Report – Arsenal reaches preliminary agreement with Conte to replace Arteta

Arsenal has reached a preliminary agreement with Antonio Conte to become their next manager as Mikel Arteta continues to struggle, according to reports.

The Gunners have spent almost 200m euros in this transfer window, yet they are currently rock-bottom of the Premier League with no wins, no draws and no goals after three league matches.

These results are not what Arsenal signed up for and their fans have been demanding that Arteta be sacked.

The club seems to have listened to them and Todofichajes says only an extraordinary run of form in September will save his job.

It claims that Arsenal has already reached out to Conte to become their next boss and the former Chelsea manager has agreed to take over, but he says it has to be in October, otherwise, it would mean he has very limited time to effect change.

They claim Arteta has to win their next matches against Norwich, Burnley and Tottenham, if he does not then Conte would be their manager for the game against Brighton next month.

After spending all that money on players under Arteta, bringing in Conte would mean another round of spending because the fiercely competitive Italian will also demand his own players to achieve his goals.

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    1. A step in the right direction. Like all other fans I’ve been anxious. I believe in the club and that it could easily catch up to be the top four. Good luck

  1. He doesn’t necessarily have to demand his own players. Being a feisty manager I am sure Conte would start his games with our quickest players in all departments which we already have and see how it goes from there. Unlike Arteta who prefers slow players in midfield and defense in Xhaka, Holding and Chambers the break dancer for his slow build up play tactics .(Sigh)

  2. Long over due! No serious club will tolerate incompetence. Arteta needs to go back to Man city and learn how to become a proper coach from guadiola. Conte on the other hand is a very good coach, a winner and an exceptional tactician. I hope he becomes arsenal manager sooner than later!

    1. It’s all bollocks… I’m sorry, if you invest that much even when you’re losing he ain’t going to get sacked.. 6 points will be fine. Even if we lose all three I doubt he will get sacked

  3. I believe this, as much as I believed we were gonna sign Grielish, Maddison, Loccateli, Belotti…. (with a 250k budget)

  4. Arteta is not going anywhere. The board have heavily invested in him and they have already shifted the excuses to cover for his failure. Plus, going by the history there is no way they are this proactive. I think this is a propaganda to tone down the tension and tricking us that there’s a plan in place. You only approach another manager when you are certain that the current one is leaving. So more BS

  5. Total BS in my opinion. MA has been backed to the hilt and won’t be leaving any time soon………unless of course we lose the next three games, but if it happens it won’t be Conte who replaces him.

  6. We know that Conte is well capable of transforming a club into a title winning side, so you could at least expect a serious improvement at arsenal. Getting him might be the most sensible decision the higher ups had ever made (I wouldn’t even call hiring Wenger sensible, but it certainly worked out well!), which is why I think people are doubting if the story is true.

  7. Could this be true. How l wish this is not just another transfer rumour. Nevertheless, Artetar can still surprise me by winning five in a row.. Finger Crossed.

  8. he’s no doubt frothing at the mouth to enter the fray in the greatest managerial pissing contest in the footballing world, with Klopp, Pep and Tuchel plying their trades here…that said, not sure he answers our particular questions, but he’s miles ahead of our current managerial lightweight

  9. Where do all these reports come from?
    It’s bad enough when Her Maj has her funeral details leaked, but until Conte walks through the door it smells like BS

    1. How does the saying go ‘If it smells like BS and looks like BS, chances are it is BS. Trouble is I’ve smelled so much BS coming out of our club I need a big dose of smelling salts to clear out the stench.

  10. Only Conte and few others know the truth at this point.

    It’s cheaper to replace a Manger then continue the turnstile spending for Arteta who has yet to show any progress.

    Likely a ploy to soothe frothing fans, but who knows. Personally a step in the right direction in my opinion.

    Conte not a long term solution, but at least a change to get results.

    Anyone who thinks Conte can’t improve this squad and get a tune out of these players is just too emotionally invested in Arteta.

