Report – Arsenal receive an offer for unwanted star

Arsenal has been keen to get Mesut Ozil off their books for some time now, and it seems they may finally achieve that objective.

The German has entered the final year of his current deal at the club and he has been keen to remain at Arsenal until the end.

The Gunners, on the other hand, want to get his huge wage off their bill as quickly as they can.

They have reportedly been talking to him about a payoff, but Ozil isn’t interested unless he will be paid in full what is left of his current deal.

Spanish expert, Cesar Luiz Merlo is now claiming that the Gunners have been offered £5m by Al-Nassr for the transfer of Ozil and the Gunners are ready to part with him.

The Saudi Arabian club is one of the richest in the Middle East and a lucrative deal for the German shouldn’t be a problem.

He goes on to claim that they have offered him a two-year deal to move to the club.

However, it seems that the German is more than happy to stay frozen out at the Emirates with the report also claiming that Ozil has resolved to stay put at the Emirates.

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  1. It is as though OZIL is deliberately doing all he can to harm our club. No wonder is is so despised by so many, his own wilfully blind fan club apart.

    That being said, I would not choose to live in SAUDI FOR ALL THE GOLD IN THE WORLD , so I do not blame him for not going THERE.


    1. Have you stepped back to consider if the transfer rumors are true, considering how many fake transfer rumors fly up and down? And even the rumor was true, have you stepped back to consider whether the interest is serious and whether any potential deal is beneficial to all parties concerned?

      How many deals were Arsenal trying to close this summer but couldn’t, simply because one party to the deal did not like the terms? It’s not only Arsenal that is looking after its financial self interest. Other counterparty clubs and players are also looking after their financial self interest. A realist and a smart person like you should know that…No?

      Do you expect Ozil to accept any deal, just to please a bunch of fans?

      1. MAXIS, The simple and honest answer to your last line question is NO.

        I do not expect Ozil to ANYTHING that helps the clubthat were and are foolish enough to pay a dishonourble man a huge and gross wage contract. All the evidenceof his regular laziness is that he cares nothing for the club , only for himself. That is WHY my answer to your specific question was NO!

        1. The dishonorable thing is what YOU do. You cannot be a gentlemen, if you cannot honor a contract. If Ozil is not being used it is to try to force him out. He has just carried on training and is available and still the best play maker in the side that others in the side want to play with.

      2. @ Maxis well said mate . True this bunch of foolish fans who forgets easily how Ozil helped after 9 years without a trophy thinks Ozil can take any offer or it’s easy arsenal can get rid of him . Two parties needs to agree . Ozil had many better offers but chose arsenal . I want him to show this ungrateful club and plastic fans how to treat people . He must see out his contract or pay him out .

        1. Obviously many of us missed seeing that Ozil is a one man team or the main reason Arsenal broke a trophy drought?

            1. lcw, I have never said that Ozil is “to blame by his lonesome for everything bad at Arsenal.” The fact of the matter is that managers at Arsenal do not believe that what Ozil offers with the ball, makes up for what he lacks without the ball.

  2. So Jon, lets just say you were on a 3 year contract at work. Your employers wanted to terminate your contract. You have a young baby at home. You would just say” ok- if you don’t want me I will simply leave”. Really? I don’t think so. Why on earth would Ozil simply walk away just because the club want him out? Did he put a gun to their heads when they offered him that contract? No. But you would walk away yourself would you? Again I don’t think so.
    It’s going to cost the club the FULL amount owed to have the player off our books. It’s what he is entitled to. The same if you were in his position.

    1. Phil, The difference with me in that hypothetical situation is that while I was in their employ, being an honourable guy, I would work VERY hard and do my VERY best for the firm. Even more so If I were being paid £350k pw. I, and most other folk in THAT position would feel a debt of honour to bust a gut for them.
      Ozil does not feel that debt of honour and has always been lazy , right from his very start at our club and even when he had his first excellent season. A key difference in honour and life philosophy Phil.

      Most of us agree the club were immensely foolish to offer him that salary, but those of us who have honour would work our socks off to justify that sort of contract.

      In truth, being the person I am – and I don’t expect you to believe this, even though you have never met me, nor even spoken directly to me, not even by phone or private email – I would NEVER DREAM of accepting such a wage, even if it were offered on a plate.

      Some humans have honour and principles, some do not!

      1. Jon- what a load of bollocks. So someone offered you a grossly obscene wage and you would refuse it? Nope- not having this for one second

        1. @ Phil I will definitely refuse special f I want to teach my empoye how to treat people I will see out my contract

        2. Only a cheat or a sly person would evaluate himself 10 times this actual worth. The league one players put in more effort for the wages they get paid for than this super hero (in some peoples’ imagination). AFC persons awarding him the contract were foolish, agree, but the man should have loyalty and put in displays worth the wage. Even Zlatan banged in 10 goals for AC Milan last season.
          Why should the club pay him off? Let him come each day use the wash room and go back, unless they want to save on the drainage maintenance costs!

