Report – Arsenal is interested in re-signing Alexis Sanchez

As the transfer window gets into full gear, some ridiculous rumours will emerge and the latest involves Arsenal.

The Gunners are seeking to improve their squad in this transfer window and they have been in talks with some of the finest players in Europe.

One position they want to make better on their team is their attack, and reports have linked the likes of Gabriel Jesus and Raheem Sterling with a move to the Emirates.

They are not the only players being looked at by the Gunners, according to the Chilean press, as reported by Sport Witness.

The report claims Mikel Arteta’s side is interested in signing Alexis Sanchez as a free agent.

The attacker has just left Inter Milan, and he needs to find a new home ahead of the next campaign.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Rumours can be ridiculous sometimes, but this one is beyond that. Considering the manner he left the Emirates, Sanchez can not return to the club.

Also, we have been signing much younger players recently and at 33, he is certainly too old for our present team.

The attacker will get another club that will take a chance on him, but Arsenal is not it, at least not for now.

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  1. In that case why not bring back Giroud? Giroud would be very helpful with set pieces and hold up play.

  2. Alexis was not the beast we knew before playing alongside Ozil and was not the same player after leaving Ozil behind.

  3. Alex James, our midfield magician from the 1930’s would not be even a hundred and twenty just yet.

    So, even though he is, so to speak, DEAD , and that may cause a mobility problem, surely if SANCHEZ is considered worth a try, then Wee Alex, with his baggy pants, must also be in the frame!

    1. U must be some sort of idiot for that comment Alex James was a legendary player let his name rest in peace

  4. Time from time, it’s very clear we are hide behind the youth project for our underwhelming achievement.

    What’s the problem of adding a world class players with many years of experience to the team??
    Most top team does it , but in our case, since we are building a young team, so players like that are not needed really? Well maybe we are no more a top team
    Liverpool signed Thiago at 30.
    Madrid signed the likes of Hazard and alaba at 29.
    Barca signed Auba at 32 and about to sign lewa if things go well.
    Xavi who was a product of la masia who understand and knows the importance of a young prospect team is not shutting the door at players like Auba an lewa.
    Bayern are about to announce mane at 30.
    Man united signed Ronaldo at 36.
    Chelsea who have produce a lot of academy products more than us in recent signed Thiago silva at 33.
    Now only Man City is left out , which we all understand why, they can afford to buy any player at any given price. Can we afford that??
    It’s only our club will shut the door at an established players so we can continue to go with the youth project narrative.

    In between am not saying we should start chasing for Sanchez, but saying we are on youth project, so we should only sign youth is a no for me.

    1. I agree, totally… Look at how many years wenger struggled because he let all his senior players leave. He was/is always blaming the stadium and other teams investments but he was mainly stubborn and so proud of winning with younger players (“we dont buy stars, we make stars”) but in the end he did not really win anything in his last 13 years except the 3 cups. More than the age of the players, it is buying the right experienced + winning mentality players. Some are needed on everywhere on the pitch and on the bench. that said, not sanchez for me !

      1. I recommend you read his book, because you have absolutely no idea at all what you’re talking about

    2. Sanchez may help the likes of Nketiah to develop and not such a bad idea as long as we get one other striker who is quality

  5. Sanchez is finished in top flight football. And we moved on ages ago. I can’t imagine anybody taking this rumour seriously.

  6. He was immense for us for 3 seasons.
    True competitor.
    Who can forget Bournemouth away.
    Giroud equalises for 3 3.
    Sanchez back on halfway line as they celebrate

  7. First line of the JA Opinion says it in a nutshell – beyond ridiculous considering the manner in which he left.

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