Report – Arsenal considering another Odegaard loan deal

Arsenal is considering another loan deal for Real Madrid midfielder, Martin Odegaard in this transfer window.

The Norwegian spent the second half of last season on loan at the Emirates and he was a shining light in the Arsenal team.

They have remained interested in his return even though he favours breaking into the Real Madrid first team.

With Carlo Ancelotti now the manager, the Norwegian will feel he has the chance to get a fresh start at Madrid.

However, that hasn’t stopped Arsenal from being interested in him and they are set to launch another bid to bring him to London.

Verified Portuguese journalist and transfer insider, Pedro Almeida has delivered an update on Arsenal’s interest on Twitter and he claims the Gunners are set to make a return for him.

He says they will make an offer of a loan deal with the option of a permanent transfer.

Real Madrid wants the Norwegian to be a part of their plans going forward and it remains unclear if they will accept such a proposal from Arsenal.

However, he would not want another campaign without regular football and that could see him push to return to the Emirates knowing that he would get the playing time that he craves.

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  1. A loan with an option to buy would be the PERFECT deal for Arsenal as we could focus the rest of our funds on the Central midfield & whatever replacements for departing players, maybe in the RB & striker position (if we can’t convince Laca to sign a 1 year extension for the latter).

    Fingers crossed! 🙂

  2. 4th July
    “Odegaard makes it clear he is not returning to Arsenal”.
    27th of July
    “Unsettled Odegaard could make an unexpected return to Arsenal”
    28th of July 1.45pm
    Arsenal target “susceptible” to being sold by Real Madrid.
    28th of July 9pm
    “Arsenal ready to pay 40m Euro for their former loanee.
    July 29th 2.45pm
    “Arsenal considering another Odegaard loan deal”
    Wonder what the script writers will make up
    on Ode tomorrow? 🙂

    1. Aouar 20m
      Odegaard 5m loan fee with 35m obligation
      or Maddison 60m

      Which one (or more) should we go for?

      Personally i would take a punt on Aouar, and Odegaard 25m down now with 35m to pay next summer.

      We could probably raise 25m by selling xhaka & Elneny and getting a loan fee for Willock.

    2. “Wonder what the script writers will make up
      on Ode tomorrow? 🙂”

      “Odegaard to Arsenal move GAZUMPED as K-Pop band BTS convince him to drop his career as footballer to become a pop star!”. :0

    3. Seeing sky are actually reporting our interest in Odegaard JA is hardly making up its articles .
      I’ve given sky as a example but plenty more outlets reporting the same thing .

  3. I will probably be in the minority, but Odegaard didn’t impress me so much. Yes, he had one or two great games but take those away and you find too many games he was ineffective. Also, he and ESR in the same starting 11 is also not a great combination IMO.

    At a minimum lock-in an option to buy at a set price. If we do turn him into a top-top player but don’t have an option to buy we are basically developing him out of our own price range to purchase.

    I would rather roll the dice on Aour.

  4. ITK’s out in force re’ this one ;

    “Other people have been telling me that Brendan Rodgers is coming around to the idea of possibly letting Maddison go, if it’s the right deal for the club. The reports I’m hearing from people close to Maddison is he would be up for this move to Arsenal.”

    Or ;

    “It does seem like Arsenal are down to two [players] for this position for the #10 role – James Maddison & Martin Ødegaard. I spoke to somebody last night close to Maddison & they’re still saying Maddison is the #1 target for that #10 role.”

    As Brucie would say “Good game, Good Game” (may need to be of a certain age for that one).

  5. I thought this might happen but I hope it does not as I am not particularly impressed with Odegaard for a number of reasons.Firstly while he is skilful on the ball and can retain possession in tight situations, he lacks pace to drive forward and commit defenders and despite playing as an AM , he rarely troubles the opposing goalkeeper as his shooting is woeful.Willock, may lack his ball skills and football intelligence but he has proved he can finish with Newcastle and he has pace and created space by running well off the ball.I hope this rumour does not become reality.

  6. What about “the list” Edu and Arteta have been talking about since the Spring?

    Been hearing from the Kronke’s about how they are ready to invest this year, according to Josh.

    But it’s the same old same old yet again, “have to sell first.” Do they really? A billionaire HAS to sell Xhaka for 18 million before buying Australia for 20-25 million?

    They can’t sell the player after buying? Perhaps other clubs need to be informed they are conducting their business backwards and wrong.

    1. Maybe they bought White before they sold D. There’s a limit to how much leveraging you can do, particularly as it’s possible we won’t be able to sell ANYBODY this close season (heck we cant even give them away!)
      ps I think you over-valued Australia!

    1. you’re so right Reggie…some will try to suggest, albeit wrongly, that another loan deal would be in our best interest, especially if we didn’t properly address the midfield before the window closes…of course, this would be an incredibly flawed position, as this would further hamper our developmental process, likely negatively impact ESR again, enable Arteta to opt for a more defensive scheme to overcompensate for Ode’s glaring lack of defensive attributes and require us to enter a possibly inflated post-covid market next summer(fingers-crossed covid-wise) to properly address the midfield…there’s no legitimate silver-lining to this acquisition, minus the once in a blue moon flash of brilliance…haven’t we learned by now that we can’t keep employing slow-moving midfielders who either won’t put their respective foot into a tackle or when they do, a card is almost assuredly the end result

      1. That’s the thing @Guy some of you are settling for 2nd ,sorry 3rd forth best and constantly peddling yours wares against real supporters that have the clubs best interests at heart but turn that around to make it look otherwise.
        The so called negative fans will always do more good than the slow thinking patient brown nosing fans ,that you can take to the bank buddy .

  7. Just buy Dejan Kulusevski or Bruno Guimaraes,
    Aggressive and good dribbling.

    With what I’ve seen about Odegaard, he can’t cause more problems for oppositions.

  8. If its simply a season loan with an OPTION to
    Buy than MA and Edu will quickly accelerate
    that deal.

    WTS I completely agree with LongBenark that
    Bruno Guimares would be the PERFECT
    signing to partner TP in the center of the

  9. This is a very Arsenal thing. We need a creative midfielder like yesterday and we’re tip towing around this one till now…just like Bernd and Emi, we have got to talking about have one of either Auba and Laca, both of which we need desperately as we was lacking in the goals department last season.
    Unbelievable 😪

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