          1. LOL man. I get younare upset with Ozil and I don’t challenge your opinion but please see the situation rationally. You really do think League one players put in more effort than MO? Then why are they still League one players then? Care to answer that?

            1. Those with the best performances get promoted to the Championship, i guess.Those with the worst get relegated. With Ozil we were not too good, lower than mid table going further down, and once he was benched, our actual scramble to top six began and ended with a FA cup. No rocket science for Arteta to make a decision on this player, cause Freddie and Unai too had problems with this player.

              1. Umm what I meant to say was, MO would not have a storied career if he didn’t put effort in training. Yeah he is kind of a rigid player who doesn’t suit the modern game but to question his efforts in training and dismissing them as less than that of League one players is kinda disrespectful, don’t you think?
                Yup I agree about the best players getting a big move like Danny Ings, Jamie Vardy and others.

          2. Well in that case it was Wenger and Gazidis then. Was it not those two who decided Ozil was worth paying £350k a week to? Don’t blame Kronke as he trusted those two clowns to run his club. So how is Ozil to blame

            1. for not putting in efforts/displays worth 3.5K/week, let alone 350K/week. Cross your heart and tell me – who played better last season Saka or Ozil? And how much was Saka paid? We don;t question his wage, we question his output, his contributions justifying the wage, Some of his “fans” twist the same to suit their narrative.
              Don’t you agree that if Ozil gave 19 assists every year and banged in some 8-10 goals season after season, would not we be in UCL or top 2?Is that not what is the desire of every gunner?
              Even today, if he is committed to out cause on the pitch, I will applaud his performances, but sadly they vanished after Sanchez left the building.

        3. Phil you are arrogant enough to judge me, when we have never even met. You are way out of order and you impune my integrity which I HOLD DEAR. I am not surprised that YOU are not able to understand that some fans are HONOURABLE. All Gooners are not like you! To reject out of hand something you do not undertand, on behalf of another, me in this case, is not a mature position, despite your age. Shame on you!

    2. Phil, I think you are right. A contract works both ways. I have said before on the forum that Ozil will leave when the contract comes to an end. He has as his agent, on of the smartest in the business and his contract is watertight. If it was not Arsenal would have terminated in some way ages ago. Another thing to consider is that in January Ozil will be free to speak to any other club that he wishes. There’s no way that he is going anywhere unless they pay the £13 million that his contract entitles him to. Forget all this bull about him not being an honourable person this is his right, as both parties agreed the contract in the first place, its arsenal who are being dishonourable by trying to brake it.
      One further point. I am not a particular fan of Ozil but his achievements and the honours he has amassed in the game will not be equalled by many. I do not think a LAZY player would have been able to do this .

  3. Arsenal should just pay him off just as Barcelona did to Suarez. They are busy making Ozil look bad instead of them doing the needful. I hate the way Arsenal does things.

  4. There is also a new rumor Milan is in the mix for a 2 year contract. That will be win win situation for everybody. However Ozil refuses to leave any money behind.

  5. Ozil is waiting to get his full 13m from his wages then he is a free agent and can then get a signing on fee of quite a few million with a major reduced Salary but will have millions in the bank once that happen.

    If we are to pay him off then that at least £10m for Mesut but he wants the full £13m.

    I’m am sure this will be his last footballing contract he signs when he leaves us. Tbh finincially & legally he has every right, its Arsenal who are at fault for 1st giving him such a huge wage hike plus now treating him the way they have been is embarrassing on their part.

    Mesut PR team have made them look like fools. A bad nuce to have around the neck of the club unfortunately but full blame lands on the clubs lap.

    Ozil can only be blamed for downing tools once he signed the deal for £350k a week. Jesus I wont make that in 10years on my wage ffs.

    1. “Ozil can only be blamed for downing tools..” How? He plays as well as anyone else. Results speak for themselves.

      Give him better actual tools in the form of Sanchez and Giroud and his assist rate will be high. Laca is no Sanchez or Giroud, and should have been sold. Martinelli is better than Sanchez.

      What a waste.

      1. What he probably meant is that Laca makes Giroud look world class. What a waste of nearly 50M and over 150K a week. Yet no one complains about him because he huffs and puffs and misses sitters!

  6. Ozil might be bad but am sure he is not so bad as the club tries to picture him.There is no moral justification for the punishment the club hierarchy mete out to ozil,he is human after all

    1. @Uzziem-I believe the pint @Ken1845 continually states is key to who is controlling the whole debacle that is surrounding a Ozil. Why was Dan Smith, a youth team player with next to zero first team games for Arsenal named as a substitute for the FA Cup Final v Chelsea in preference to Ozil? No manager in his right mind would risk having a novice on the bench in place of an obviously fit and experienced player. Who can seriously blame the player for standing his ground and making the Club pay for that total embarrassment?

