Report – Arsenal man just hours away from changing clubs

The Sun claims that Aston Villa will announce the signing of Emiliano Martinez from Arsenal within hours.

The Argentinean has emerged as a target for Dean Smith’s side this season after he starred for Arsenal in the Premier League at the end of last season.

Originally Arsenal’s second choice, the South American was surprisingly handed the chance to be Arsenal’s number one following an injury to Bernd Leno in June.

The German was out for the rest of the season and Martinez ensured that the Gunners didn’t miss him.

He starred in goal as Mikel Arteta’s side won the FA Cup, Leno was back from injury, but Martinez was still picked to start in the Gunners’ Community Shield game against Liverpool, which they won.

He asked for assurances that he will be number one before remaining at the Emirates, but Arsenal chose to side with Leno as their first choice goalie.

They have now agreed to sell the Argentinean to Aston Villa and he missed the club’s first game of the season against Fulham because he was on his way to Birmingham for his medical.

If all goes to plan, the report claims that his signing will be announced in the next few hours.

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  1. Best for all involved ,he deserves to be playing week in week out ,but he was never going to shift Leno from the number one spot .
    Be good now to get whatever fee we get for him straight into the transfer pot and get whoever else’s Arteta wants .

  2. Goodluck Martinez…. Great GK, Grey Human, Humble personality.. You’ll always be one of us.
    We understand your need to be free and we support you.
    Goodluck Gunner.

    City are busy delaying Sokratis’s departure, Fiorentina and Torino still in bidding war.
    Arsenal somewhat angry at Torino for reasons I don’t know, but more players will be leaving soon.

    1. For just £26 million for Gabriel, lt looks like the coronavirus repurcussions are starting to effect transfer monies as well – just an opinion folks!!!!

      Echo Eddie’s thoughts 100%.
      Giid luck Martinez and thanks.

      1. KEN, I AM SURPRISED YOU ONLY CONSIDER THE CLEAR TRUTH THAT YOU WROTE ABOUT FEES DURING THIS PANDEMIC AS AN OPINION. The massive evidence of its firm provability is all across football, world wide. It has massively impacted all fees and will continue to do so. Not opinion at all, but fact!

      2. Wolves splashed 35 mill on an 18 year old, villa signed ollie Watkins from brentford for 33 million, Leeds spent 27 million on rodrigo etc so I dont think its unreasonable to have wanted a bit more cash, just my opinion.

    2. @Rory Johnson Agree, if the fee is 16 M it is way too low. But I suppose the market is what it is these days.

      Not liking one bit of it though. Sad to see him leave but I get that he wants to be playing regularly at his age.

      1. Yeah I mean if it helps get us the players were then has to do I suppose! Just considering some of the other transfers this window I think we were low balled a bit. But best of luck to him!!

    3. Good luck to EM, great keeper and
      even better person. He will always
      be a Gooner but I understand and
      applaud his ambition to be a true #1.
      Best of luck @ Villa!

      WTS, I think this was a necessary
      piece of business by AFC and those
      fans slamming the club for GIVING
      away the Argentine need to take a
      deep breath. EM’s remarkable run
      after taking over Lenos injury @
      Brighton was the feel good story
      of the season for Arsenal fans and
      its significance shouldn’t be
      discounted but the catalog of work
      the Argentine has amassed while
      in North London shouldnt be
      confused with or compared to any
      of the worlds greatest goalies. The
      opinions of some AFC fans that EM
      is worth more than Allison and
      Ederson is laughable.

      In a perfect futboling world AFC
      would of been successful in keeping
      both keepers for this season but it
      just wasnt meant to be in NL.

      Ill take the reported £16-20M to offest
      the price of TP or HA in a NEW YORK

      1. Sorry but agree to disagree, when you have teams like wolves splashing 35 million on an 18 year old I dont think it’s a stretch, also Ollie Watkins went to Aston villa for 33 million, rodrigo to Leeds for 27 million so i wanted a bit more than 16-20 mill. And in no way did I say hes worth as much as the keepers you mentioned, I just feel like we have been low balled a bit.

        1. But then how many EPL games does he have to his belt?
          You’re not even looking at that fact.
          We’re lucky to be getting 20M for him after 10 games for us

          1. Fabio silva only has like 3 first team goals for Porto and wolves were able to pay 35 mill for him, and please dont insult my intelligence of course ive taken into account he doesnt have that many Pl games for us but we have seen what he can do in the games he has played for us, and he is in his prime. This is just my opinion.

            1. And ollie Watkins has ZERO PL games, never played higher than championship level so is just as big a risk if not bigger but he transferred for 33 million

        2. Watkins is 24 years old and his relatively high fee is due to the fact that is a forward,he was bought because of his goalscoring,I thought you knew that goalscorers were more expensive, Wolves?? have bought a talented youngster with the potential to be very good and who has a resale value and you compare Martinez 28 years old who spent most of his career on loan in league 1,2 and championship,who played 23 games for us last season,who 6 months fans were happy for him to be our back up GK and for whom we couldn’t have got 5M,earning 20k??

          1. Exactly… I couldn’t have said it any better. Who actually compares GK fees to strikers??
            How much did Leno cost? How much did Ederson cost?
            Yet people think 20M for a backup goalkeeper is a bad business

    4. Considering wolves spent 35 mill on an 18 year old prospect (albeit a good one) who only has 3 first team goals, an villa paid 33 mill for a goal every 3ish games championship striker yeah I feel like we could of held out for a bit more, just my opinion there was no need to get so pissed about it lol

  3. It is sad to say goodbye after all this time, but such is life!
    He deserves to be a No.1… and I’m so glad he finished on a high with us, with 2 medals.. I had a lump in my throat seeing him crying after the cup final!
    Good luck and thank you! Once a gooner 😊

  4. £20m with add ons is good price.

    Lets look at the facts:

    – Martinez is 28, so his value will not go higher much longer

    – he’s going to Villa, so very unlikely he will come back to haunt us ? They probably won’t sell him for profit. And its not like when we sold Bennacer, Malen, Gnabry who were 19-22y at the time

    – he played really well, for less than half a season. For that amount of played, I think the compensation is great

    – we got Leno, a top keeper. And Emi wanted to guaranteed playing time

    So good luck Emi. All parties wont with this deal IMO

    1. McLovin,

      Sensible post mate, not sure why
      Arsenal fans think half a season
      excelling in the EPL and EL equates
      to Oblak and Allison type cash.

      Good luck to a true Gunner and
      hopefully its PARTEY time!!

      1. Know one said he was worth as much as the two keepers you mentioned to my knowledge if they did then my bad lol just think 16 to potentially 20 is a lil bit low considering some of the other prices played for other players this window in our league.

  5. As long as Mikel gets to use the $ on a few more players this season I am resigned to it.
    But, like many others said, he wants 1st team ball and Mikel says fight for it.

    Get in a new dm or creator and we will be good to go!

  6. Emi stepped in and took his opportunity brilliantly
    I hope he does well and I wish him well in his desire to be a no1.
    The Arteta era is unfolding and he is showing that he is not to be messed with. In a way I can’t blame Emi for raising the stakes. It is his time to be first choice somewhere even if it’s not at Arsenal. Best wishes to you… you stepped up to help us and your future too

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