Report – Arsenal interviewing candidates for the permanent manager job

Arsenal has already started interviewing candidates for their permanent manager according to reports in the media.

It seems Arsenal’s board have realized that keeping Freddie Ljungberg on as their interim manager for too much longer is untenable.

A report in The Telegraph is claiming that the Gunners have already started interviewing candidates for the vacant manager position.

Ljungberg was given temporary charge after the club fired Unai Emery for a poor 18 months in charge, he has failed to win any of his two games in charge and suffered an embarrassing 2-1 loss to Brighton on his home debut.

It would appear that club has now given up on keeping the Swede until the end of the season even though he is highly thought of.

The report claims that Arsenal’s board have placed Edu in charge of getting a new permanent manager and the former midfielder has already started talking to managerial targets who are currently out of job.

The plan is to get a manager who can start working immediately instead of going through the long process of getting a manager who is already working at another club.

It is unclear if the team is looking for a temporary fix at the moment because most of their top targets are either at another job or currently on holiday.


      1. Hi Towny254. i think Arteta deserves a chance. He knows the club inside out and has worked with Pep. Allegri is not available. I dont rate Viera. Benitez will be short term. Ancelloti is not available. the board should have a prime target. Arteta cant do worse. he is ready.

    1. @Reggie
      I think Benitez coaches a Chinese team. He’s got EPL experience and woukd be my choice of the 2…IJS

      1. you are so right only benitez can turn arsenal around so much premiership experince the last thing ws need right now is a manager with no premiership experience no way arteta

  1. Just go to either Allegri or Anchelotti (who are by far the most experienced & pedigreed of all of the options currently being discussed) and give them whatever the hell they want.

    1. I totally agree with you we need an experienced proven winner who will kick ass and separate the wheat from the chaff !!

      1. Totally. It would be silly to have managers of their calibres & track records in the frame and not go all out to get one of them.

    1. Hahaha….best one. If we can not influence the club from getting rid of them atleast can we take the damn irritating picture off Admin!

  2. It was reported on here earlier, via anotherlink, that The Arsenal had decided to sack UE ages ago…so why are they now only just down to the candidatee interviewing stage?

    Look at the spuds – announce a sacking and 24 hours later announce the new manager!!!

    I am in the camp that wants kronkie out sooner rather than later…BUT…he spends millions on a “management and coaching team” that are supposed to “manage and coach” the club!!!

    gazidis brought the new regime in and those who are left (excluding edu) have produced absolutely nothing to the club in the five areas they were supposed to improve on over the AW time:
    Contracts – Transfers – Salaries – Results – CL qualification:

    We are right to castigate the players, but without leadership from the coach upwards, they are in a rudderless ship, being led by no-one and allowed to become complacement.
    They are professionals and, in my view, will respond to professional leadership.

    1. @ken1945
      These guys haven’t got a clue as to what they’re doin. The fact they spent 72 mil on a player we didn’t need, but while buying cut rate over the hill defenders says it all…

    2. You have de right example Ken, it’s because levy is a good businessman n also a die heart supporter so he keeps a good balance…always know of ur enemy strength. I wish he was our owner rather then this sh*t kronke. He keeps employing ppl who can make him money n he does not care what happens on the pitch…good businessman? yeah for sure…good owner of a sports club? No way.

    1. I have confidence in Edu ,the others are in hiding ,and so they should be.
      Surprised the owners are allowing freeloading.

  3. Roger’s signed a new deal till 2025, Arteta has not been approached n pep thinks he will succeed him at Man city. I bet board are looking to sign some low pay and cheap manager who can come on a short 2 or even less year deal. If it works out in terms of football well n good if it does not they can get rid of him n show us fans how much they care about Arsenal FC, we fans will again start signing n showering praise on the owner n board…n de circle continues …this is called circle of bullsh*t.

    1. We have to get a TOP MANAGER we don’t want Arteta he is not a manager give a top manager whatever money he wants we need someone to turn this ship around before it hits the rocks

    1. Adulo: As much as I want to believe you, our defense is beyond salvation. What do you do when the very foundation of your house is crumbling? Our form has been relegation stuff for a very long time commencing near the end of the last season. I fear we will end up getting relegated at the end of the season. Our feckless bunch will not fight it out. Looks like a few have already surrendered without any fight. We are conceding consistently about two goals per game!!!

