Report – Arsenal have summer agreement with Real Madrid over Odegaard

There are many good things that Arsenal fans would love to see happen in the summer, but only a few of them beats the signing of Martin Odegaard for another campaign.

The Gunners signed the Norwegian on loan for the rest of this season and he has been the perfect signing.

His fine performances at the Emirates mean the only sensible thing for Arsenal to do would be to try to sign him permanently or on loan for another season.

However, those performances also mean that Real Madrid will want to give him another chance at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Some reports last week claimed that Arsenal had no chance of keeping him beyond this season because Madrid will want him back when this campaign ends (Marca).

He is a talent that Los Blancos can use in their team or as a pawn to land one of their top targets.

But a new revelation from offers a more positive update to Arsenal’s fans.

The report says the Gunners agreed with Real Madrid to discuss his future at the end of this season.

This means that Edu will get the chance to discuss a potential permanent transfer or another loan deal for the midfielder.

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  1. Peter Ikatwa says:

    Odigaard should be give another run whether on loan or parmanent but ceballos must go is not Arsenal type he should not be in my tean

  2. jon fox says:

    This tells us NOTHING at all. It is obvious to all but a moron that we will be talking to RM AT THE SEASONS END. What the outcome will bring is is of course unclear. BUT that talks will take place is blindingly obvious. Yet it is trumpeted on this site as something new and newsworthy! Why?

    1. SueP says:

      No premier league football possibly Jon? San Marino and Albania otherwise

      1. jon fox says:

        Sorry Sue P, I don’t understand your point, so care to expand on it please!

        1. SueP says:

          It was meant to be mildly amusing and failed. The topic is only newsworthy because there is nothing more substantial to report. No premier league but boring England games. Sorry it was a poor effort in my part

  3. ken1945 says:

    Jon, what a weak article to put out!!!
    It does nothing to temper the suggestion that SOME articles are used just for click bait – I thought that at the end of the season, Odegaard would just catch the tube from The Arsenal to Heathrow Terminal 3!!!

  4. Argooner says:

    An agreement to discuss a possible agreement? Stop the presses!

  5. Nassar Al Athamneh says:

    This is hardly giving optimism vs sisgning him permanently.they should work an agreement now we are only two months away from the transfer season opening .so they should have the purse of Kronke ready from now and they should get rid of Alleneny ,those already on loan in Germany and sell willock and keep AMN BECUASE HE IS ALSO A COVER TO PARTY .Additionally get rid of ceballaous and buy one more creative midfielder Unless they can get Saka to work as a creative midfielder if oddegard is injured .Pepe should get his act together to cement his place .

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