Report – Arsenal makes a January decision on struggling striker

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang may have played his last game for Arsenal this year, but he will still be a member of the squad at the end of this season.

The striker was banished from the Arsenal first team for disciplinary reasons and has been stripped of the captain’s armband.

He is a target for top European clubs who believe he still has enough goals in him to help their team.

These suitors could make a move for him in the January transfer window as they bid to end their respective seasons well.

However, The Sun says Arsenal has no plans to offload him next month and expect to welcome him back to the squad.

The former Borussia Dortmund man is likely to be brought back into the team after AFCON next year.

Just Arsenal Opinion

As the likes of Eddie Nketiah and Gabriel Martinelli perform well at Arsenal, it is easy for us to think we don’t need Auba.

However, there are some matches that we would need a very experienced striker to open our opponents up.

We need him in the squad to keep helping the budding youngsters at the Emirates become better.

However, he doesn’t have to be a regular starter when he returns from his current exile.

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  1. Admin Martin says: “However, there are some matches that we would need a very experienced striker to open our opponents up.”

    When was the last time Aubameyang bailed us out in a tough game?

    It seems we’re just desperately hoping that Auba will transform into the player that we want on the strength of our good wishes.

    There’s only so much we can blame the manager’s tactics for his poor form over the past 1 and a half seasons. Why aren’t the likes of Saka, Smith-Rowe, Martinelli, Tierney, Lacazette etc. similarly affected by these so called poor tactics.

    If Auba does not fit the system he should leave.

    1. Wing- Hang, Admin Martin says many things in his article which he does not think are true but he says them only to stimulate, or more accurately, to provoke debate.

      Lets not forget all the Admins are running JA as a business and not simply for our benefit.

      I do state that all are real Gooners, though Patrick by comparison with the other two, makes some alarming errors in so called “factual ” Arsenal statements, which has made me seriously wonder at times if he is a clued up Gooner or merely a fairweather one.

      All of us at times make errors but when they become common, than you do need to wonder why that is!
      The two older Admins both play devils advocate regularly for reasons of promoting their business. Thats how commercial operations work.
      It is one among several reasons why I DO NOT EVER AUTOMATICALLY believe as Gospel truth anything that is written down or eve spoken in a public platform. Only humans write and all humans can lie, IF they wish.

      Most humans do not lie most of the time but practically all humans lie at times. To not believe that is to fool yourself my friend!

  2. Aubamayang is finished at Arsenal! I said this a long time ago and I stated the team would be better off without him in it unfortunately. Which has been proven looking at our performances since he’s been out of the team. He is in the way of the younger players, the future of Arsenal getting much needed minutes in premier league games. I’m not sure who would put him back into the team to drop laca, martenilli or any other attacking player. Ode has also benefited since auba has been out! I for one take my hat off to him and will always be grateful for what he has done for the club but we all know it’s time for a new challenge for him. He could probably go to another club in a different league and find his form again but never in the epl again. Good luck and thanks for the memories PEA!

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