  4. I am so surprised that some fans on here still seem to think we would be able to get the likes of Allegri. That’s a pipe dream and based on the past.

    We have no squad and no budget to rebuild. No big-name manager will come into to this hopeless job. Mourinho knew at least he had a squad to work with. We have 2 maximium 3 players that could get us to a top 4 finish. The rests are a bunch or midtable caliber players combined with a few too many relegation types players.

    The best you can hope for is an unproven manager with no reputation to lose like Vieira, Nuno, Arteta. Forget Allegri, Rodgers, Poch forget anyone who has won things and is not washed up like Carlo.

    It is time to smell the coffee. This club will not see top 4 until we have a new owner or until half of the top 5 teams implode as a result of new owners.

    In fact, even with a new owner, this club will need years to rebuild. We need at least 250 million in the short run but that would put in breach of FFP even if we had a wealthy owner willing to give it to us.

  5. I believe the source of Arsenal problems is the managerial board.They have no vision.Seems they just want to make money without investing in players.No couch is going to turn Arsenal around for as long as the board mentality does not change.First changes must be at board level,the source problems.

  6. I think the problems are far deeper than getting a manager.

    Look at our defending, the transition… everyone is lost, is like strangers playing for the first time.

    I would like to know how much time the Invincibles spent together on an average week, including off the pitch activities and how much time this team spend together.

    Didnt the Invinsibles have such a strong bond with each other that we would hear about them having family days together? and doing other things?

    These current players seem distant w each other, they are not mates and I bet players like David Luiz spends more time w Chelsea players than Arsenal players in his socializing hours.

    Others seem to socialize but on Gaming Consoles and Social media.

    If this were a film, the right manager will come, take all technology and comforts off and turn them into men… into a fellowship… after all, werent the Invinsibles much more than just a group of good players? there was fellowship, camaraderie, laughter, showboating.. telepathic partnerships like Bergkamp/Freddy… and Pires/Henry/Cole..

    Does Kolasinac, whoever our main left sided player is and Auba/Laca look like that together? I dont mean football wise, I mean just being friends and being interested in eachother’s game?

    Does Ozil and Pepe have the same chemistry of Bergkamp and Freddy? no, they are strangers to each other.

    We would hear of Invinsibles, like Henry staying after training to practice more… does any of this lot do this? or they all run home when training is over?

    This team needs some type of team bonding retreat, they need to be w each other so much that they will have to scream, fight and speak their minds to each other instead of just keeping it calm and civil.

    Calm and civil is what you do when you are in a job you dont give a shit about…. you fight and argue when you care about it.

  7. A lot of us (myself included) have said we could bring in one of the top managers and we’d still struggle.. so does it really matter who it’ll be? Until we bring in some decent defenders surely we’ll just stay where we are now!

    1. Unfortunately for me, I do think that it would make a difference what manager we would bring in. I just don’t think we will be able to attract the type of manager we need.

      At this point, the best we can hope for is to convince an Arteta and pray he is the next Pep. But that is a huge risk and a small likelihood.

      This why I was “lobbying” for Mourinho before Spurs took him. I think a manager like him could have made a difference in the EL for us.

      1. I’m beginning to worry about who we’ll end up with!! Like you say, all the top, well known managers more than likely won’t want to touch us with a barge pole.. so then we’ll go for the young and inexperienced and fall even further behind….
        I can’t believe after these 18 months how things have turned out.. did anyone foresee this?? I, for one didn’t! ☹

  8. Need a manager of calliber Wenger in order to replace him! Someone who Bayern, Real, PSG looking at for a minute! They know why and it tells his level!

    No more team spirit, Arsenal praised entertaining football; but players hugely affected as us fans!

    It starts by team’s spirit, only their, our Prof can fix this or it will only get worst each week!

  9. I am beginning to think Arsenal have brought about or brought in a load of players who do not want to be managed or coached. Maybe they only care about collecting their weekly wage.

  10. Spurs must have been having talks with Mourinho and his representatives for weeks before they sacked Poch so why weren’t our board doing the same in identifying and having someone come in straight away after sacking Emery. This business of having interim managers never works for me. The malaise at our club starts from the very top.

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