defenders and players from rivals. We have been doing that for the last ten years and it has aided our steady decline. A new recruiting strategy has to be put in place.

  9. Arsenal retirement club.Next is to retire to the Championship followed by League Òne.Why not sign Smalling, Juan Mata and the like on free or cheapstakes? We definitely are not competing for honors, are we? We are here to make up the numbers and dole out 1000s in wages and millions to agents.There is a saying” the fish rots in the head first we need to get rid of Raul, then we have a chance to improve.Hiring any coach will not do wonders for this club

    1. Well said. IT IS BECOMING CLEAR THAT RAUL SANLLEHI IS OUT OF HIS DEPTH RUNNING A CLUB OF OUR STATURE. We continue to slide as a team and a club and though Kroenke is ultimately responsible, we need a proper football man in Rauls position. We have only Edu in any position of responsibility who knows anything about the game at all. We sacked, far too late, a manager who was out of his depth and had not first made plans to replace him, unlike Spuds who had Mourinho lined up first, before sacking Poch. Forward planning is to Arsenal like I am to flower arranging and I could not tell a daffodil from a cactus!

  10. Good grief no! SMALLING IS A NEVER HAS BEEN and mediocre at best CB. SO WILL HE COME THEN? Almost certainly, since our club actively seeks those types. Weep!

    1. Mustafi
      30 31 32..
      I’m tired of Arsenal.
      I’m still disappointed we lost out on Victor Wanyama when he was available at Celtic.

  11. If they are not good enough for our rivals they are not good enough for Arsenal when will we ever learn

  12. Smalling not good enough for MU, is who board looks at, instead of MU above us! That shows our ambition; available ressources! Pepe is a payement plan as Tierny and Saliba who is busy on CL football run with St Etienne, 5th in league!

    It is obvious that we need a top defender named Koulibaly in order to have a solid CB pair, Or we must play with a CB front of CBs, Emery had it on last game, until Luiz injury ! Eddie did not watch that game nor any to see that precise move, team was simply flying, on fire!

    We have no manager, may be inspired to focus on having one for next game. After Wenger, it takes a top Manager we had in him, Real PSG Bayern thought of Wenger for that!

    It is no one available, Mourhino was but taken and saw how tuff it was to replace Sir Alex at MU but kept them flowing…Secured CL!

    Today, only top Manager available is Wenger,

    Bayern lost, will be in trouble with these Spurs who are building as most dangerous side in league, only team I see beat Reds.

    Point, if Bayern draw or lose 2 next games, they will bring Wenger to save season, no one else available can bring stability and manage players and stand as strong in such bench and club!

    They went for Ancelotti, Pep, they called Wenger and decided to keep faith in current
    “B Manager” but it is fragile, won’t be with Wenger, his figure, ora provide that to a club.

    What we lost is not just a coach and Manager, he is as much or more to be respected by Arsenal than Sir Alex is to Man U! Idiots!

  13. It`s not just about which defenders we buy, it`s also about the protection in front of them !………………..if anyone doesn`t understand this then I would advise them to listen to Martin Keown on talksport………….you can re-listen Fridays talk on their website, you will then be enlightened, better still Arsenal`s management should have a listen.

    1. LCQ, APPALLING , IS IT NOT, THAT ALMOST ALL REGULAR FANS ON HERE KNOW THE ANSWER TO OUR DEFENSIVE PROBLEMS BUT THE CLUB REFUSES TO SEE IT. Unless the club buy a minimum of one proven top class CB, PLUS one other at least competent CB, then we are seriously facing relegation or at least a bitter fight to stave it off. It is THAT serious, as we fans know but the club cares nothing about it. They are custodians from Hell! As yo correctly say, we also need many other midfield players too, including someone with guts, physical power, mobility and speed and proper organisation to support the defence, from the WHOLE TEAM.

    2. Your right LCM , we desperately need a quality DM to protect our back four .We as a Club seem incapable of recruiting even decent centre backs.We had the opportunity to sign Johnny Evans for 3m and Gary Cahill on a free let they were not considered good enough.Well they have proved everybody wrong, and as a pair I would take them any day despite the fact that they are in their thirties.They are miles better than Sokratis, Mustafi and Luis who between them cost around 55m and although they would not be long term solutions they would ideal role models for the likes of Saliba,Holding and Mavroponas.

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