    Question is, support Arteta knowing he has accomplished little in nearly 2 years, or drop more points if it means Conte takes over?

    Would be an interesting debate to have.

  11. Is it true? Seems too good to be true though. If it is then great. Also as it has been pointed out previously, I dont think Antonio Conte would demand as much money as people say, but maybe more control in the decision making process.

  12. Conte comes in….
    Overmars comes in….

    Edu & Arteta need to leave.

    Experience it what we need and they both have it in abundance at what they do.

    If were lucky someone will eventually buy the club off Stan Kronke but this is all wishful thinking.

    None of them will be going anywhere especially if we win these next 2 games.

  13. This so called report is obviously utter nonsense. No club would be able to, let alone wish to have a manager of that proven world class hanging on, in case the present manager is sacked by October.

    Conte would never accept such a ridiculous concept, even if it were put to him, which is plainly has not been put nor will be put!

    Disregard this spurious rumour as the nonsense it is. Even half a minutes proper thought will lead anyone (other than a moron) to agree with me.
    Imagine contacting say LADY GAGA and asking here to wait in the wings until and unless Florrie Bloogs doesnt make the grade! Utter nonsense !!


  14. My posts still disappeared? Often yes , sometime no but I never know until after I have sent it . So, sometimes both posts then appear, sometimes neither. WHAT A LOTTERY!

  15. Besides just being manager, Conte could help Arsenal install “best in class practices” currently being used at successful clubs throughout all areas of the club – from the board all the way down.

    Even without a sugar-daddy, I still think we can win again if the club is set up the right way; putting the horse before the cart.

  16. I just can’t see a change in the near future particularly after spending over £150m on young players presumably selected by MA.

  17. Arsenal needs to get Zinedine Zidane on board, he can compete with Klopp, Pep, and Tuchel of this world👌🤞, otherwise we will be just jokes for every season.

  18. As much as I want this to be true, it just makes no sense.

    The club invested heavily this past window, but it was all on young talent, looking to the future.

    Imho, Arteta will only get sacked if we are flirting with relegation in the new year. If not, he will be given time.

    You don’t invest like this in young talent and demand instant results.

    It is cleary a long term project, and although we have been sold projects before, I believe this.

    Never before have we spent this much money, they seem to have a plan, although this season is going to be rough we should stick with it.

    I am not Arteta pro, and have wanted him out but that does not seem to be on the clubs mind at all.

    lets support the club, manager and players!

    1. Exactly my thoughts too. I never wanted MA in the first place , but having appointed him, I considered it my duty as a proper supporter to give the clubs choice a real chance. Anything else would be to be a fairweather fan only and that is not for me.
      I share the widespread opinions that he has made many mistakes but I also share the opinions of many others, that much of our fanbase, esp online, is far too self entitled, hasty and prone to throwing their toys out of their pram when they cannnot be bothered to wait. Their idea of “waiting ” is sickeningly inadequate, IMO.

      Todays style of “I must have all I want an need it NOW” is not for me. That is where I stand!

      I would in an ideal world still prefer, right now, a proven top class manager such as Conte, Allegri, etc but I live in the world as it IS , not as I would “demand” it to be.

      “Waiting” is in my opinion what patient and true supporters do, even when things do not look as rosy as we hope(and SOME demand!!) right now.

      The club has clearly decided to go the youth route and I APPLAUD THAT, LONG OVERDUE THOUGH IT IS.

  19. Conte will never take over Arsenal. He would want 200-250M to rebuild the team at-least for the next 2 transfer Windows. The board will not spend that kind of money. It’s cheaper to keep Arteta. Eventually we will be below mid level team and at some point he is going to get sacked and they would hire someone who is willing to keep the same team and not spend more !!!

  20. Conte will never accept to manage arsenal as it is. He is a man with passion and the Arsenal board will not meet his demands. He rejected to replace Morinho at tothenham talk less of this arsenal squad

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