          1. A three time winner with Seville, tactics with Ozil? Thats why Unai had to part ways.Had he benched him from day 1, Unai would have won the EL and been in top 4 and UCL. Pity Unai failed to see what a younger Mikel saw in a month or so

            1. His Barcelona fiasco when he coached Paris Saint-Germain’s will go down as the worst
              among coaches.
              Conceded three goals in the final 10 minutes and in the process loosing the match 6-1 and with it the European championship is not a work of art is it? Also he had problems with his star players just like he did with Ozil.

              1. Correct. With his european failure at PSG and also the season they finished second, in spite of them being in a one-team league, along with his misadventures at Arsenal, portrays Emery as a man who is not a great man-manager and struggles to manage a big team full of star-names. Even Thiago Silva’s agent said in an interview that Emery was out of his depth at PSG and was one of the reasons of their European failures.

                1. The Barcelona loss included two of the more dubious penalties awarded in the completion. To many football fans (apart from Barcelona supporters) the Barcelona win in the return leg to win the tie 6-5on aggregate was highway robbery. There was speculation that the German referee would be demoted by the governing body due to some of his decisions in this match.

  7. What I still don’t get about Ozil fans is the constant complain about Arsenal dropping him when they claim Ozil has the right to sit on his contract and happy to do so.
    It now makes me think did Arsenal not have the right to sit out Ozil?
    You can be an Arsenal fan but I think your opinion don’t matter about who the coach pick or not.

    I believe Mata was sold to Man U by Mourinho cos of this same issue(cant tackle/mark) and Chelsea fan has to deal with that when the coach gave them result. He benched him at Man U for same reason and I don’t see Man U fan complaining all the time about it. So try and deal with it and stop complaining cos all your point now is Ozil is better than Willock, Smith, Nelson. I don’t get it, are this players playing regularly for Arsenal?
    How many minutes has Willock got in the Prem?
    Except if you want Arteta to bench Ozil for Xhaka which I believe nobody will see sense in.

    And to Ozil Critics, please stop this whinning about Ozil draining the club, he force nobody to give him the contract. I’m once an Ozil fan(still is fan outside of football) but yet I still prefer to keep Sanchez than Ozil until Sanchez begin to act childish, which makes me change my mind on Sanchez. But when I heard about Ozil’s wages, I know Arsenal will regret it one day, so I already plan for this day and more reason I don’t talk about Ozil wages.

    You people paint Ozil bad because you think he’s lazy but why condemning everything he does?
    Why not think atleast he his making good use of the money he’s earning.

    And him going to Middle east,I don’t support the idea and I support Ozil for rejecting that.

    Let Arsenal be and let Ozil be, both are not saint and no one is.

    I only pray Arteta has a big success at Arsenal cos he’s the only victim here if he fails.


  8. @ Jah son,
    You’re disrespectful, dishonorable and disgusting for calling Jon Fox such a name. He is not your mate

  9. Please Ozil. Can you take the deal.
    We are on our knees begging you our prince. Just accept the deal.

    You have achieved so much for us as a club;
    1) The best Shirt Selling Genius.
    2) Best distance covered player.
    3) Best at finding pockets of space.
    4) Best Chances created creator.
    5) Our only world class player.
    6) Best No10 in the world.
    7) Best Pre-Assist specialist.
    8) Best Assister.
    9) Our best ever cherry on top specialist

    Once a Gunner always a Gunner.

    Thank you sir.

  10. Ozil is being sidelined because he voiced out his opinions . he refused a pay cut . few other players did too. Arsenal made this a big issue . Behind the scenes many things have happened like ozil speaking about china’s atrocities and meeting with erdogan ( turkish president) . All this is not liked by the club . ozil is being sidelined mainly because of these reasons .

    1. Let’s be honest it’s no different to what Jon calls half the fans on here is it ?
      He’s not some mighty lord as some people suggest he is ,he’s just another fan with an opinion ,l.

      1. Dan Kit so calling someone an idiot is the way forward, I don’t remember Jon ever calling anyone an idiot, he might call you naive and stuff but not an idiot but if you think it’s alright for a fan to call another fan names then I don’t know what to say to you.

  11. It really sounds funny how fans get at Ozil and some at Arsenal FC. Their actions and inactions has nothing to do with the game so long Arteta is not complaining. It is just a matter of time when all the issues will end. Why not focus on our season and football. Neither Ozil nor Arsenal FC is right under moral analysis however, who made one judge over issues that involves contractual agreements which was clearly spelt out. Please lets respect one another’s opinion without insults. we are Arsenal fans, one family. We could disagree but not to point of insult please.

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