Report – Arsenal is open to selling defender this summer

The future of Kieran Tierney could be away from Arsenal as Oleksandr Zinchenko continues to prove he is the best left-back at the club.

This means Tierney has received less action in the last few months and continues to struggle to play ahead of the Ukrainian.

Before Zinchenko came to the Emirates, the Scotsman was the best left-back at Arsenal and one of the best in the league.

However, the ex-Manchester City man is now a favourite of Mikel Arteta and could force Tierney to find a new home.

A report on Football Insider reveals Arsenal will be prepared to accept offers for Tierney in the summer amidst interest from Newcastle United.

If this is true, other clubs will certainly join the race to try to add him to their squad.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Tierney remains one of the finest defenders at the club now and does a good job for us when Zinchenko cannot play or has to rest.

However, for his quality, he deserves more than that and the club understands this and should sell him for the right price.

Hopefully, Nuno Tavares will perform well as an assistant to Zinchenko next season as he shines on loan in France.

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  1. He is too good to be benched , and Arteta seems to be reluctant to leave out Zaka to enable Zinchenko to play in his natural midfield position.As a consequence Tierney will move on for around 30m and we will be obliged to buy a left footed replacement .Given the choice of retaining Tierney or Zhaka, I would readily opt for the Scotsman.The sad thing is its seems unlikely that we shall see Tierney and Zinchenko in tandem ,which is a great pity as they could light up the left flank and create more space for Martinelli.This is a rumour which will soon become fact and sadly I feel our loss will turn out to be a competitor’s gain.As for Tavares returning to replace Tierney,such a move would not be an upgrade.

    1. Xhaka. You have misspelled it twice. After how long he has been here and his name is probably the most unique and the easisest to write and pronounce.

  2. Tierneys private “tragedy” is that modern football tactics have moved on and left his traditional typew of LB somewhat behind.
    I much hope he stays and regard him as a top class though traditional LB of high quality.
    But WILL he stay? It begins to look doubful, I regret to have to say!
    For sure Tavares is no proper replacement, as TAVARES IS NOT and never has been nor will be, any sort of TRUE DEFENDER at all!

  3. Don’t sell him. Play Zichenko in central midfield and bring Tierney in left back position

  4. For me,, Tierney has been our best left back since Ashley Cole and I really hope he stays.
    MA has obviously decided he is Zinchenko’s back up and, looking at the results and defensive record, it’s hard to disagree with him.
    I only hope Tierney wants to be part of The Arsenal.

    1. He hasn’t moved above monreal in my estimation as of yet. He’s been unlucky in many ways, but his performance levels have ranged from outstanding to poor far too often – monreal was less capable, perhaps, but more adaptable and much more reliable imo.
      Ashley Cole was on another planet compared to them imo.

  5. Jon, to my knowledge, only Arsenal and Man City deploy this inverted left back tactic of all the teams in the EPL.Pep initiated the system and his former assistant has followed suit.Man Utd, Liverpool , Real Madrid and Barca still play with conventional full backs as far as I am aware.

  6. Hi Grandad, you’re possibly correct but when he came on against Everton he slotted into the inverted left back role very well so I think he’s adaptable but if he does leave I think he’s worth quite a bit more than £30 million.

  7. Said it 2 years ago that he wasn’t good enough and we should be looking for an upgrade (injuries and all),two of the above posters (they know who they are )told me I knew nothing about football ,low and behold we bought a replacement,funny old thing having an opinion rubbed in your face only for it to come to fruition

    1. I’m not surprised to hear from you DK on this subject which obviously preys on your cynical mind.Zinchenko was not brought in as a replacement as he is not a LB and never will be.As for Tierney not being good enough,I could refer to many professional Managers and players who would simply scoff at your assertion which just confirms that your knowledge of the game is limited to your armchair.No doubt you will respond in your own inimitable way.Have a nice evening.

      1. Well obviously he was bought in as a replacement as he as replaced him ,not sure what football team you have been watching .

        Arteta was always going to to copy Peps system so it was obvious that Tierney would be replaced ,with his constant injury problems and his limited ability to be able to play in the new system any arm chair fan could have called that buddy .

        I’ve noticed that you have gone from all the top teams will be after him to now Teams like Newcastle will be in for him .

        Like i said years ago he’s a very solid player but very limited ,plays one way but not as good as many make out ,gets caught upfield so often and gets done for pace .

        Have a nice evening yourself .

  8. Asides his injury concerns, he is a very good left back.
    . Based on results though, I can’t blame Arteta for benching him

  9. Why this story won’t go away, sell the younger player Tavares if we have to sell and leave the Scottish.

  10. Dan Kit is correct.

    Zinchenko was brought in to be the premier left back. Arteta is looking for a Zinchenko clone to be the deputy, and don’t be surprised to see Fresneda or someone else we currently don’t know about. Not Tavares – he should be sold.

    Personally, I believe Tierney gives the club a chance to get some good money in by nudging the teams into a bidding war. He does not play the way Arteta wants his left backs to play, short and simple. Wonderful servant to club, but time for him to go play first team football for a club that works for him.

  11. Frankly, ha ha, I find some of this debate rather puzzling. Arsenal should act like a big club and stay true to their vision and style. Arteta has a system and currently it is working. Tierney cannot play the inverted role, he just does not have what it takes. He looked lost against Everton when he came on, but mattered little by that time. So, Arsenal need to get value back for a solid LB, get someone that can play the Zinchenko role as a back-up/challenger and reinvest the remaining funds elsewhere in the squad. Does not matter what we think of Tierney, he is an asset that Arsenal should not waste.

  12. Tierney has to stay, it seems like people are starting to forget his ability, remember also that Zinchenko can’t be fit to play all matches and you have bring in another nice player to step in, and N. Tavares is not that player at all

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